30 Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

Are you struggling with choosing a gift for the 11-year-old boy in your life? We’ve collected the best gift ideas of 2022 in our gift-buying guide.

From educational toys to the top technology, you’ll find it all here – so you can get them the perfect gift for any occasion.

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The Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys in 2021National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to EverythingFire HD 10 TableteYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch LED Alarm StopwatchThe Complete Cookbook for Young ChefsSnap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery KitNational Geographic Fossil Dig KitLEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building KitBeats Solo3 HeadphonesScratch Off USA Map    Rubik’s Race GameFORTNITE Kids’ Big Multiplier Tri-fold WalletELEPHAS Mini ProjectorDoinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart BoardCapture the Flag REDUXLEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon 75257 StarshipFlipside Game, StandardNintendo Switch Lite - GrayPercy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Boxed Set ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain GameKids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and HumanityFujifilm SP-3 Printer BundleBlast Pad Rocket Launcher Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art SetNite Ize Flashflight LED Flying DiscNerf Zombie Strike BlasterSquare Root of 121: 11th Birthday T-ShirtK'NEX Imagine Building SetSkywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure NetNike Boys' Air Force 1 TrainersNational Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty LabHow We Selected Gifts For 11-Year-Old BoysEducational ToysToys that Encourage Physical ActivityTechnology GiftsCognitive DevelopmentFAQs About Gifts For 11 Year Old BoysWhat is the best gift for an 11-Year-Old Boy?How do I know what 11-Year-Old boys want for their birthday?What do 11-year-olds want for their birthday?Gifts for Similar AgesWrap Up

The Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys in 2022

National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything

Hopefully, your child has grown out of the “why?” stage. However, when children get older, they still want to know more about the world around them. If you’ve ever answered your child’s question with “I don’t know,” then the National Geographic Kids Why?: Over 1,111 Answers to Everything would make the perfect gift for your curious 11-year-old.

Divided into sections, such as the human body, animals, geography, geology, and more, this book has the answers to your child’s questions. It may answer the ones he hasn’t asked yet. Written in an engaging format, this book has plenty of pictures, graphics, lists, and fun facts to keep your 11-year-old on the hunt for more answers to life’s burning questions. As one of the top-rated educational books for kids, the National Geographic Why? book is a great gift for any boy who always wants to know more.

Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet, 10.1

What 11-year-old boy hasn’t asked for his own tablet? In today’s digital age, speed and longevity matter in your devices. The Fire HD 10 Tablet has everything your birthday boy needs for hours of entertainment. With a 10.1” 1080p resolution high-definition screen, they’ll become immersed in their viewing experience. This tablet has up to 64GB of storage space – or the equivalent of about 60 games or downloaded TV show episodes. Several streaming apps, such as Netflix, STARZ, and Hulu, are available in the Kindle Store for download to the device. The Fire 10 comes with an upgraded 2.0 GHz octa-core processor for faster speeds, making downloading apps, games, and videos faster than ever.

An extended battery life of 12 hours is longer than previous models (and much longer than you want your child to be playing on the tablet). The Fire comes with Amazon Free Time, so you can limit how much screen time your 11-year-old has every day. Take advantage of your Prime benefits by streaming music and videos and a library of over 1,000,000 books. The Fire 10 is the perfect gift, with just the right mix of educational and entertainment value.

eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch LED Alarm Stopwatch

eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch LED Alarm Stopwatch Red

Even though mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, have become our primary methods of timekeeping, there is nothing like having one good watch. The eYotto Kids Sports Watch Waterproof Boys Multi-Function Analog Digital Wristwatch LED Alarm Stopwatchwill give your 11-year-old his first experience in owning one, which will hopefully follow him into adulthood. The watch’s polyurethane wristband is breathable and bendable, so it will be comfortable without irritating his skin. The protective polyurethane is also on the face of the watch, protecting it from damage on impact.  

Like other digital watches, the eYotto Kids Sports Watch also comes with several cool features your 11-year-old will love. It has a backlight, so he can read the time in any light settings. The watch also has adjustable time and date settings, as well as a timer and a stopwatch. He can even set an alarm on it, which he can use to stay on a schedule. The best feature of the eYotto Kids Sports Watch is that it is has a waterproof design that is perfect for any outdoor activity. Your 11-year-old won’t have to worry about ruining the watch if it gets wet if he is washing his hands, enjoying watersports, or playing in the rain. The eYotto Kids Sports Watch would make a great gift: it is durable and kid-proof, and it will hold up to your child’s active lifestyle.

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs: 100+ Recipes that You'll Love to Cook and Eat

Prepare the future culinary master in your life with The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs. This in-depth cookbook, developed by America’s Test Kitchen, contains 120 meals and desserts that any kid can make. Ranging from beginner to experienced skill levels, these recipes are fun to make for the whole family. When writing this book, America’s Test Kitchen worked with children to get the recipes just right. In this book, you can find ideas for meals, snacks, and desserts that your 11-year-old can make himself.  

Did you know that most college-bound teenagers lack essential life skills, such as how to build a grocery list and cook their own meals? In addition to recipes, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs includes a breakdown of basic cooking activities, such as measuring dry and liquid ingredients, descriptions of kitchen utensils and what they do, and a list of recipe terminology. With labeled images and helpful photographs, it will give your 11-year-old a jump start on learning how to cook – and hopefully nurture an undiscovered talent.

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit

Snap Circuits “Arcade”, Electronics Exploration Kit, Stem Activities for Ages 8+, Full Color Project Manual (SCA-200)

Is your 11 year old fascinated with electricity – what it is and how it works? Knowing how to read and use schematics is necessary for electrical engineering. The Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kitwill let him explore this interest while keeping him safe from shocks and injuries. The pieces come in multiple colors, with symbols that match the schematic plans for more than 200 different projects.

With the Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit, your 11-year-old can experiment with electricity and circuits without getting hurt. The schematics include easy-to-follow diagrams and images to guide him through each project. Following the color-coded diagrams in the illustrated guidebook, he snaps the pieces together separately or to the included LED switchboard. There is no soldering necessary, which avoids serious injury. Once a project is complete, the fun doesn’t stop. Your fascinated 11-year-old boy will spend hours engaging with the Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit, showing the cause and effect relationship of circuit boards.

National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit - Excavate 15 Genuine Prehistoric Fossils, Kids Educational Toys, Great Science Kit Gift for Girls and Boys (Amazon Exclusive)

Help your 11-year-old explore the realm of paleontology with the National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit. National Geographic is a leader in the industry of educational toys and kits. Included in the Fossil Dig Kit is a learning guide, a digging brick, and excavation tools – everything he needs to practice investigation and excavation with the Fossil Dig Kit. Using the tools, he can excavate 15 fossils – including gastropods, bones, teeth, and shells – and identify them through examination.

The included guide is the perfect starter to teaching your child about fossils, how they are made, and how to find them. The digging brick will give him hands-on experience, improving hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. You can combine the Fossil Dig Kit with other National Geographic packages, such as the Shark Tooth Dig Kit and the Dino Fossil Dig Kit (which focuses only on excavating dinosaur bones), for an even more rewarding experience.

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit with Pull Back Toy Stunt Car, Popular Girls and Boys Engineering Toy for Creative Play (135 Pieces)

Another LEGO building set, the LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit is perfect for boys who are obsessed with cars. With this set, he builds the car first, then uses it for hours of endless fun. The building kit comes loaded with realistic effects, such as a set of rims, a bumper and a spoiler, and a motor.

After constructing the car, pulling it back propels it forward for almost hands-free movement. With the LEGO Technic WHACK!, your child can create crash car scenarios with other Technic cars. The cars realistically crash together, with the engine popping out as it collides. After the collision, your 11-year-old can return to building, reconstructing the vehicle again. Don’t be surprised if this toy keeps him entertained for hours.

Beats Solo3 Headphones

Did you know that musical taste is almost completely developed by age 14? That means that your 11-year-old is already listening to music he will enjoy for the rest of his life. Foster his love for music with a great set of headphones. The Beats Solo 3 Headphones are wireless Bluetooth headphones connect to all Bluetooth-compatible devices, such as computers, tablets, and phones – wherever music files are stored. With controls on the base of the headphone, your 11-year-old can easily switch through songs or videos.

The Beats Solo3’s sturdy over-ear design makes these headphones more durable and less irritating than the models that slide into your ear. The band has an adjustable fit, so your child can grow with them for years. The headset comes with a case to store them with its charger so that nothing will get damaged or misplaced. The best feature of the Beats Solo3 is the fast-charging system. In just five minutes of charging time, the headphones will last another three hours. With a battery life of over 40 hours on a full charge, your child can listen to music and watch movies in a complete surround-sound experience.

Scratch Off USA Map    

Scratch Off Map of United States + All 63 US National Parks Scratch Off Poster, 85 USA Landmarks, Travel Map Kit, 50 State Photo Wall Adventure Maps, Journal Gifts for Travelers by Bright Standards

Traveling is a great way to expose your children to different cultures and ways of life. If your child is always on the next adventure on trips with family or his Boy Scout troop, he should have the Scratch Off USA Map hanging on his wall. The national map that doubles as a memory board comes with a scratch pen tool and extras, including scratch-offs for all 63 national parks, notable landmarks, and more. 

Once your 11-year-old returns home, he gently scratches away the foil from that state with the tool and wipes away the excess with the cloth. When the foil is cleared away, he can use the stickers to note the trip’s highlights. He can mark off all the other fun places he visits, too!

Rubik’s Race Game

Rubik’s Race - Universal Game 3P

Did you play with a Rubik’s cube when you were younger? The Rubik’s Race Game is an upgrade on the traditional cube, with more challenges for your 11-year-old. The Rubik’s Race Game comes with a frame, 48 tiles, nine color cubes, and a scrambler. Your child shakes the cubes in the scrambler, moving the tiles on the frame to match the center of the cube pattern.

The Rubik’s Race Game is a game of skill that makes your 11-year-old think on his feet and plan out his next move. It is especially fun with another player, but he can always play the game himself to improve his hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. If he plays with a friend or a sibling, they can compete to see who can arrange the tiles in the right pattern the fastest.

FORTNITE Kids’ Big Multiplier Tri-fold Wallet

FORTNITE unisex adult Multiplier Tri-fold Wallet, Black/Green, One Size US

At 11 years old, your son may have reached the age where he is saving and using his own money. A wallet will give him a place to store all of his cash earned from chores or odd jobs. The FORTNITE Kids’ Big Multiplier Tri-fold Wallet is a must-have for any serious online gamer. Themed after his favorite game, it comes in multiple colors and designs. Made out of polyester, the wallet is durable against the wear-and-tear that ruins most kids’ wallets.

The FORTNITE Kids’ Big Multiplier Tri-fold Wallet measures 4.75” x 3.25” when folded up, easily slipping into a backpack or a pocket. The interior is lined with polyester, with multiple compartments for the essentials. The wallet comes with a zipper bag for loose change and a slip compartment for bills. Your child can use the extra storage space for two cards and clear ID holders, which work great for keeping identification, pictures, and membership cards. Carrying a wallet with money and license is a necessity as an adult. The FORTNITE Kids’ Big Multiplier Tri-fold Wallet will help your 11-year-old turn this habit into second nature.

ELEPHAS Mini Projector

Get the best projector for the ultimate movie buff with the ELEPHAS Mini Projector. It uses your tablet or smartphone’s screen mirroring setting to show the image on a wall or screen. With a 200″ screen (with the recommended distance of 6-10 feet), this projector the projector mimics the movie theater experience. The projector has a Full HD 1080P output, making it perfect for watching films or videos. The color values also adjust to sharpen the image.

The ELEPHAS Mini Projector sits even on a flat surface, or it can be fastened to a tripod. It also has a built-in speaker with noise control for superior sound quality. You can easily connect this to an XBOX, phone, DVD player, and more using any of these devices: VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/SD/Audio/Wireless Connect. It’s the perfect gift for the 11 year old boy in your life! 

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Dart Magnetic Dartboards - Large Premium Design - 6 Kid Safe Durable Doinkit Darts - 20+ Fun Indoor Party Game for Kids and Adults

Despite the fun factor in playing a game of darts, this game has enormous benefits for children. Aiming the dart at a target improves hand-eye coordination, encourages patience, and hones social skills when played in groups. The Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is a family-friendly dartboard that your 11-year-old will love playing with friends and family members.

The darts in this kit don’t have sharp points, like most dart games. With flat edges that contain neodymium magnets, the darts will keep your family and pets safe from injury – and your walls will be free of holes. The darts attract to the board, staying put until they are collected at the end of the round. The aerodynamic flight edges help them soar through the air towards the target. The DoinKit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board comes with six darts and a 16” magnetic board. It is perfect for playing solo or with a friend or sibling. Or, if you have a larger group, your guests can separate into teams. 

Capture the Flag REDUX

Redux: The Original Glow in The Dark Capture The Flag Game | Ages 8+ | Outdoor Games for Kids and Teens | Glow in the Dark Games | Sports Gifts for Boys | Alternative to Laser Tag Guns & Flag Football

Capture the Flag REDUX is a light-up version of the traditional game. Instead of the usual flag, the game comes with two orbs that illuminate in neon colors. The REDUX also comes with lights that act as territory markers, jail sections, and wrist bands for players. The standard rules still apply in this game of strategy, except now you can play in the dark.

Dividing into two groups, each team needs to sneak into enemy territory and grab their flag, making it safely back behind its own boundary. If they get caught by a member of the other team, they sit in jail until one of their teammates taps them out. This exciting take on Capture the Flag is even more difficult when you play in the dark because the lights give away your location. Capture the Flag REDUX brings another element of fun to sleepovers, camping trips, and family game nights.

LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon 75257 Starship

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75257 Building Set - Starship Model with Finn, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Boolio, C-3PO, R2-D2, and D-O Minifigures, The Rise of Skywalker Movie Collection

Child psychologists have proven that playing with Legos helps improve cognitive development in children. Another LEGO set on this list, the LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon 75257 Starship Model Building Kit and Minifigures (1,351 Pieces), is the best gift for any Star Wars fan. With over 1300 pieces, the kit assembles into the starship from the film The Rise of Skywalker.

The Millennium Falcon comes with realistic details that make playing with this ship much more enjoyable. The kit comes with small figurines of major characters from the film, including C-3PO, Chewbacca, and Finn. The top panels come off quickly without damaging the rest of the constructed ship, exposing the Falcon’s interior. Two of the included figurines fit in the cockpit. Your 11-year-old can use the finished product to re-enact scenes from the film or in other types of creative play.

Flipside Game, Standard

Flipslide Game - Electronic Handheld Game | Addictive Multiplayer Puzzle Game of Skill | Flip, Slide & Match Colors to Beat the Clock | 4 Thrilling Game Modes | Ages 8+ | Includes Batteries

The Flipslide Game, Standard is a puzzle game that requires focus, but it’s completely addicting! This handheld game looks similar to a Rubik’s Cube, but it is more interactive. The four gray blocks in the center light up in specific patterns, and the two multicolored pieces – one on each side – flip back and forth. When the center displays the light design, the player turns the side pieces to match the lights.

There are four game settings in the Flipside Game that test the player’s speed, memory, and focus. There is even a multiplayer setting to play with friends or family members. The Flipside Game is especially helpful for children who fidget or need help occupying their hands. Your 11-year-old will love it, but you may give it a try, too.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Gray

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray

If your 11-year-old boy is a gamer, why not give them a handheld gaming system? Compatible with all Switch games that change to Handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch gaming console. This video game system has a thin, smooth design that fits well in smaller hands, making it perfect for your 11-year old. With both a 3.5mm headphone port and Bluetooth capability, he can enjoy the volume of the speakers without disturbing you.

With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you aren’t sacrificing any capabilities of the bigger console. The Lite comes with a fully-loaded +Control Pad, making maneuvering through the game a breeze. It has 32 GB of storage, but you can add a microSD card for more space. Depending on the size of the card, you can add up to 2TB to store larger games. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can stream Youtube videos or play online games with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Due to its size and its comparable features to the larger version, the Nintendo Switch Lite is ideal for the gamer always on the move.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Boxed Set 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set (w/poster) (Percy Jackson & the Olympians)

One of the best-selling young adult book series ever, Percy Jackson and the Olympians continues to fascinate readers nearly fifteen years after the publication of the first book, The Lightning Thief. The series follows the story of Percy Jackson when he discovers that he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon. He attends Camp Half-Blood, a school for other demigods, where he meets other children like him. Together, Percy and his new friends go on many adventures, were the worlds of humans and the gods collide. Written by former English and history teacher, Rick Riordan, the character Percy Jackson was inspired by the author’s son, who struggled to read due to his dyslexia and ADHD.

This boxed set comes with all five novels in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, a poster, and a box to store the books neatly on a shelf or a side table. You can also purchase the Kindle edition. The books have an exciting plot, with language that speaks to everyone. If your 11-year-old is struggling to become a lifelong reader, we recommend Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It makes Greek mythology relatable to young tweens, and it also treats learning disabilities as a superpower – an element missing in most young adult literature.  

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up: Toy of the Year Award Winner

The goal of the ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game is to construct a path to move the marble from one side of the maze to the other. It is a strategic game that forces your 11-year-old to use problem-solving and reasoning skills while playing. With 60 challenges in ranging difficulties, the Gravity Maze Marble Game will keep challenging your child. Each puzzle gets progressively harder. He can play the cards in order, moving on to the next when he masters one – or he can choose the challenges randomly to hone his critical thinking skills.

To play the game, he chooses a challenge card and uses the included tower blocks to construct a maze on the grid, placing the target piece at the end. He has to build the maze so that the towers guide the marble through the maze to reach the target. It’s harder than you think!

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity

Kids Against Maturity: The Original Card Game for Kids and Families, Super Fun Hilarious for Family Party Game Night

The Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity is a group game where your son’s potty humor is at its best. Four or more players can enjoy playing the game, so it’s perfect for family game night. Kids Against Maturity comes with 500 question and answer cards. Each player uses their ten answer cards to fill in the blank on the question card. The players yell out the most absurd answer from their cards to complete the sentence.

Kids Against Maturity has won multiple gaming and parenting awards, such as the Mom’s Choice Award and the National Parenting Product Award. It is a great way to begin sleepovers and parties, and it is especially fun when hanging out with friends. The game encourages social skills while letting kids be themselves. Kids Against Maturity is fun for people of all ages, making it a great addition to your son’s collection. Most importantly, it’s a game they don’t need a device to play.

Fujifilm SP-3 Printer Bundle

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer (Space Blue) + Fuji Instax Mini Film (40 Sheets) - Instax Mini Link Printer Bundle

Does your 11-year-old always want to be the one behind the camera? The FujiFIlm SP-3 is the newest version of this portable printer that prints pictures from a smartphone or tablet. By downloading the Instax SHARE app from Google Play or the Apple Store, your child’s device stores all its photos in the program. A small 2.4” x 2.4” photo prints in just 13 seconds.

This SP-3 Bundleby FujiFilm comes with tons of extras, including 40 sheets of photo paper, collage sheets, templates, and filters. Your child can have fun printing out his favorite pictures and displaying them in his room. The printer comes with a carrying case and a cleaning cloth to keep it in the best condition. If your 11-year-old loves photography, then this is the perfect gift for him.

Blast Pad Rocket Launcher 

Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher - Designed in USA - Highest Flying Rocket - Super Durable Rockets and Stomp Pad Launcher - Top Outdoor Toys for 6 Year Old Boys Ages 6-up

Take outdoor play to new heights with the Blast Pad Rocket Launcher by Marky Sparky. This unique rocket launcher comes with a launch pad and three foam-tipped rockets, perfect for games with small groups. The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher is a fun activity for sleepovers, parties, and other social gatherings. The company sells packs of rockets separately. You can collect as many as you want for use with large groups – or you can keep a few as a backup if a rocket gets lost on a windy day

To play the game, connect a rocket to the launch pad. By jumping on the pad, your 11-year-old will send the missile propelling in the air for over 200 feet. The harder you jump, the higher the rocket goes! The rockets are aerodynamic, designed to fly as high as possible. If your child has a good-hearted competitive nature, playing a few games of “Who Can Fly Their Rocket the Highest?” will be a great way to entertain both children and adults. Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher is also fun to play on your own, keeping your child active and away from devices for a little while.

Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set

142 Pc Art Set with Colored Pencils, Crayons, Pastels, Watercolors in Wood Carrying Case

As one of the top-rated art sets for children on the market today, the Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set is sure to encourage the artist in your 11-year-old boy. It comes with art supplies for several mediums, such as crayons and colored pencils, as well as oil pastels and watercolor paints. He can experiment with different mediums until he finds the right one for his expression.

The Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set comes with necessary tools – such as paintbrushes, mixing palettes, pencil sharpeners, and erasers – so your child can start using it right away. The set comes in a wooden case with a drawer and storage compartments, so your 11-year-old can keep their supplies organized – and off the floor.

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight Light Up Flying Disc with Disc-O Select - Family Game Night Fly Disc Toy - Flying Disc with Replaceable Batteries - Game Night Accessories - Disc-O Select

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned game of frisbee? The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc turns this traditional activity into something new. With an illuminating disc, frisbee becomes a game everyone can enjoy for any time of day or night. Just press the button to turn on the lights. The Nite Ize comes with multiple LED settings: the lights can flash different colors, or the disc can display just one color.

With the Nite Ize Flashlight LED Flying Disc, players aren’t limited to ground play. The disc floats, so it’s tons of fun in the swimming pool during a hot summer. The light-up frisbee brings another level of fun to camping trips, playing outside with siblings, and family activities.

Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster

NERF Zombie Strike Alternator Blaster Fires 3 Ways, Includes 12 Official Zombie Strike Elite Darts - for Kids, Teens, Adults

When the zombie apocalypse comes, will your 11-year-old boy be ready? With the Nerf Zombie Blaster, he can easily take them on. The company Hasbro has built its reputation on product safety. Their Nerf guns are made with non-toxic materials, so they are completely safe for your child. He can run around in full attack mode, aiming for invisible targets, or he can play with a sibling or family member – provided they have their own Nerf gun, of course!

The Zombie Strike Blaster Elite is similar to other Nerf guns with a zombie theme. It holds six zombie darts ready to fire and comes with extras. He can fire 1, 2, or 3 darts at once and it is so light that your child can use it one-handed. He’ll love it so much, you might want to get more than one for family playtime, sleepovers, and parties.

Square Root of 121: 11th Birthday T-Shirt

Square Root Of 121 11th Birthday 11 Year Old Gifts Math Bday T-Shirt

Let your 11-year-old make a fashion statement on his birthday – or any other time of the year – with the Square Root of 121: 11th Birthday T-Shirt. This fun, math-themed shirt will appeal to your math genius by making his actual age an equation! It features a central graphic that reads, “the square root of 121.” The answer, of course, is 11, your child’s age. Behind the main graphic, there are smaller equations in the background.

The Square Root of 121: 11th Birthday 11 Years Old T-Shirt comes in youth and adult sizes, suitable for many different body types. Since the shirt is made of cotton and polyester, buy a size up to allow some room for shrinkage. The T-shirt is available in multiple colors, so you can choose your child’s favorite. It is so comfortable and breathable, so don’t be surprised if it becomes your child’s favorite new shirt.

K’NEX Imagine Building Set

K’NEX Imagine: 70 Model Building Set – 705 Pieces, STEM Learning Creative Construction Model for Ages 7+, Interlocking Building Toy for Boys & Girls, Adults - Amazon Exclusive

If your child is into building things, but not necessarily a Legos fan, the 70-Model Imagine Building Set by K’NEX is a great alternative. The kit comes with over 860 pieces that your 11-year-old can arrange to create models, shapes, cars, animals, or buildings. The collection of rods and connectors has no set plan or organization for the pieces, so the only limit is your child’s imagination.

There are small pieces in the K’NEX 100 Model Imagine Building Set, so it’s best to keep them packed away in the includes storage box. Using small pieces to create an object is a wonderful activity for young children because it encourages their creativity. Putting the pieces together also enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The best part: your 11-year-old can keep challenging himself, building more complicated models as time goes on.

Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net

SKYWALKER TRAMPOLINES Jump N' Dunk 8 FT, 12 FT, 15 FT, Round Outdoor Trampoline for Kids with Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, ASTM Approval, 800 LBS Weight Capacity

Does your 11-year-old love basketball? The Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump ‘N Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Netmakes the sport much more fun. The trampoline is enclosed with a polyethylene net – the same sturdy material used to make bottles, bags, and other products. The net has small holes to avoid ripping and damage, keeping your 11-year-old safe inside. The Skywalker Trampoline has other features that follow safety regulations. The net keeps the springs outside the enclosure, so your child and other family members will avoid foot and ankle injuries by stepping on the springs or getting their feet stuck between them.

The Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net makes a great gift for your 11-year-old and the whole family. Playing physical games together encourages bonding between family members, and it helps create lasting memories during childhood. You can pile your household into the trampoline for a fun game of basketball, or you can compete to see who will jump the highest. Playing on a trampoline strengthens endurance and cardiovascular health, so you can’t really go wrong with this gift. The springs are resistant to rust, so you don’t have to take the trampoline down in bad weather. With the Skywalker Trampoline, your 11-year-old will burn off excess energy and keep him physically active.

Nike Boys’ Air Force 1 Trainers

Nike Boys' Air Force 1 Trainers, White White White 113, 5.5Y

Chances are your 11-year-old isn’t exactly asking for clothing for their birthday, but they’ll love the Nike Boys’ Air Force 1 Trainers. The perfect shoe for any active boy, they are a durable, comfortable trainer that will keep up with them. Nike is one of the most famous activewear companies in business today, and its narrow design makes them an excellent fit for children.

The Boys Air Force 1 Trainers have a leather outsole that holds up against damage and abrasions, protecting your son’s feet. With a cloth interior, his feet can breathe well, making the feet sweat less. Most importantly, the Air Force Trainers have rubber soles that grip well to any surface, such as sidewalks, a basketball court, or an indoor gym. They also protect against slipping on a wet surface, avoiding sprained and twisted ankles. If you have a child that loves outdoor sports, the Boys Air Force 1 Trainers are his ideal shoe.

National Geographic Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Slime & Putty Lab Kit - 4 Slimes & 4 Putties Including Magnetic, For Boys & Girls, Sensory Toy & Science Kit (Amazon Exclusive)

Has your 11-year-old ever wanted to play with slime or putty? The Mega Slime Kit and Putty Lab by National Geographic lets your child explore eight different kinds of slime and putty. Some even glow in the dark! The learning guide explains how these materials are made, and the kit includes everything he needs to make his own.

If the idea grosses you out, don’t worry: the National Geographic Mega Slime Kit and Putty Lab comes with separate containers for storing the slime and putty. All of the examples are made of non-toxic materials, so it is all completely safe. Although we don’t recommend this gift for children with texture anxieties, it is a fun kit that most 11-year-olds will enjoy.

How We Selected Gifts For 11-Year-Old Boys

We selected toys, games, books, and other gifts in a variety of categories when choosing presents for this list. Our team chose items that any 11-year-old boy would like, but they all had some educational or physical benefit.

Educational Toys

Choosing an educational toy for an 11-year-old is difficult because young children’s tastes change so often. However, if you can find a gift that merges a child’s interest with a learning experience, then your gift will benefit him in the long run.

For example, The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs teaches children who like to cook the proper techniques and apply them to recipes. The ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Gameteaches them how to build structures – engaging an interest in architecture – and use problem-solving methods to move the marble from beginning to end. The National Geographic Fossil Dig Kit allows children to apply archaeological techniques to excavate their own fossils.

Educational toys have several benefits. They help preteens develop their social skills when playing with others, and they connect learning with fun activities. By making educational toys interactive and fun, children will remember what they are learning and want to further their knowledge.

Toys that Encourage Physical Activity

We also include gifts that encourage children to put down their screen devices and play. Staying active helps children burn off energy, which is fundamentally important for physical and emotional well-being. Several gifts on this list center around physical activity, such as the Capture the Flag REDUX, Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc with Disc-O Select, Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster, and the Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net.

Technology Gifts

Not every child wants to go outside and play, and that’s okay. Almost every child has asked for a device, such as a tablet or a smartphone. By gifting your 11-year-old a technology gift, such as the Fire HD 10 Tablet, he can stream movies, books, and other content that will hopefully provide educational value. The Fire comes with parental controls, so you can limit his screen time – creating a thoughtful balance between playing on devices and engaging with others.  

Cognitive Development

At 11 years old, children are still honing their cognitive development. Toys and games that keep their minds sharp while perfecting hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills are also featured on this list, such as the Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit, the LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit, and the Rubik’s Race Game.

FAQs About Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

What is the best gift for an 11-Year-Old Boy?

We recommend any gift that encourages the development of the mind and body. In the digital age, children are spending less time playing outside, depriving them of essential life skills, such as cooperation, getting along with others, and achieving a goal. Most games for 11-year-olds have some physical elements, like jumping, walking, or running. These gifts will encourage physical fitness in your 11-year-old, putting them on the path for a healthy lifestyle. Your gift could also have educational value, such as learning new skills or sharpening old ones. Items that explore content knowledge, such as science kits, help make learning fun. Not every educational toy needs to reinforce the school curriculum. Any gift that teaches an essential life skill used in adulthood is also very valuable. The tween years are perfect for introducing your child to what is expected of them as adults – if you have not done so already. 

How do I know what 11-Year-Old boys want for their birthday?

Find out what your 11-year-old wants for his birthday by asking him. Children at this age are usually pretty vocal about what they want. However, if he isn’t that forthcoming, look at what he is playing with now and ask him why he likes it. If the recipient of the gift isn’t your child, ask his parents or siblings for advice.

What do 11-year-olds want for their birthday?

The answer will be different for every child. While most children are obsessed with technology, anything that encourages activity also makes a great gift.  Luckily, most items on this list are budget-friendly, so you could also get them more than one. You could spring for an educational gift and one they really want.

Gifts for Similar Ages

Wrap Up

Any of these 25 options would make great gifts for any occasion. When choosing the perfect gift, gather as much information as possible about the child’s interests. Try to match what they want to a present that will benefit them in some way. If we had to choose, we recommend the Fire HD 10 Tablet, solely for its potential educational value. While your 11-year-old may also use it for entertainment, there are plenty of ways that the Kindle Fire can stimulate his mind.

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