30 Best Gifts for Quitting Smoking 2023

The best gifts for quitting smoking deal with oral fixation, relaxation tools, and help to improve lung function. Find the right gift and avoid options with images of cigarettes to help the quitter move past this phase in their life. 

Best Gifts to Help Quit Smoking

Lifesavers Pep O Mint Candy 


Hard candies like the Lifesavers Pep O Mint Candy are the best gifts for quitting smoking even if they already quit. Filling the mouth with something is the only way to help quit smoking as it prevents a person from putting a cigarette in their mouth. Even if a person quit ten years ago, the urge to put a cigarette in their mouth can be overwhelming. 

Peppermints are one of the best options because of the sharp flavor that tends to hit the back of the throat where a cigarette would hit during smoking. Besides, after years of smoking, having nice peppermint-smelling breath offers relief to the ex-smoker. Also, these are individually wrapped for on-the-go cravings. 

A Great Surprise Assorted Candy 


For those who hate mints get the A Great Surprise Assorted Candy. These classic and nostalgic candies last a long time and come in a variety of flavors. Individual wrapping makes it easy to take these candies anywhere for a quick oral fixation. 

Nicorette Nicotine Lozenges 


If candy doesn’t work, try the Nicorette Nicotine Lozenges with small amounts of nicotine to help deal with the one stage of quitting at a time. With this option, people can learn to stop putting a cigarette in their mouth and later worry about reducing nicotine from their system. With one hundred lozenges, these can last for a while and hit the back of the throat for a strong throat hit. 

Grinds Coffee Pouches 

As keeping the mouth busy is the best way to avoid smoking, the Grinds Coffee Pouches make an excellent option. Choose from a variety of flavors and help someone with an oral fixation without nicotine. Instead, they get a healthy dose of caffeine from coffee grounds made into chewables with very few calories. 

Tea Tree & Menthol Toothpicks 

Another way to keep the mouth busy is with the Tea Tree & Menthol Toothpicks. The mint toothpicks are affordable and use Tea Tree oil to provide optimal oral hygiene with antiseptic properties. Kill bacteria and plaque while adding in giving up smoking in either cinnamon or mint. 

Filtrim Stop Smoking Device 


While the Filtrim Stop Smoking Device doesn’t work for everyone, it’s an excellent device to reduce poisons entering the system. The device puts microscopic holes in a cigarette to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide and nicotine to help reduce smoking in four steps. People can keep smoking and gradually reduce their nicotine levels without chemicals or expensive lozenges. 

If it doesn’t work, the tool comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it’s backed by scientific studies. 

Herbal Aid Gifts to Quit Smoking 

Mullein Leaf Capsules Extract 


One of the best gifts you can give to a previous smoker is health. With the Mullein Leaf Capsules Extract they can cleanse their lungs with an all-natural expectorant and demulcent to improve respiratory health. It can even help people to quit smoking easier by removing mucus from the lungs to ease breathing. 

N1N Lung Supplement 


Use nature to help clean out the lungs and support the respiratory system with the N1N Lung Supplement. With feverfew, stinging nettle, pine bark, butterbur, and a few other items, this helps people to breathe easier and supports quitting smoking. It’s FDA approved and third-party tested for high quality. 

Nature’s Answer Lobelia Herb 


The Nature’s Answer Lobelia Herb comes in a liquid form and helps with respiratory issues by reducing inflammation. Many use it to help with quitting smoking even for years later as it can help with depression, cognitive health and has a ton of vitamins too. Reducing inflammation helps with a variety of problems, including the after-effects of nicotine withdrawal. 

Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler 


Finding the right throat hit from anything other than cigarettes is one of the hardest things to find. The Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler works for some with pure essential oils including peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, wintergreen and camphor. This inhaler can help with focus and alleviate headaches and nausea too for easier breathing. 

The inhaler is made in America, and it’s portable too for easy travel. Ex-smokers can simply inhale every time they crave a smoke. 

boom. boom. Nasal Sticks

If mint isn’t the best option for your ex-smoker, try the boom. boom. Nasal Sticks. This set of six inhalers come in six different sents with essential oils and can provide a throat hit while also improving breathing and focus. The ex-smoker can take them anywhere, and if they don’t love them, they can get their money back. 

Personal Care Gifts for Quitting Smoking 

Weighted Lavender Eye Mask


Relaxing when quitting smoking can be a difficult goal to achieve. Enter the Weighted Lavender Eye Mask to provide warmth and stress relief to help smokers fall asleep or simply forget about their craving. Heat the flaxseed mask up or put it in the freezer, too, for even more comfort. It’s weighted for extra comfort and uses organic materials. 

Boka Ela Mint Toothpaste 


Smokers teeth take a toll after years of smoking and the Boka Ela Mint Toothpaste can help to fix the damage. The light mini flavor comes with a unique remineralizing material called nano-hydroxyapatite that also helps to whiten teeth, reduces sensitivity, and fights infection. Help to repair teeth and give ex-smokers back their beautiful smile. 

Crest 3D Whitestrips 

Another way to help improve a smokers teeth is with Crest 3D Whitestrips. The glamourous strips can remove 10 years of tough set-in stains from smoking and last for longer than six months. Also, these do not use trays and stay in place much easier than other options for a brilliant smile. 

Stress Straws Necklaces 


Deep breathing is difficult for ex-smokers as their lungs are not quite up to the challenges of full breathing. Try the Stress Straws Necklaces to help encourage mindful breathing. As these are made of bamboo and come on a string, they can be worn and help with breathing all day long. 

Plant Therapy Salt Inhaler 

With the Plant Therapy Salt Inhaler ex-smokers can get some halotherapy by inhaling salt. It’s easy to use and offers tons of minerals, and it’s antibacterial and reduces inflammation. Moreover, the inhaler can loosen excessive mucus, remove pathogens to help with respiratory health. 

Dead Sea Bath Salts 

Help with relaxation with a giant bucket of Dead Sea Bath Salts. Epsom salt cowers under the power of Dead Sea Salt to help with relaxation with various trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. Ex-smokers are extra tense, and these salts can ease sore muscles. 

Wearable Gifts for Quitting Smoking 

MagnetRX® Therapy Bracelet 


A magnetic blanket like the MagnetRX® Therapy Bracelet might improve circulation, help with toxin removals, reduce inflammation, and encourage healing. If nothing else, the bracelet works as a great fashion statement and fidget toy for new non-smokers. 

Baltic Necklace and Bracelet Set 

Non-smokers may gain some benefits from the Baltic Necklace and Bracelet Set. Amber is touted as able to reduce pain, anxiety and speed up healing. Even if they do not help, they still work as a fidget toy and beautiful addition to an outfit. 

Men’s Copper Bracelet

The Mens Copper Bracelet makes a fantastic fashion statement and can help with anti-inflammation. Furthermore, copper might help with mineral absorption, cardiovascular health, immune system, and anti-aging. All things a smoker can benefit from or even use as a fidget toy for better focus. 

Antiquity Magnetic Health Bracelet 

Women might want a pretty bracelet of their own such as the Antiquity Magnetic Health Bracelet. This unique bracelet combines the power of copper and magnets combined. If nothing else, it can provide a fidget distraction to help with moments when an ex-smoker craves a cigarette. 

Chewable Necklace

The Chewable Necklace makes an excellent option to help with oral fixation. The stylish necklace offers a way for adults to keep something in their mouth to prevent the desire for a cigarette without any calories. This is a set of 8 silicone necklaces in a variety of colors that can get you through nervous tension. 

Pavlok 3: Habit Trainer 


A unique option to help with quitting smoking is the Pavlok 3: Habit Trainer that looks like a smartwatch. It amplifies willpower by tracking steps, activity, sleep and harnesses the power of snap. Also, it can emit light vibrations to gently guide attention away from smoking, along with a host of other benefits. 

Eternìty for Women Perfume 

When someone gives up smoking, their sense of smell starts to return hence the Eternìty for Women Perfume. Women can finally start to enjoy the gorgeous smell of high-quality perfume. With hints of mandarin and freesia along with some other beautiful floral scents and sandalwood for an eternal smell that will make a woman glad she can smell at 100 percent. 

Azzaro Chrome Cologne for Men 

Men want to smell better too and not like an ashtray which they can with the Azzaro Chrome Cologne for Men. Women will smell the invigorating fresh sent of mate leaves, bergamot, and white musk and bring tons of attention that will help a man give up thoughts of nicotine. Try the whole line and find the right scent for any man. 

Coping Tool Gifts for Quitting Smoking 

Stress Relief Ball


Fidget toys help with the stress of needing a cigarette by keeping the hands busy. The Stress Relief Ball look like fun colored eggs and come in sets of three with three different levels. They make a great gift as they fit in a pocket or purse for ex-smokers on the go. 

Handheld Fidget Toy


The Handheld Fidget Toy are a squeezable toy that looks more adults but is still a fidget toy. It helps to reduce stress while increasing focus and clarity. Also, it’s noiseless and great for travel. 

Spiky Sensory Finger Rings 


The Spiky Sensory Finger Rings offer a great sensory fidget toy to keep attention off of cigarettes. A unique design allows these to fit on a finger for rolling away tension. Help your friend or family member to work out stress and anxiety by providing a sense of calm with this fun toy. 

Worry Thumb Stones 


Worrying is a constant for many especially when quitting smoking and the Worry Thumb Stones. The thumbprints on the stone make it easy to move the thumb around in a soothing motion for anxiety relief. Stones are purported as having healing properties too and can help non-smokers not consider putting a cigarette back in their mouth. 

Piggy Bank Break to Open 

Ex-smokers may need to see the financial impact of cigarettes, and the Piggy Bank Break to Open is the perfect tool to help. Use some stickers to label the money bank. The only way to get the money out is by breaking it, which ex-smokers can do on the anniversary of quitting. 

Buying Considerations

What Gifts to Avoid

A lot of gifts for quitting smoking involve a picture of a cigarette which is the last thing you want to give to someone who is quitting or has recently quit. Just the image of a cigarette can make someone want to smoke again and reverses the work they have done. 

It’s best to wait to avoid tee-shirts or mugs or inspirational posters that keep their mind on cigarettes. Instead, focus on gifts that help people to stay calm and avoid thinking about cigarettes. Even books or signs with a line through a cigarette will have a negative impact on the mindset of a non-smoker. 

Gifts that say no smoking or candles will make the smoker think about smoking. Basically, if someone is a smoker, they will always be a smoker, the goal is to make sure they are not smoking cigarettes, and that’s only possible by reducing interaction with cigarettes. Avoid books, too, as they often have cigarettes on the cover and rarely offer any real help as everyone is different in how they can and will quit. 

Know Your Audience

Some people are more willing to try homeopathic or holistic treatments and prefer less-crunchy treatment options for quitting smoking. These people may not like a large variety of gifts on the list. Make sure the person you are buying for is inclined to use the items you purchase. 

However, some people are very receptive to trying unique methods to quit smoking and cope with the effects of quitting. Choose gifts that they may be willing to try, such as oral-fixation devices and supplements to help improve their health. If someone isn’t receptive to a gift, then you are just wasting your money. 

FAQs – Gifts for Quitting Smoking

Should I get someone who is quitting smoking junk food? 

Many people who quit smoking start to eat more and want to snack to deal with the oral fixation. It’s best to focus on healthy foods that last a while to prevent weight gain and health problems. Consider foods like celery and carrots as they are crunchy. Hot soups are a good option too. As are non-sugary drinks like hot tea or coffee. 

Will chewing gum help people quit smoking? 

Chewing gum can keep the mouth busy and help with quitting smoking. However, gum usually has artificial sweeteners that can make them bad for health. Also, chewing gum is bad for dental health, although not as bad as cigarettes themselves. 

It’s definitely worth a try to use gum to quit but make sure the person does not have TMJ as it can worsen symptoms. Hard candies are a better choice so long as they do not have fake sugars. 

I’m a smoker, and my friend is quitting smoking how can I help them?

The best thing you can do is not smoke around your friend. If possible, change clothes before going to their house. If you need some nicotine, try a vape to prevent the smell from following you to your friend’s house. Also, deal with their moods as quitting smoking can make people very grouchy. Lastly, never tell them anything that would encourage them to start smoking again like you miss how they were when they smoked. 

Are gifts that look and feel like a cigarette a good option for ex-smokers? 

No. If possible, you want to get gifts that do not look like cigarettes as fake cigarettes do not give the same throat hit as a cigarette. Ultimately, these style gifts will frustrate the smoker and make them want to go back to actual cigarettes to get the same feeling they get from cigarettes. Try for candies or something else for an oral fixation that is nothing like a cigarette. 

Adrina Palmer