24 Best Jewelry Gifts for Graduation 2023

Graduates open the door to a new stage of life when they cross the stage, and you want to find the perfect gift to recognize all the hard work they have put into their diploma! A piece of jewelry is a timeless gift that can be a daily reminder to a graduate of a job well done. Here are some of our favorite jewelry gifts to congratulate a graduate.

Best Jewelry Gifts for the Graduate

Graduation 2022 Bracelet 

The Class of 2022 Bracelet can inspire a graduate with the quote “She believed she could so she did.” This special message is subtly written on the inside of the bracelet and reminds a special lady that she is in charge of her destiny. On the outside of the bracelet are engravings of a graduation cap and the year 2022. The stainless steel material ensures that the bracelet will not tarnish or rust over time. It also comes in a special mortarboard box complete with a 2022 tassel! This can be a sweet gift for a high school or college graduate in 2022.

Graduation Cap Jewelry Box

The Graduation Jewelry Box is a perfect way to present a jewelry gift to someone special who is walking the stage! It comes in the shape of a mortarboard and tassel to let everyone know that this gift is for the graduate. The white interior of the box includes a single slot to hold a class ring or a pair of stud earrings. This box can keep an important piece of jewelry safe and also be a special keepsake for a graduate!

Handmade Flower Signet Ring

Instead of giving flowers that will fade, you can choose to give this Handmade Flower Signet Ring as a long-lasting reminder of a graduate’s achievement. This ring is 18K gold plated over recycled silver. The minimalistic rose design holds the meaning of love and affection. This signet ring can be a forever flower that reminds a graduate of a special day.

Sterling Silver Compass Necklace

Graduations can be a time when emotions are running wild. The graduate has just completed an important milestone, but what lies ahead may still be shrouded in mystery. The Sterling Silver Compass Necklace can remind a graduate that it is okay to not know all the answers. She can just relax, slow down a bit, and enjoy the journey. This necklace is a fitting gift for the graduate who is still deciding her next step, or for the graduate who is diving into new experiences.

Oh The Places You Will Go Bracelet

No graduation would be complete without a few famous lines from the beloved Dr. Seuss!  This stainless steel bracelet has the famous quote from Dr. Seuss etched into the outside and a subtle mortarboard design on the inside. The Oh The Places You Will Go Bracelet can be a perfect gift to encourage a graduate to be brave and take new steps.

Pandora Graduation Charm

The Pandora Graduation Charm can be a new memory to add to a growing charm bracelet. It is made out of stainless steel and includes a graduation cap attached to a delicate-looking charm that is covered in hearts. This can be a special gift for a loved one who is preparing to walk the stage!

Sterling Silver Triangle Necklace

This Sterling Silver Necklace with its inverted triangle is a symbol of the limitless bravery and courage of women. The dainty chain is guaranteed against breakage and is made of hypoallergenic materials so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. The necklace is packaged in a gift-ready box with the saying “you are limitless.” This can be an inspirational gift with a word of encouragement for a graduate.

Green Peridot Ring

This Green Peridot Ring has a unique and modern flair to it. This unique ring is made using precious and semi-precious metals with glowing peridot at its center. The semi-precious stone can change in color from deep emerald green to golden light green. Besides being the birthstone for August, and the national stone of Egypt, the peridot also contains the spiritual meaning of “strength and balance.” 

Infinity Necklace from Grandmother

The  Infinity Heart Necklace is a sweet gift from a grandmother to her granddaughter on graduation day. The necklace is made out of  925 sterling silver and its design includes a heart wrapped up in an infinity symbol. Under the necklace, a script reads “Here together or miles apart, a granddaughter like you is always in my heart.” This can be a perfect gift idea for the granddaughter who is moving off to college. It will be a sweet reminder to her of her grandmother’s love!

Arrow Direction Necklace

This Arrow Direction Necklace is a great reminder for a graduate that there are many people in her life that are rooting for her. The quote inside the box encourages the graduate to be confident in her chosen path. This white gold plated necklace is dainty and delicate with a trendy style. A graduate will be proud to wear this necklace as she finishes one stage of life and opens the door to the next!

Initial Disc Necklace 


The Initial Disc Necklace is customizable so you can add your graduate’s initial upon purchase or a heart symbol if you wish. This necklace is plated with 16K gold and the initial is stamped into the gold so it will not rub off with wear. It is a simple, yet beautiful, piece for everyday wear!

Engraved Glass Jewelry Box

The Engraved Glass Jewelry Box has a vintage feel to it and it will be a keepsake for years to come! The glass box has beveled edges held together by metal designs, and the bottom is made out of iridescent glass to make the box shimmer and shine in the light. You can personalize this box with 3 lines of print and include the graduate’s name, high school, and graduation date. This box can be a special reminder of a graduate’s significant accomplishment!

Personalized Faux Leather Tray

The Personalized Valet Tray can be a great gift idea for when you want to customize a gift to suit your graduate. This faux leather tray is the perfect size to hold jewelry, watches, small change, and other pocket items. It is also made with travel in mind and its 4 corners can unsnap to pack flat. The personalization is engraved into the tray so you do not have to worry about special words peeling off. This can be a great gift idea for guys or girls.

Personalized Pocket Watch

You can add your own customized message to this Pocket Watch or include a name and graduation date. This watch has both a retro and modern vibe and can be a unique gift choice for guys or girls. The skeleton style allows you to see into the inner workings of the watch and its contrasting colors add an interesting design. 

Heart-Shaped Titanium Compass Necklace

The Heart-Shaped Necklace can point out the path to a fresh graduate! The 100% titanium shell houses a miniature compass with a keyring attachment. You can wear this as a necklace or use it as a keyring keepsake. This compass is unique and durable and comes in a gift-ready box!

Minimalist Gold Earrings

For a nice accent to a compliment graduation attire, these Minimalist Gold Earrings can make a perfect gift! These stud back earrings are plated with 14k gold and should be comfortable for everyday wear. The minimalist look of these earrings makes them a versatile choice for dressing up or going casual.

Stethoscope Bangle Bracelet

The Stethoscope Bangle Bracelet can make a nice gift for an RN at her pin-on ceremony. This bracelet is copper and comes with a subtle stethoscope design worked into the band and it is accented with a rose-colored stone. It can make a cute gift for a new nurse who is ready to serve.

Tassel Earrings

These Tassel Earrings can be a fun artsy gift for the graduate, which can mirror the golden tassel on her mortarboard. The design is inspired by a Hawaiian hula skirt and the dangles are sure to catch the eye. This gift choice can add a spark of lighthearted fun to any outfit!

Thoreau Engraved Compass


This Engraved Compass includes a quote from Thoreau inside its case, which encourages a graduate to reach for their dreams. It also has a chain attached to easily attach to a pocket loophole or backpack. The brass compass comes in a leather case and can be a unique gift for a graduate who wishes to find the right direction for their next path. 

These sleek gold-toned World Map Cufflinks can add an artistic touch to your graduate’s apparel. The 2 cufflinks include the world map in 2 unique sections and catch the light for a nice accent piece. These cufflinks can make a special gift for the graduate who is set on seeing the world after crossing the stage!

Class of 2022 Morse Code Wristband

This Class of 2022 Wristband spells out the special class year subtly using morse code! The handmade bracelet laces hematite and wooden beads on a knotted, adjustable cord. Since it is made out of natural materials, this bracelet should not irritate sensitive skin. This unique bracelet can be a great gift idea for him or her!

Michael Kors Men’s Watch

If you are looking for a modern jewelry gift for him, this Michael Kors Men’s Watch may be worth your consideration! This watch features a tone-on-tone brushed black watch dial and band. Its sleek design includes lines for time markers instead of numbers. It is also water-resistant up to 165 feet, so it should be able to withstand splashes of water and even short periods of recreational swimming. This classy piece can help a high school graduate arrive on time for his college classes!

Pinky Promise Relationship Bracelets

These Pinky Promise Relationship Bracelets can be a great gift idea for best friends or a couple who are going off to different colleges. This set includes one bracelet with white beads and another bracelet with black beads, with one special bead in the opposite color. The beads are bound together on a waterproof, adjustable wristband. The saying under the bracelets says “No matter where we go, no matter what we do, You’ll always be there for me, and I’ll always be there for you.” These bracelets can be a reminder of a special someone and the bond you share even across the distance.

Hallmark Hooray! Gift Bag

When you are giving a gift, the right packaging can make your gift stand out. This Hallmark Hooray! Gift Bag spreads a bit of happiness on a special day. This bag is 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide and will fit most jewelry gifts. It also comes with 2 sheets of tissue paper and has a pocket inside to hold your card separate from the gift. This gift bag with its confetti-filled front can add an extra splash of color to the gift table.

How We Selected Jewelry Gifts For Graduation


One important consideration for us while choosing the best graduation gifts was quality. No one wants to get a graduation necklace that ends up irritating their graduate’s skin or that tarnishes after wear. We tried to select many gifts that are made out of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials. This is especially important for gifts that come in contact with the skin! Many graduation jewelry gifts on our list are made of naturally based materials such as wood, gold, silver, copper, or stainless steel.


Almost every graduate will have a different personality and you can recognize this by your unique gift choice! We searched for gifts that cover a wide variety of styles and tastes. Some gifts on our list have a modern, minimalistic, or edgy vibe, while others tend to be classic, dainty, or vintage. You should be able to choose the perfect piece that is as unique as your graduate!

FAQs – Jewelry Gifts For Graduation

Is jewelry a good graduation gift?

Jewelry can be a great gift idea for a graduate. This is because jewelry gifts are often made of precious or semiprecious metals and many will last a lifetime! While flowers and chocolates are gone in a week’s time, jewelry can be worn daily. Jewelry gifts are also small enough to travel with a graduate wherever their road may take them. They can be a sweet and enduring reminder of the graduate’s achievement and your support of him or her throughout the process.

What are some good gifts for a graduate in 2021?

While some jewelry pieces are “evergreen” and are not specific to time, you may want to celebrate the graduate’s high school or college graduation by acknowledging the year they walked the stage. Some graduation jewelry for 2022 are pieces like the Class of 2022 Morse Code Wristband and the Class of 2022 Graduation Bracelet, or you can choose from customizable gifts such as the Engraved Compass with Stamped Leather case, and Glass Jewelry Box Engraved Keepsake among others.

What is are some good jewelry gift ideas for him?

We love the fact that jewelry gifts are long-lasting reminders for graduates of their special day. Although, often, it may be more difficult to find appropriate jewelry gifts for guys. While many jewelry gifts are directed toward her, watches, bracelets, and cuff links can be classy choices for graduation jewelry for her or for him. Some gift choices we found for guys include the Engraved Compass with Stamped Leather case, Michael Kors Men’s Watch, and World Map Cufflinks.

What should I spend on a graduation gift?

How much you spend on a gift will depend on how close you are to a graduate. If the graduate is a more distant connection, you will probably spend less than if it is a close friend, significant other, or a close family member. Also, if the graduate is receiving an advanced degree, an appropriate gift will usually have a higher price tag. We have chosen jewelry gifts that are unique and pleasing in a variety of price ranges.

Some gifts like the Green Peridot Ring with Gold and Black Anthracite Plating include precious or semi-precious stones, while other gifts, such as the Handmade Flower Signet Ring or the Class of 2022 Morse Code Wristband, may be easier on a budget. We looked for gifts that have been rated highly by other gift-givers (and gift receivers!) We want to make sure that the gift you choose will be the best gift for your graduate.

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