34 Best Gifts for Eagle Scouts 2023

The best gift for an Eagle Scout helps to reward their achievement at the Court of Honor. Also, these gifts are perfect for any eagle scout. Find gifts that focus on Eagle Scouts or those for camping that can be useful in everyday life and ready to fit in any budget. 

Wearable Gifts for Eagle Scouts

Officially Licensed Eagle Scout Hoodie 

The Officially Licensed Eagle Scout Hoodie is a fantastic gift for those in colder climates as it’s a long hoodie with a kangaroo pocket. It comes in several neutral color options with a poly-cotton blend that’s machine washable. As an officially licensed product, this is perfect for any Eagle Scout. 

Officially Licensed Eagle Scout T-Shirt

Colder climates or seasons the Officially Licensed Eagle Scout T-Shirt will help boys look like an Eagle Scout with the licensed image. Choose from several color options and sizes, all made with machine washable cotton. It’s lightweight with quality shipping and a simple, comfortable design. 

Eagle Scout Neckerchief

The Eagle Scout Neckerchief works perfectly around the neck during the day, out camping, or anywhere else. It’s the right color for the Eagle Scouts and has the eagle symbol. Also, it’s made of cotton and polyester with quality embroidery making it a fantastic gift. 

American Heroes Eagle Necklace

Go simple with the American Heroes Eagle Necklace. The necklace may not be officially licensed but shows the core of the club without exiting the real world. It’s made in the US with high-quality material and attention to detail. 

Digital Outdoor Watch 

An outdoor Digital Outdoor Watch functions in multiple ways as a light, clock, calendar, alarm, and it’s waterproof up to 50 meters. An LED screen makes all of the information easy to see while it’s also comfortable to wear. Pick from a variety of color options to work for any Eagle Scout.

Paracord Survival Bracelet


Not all paracord bracelets are equal and this 2-pack of Paracord Survival Bracelets offer more function for one low price. The bracelet has several functions, including a compass, emergency light, emergency whistles, and the length of paracord that makes the bracelet opens up too. Add in a fire starter and fire scraper for more function, making this a handy survival tool. 

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Boots

The Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Boots come in a variety of sizes with suede and a waterproof design. Lots of traction on the bottom for hiking, plus air cushion in the heel to absorb shock and add stability. 

Fun and Useful Gifts for Eagle Scouts

Officially Licensed Eagle Scout Notebook Planner

The Officially Licensed Eagle Scou Notebook Planner – Daily Planner Journal, To Do List Notebook, Daily Organizer (6″ x9″), 117 Pages makes for a useful gift for an Eagle Scout. It is both a daily, weekly, and monthly calendar as well as a journal where you can set goals, making it a smart and affordable gift. 

GardePro A3 Trail Camera 

A phone may take great video and photos but the GardePro A3 Trail Camera works best on the trail and attaches to a backpack. Furthermore, it includes night vision, an image sensor, and a motion sensor. Boys on the trail will love the rugged exterior, ready to travel well. 

Personalized Pocket Knife

Many Eagle Scouts learn a preparedness for a lot of things and a maturity beyond their years. Show him you’re proud of him by personalizing this Engraved Pocket Knife from Palmetto Wood Shop with his initials. The partially-serrated blade is 3.25″ long and razor sharp, ready to cut through anything. Plus, the pocket knife even has has a rope cutter, glass breaker, and can opener to keep him ready for anything. 

Eagle Scout Popsocket 


The Eagle Scout Popsocket keeps phones in the right position to make them easier to hold. With the officially licensed symbol, boys can display their pride easily. Now boys can also enjoy a built-in stand ready to make their phone more comfortable. 

OneTigris Patch Booklet

Scouts often get tons of patches and the OneTigris Patch Booklet can organize and store the patches. The accordion-style folding booklet uses 500D nylon with reinforced stitching that’s ready to fold and take on the go. Boys can even hang this on the wall with built-in loops to show off their collection.

Eagle Totem Cowhide Wallet

Everyone needs a wallet and Eagle Scouts will love the Eagle Totem Cowhide Wallet. Using two tones of genuine leather and an embossed eagle on the front, this is a high-quality and affordable gift ready to grow with boys. The inside includes tons of space for money, cards, and pictures. 

Eagle Scout Leader Coffee Mug

If you are an Eagle Scout and want to thank your scout leader, then check out the Behind Every Good Eagle Scout is a Great Leader Mug. The mug holds 11 oz of liquid. 

Decorative Gifts for Eagle Scouts

Kurt Adler Eagle Scout Ornament

The Kurt Adler Eagle Scout Ornament is an excellent gift for Eagle Scouts for the holidays as it’s ready to sit on the tree. You can choose a standard ornament or one with a personalized name. Either way, you get a very detailed and adorable Eagle Scout shirt ornament with patches. 

Wooden Sword Wall Art

For those scouts who are huge into the club get the Wooden Sword Wall Art. The wooden sword sports the entire scout’s oath with a gorgeous tree design and a beautiful hilt and handle. Young men will enjoy this sword hand-crafted in America that hangs on magnets. 

Flying Eagle Wall Hanging


While boys love Eagle Scouts, they may not want everything to be branded. Instead, get them the Flying Eagle Wall Hanging. It’s a manly image of a bird flying made of polyester fabric and perfect for hanging on their bedroom wall. 

Vintage Compass Bookends

A lot of Scouts is focusing on direction and the Vintage Compass Bookends encourage direction. Also, these are useful as they can hold books up with style. Each end is reinforced with steel and wood for noticeable quality. 

Shadow Box Frame 


With a Shadow Box Frame, you can make a custom display for an Eagle Scout. The wooden frame box comes in several sizes, ready to be as small or as large as you need. The simple box can store badges, certificates, and more turning them into decor items ready to improve a boy’s room. 

Extra Large Dream Catchers

For the Eagle Scout with everything, get the Extra Large Dream Catchers as it’s a unique gift with a woodsy feel. It’s made of metal, stone, string, and feathers and has a long length. Additionally, it can help to improve dreams and makes for fantastic decor in a boy’s room for an affordable price. 

Scratch Off National Parks Map

Encourage the Eagle Scout in your life to explore the country with the National Parks Map. The map focuses on national parks – aka the wilderness of America and helps boys to set goals to explore new parts of their home country. The map itself scratches offers a fun form of decoration. 

Camping Gifts for Eagle Scouts

Detachable Walking Stick


A walking stick can make harsh terrain easier to navigate. The Detachable Walking Stick takes up less space as it comes apart into three pieces to store in a bag. It’s handcrafted out of wood with a unique attention to detail and comfort, making this a fabulous gift. 

Hontry Binoculars

Binoculars are a necessity for a variety of outdoor activities, and the Hontry Binoculars are perfect for taking on a trail. However, young men can use them to look in nature more closely for many different reasons with up to 10 times magnification. It also includes a storage bag and belt for easy travel. 

Membrane Straw Water Filter


Water can be gross in nature making the Membrane Straw Water Filter very useful. They are portable filtration straws ready to filter out harmful elements from wild water. Each straw can last for hundreds of gallons of water with four stages of filtration. 

UVBrite Self-Cleaning Bottle 

Enjoy water faster in nature with the  UVBrite Self-Cleaning Bottle. With this bottle, you get a self-cleaning bottle at the press of a button that keeps drinks cold or hot for longer. The cap can reduce microbes and disinfect for safer water, and it’s BPA-free too. 

Mini Compact First Aid Kit


The Mini Compact First Aid Kit should be in every outdoor pack for safety. The kit includes 85 essentials for injuries out in the wild. Also, it includes a waterproof storage case with a carabiner ready to attach to a backpack for easy access. 

Jackery Portable Power Station


For young men who need power when in the woods, get the Jackery Portable Power Station. It’s portable with a handle and can offer power on the go and in emergencies. Add a solar panel, and it can charge with the sun!

FreeLand Microfiber Towel

Regular towels are great for the bathroom, but the FreeLand Microfiber Towel works better for the outdoors. It’s made of microfiber that’s eco-friendly, compact, lightweight, and fast-drying. The extremely absorbent towel even includes a storage bag and a hanging loop perfect for camping. 

Military Folding Camping Shovel

When camping, you never know when you will need to dig, and a Military Folding Camping Shovel makes the job much easier. This one folds into three sections to almost flat. It’s lightweight at just 2.46 pounds and made of aluminum with a sawtooth edge for easier digging. 

GearTOP UPF 50+ Sun Hat

Help young men avoid sunburn while camping or hiking with a GearTOP UPF 50+ Sun Hat. The hat comes in several color options and sizes to fit any head. Add in mesh for breathability and a drawstring for windy days for the perfect hat for the outdoors.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Why go camping and not make roasted marshmallows or s’mores? With the Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, boys can roast marshmallows and hotdogs safely with user-friendly sticks. The eight pack includes stainless steel and wooden handles perfect for eating outdoors over an open fire. 

LED Rechargeable Lantern

A LED Rechargeable Lantern makes for the perfect gift for those who love to camp like Eagle Scouts. This one has a handle for carrying or hanging. Even better, it includes three lighting modes, and the charging cord is incorporated into the design for safety. 

LED Tactical Flashlights


LED Tactical Flashlights are unbelievably useful when camping. As the outside isn’t lit up at night, a flashlight can help find a campsite, a bathroom, or find threats. With this set, you get a two-pack of tactical flashlights with five modes that operate by battery and a smart design for camping. 

Hikenture Camping Pillow


Help boys stay comfortable while camping with the Hikenture Camping Pillow. The pillow is inflatable for easy packing and includes a storage bag. Soft fabric on top makes the pillow extra comfortable and only takes up the space of a soda can!

More Gift Ideas for Eagle Scouts

Buying Criteria

Type of Gift

Not all Eagle Scouts are alike, and many are more involved than others. Consider their activity in the scouts before choosing a gift. For those who are hyper-involved, choose a gift with meaning specific to the Eagle Scouts. For those less focused and who view the scouts as more of a hobby, then choose a more universal gift. 

Many Eagle Scouts love to camp but already have many items they need. So check with the boy’s parents before deciding what to buy if possible. Again, you can always choose a more universal gift to avoid issues. 

Some boys will love decoration while others will prefer something to wear. Additionally, others will prefer useful gifts or those for camping. Many camping items can function well in normal day-to-day life. 

Court of Honor Ceremony

If you are shopping for an Eagle Scout, you may be planning a gift for the Court of Honor Ceremony that celebrates the scout’s achievement to the highest honor. In this case, he may be receiving several gifts, and it’s best to check with the parents to see what would be a good gift option. When in doubt, pick a useful gift like a water cup or a notebook. 

You are not compelled to give a gift for this ceremony, but you most definitely can, as most boys love gifts! It’s a great honor and worthy of celebrating. As long as you choose something thoughtful, they will love anything you choose. 


A gift is supposed to express caring, and caring does not require a major price tag. Smaller gifts with lower price tags can still bring the same intent. Often the most thoughtful gifts are not the most expensive but those made or bought with love. 

If budget prevents you from buying something very expensive, you can find gifts under ten dollars and up on this list. Be creative, like with a shadow box or something equally unique. Think about the other things this Eagle Scout in your life loves and maybe find a gift that works for both of his hobbies. 

FAQs – Gifts for Eagle Scouts

Should I give a gift card instead of a gift? 

Gift cards always make a great gift and help the Eagle Scouts to buy exactly what they want or need. However, gift cards aren’t as personal. If you are looking for a personal gift but also want a gift card, make sure to choose one for a store they frequent. 

I know Eagle Scouts get a boost for college, should I give them cash for a college fund? 

A college fund makes a fabulous gift as there are so many areas of expense. However, you need to know the Eagle Scout will save that money for college or start an actual fund for him. Otherwise, you might as well give him an open gift card and add on there it’s intended for college. 

How much money should I spend on a gift for an Eagle Scout? 

Between $15 to $40 is more than appropriate for the occasion. No gift is expected for the Court Ceremony but always appreciated. Again, do not go outside of your comfortable budget as a gift does not need to be expensive, but parents and grandparents may want to spend more. 

Does every Eagle Scout need a lot of camping gear? 

No, not every Eagle Scout continues to camp, but many do. When in doubt, pick a gift that can work for camping and everyday life. Some great options would be a travel cup, a notebook, or even a flashlight. 

Adrina Palmer