The 48 Best Gifts For Quilters of 2021

The best gifts for quilters help them with their craft to make it a more enjoyable pastime. Quilters need a lot of accessories to improve their craft, and we found the best options to save you time and find the perfect gift. 

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Storage & Organization

Bobbin organizer

Set of 2 Bobbin Box Organizers

Bobbins are a quintessential part of sewing making the Bobbin organizers a perfect gift. Each container holds 28 pre-wound bobbins and keeps everything well organized and out of the way. Also, this prevents the bobbins from unwinding, making quilting life much easier. 

Steampunk Metal Box

Ambesonne Steampunk Metal Box, Vintage Sewing Machine Hand-Drawn Sketch Antique Nostalgic Object Print, Multi-Purpose Rectangular Tin Box Container with Lid, 7.2

The Steampunk Metal Box features a vintage sewing machine and adds to the aesthetic of any sewing room. Moreover, the box acts as handy storage for anything a quilter may need to store, from pins to buttons or thread. The options are endless with this multipurpose tin with a lid. 

IRIS USA TB Clear Plastic Storage Bins

IRIS USA TB Clear Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizing Container with Durable Lid and Secure Latching Buckles, 12 Qt, 6 Count

Quilting means fabric and fabric means IRIS USA TB Clear Plastic Storage Bins. The set of six containers can help to separate quilting projects and fabric the way the quilter needs. Choose from several sizes from 5 quarts all the way up to 72 quarts depending on how much fabric the sewer needs to sew. 

Sewing Machine Case

Luxja Sewing Machine Case with Detachable Dolly and Removable Bottom Pad, Rolling Sewing Machine Tote Fits for Most Standard Sewing Machines, Gray

For women who like to take their sewing machine to a class or a friends, get the Sewing Machine Case. What makes this case special is it’s on wheels, includes a telescoping handle, and stands on its own. Beyond holding the sewing machine, this can hold all the essentials in various pockets and keeps the sewing machine completely protected. 

Singer Sew-It-Goes Case

Singer Sew-It-Goes, 224 Piece - Sewing Kit & Craft Organizer - Sewing Case Storage with Machine Sewing Thread, White

Thread makes quilting possible and the Singer Sew-It-Goes Case makes organizing easy. The top store’s thread spools in individual spots with more storage below for over 40 spools. The sides open, as do the drawers for extra storage space for other essentials, and it’s translucent to make everything easy to find. 

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

For the crafter with a dedicated sewing room get the Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart. With 12 drawers in various sizes on a set of locking wheels, this set increases storage and keeps everything handing. Quilters can even set up a cutting station on top with a cutting mat too or use it as additional storage. 

Rotating Wooden Thread Rack

New brothread 84 Spools 360° Fully Rotating Wooden Thread Rack/Thread Holder Organizer for Sewing, Quilting, Embroidery, Hair-braiding and Jewelry

The Rotating Wooden Thread Rack makes keeping thread visible and out of the way the perfect solution for storage. Store up to 84 spools and spin the wooden rack 360 degrees for ultimate access. It’s made of natural wood that the quilter can paint if they want to customize the color. 

ArtBin with Removable Dividers

ArtBin 6990SA Super Satchel Double Deep with Removable Dividers, Large Portable Art & Craft Storage with Handle, Translucent/Aqua Mist, Clear & Aqua

Get the ArtBin with Removable Dividers so your quilter can store fat quarters within reach. The bin can hold dozens of fat quarts and separate them too for easy access. As most stores now sell fat quarters and quilters love these money-saving options, storage for them just makes sense. 

Bobbin Buddies

Hulless 200 Pieces Bobbin Thread Holders Thread Buddies Clips Sewing Machine Accessories for Sewing Machine,Bobbins Organizer, 5 Colors.

With 200 Bobbin Buddies, quilters can hold their thread and the coordinating bobbin together for easy access. While separating them may seem easy to deal with an option, these keep the right colors together for ease. The cute little items function well and come in five different colors for even more organization options. 

Equipment Gifts for Quilters

Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk

Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk Multipurpose/Sewing Table Craft Table Sturdy Computer Desk with Drawer, 13333, Black/White

No craft room is complete without aSew Ready Comet Sewing Desk. The desk has an adjustable shelf for the sewing machine and extra storage on the sides too. Heavy-gauge steel construction means this can handle anything for years to come. 

The drop-down platform makes this work for anyone of any height for the ultimate adjustability. Also, the added space on top makes it easier to sew larger projects too. Keep necessary items in the attached drawer. 

Wooden Folding Sewing Cabinet

Wooden Folding Sewing Cabinet, Multifunction Large Sewing Craft Table with Storage Shelves and Lockable Casters, Space-Saving Wood Sewing Furniture for Small Spaces, Farmhouse Rustic (Rustic White)

The Wooden Folding Sewing Cabinet works great for those who do not have a dedicated sewing room. It looks like a beautiful farmhouse table but opens up to show tons of sewing storage, including room for a sewing machine. Once opened, it can hold the sewing machine on top and still keep everything the sewer needs in easy access. 

AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set

AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set including the GO! Fabric Cutter, GO! Value Fabric Cutting Die, GO! 6” x 12” Cutting Mat, 20 Pg Pattern Book, and Die Pick.

Cutting fabric makes up a large portion of sewing, and one wrong cut can mean a trip back to the fabric store. Instead, get your quilter the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set so they can cut accurately with a cutting mat and machine. This machine folds up for easy storage, and it’s faster and more accurate than cutting by hand. 

Desk Lamp with Clamp

Desk Lamp with Clamp, Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Stepless Dimming & Adjustable Color Temperature Modern Architect Lamp with Memory & Timing Function for Study, Work, Home, Office, 10W

Bad lighting can affect the sewing process and the Desk Lamp with Clamp can help. It attaches straight to a desk and moves around as necessary to provide LED light. Shine the light straight on the sewing machine or bend it down and use it to shine a light right on the needle for additional lighting. One click and this lamp can banish darkness to make any quilt better even at night. 

Portable Automatic Bobbin Winder

Axis Bobbin Winder Portable Automatic Bobbin Winder Bobbin Class15 L M Size for Janome Brother Singer Quilting Embroidery Sewing Machine Bobbin Max Dia 1.1” Bobbin Hole Dia 1/4” Wide 0.46”

While you can buy bobbins pre-wound, they probably do not come with the right thread. The Portable Automatic Bobbin Winder makes winding bobbins a fast and easy job. Even better, the quilter will not need to take the thread off the sewing machine to set up a new bobbin. 

The device doesn’t look pretty, but it will provide a ton of useful functions. It works with a variety of bobbin sizes but works best with larger thread containers. Store it out of sight when not in use. 

Madam Sew Presser Foot Set

Madam Sew BIG 5 Presser Foot Set - 5 Specialized Presser Feet in Deluxe Numbered Storage Case with Printed Booklet, Tutorial DVD and Bonus Low Shank Snap-On Adapter

The Madam Sew Presser Foot Set provides extra presser feet for the sewing machine with more options to do fancy stitching. Each foot installs easily and comes with a tutorial DVD. Store the five different feet right in the included storage case with designated slots to store each of the feet. 

Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip

Madam Sew Sew Bright Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip Dimmable Self-Adhesive USB Sewing Machine Light Illuminates Your Work Area for Sewing with Greater Attention to Detail and Accuracy

Add light where it’s needed most with the Sewing Machine LED Lighting Strip. The LED strip lighting adheres straight to the sewing machine and makes seeing the needle and the current sewing project easier to see. It comes with a cord to adjust the lighting to the exact color and brightness needed to get quilting done. 

Tool Gifts for Quilters

Glass Pattern Weights 8 Pack

Glass Pattern, Sewing, Cloth, Fabric, poster, photo Weights 8 Pack

With the Glass Pattern Weights 8 Pack, quilters can weigh down their fabric and still keep all the lines clear to help cut accurately. The eight pack allows you to hold down a lot of fabric and check for wrinkles or see markings. These are thick too and will not break if they drop but will if they fall repeatedly, so maybe grab a storage container for these too. 

20 PCS Hemming Clips

20 PCS Hemming Clips, TEOYALL Stainless Steel Sewing Clips Measurement Ruler Marking Sewing Project Quilting Supplies (20 Pieces)

Quilters use the 20 PCS Hemming Clips to measure and keep fabric in line. Each of the stainless steel clips has ruler measurements on them for easy marking and measuring. The clips make it easier to finish quilts and binding accurately and increase efficiency. 

Pedal St Serger Pad and Trim Catcher

Pedal St Serger Pad and Trim Catcher

Quilting makes a lot of mess with tidbits of fabric and thread. Help sewers catch all of the mess with the Pedal St Serger Pad and Trim Catcher. It sits right under a sewing machine and has a bag to catch all the trims with foam underneath to prevent the machine from vibrating. The sturdy bag allows for lots of use before it needs replacing. 

Sewing Ruler Handle

YICBOR DIY Sewing Tools Ruler Handle (Strong Adsorption) for Quilting Patchwork Ruler

The Sewing Ruler Handle holds down measuring tools to provide weight and allow quilters to cut through multiple layers of fabric accurately. It instantly grips to smooth surfaces and locks into place with suction cups. Sewers who cut large or repeated cuts need this tool for easier cutting, making this a fantastic gift. 

Heat Erase Pens

ibotti Heat Erase Pens for Fabric with 8 Free Refills for Quilting Sewing, 4 Colors Assorted Pack

With Heat Erase Pens, quilters can mark where they need to cut or stitch making these a fabulous tool. The set includes four colors to work on my fabric blue, red, black, and white. Once the fabric is ironed, the marks will disappear. 

Magnetic Pin Cushion with Drawer

Magnetic Pin Cushion with Drawer Magnet Pins Hold Cushions for Sewing with 100 Pieces Plastic Head Pins for Sewing Pins Paper Clips Stitching Supplies Blue

The Magnetic Pin Cushion with Drawer has a wide magnetic base to store pins on and a built-in drawer for more pins. It’s affordable and comes with 100 pins too. The magnets keep the pins from falling all over the place and helps to prevent injuries in the sewing room. 

Thread Spool Huggers

Hulameda 48 Pieces Thread Spool Huggers to Prevent Thread Unwinding and Keep Thread Tails Under Control

The Thread Spool Huggers are an adorable gift that wraps around thread spools to keep the thread from coming loose. As loose thread can ruin a sewing project, these are a highly beneficial gift. They come in a variety of colors and with 48 pieces to work for every spool a quilter has, and they come off easily, too, without damaging thread. 

Ergonomic Seam Ripper Tool

Mudder 5 Pieces Colorful Seam Ripper Large Stitch Ripper Sewing Tool Ergonomic Thread Remover Tool with Handy Handles for Sewing Crafting Embroidery, 5 Colors

The Ergonomic Seam Ripper Tool provides quilters with five ergonomic seam rippers ready to pull out bad stitches. Sewing is not a perfect skill, and often machines can mess up because of tension issues, making a seam ripper a necessity. As often long seams need ripping, the ergonomic design makes these invaluable. 

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker's Shears

The Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears are the ideal scissors for slippery fabric. While many quilters quilt with cotton, some want to try unique fabric, and these Italian shears are up to the task. They include a cover to keep the blades from accidentally cutting anything or anyone. 

Ironing Gifts for Quilters 

Ultra Fine Mister Spray Bottle

PACK OF 2 Continuous Sprayer Hair Water Ultra Fine Mister Spray Bottle Propellant Free for Hairstyling, Cleaning, Gardening, Misting & Skin Care BPA Free 10oz / 300ml By alpree (Clear)

Ironing is a major part of sewing as the fabric needs to be flat as possible. The Ultra Fine Mister Spray Bottle spray water on to get the fabric unbelievably smooth. These do not douse water on the fabric; instead, just give a light mist to work without having to wait for the fabric to dry. These include two refillable bottles. 

Wool Pressing Mat 24″ x 17″ for Quilting 

Wool Pressing Mat 24

With the Wool Pressing Mat 24″ x 17″ for Quilting, quilters can retain heat to make ironing more effective. Also, the wool can prevent stretching of the fabric from making the cutting fabric more accurate. It’s portable too and thick enough to use on any surface in place of an ironing board. 

Panasonic Contoured Multi-Directional Steam

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless, Portable 1500W Contoured Multi-Directional Steam/Dry Iron, Stainless Steel Soleplate, Power Base and Carrying/Storage Case, Silver

An iron is a necessary piece of equipment for quilting and the Panasonic Contoured Multi-Directional Steam is the best option. Unlike a traditional iron, this one comes with contours for multi-direction, making it the best choice for fabric. At 1500W, this steam and dry iron is ready to comes with a storage case, and it’s portable too. 

Stowaway Cabinet with Built-in Ironing Board 

Household Essentials 18100-1 Stowaway Cabinet with Built in Ironing Board Cut into Wall to Install, White Finish

For the sewer who has a dedicated sewing room, the Stowaway Cabinet with Built-in Ironing Board makes a fantastic addition to the room.The cabinet attaches to the wall and stores an ironing board inside that folds down when needed. Save space in the room for more fabric instead of for a bulky ironing board. 

Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting & Pressing Station

Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting & Pressing Station, 12

The Omnigrid Fold-Away Cutting & Pressing Station is a portable swing mat perfect for trimming, foundation piecing, and cutting on the go. It’s good for home use, too, as it folds up out of the way to save room. Quilters can use this for classes or travel, too, as it has built-in handles. 

Decor Gifts for Quilters

Quilting Sewing Throw Pillow

Quilting Sewing Hobby Sewer Gift Seamstress Sewer Women Girls Machine Quilting Sewing Throw Pillow, 18x18, Multicolor

If you want a gift, consider the Quilting Sewing Throw Pillow. It’s beautiful and double-sided, making a great addition to a quilters room. Remind the quilter in your life how much you appreciate the love, time, and money they put into making crafts for those around them. 

16 Pieces Round Embroidered Cloth Coasters

16 Pieces Round Embroidered Cloth Coasters Vintage Ethnic Floral Coasters Teacup Mat Absorbent Coaster for Drinks Home Bar Cafe Beer Mug Wine Glass Bottle

Quilters cannot work without a drink or three. They can use the beautiful 16 Pieces Round Embroidered Cloth Coasters to hold their drinks and keep the theme of the sewing room intact. With 16 coasters, these can be used in multiple rooms and prevent water stains on surfaces. 

Quilting Knowledge Poster

HolyShirts Quilting Knowledge How to Bind a Quilt Poster (24

Keep knowledge at a quilters fingertips with the Quilting Knowledge Poster. The vintage printed poster shows some useful information and numbers to help with the quilting. Furthermore, the poster makes the perfect decoration for a room dedicated to sewing. 

Sewing Machine Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Sewing Machine Vinyl Record Wall Clock Great Idea for Tailor Outfitte Dressmaker

Many quilters lose track of time while sewing, which is why they need the Sewing Machine Vinyl Record Wall Clock. The analog clock is made on an old vinyl record with a sewing machine and a cute saying on the bottom. It’s a great gift for someone who enjoys sewing and music, making this a truly unique gift. 

Blanket Ladder Shelf

FUIN 5 Ft (58

Quilters need a way to display all those beautiful quilts they make, and the Blanket Ladder Shelf is ready to help. The ladder uses a rustic wood design to display blankets and quilts, turning them into beautiful wall decor without damaging the quilts. Also, it can work in any room of the house. 

Cast Iron Metal Scissors & Twine Holder

CTW 520057 Sewing Machine Jute Twine Ball String and Scissors Holder Set, Vintage Inspired Rustic Farmhouse Style, Gift for Sewer Sewist Crafter, Cast Iron Metal, Brown, 3 Piece Set

Keep scissors and twin closeby with the beautiful Cast Iron Metal Scissors & Twine Holder. Not only does it improve the appearance of a sewing room, but it’s useful too. The twine can be used to tie up bundles of fabric or add a gift tag to a quilt, and it’s heavy-duty too and will never break. 

Funny Tin Sewing Sign 

Funny Tin Sign Sewing Forever Housework Whenever, Woman Cave Clothing Store Living Room Art Wall Decoration 8 Inch X 12 Inch.

Improve a sewing room with the Funny Tin Sewing Sign. Its vintage design works with just about any decor, and it’s funny too as it says, “Sewing Forever, Housework Whenever.” The tin has pre-drilled holes to make it easy to hang, and the metal will last for a very long time before falling apart. 

Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard Look Metal Room Sign

Pattern Pop Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard Look Metal Room Sign (11x14 Inches)

The Pattern Pop Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard Look Metal Room Sign offers a more personalized gift as you can put the quilter’s name on the metal sign. Choose from several sizes to fit on a door or a wall, including 4 x 6, 8 x 12, 11 x 14, or 12 x 18. Quilters will love adding this personal touch to their sewing room. 

Fun Gifts for Quilters

Journal for Quilters

The Only Place Quilting Comes Before Housework is in the Dictionary: Journal for Quilters

Quilters may want a journal like the Journal for Quilters to keep track of projects and numbers. The book includes 55 lined sheets and softcover with a funny saying. It’s the best gift for sewers who have a hard time keeping track of the number of squares, how many yards they need, and other relevant numbers to a quilt. 

Sewing Music Box

Aimik Sewing Music Box, Vintage Music Box Mini Sewing Machine Style Mechanical Birthday Gift Table Decor

Old fashioned sewing machines are beautiful, and the Sewing Music Box looks like a vintage sewing machine on a stand. It even has a little bit of fabric like it’s in the process of quilting. The machine plays the song For Alice or The Castle in the Sky, but there is no way to chose which song will come with, but the music box is still a unique gift. 

50 Personalized 100% Woven Sewing Labels 

50 Personalized 100% Woven Sewing Labels 1

Get the 50 Personalized 100% Woven Sewing Labels for the quilter who likes to personalize their work. With fifty different labels, all in different designs, these will last a long time. Also, they are made of 100 percent woven material and are never printed or embroidered to last a long time and not warp in the wash. 

Keep Calm Carry on Quilting Mug

3dRose Keep Calm Carry on Quilting-Quilter Gifts Mug, 11 oz, Blue

For the quilter who loves coffee or tea, get the Keep Calm Carry on Quilting Mug. The mug holds a massive eleven ounces of coffee, and it’s dishwasher safe. They will love the cute and trendy saying, “Keep Calm and Quilt On.”

Quilting T-Shirt

Quilting Tshirt Unsupervised Fabric Store Gifts For Quilters T-Shirt

The addiction to fabric is real and the Quilting T-Shirt points it out in a fun way. For the sewer who goes in for one yard of plaid and comes out with 20 yards of various fabrics because they were on sale or they had a coupon, they need this shirt. Choose from several colors and sizes and 100 percent cotton. 

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Creams

AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Creams

Working with fabrics, ironing, and needles can dry out the hands. The AHAVA Dead Sea Mineral Hand Creams can moisturize the skin and prevent aging with nourishing Dead Seat Salt. It’s paraben-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic without tons of perfumes, making it a great option for any skin type. 

Wine Glass Goblet Funny Seamstress Quilter

Wine Glass Goblet Funny Seamstress Quilter Sewing Sew Sewciopath (17 oz Stemless)

The Wine Glass Goblet Funny Seamstress Quilter adds some humor to a sewer’s life. If they like to drink wine or enjoy any other cold beverages, this glass can hold 17 ounces of liquid in real glass. Also, without the stem, this glass is easier to wash or put in the dishwasher. It’s a fun reminder of their favorite pastime and a reminder of you, the gift giver too. 

Sewing Machine Necklace


Sewing Machine Necklace – Gift For Quilter or a Woman that Sews - Beautiful Things Come Together One Stitch At A Time.

The Sewing Machine Necklace is a sweet gift for a quilter that shows how much you love and appreciate their craft. As the necklace is made with 18k silver and gold with a 3D sewing machine pendant. It’s nickel-free and hypoallergenic, so it should not cause any allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin. 

Life Is Short Buy The Fabric-Makeup Bag

Sewing Gift Women, Quilter Gifts, Gift For Quilter, Seamstress Gift, Funny Quilting Gifts For Women- Great Gift for Quilters, Seamstresses--Life Is Short Buy The Fabric-Makeup Bag

The Life Is Short Buy The Fabric-Makeup Bag is an adorable little makeup bag with a beautiful picture and zipper. On the bag, it says, “Life is short, buy the fabric.” Women can use it for makeup, in their purse, for sewing supplies, or many other uses and enjoy a little extra beauty in their life. 

Quilters Canvas Bag

Sewing Tote Bag Quilting Gifts - Gift for Sewer - Quilters Canvas Bag

The Quilters Canvas Bag offers a great way to store or travel with some fabric. As it’s made with 100 percent cotton, the bag will last a long time, and it includes a canvas reinforced bottom. The adorable design displays a sewing machine and says, “Any day spent sewing is a good day,” and adds a ton of charm to a sewer’s life. 

Gift For Quilters – Buying Criteria

Quilting Level 

For the extra picky recipient, you may want to stick with a more personalized gift instead of sewing supplies. Some quilters are very particular and want to buy their own supplies. Instead, try to choose items that will appeal to even the picky, like storage containers or a notebook, and let them pick out the tools they need for the job. 

Quilters who are new to sewing may not have a lot of supplies yet and may not even know what they need. For them, consider getting tools they may not know they need, like an iron or a sewing table. With so little in their collection, pretty much anything on this list will be helpful to their sewing collection. 

Types of Gifts 

Many of these gifts are personal gifts that simply enhance life for a quilter, while others are tools that help with quilting. Women who are very pragmatic may prefer useful gifts over a music box or a pillow. Consider getting them something useful they may not own, like a strip lighting for their machine or the trim catcher. 

Other women who own enough sewing tools to open their own store consider getting a fun gift that’s also useful, like the coasters or a water cup. Decor is another great option too to help them make their sewing room more aesthetically pleasing. Don’t worry, whatever you buy they will know is a gift from the heart. 

Project-Based Gifts 

Another way to help figure out what gift to buy is to find out what kind of quilting they like to do. Some women may prefer to do crazy quilts and other intricate patterns. Both styles of quilts require different items, although many items will overlap. When in doubt, pick items that work for any sewer, like an iron, cutting mat, shears, or pins. 

FAQs About Gifts for Quilters

Should I buy fabric for a quilter? 

Fabric can be a very personal choice, and it’s best to leave fabric to the quilter. However, if they have expressed interest in a specific type of fabric, then you can get that or even a gift card. Discuss with the quilter or someone close to the quilter before picking fabric for them. 

Would thread make a good gift? 

Thread is another personal item and can depend on the type of fabric. Some quilters will only use polyester fabric, while others will use only cotton. Also, thread size is important too as large quilts will need longer spools. 

Furthermore, each quilt may need a different color of thread and even multiple colors in one quilt. It’s best to choose standard colors like white or black for a quilter and check their supply to see which brand and type they prefer first. 

What gift on this list is the most useful? 

Many of the gifts on this list are extremely useful, but it depends on each individual quilter. However, our favorites are the iron, the trim keeper, and the LED strip lights that go on the sewing machine, as these are useful for every sewer. Additionally, having multiples of these items will not bother any sewer as they are so useful. 

Should I get a quilting book as a gift? 

Many quilters get their online nowadays, but many still love books. However, books can be very personal as well as only they know what they are willing to quilt. Therefore, it’s best to stick to a book with tips and tricks to help improve skills or keep important information close to hand. 

Adrina Palmer