43 Best Book-Related Gifts for Readers 2023

As an avid reader myself, I found gifts that I knew I would love, and that have also been popular with thousands of other readers on Amazon and on other websites in the reading niche. I also added novelty items to this list that a reader may not already have or might not even know exist! I hope this article helps you find the perfect gift for the avid reader you know and love!

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is a great way to give a full library gift to the reader in your life! It is the thinnest and lightest Kindle Paperwhite to be produced to date. Its glare-free display reads like paper even on bright days. This Kindle can be used outdoors or in the bath as it is designed to be waterproof. Once it is fully charged, it will last for weeks! You can choose from 8GB up to 32 GB storage. This is a great gift for the voracious reader who has run out of space to store all their books!

Glocusent LED Reading Light


For those that love to read late into the night, this Glocusent LED Reading Light can let them read as long as they want while letting the other partner sleep. This LED light can be adjusted to yellow, cool white, or warm white light to be the easiest on the reader’s eyes. It also has three settings which are general reading, brighter reading, and precise working. This reading light will last for 80 hours so that can probably get the average reader even through War and Peace! When the battery does run down it can be recharged in a USB portal. This is a great gift for the readers that just can’t put a book down once they’ve started!

Bamboo Bathtub Tray


The Bamboo Bathtub Tray makes it possible to wind down in the tub while simultaneously relaxing with a good book! Thanks to its adjustable size, this tray can fit almost any tub. This tray can prop a book on its stand or hold a tablet in a protective waterproof cover. It also comes with a drink slot, phone slot, and removable trays. Underneath it also has silicone grips to keep the tray from slipping out of place. The bamboo wood is water-resistant so no need to worry about some splashes ruining its finish. This is an excellent gift for a reader to be able to take a book literally anywhere!

USB Book Light 


The USB Book Light can easily fit in a purse or pocket. This LED light is adjustable and can stand on its own or clip onto a book. The battery lasts up to 8 hours, and it can easily be plugged into a USB outlet in a computer or car charger to recharge. This is a great way for readers to be able to finish their book at night with a light that won’t keep others awake.

Toirxarn Metal Leaf Bookmark


This Metal Leaf Bookmark‘s unique design will please a book lover for sure! Made from pure copper, electroplated gold, or silver, this bookmark should not tarnish or lose its sparkle! The leaf, butterfly, and eternal flower add a poetic touch to any book. This bookmark will be a special gift for a book lover to keep between their favorite pages! The metal is a bit on the fragile side so this may make a better gift for teens or adults rather than children.

Shhh I’m Reading Socks

These I’m Reading Socks come in a cute cupcake designed packaging with a sweet note for the receiver! These fluffy and warm socks are perfect for cold days when you just want to curl up in a comfy chair and read! The words are made of silicon rubber to keep the socks from slipping on smooth floors. Prop your feet up and these socks will let everyone know: “do not disturb,” it’s reading time!

Library Card Pouch

This Library Card Pouch is the perfect size for a make-up bag, or a tote for phone, keys, and pocket money. Even the Kindle Paperwhite can fit in this whimsical pouch! Some have even taken it to author signings to fill this pouch on the outside with important autographs and on the inside with their favorite book or necessities! This versatile pouch is designed to look like an old library card, which a book lover is sure to appreciate!

Book Nerd Hoodie Shirt

Be a book nerd who is not afraid to claim it with this Book Nerd Hoodie Shirt. This soft hoodie wears well and does not shrink after use! The V-neck and raw edges fit the trends to make a book nerd on the “in crowd” for fashion. This is a hoodie a book lover will be proud to wear!

Antique Facial Tissue Dispenser


What better way to represent a love for books than decorating with accent pieces that also look like books! This Facial Tissue looks like a few classic novels that have been strategically placed to make a room look bookish. But, the plot twist is that instead of words, these books hold only tissues. Not only does this tissue box add a warm touch to a book lover’s library, but it helps a reader keep tissues at the ready to help dry the tears for the next unexpected tear-jerker ending!

Library Books Quilted Blanket


This Library Books Quilted Blanket is so beautiful that many customers have used it as a wall-hanging to warm up a room. It is made out of 100% cotton and the book segments are hand-pieced like a quilt from grandma! For a book-lover, this could be the perfect throw blanket to add to a book-nook!

Teabags with Literary Quotes 


These Novel Teas add a little kick to the morning with a bit of caffeine and a literary quote to start the day off right! The tea is English Breakfast from Ceylon Tea Company and the authors quoted are Louisa May Alcott, C.S. Lewis, and J.W. Eagan among many others! The tea bags are sealed together in a plastic bag for freshness but are not individually wrapped. Nice tea and a great book are a winning combination for a reader! You let this gift stand-alone or you can pair it with a mug or a book from a famous author.

Books Travel Mug 

Books Travel Mug - 17 Ounce Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

This Books Travel Mug will announce to the world that the person carrying this tumbler is a reader! This vacuum-sealed stainless steel travel mug is double-walled to keep drinks hot (or cold!) for up to 12 hours. It is BPA-free and also dishwasher safe. For those who love to curl up with a book and a cup of coffee or tea, this could make the perfect gift!

Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

If you know a reader who likes to keep bragging rights for each classic book he or she has read, this Top 100 Books Poster could be a unique gift! This poster is a scratch-off list of the top one hundred books and it includes ancient classics, recent bestsellers, award-winning novels, and children’s books. Not only is it a fun way to keep track of which books you have read, but it also can give a book-lover direction for the next book they should read! This poster fits into an A2 size frame and can be a great conversation piece in a library or book-nook!

So Many Books Socks

The So Many Books Socks are a cute and funky gift for a reader. They read, “So many books, so little time” on the instep, so when you prop your feet up, everyone will know who is a book lover! These socks should be a great fit for men with a 6-13 shoe size or women with a size 7 and up. Unlike many novelty socks, which easily fray, these socks were made with comfort and durability in mind. Who doesn’t love some warm socks while curling up with a good book!

Walnut Thumb Bookmark

Thumb Book Page Holder, Handmade Natural Walnut Thumb Bookmark Holder with 5 Sizes Silicone Ring, Wooden Finger Book Holder, Thumb Reader Holder, Reader Accessories, Teacher Appreciation Gifts

For a practical and unique gift for a reader, this Walnut Thumb Bookmark can be a great choice! If you know someone who likes to multi-task or read on the go, this page holder can be a useful tool to keep a book open one-handed. It is handmade from walnut wood and comes in different sizes to accommodate men’s, women’s, and children’s hands. This can be a unique gift for a book lover that he or she may not already have!

Danya B Iron Sculpture

The Danya B Iron Sculpture can be a great addition to a reader’s decor! We love its simple design and modern flair. This iron statue pictures a person deeply enjoying a treasured book! It stands at 6.5 inches so it can be easily tucked near a stack of books in a reader’s library! This could be a great gift for a reader with a modern, artistic style.

Mind Reader Lap Desk 


The Mind Reader Lap Desk is a helpful tool for a reader! The tray is adjustable so you can find the optimal angle for a book, tablet, or laptop. This tray is also compact and portable for those who like to take their reading on the go. It also is cushioned so it will rest comfortably on a lap. If you are looking for a gift for a reader who enjoys reading from books or tablets, this is a great, versatile gift!

SUPERJARE Tree Bookcase

We love the unique design of the Tree Bookcase! This upright bookshelf has 9 angled shelves. It can hold books at the ready near your favorite reading chair! This can be a great conversation piece for you to display many of your favorite titles. For the reader who doesn’t have a lot of floor space for a wall-to-wall bookcase, this space-saving tree bookcase can be a practical and unique gift!

Rolanstar Coffee Table

This retro-look Rolanstar Coffee Table will come in handy for a reader! The tabletop raises up to normal table height so you can sit comfortably and still reach your coffee or a stack of books. Under the lid is a compartment for storing books, magazines, and anything that will aid a reader! This table also has two storage rattan baskets below to keep a comfy blanket or even more books! We love that this coffee table is versatile and can store so much! The Rolanstar coffee table can be an asset for a reader’s book nook.

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit


If you know a reader who likes to loan out their books or to keep track of when their last reading of a favorite book was, this Knock Knock Personal Library Kit can come in handy. The kit includes 20 self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, a date stamp, an ink pad, and a pencil. This can be a fun way to share favorite books with a circle of friends, use with a book club, or for personal enjoyment.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse 


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse has quickly become an American favorite and is a number one best-seller for literary graphic novels. With just a few sentences per page, this book embraces simplicity and values love and friendship. It is full of life lessons coupled with 100 color and black-and-white drawings by the author. This is a great book to leave out on a side table for frequent perusal.

Floating Bookshelf Set of 3


The Floating Bookshelf Set makes it easy to display some of a reader’s favorite titles! These floating bookshelves come in a set of 3 and can make the perfect addition to a library or dorm room. Each shelf is in an L-shape and is designed to make the books look like they are “floating” on a wall. One small shelf can hold at least 15 pounds of books! This can be a great gift for a friend who loves minimalistic design and books!

First Lines Literature Mug 

The First Lines Coffee Mug is the perfect way to carry a bit of literature around with you as you drink your morning cup of coffee! It features 24 opening lines from classic books on the outside of this ceramic mug. This is a great brain tease for book nerds to see if they recognize all the authors and origins of these quotes. English majors, professors, or classic lit fans will go wild for this witty and inspiring mug!

People Reading Bookend Set


This Metal Bookend Set is an artistic way to tip a hat to the love of learning! These bookends depict two people who appear to be captivated by some great books!  The bookends are made out of cast iron so they can hold their ground against a stack of books. The bottoms are lined to make sure they will not scratch any furniture. These modern handcrafted figures will add a modern and artistic touch to an avid reader’s library!

Amazon Kids Bookcase 

To encourage reading from an early age, this Amazon Kids Bookcase can be the perfect start to a life-long passion! This kid-sized book nook can hold up to 150 lbs, so theoretically even an adult could take a turn! There is plenty of room for a small world of books in the 4 cubbies. Also, a small lamp, a snack, or another stack of books can rest next to the bench. The wood material is solid and the cushions are removable so they are easy to clean. This is a great way to start a kid out on the path of learning!

Reversible Throw Pillow Cover


We love this Throw Pillow Cover! This cover fits an 18×18 pillow and has “Just one more chapter..” written on the front. You can then flip it over to the back of the pillow, which reads “nope, not done yet.” It is a cute way to let the world know that you are busy with a good book! The material is silky soft and machine washable. The words are dyed into the fabric so they will not fade. This reading pillow cover is ready for gift-giving in its gift box and comes with a blank greeting card to write a special note!

Memory Foam Reading Pillow

The Memory Foam Reading Pillow is oversized to provide support for the upper back while lounging and reading. A pocket in the side armrest is perfect for keeping your reading glasses, pen, journal, or next book at the ready! There is also a pocket in the back for extra storage. This pillow comes with a removable neck roll and a handle is built-in at the top to carry this pillow to your favorite spot! This pillow can be a great asset when you settle in with a favorite book!

Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

The Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug is a gift with a sense of humor for a reader. Why would a true reader stick a bookmark in a book when they could spend the rest of the day finishing it with a warm cup of coffee? You could add a bag of coffee or a set of Novel Teas to this gift to set up your reader with the perfect scenario for an afternoon full of reading!

Wicked Witch Bookmark


This Wicked Witch Bookmark is a funky gift that a teen reader may enjoy. This handcrafted item is made out of polymer clay and then handpainted with acrylics. It reads: “There is no place like home.” The book closes over the laminated cardboard marker to leave only legs showing. Stick the wicked witch in another world of literature so the world of OZ will be safe (for now) from her schemes.

HutHomery Desk Lamp


The Desk LED Lamp has a white maple cover with built-in magnets so you can rest it on a side table or hang it on a refrigerator or magnet wall. It can also attach to itself to make a circular lamp and spread more light. This LED lamp can be charged for 3 hours using a USB cable and the charge should last for 7 hours of reading. This book-shaped lamp can be a great portable light to take with you to your favorite reading spot! You can also engrave the outside cover to personalize this gift for the reader in your life!

Kate Spade Tote Bag 

The Kate Spade Book Tote is perfect for carrying your books around to the next book club! This canvas bag is decorated with classic titles like Pride and Prejudice, Gulliver’s Travels, and Through the Looking Glass. It has a zip pocket on the inside to hold pens, make-up, pocket change, and more. The 2 straps are long enough to carry easily over a shoulder. Whether using this tote for books, a change of clothes, or a reusable grocery bag, everyone will know that the carrier of this shabby-chic bag is a book lover!

Da Bomb Quote Bomb


Da Bomb Quote Bomb can be a fun and relaxing treat for a book-lover! The scent of this bath bomb is fresh basil. As the bath bomb fizzes out, it leaves you with a famous quote as a surprise! You could pair this gift with a Bamboo Bathtub Tray. This quote bath bomb can be a novel gift for a reader!

Library Style Drawer Organizer

For those who enjoy the charm of the classic library look, this Drawer Organizer could add just the right touch to a book nook. While the drawers are slightly smaller scale than an authentic library card catalog drawer, this piece still retains that vintage library feel! The 16 drawers could be used for book darts, bendable reading lights, tea bags, sewing supplies, and more! A book nerd would be proud to add this unique item to a book nook!

Black Raven Book Ends

Lovers of Poe will go wild for these Raven Bookends! These birds are made of resin and are detailed to look like real birds. Other customers have noted that they are a bit lightweight so they may be safer holding paperbacks or as decorations for a library. This can be a unique gift for readers who are unafraid of this ebony bird perching above their chamber door.

Secret Lives Of Great Authors


Secret Lives Of Great Authors is a fun book for the reader who likes to pull all the skeletons out of the closet. This book lets you in on all the intricate and outrageous details of famous authors’ secret lives. This could be a great gift for English majors or readers who enjoy the works of Byron, Shakespeare, Carroll, and other classic authors.

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw


The Chanasya Faux Fur Throw can add a great touch of comfort for rainy day reading. The material is incredibly soft and static-free. It is also machine washable, so no worries if a few drops of coffee drip on this blanket. This medium warmth blanket is perfect for reading in all seasons. A book-lover can use it while curled up in a favorite chair in their library or reading outside on their front porch. This is a cozy gift for a reader you know and love!

Owl Eyeglasses Holder


The Owl Spectacle Holder is designed to hold your glasses so that you always know where to find them! This small statue is handcrafted from mango wood and has a notch in the back to keep your glasses out of harm’s way. Since owls are the symbol for wisdom, he will fit right at home placed among a stack of books! He can be a great little helper for a friend with reading glasses!

Jacob’s Ladder For Book Lovers

This Jacob’s Ladder For Book Lovers is a great gift for children! What better way to begin to introduce famous titles to little ones than through simple toys and play! This Jacob’s ladder features the classic titles: Beloved, The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Moby Dick, and Don Quixote. The handpainted gift can also add a cute decoration to a library or playroom. Even adults may pick up this gift as a simple stress-reliever while the plot thickens in their current book!

Disney Weekend Is Booked T-Shirt

The Weekend Is Booked T-Shirt is a whimsical way to let others know what your weekend plans are. This shirt comes in 5 basic color choices and pictures of Belle and her friends, Mrs. Potts and Chip, surrounded by a stack of books. It can make a perfect gift for a Disney fan who loves to read!

Book Darts Line Markers


The Book Darts Line Markers are a great way to mark favorite lines or pages without leaving marring the pages in a book. Many book lovers hate to dog-ear a page or leave highlighter marks behind in their prized possessions. These are even better than a bookmark as they can save the exact line on the page where you left off reading! They come in a keepsake tin that reads “hold that thought” in a set of 125. These book darts can be a perfect gift for the English professor, college student, or a member of a book club.

The Book Couch

When you are lounging on the sofa to read a good book, The Book Couch can be a helpful sidekick. This soft-sided pillow is designed to prop a tablet or book comfortably on your lap or next to you on the sofa. It promotes good posture and can prevent the neck and backaches caused by hours spent devouring a good book. The pillow is fully washable and should not lose its shape. This is a great gift for the reader who spends part of each day in the company of a book!

Paddywax Mark Twain Candle


The Paddywax Mark Twain Candle pays homage to the author Mark Twain. This 6.5-ounce soy wax candle comes in a tobacco flower and vanilla scent. On the outside of the tinted glass candle holder is his famous quote: “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”  It could make a great gift pairing with the Bamboo Bathtub Tray.

Dawn & Claire Gnome Statue

This Reading Gnome is 10 inch statue who is ready to decorate the garden or library of a book-lover. Gnomes represent good luck and protection, and this guy also represents a love for reading books! This could be a cute figurine to guard a reader’s stack of favorite books!

How We Selected Gifts for Readers

When selecting gifts for readers, I took into consideration the following criteria…

Practical gifts for readers

Many readers love the romance of a good novel, but love practicality when it comes to gifts that will help make their reading more comfortable! This is why I researched many practical gifts for book lovers on Amazon that can assist most readers. Even simple gifts such as reading lights, bath trays, candles, tea bags, pillows, and socks will all add to the pleasure of reading a great book!

Reader ages and personality styles

When looking for gifts for people who like to read, I tried to find gifts that would be appropriate for different ages and personality styles. While many gifts are listed with adults in mind, there are also gifts that can encourage children to become readers such as the Amazon Basics Kids Bookcase, Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit, the [easyazon_link identifier="1452164800" locale="US" tag="ugift-20"]Jacob’s Ladder for Book Lovers and the Book Couch.

Some gifts for teenage book lovers would be the MY BOOKMARK Wicked Witch Bookmark, Floating Superhero Bookshelf, or Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle My Weekend Is Booked T-Shirt.

I also chose some decorative, funky, and serious gifts that many different personality styles should enjoy!

Unique reader gifts

I wanted to also include some gifts for readers that were off the beaten path. Maybe your book-lover has already found many of the trending reader gifts, so I chose gifts that you could easily give a book-lover who seems to have everything! Some of my favorite unique gift choices were: MY BOOKMARK Wicked Witch Bookmark, Walnut Thumb Bookmark, Gnorbert the Gnerdy Gnome, and the Library Books Quilted Throw Blanket.

FAQs – Gifts for Book Lovers

What gift should I give a reader?

Knowing what kind of genre the reader appreciates can give you a clue to the right gift ideas for book lovers! Do they enjoy modern works or the classics? Are they into comedies, dark humor, dramas, romance, mysteries? Do they read for pleasure or to learn? The answer to these questions will help you decide what style will fit the reader you know and love!

What are some gifts that every reader can use?

There is a wide variety of gifts for bookworms out there! We found several gifts for readers on Amazon that would be suitable for many tastes. Some gifts that almost every reader could use are reading lights, pillows to prop up on while reading, bookends, bookmarks, socks, and book bags. Also coffee or tea can help a reader stay awake while finishing the ending of a perfect book! These gift ideas are pretty universally appreciated by all readers and won’t take up much space!

How should I give a book as a gift?

To give a book as a gift, you can think of many books you have read and enjoyed. You can include a sweet note as to why the particular book made you think of this person. Many times someone will enjoy a book more just because it reminds them of the giver of the book! Also, pairing a book with a favorite snack makes sure that your friend will love something about your gift!


Alex Praytor

I am an ESL instructor, a wife, and a full-time mom to two energetic kids. I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and I have also made it across the pond to Europe! I enjoy meeting new people, drinking great coffee, and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones around the globe.