27 Best Gifts for New Nurses 2023

Patient, caring, knowledgeable, and kind. Nurses are an essential part of the medical workforce who are many times overlooked. Yet, a patient will spend more time with them than the actual doctor! Here are the best gifts for new nurses that are sure to show your appreciation for their dedication to others.

Best Gifts for New Nurses

3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope


The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is one of the top gifts that you can give a new nurse. “Dr. David Littmann, a Harvard Medical School professor, distinguished cardiologist, and recognized international authority on electrocardiography, patented a revolutionary new stethoscope with vastly improved acoustical performance. He helped to transform a simple listening device into a powerful diagnostic tool.” 

This thoughtful present is the quintessential representation of a nurse’s hard work paying off as they venture into their new career. It is available in twelve color options and the next-generation tubing is more resistant to alcohol. Additionally, having their own personal stethoscope gives them the peace of mind that they are the only person using this essential item.

Travel Case for 3M Littmann Classic III


Talk about the perfect pairing! If you want to give a little something extra with the 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope, consider this Travel Case! This beautiful storage container comes in seven colors and ensures that their stethoscope is safe from falls, scratches, and unwanted pressure while in a bag or purse. Moreover, it is waterproof and can hold additional items. These can include a reflex hammer, otoscope, pulse oximeter, thermometers, or pens. Best of all, this is one of the best affordable gifts for new nurses that is extremely useful!

PhoneSoap 3 Sanitizer and Charger


Did you know that “cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats”? This disgusting and startling statistic was determined by a researcher conducted at the University of Arizona. Thus, for the new nurse who is about to spend most of their time in a germ-filled environment, give them the gift of sanitation! The PhoneSoap 3 Phone Sanitizer is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. This is all done with its patented 360 UV light system.

Using two germicidal UV-C bulbs, this state-of-the-art device will disinfect your phone while charging it at the same time! Additionally, the device comes in six color options and is compatible with all smartphones, no matter what their size. Sanitize ANYTHING that will fit in the space — keys, headphones, the remote control, or their credit cards! This device is exceptionally versatile and makes sure that the owner stays safe!

RESTECK Deep Tissue Massager


After a 12 hour shift, back pain is inevitable. One of the best gifts for the new nurse in your life is a RESTECK Deep Tissue Massager! They can control the speed, direction, and intensity of the heated rotating kneading nodes. This will provide them with just the right amount of pressure to work out those kinks and knots.

Additionally, unlike other products, they can use this shiatsu massager anywhere! The unique arm slots keep it in place whether in the car, at the doctor’s office or in the comfort of their living room. Moreover, the built-in control panel makes relaxation a breeze and this multifaceted device can be used on their neck and back or even their abdomen and legs.

BalanceFrom Yoga Mat 


Another fantastic way to unwind after a hard day is through exercise and stretching! According to Dr. Natalie Nevins, board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, “The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome…Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia.” Therefore, the BalanceFrom Yoga Mat is one of the best gifts for new nurses! 

This affordable tear-resistant mat is made with an extra thick foam material to help cushion the individual throughout the various poses. Furthermore, the texture helps to prevent slipping, no matter how much sweat is involved! Ideal for both hot and regular yoga, this lightweight exercise tool also comes with a carrying strap, making transport simple. 

Kimoli Friends-Themed Bag 


If anyone is going to be there for you, it is a nurse! They work tirelessly to tend to their patient’s needs and make sure that things run smoothly throughout the day. Therefore, help her stay looking her best with the adorable Kimoli Friends-Themed Bag! She will be pivoting towards the mirror the moment she gets it and asking herself “How You Doin?”

Greys Anatomy McDreamy Candle


Rose, Eli Llyod, Olivia Harper, and of course, BokHee are all big-name nurses in Grey’s Anatomy. They ensure that everything is moving smoothly, despite all the drama going on with the doctors. For the new nurse who is like Rose, and is in love with Dr. Shepard, consider gifting them with the Greys Anatomy McDreamy Candle! Advertised to smell “like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat, on a beautiful day to save lives”, this 9-ounce salt and sea candle is the perfect present. Best of all, your person can burn this candle for up to 50 hours. Help them to relax when they are away from the hospital with the smell of salt and sea.

Boo Boo Crew Halloween T-Shirt

All Hallow’s Eve is around the corner and for the ghost lovers, the Boo Boo Crew T-Shirt is one of the best spooktacular gifts to add to a new nurse’s wardrobe. Lightweight and comfortable, this is a fang-tastic treat for the fab-boo-lous ghoul or goblin in your life! Moreover, it is available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes and it comes in ten colors! Solids are 100% cotton and the heather choices are a cotton/polyester blend. 

BigMouth Inc. Prescription Mug 

“Just what the doctor ordered.” The BigMouth Inc. Prescription Mug is a hilarious gift that is bound to bring a chuckle while also simultaneously stating the obvious. New nurses work LONG hours on their feet and the work is quite strenuous at times. The best prescription is a daily dose of caffeine! This 12-ounce ceramic mug is hand wash and is bound to tickle everyone’s funny bone!

Enso Silicone Ring

Whether in surgery or the MRI room, having metal on your person is not the safest option. For an individual who feels naked without their jewelry on, the Enso Silicone Ring is an ideal alternative. The silicone material provides a sleek look with a soft and comfortable fit. Moreover, for those who are prone to their fingers swelling in certain environments, this jewelry is very flexible.

Most importantly, if the new nurse gets the ring caught on something, it is designed to rip away. This guarantees that their appendages stay safe at all times. Best of all, if this occurs, the company will replace it under warranty! 

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains


The night shift is always a rough adjustment, especially when daylight is still peeking through the bedroom window. Gifts like a set of NICETOWN Blackout Curtains are the best way to help new nurses adjust to their new normal. The double-layered fabric not only stops sunlight from coming through, but these curtains are also noise-reducing! This means that while the outside world is still hustling and bustling, the nurse can rest soundly after a long day of work! In addition, they offer 19 sizes and 24 color choices.

Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask


Speaking of sleep, for those who want a little shut-eye during their off time at work or for those who need a little help drowning out the activity within their home, the Mavogel Sleep Eye Mask is a spectacular present. This adjustable and lightweight accessory is handmade. 

Additionally, studies have confirmed that individuals who wear an eye mask to bed fall into a deeper sleep. Moreover, this constant state of darkness allows their bodies to secrete higher levels of melatonin and cortisol, thus achieving a more restful experience. 

HoMedics White Noise Machine


Even after achieving complete darkness, the noise from the outside world can sneak in, making it hard to drift off to dreamland. When heading to bed at the start of the day, sometimes the best way to drown out the sounds is to invest in a HoMedics White Noise Machine! This soothing machine comes with six background noise options, volume controls, and a timed auto shut-off function. This makes for ideal sleep in rooms at the hospital!

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

What nurse doesn’t need morning, noon and night pick me up? The K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is the best way to keep them grounded and to espresso that you love them a latte! They can make up to 12 ounces at a time and this small device is easy to store at their desk. Thus, mocha their day with this thoughtful gift that is made in seven different colors. Moreover, pair it with their favorite beverage in k-cup form. Furthermore, they can keep it to themselves or they can share this brew-tiful gift with the whole office

Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

The vending machine is no place to grab a meal, and let’s be honest, the hospital cafeteria leaves little to the imagination. This is one of the best gifts for new nurses who love delicious food, but are always on the go. They will utterly love the Food Dehydrator! Why do you ask? This device can make mouthwatering jerky, vegetable chips, and fruit leathers in bulk. This is all done on the seven stainless steel trays. They can pack healthy snacks for work that does not require a refrigerator. 

Additionally, produce will last longer and it will give them the nutrients they need to keep their energy up throughout their shift. This is wonderful for a tired new nurse who does not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but values what they eat!

L’Occitane Butter Hand Cream

Gifts that help with relaxation are amazing and every new nurse would love a bottle of L’Occitane Butter Hand Cream. This luxurious shea butter is mixed with almond and coconut oils to create the ultimate blend of moisture. Nurses have to constantly wash their hands in order to stay healthy. Over time it can really dry out their skin. This is an exemplary solution. Both rich and creamy, this product will keep their hands silky soft all the time. 

Nurse Off Duty Coloring Book


Did you know that coloring has been proven to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and even enhance vision and focus? For the new nurse who seems to be spiraling with the stress of their new job, give them the Nurse Off Duty Coloring Book. Tailor-made for those who work in this demanding profession, the 30 designs are bound to help your friend unwind and forget about the pressures that come with their job.

Lifeline Pulse Necklace

Every patient prays to see this vital sign moving across their EKG monitor. The Lifeline Pulse Necklace is a constant reminder of the gift of life. This beautifully crafted 925 sterling silver accessory is available in four lengths ranging from 16 to 22 inches long. Additionally, it is a unique, professionally polished, and affordable present. This is a gift that they are sure to keep close to their heart!

No Matter How Difficult… Keychain 

The days are long and the work is not easy. In this current health crisis, we many times need a reminder as to why we chose the path to care for others. This No Matter How Difficult… Keychain is a simple reminder of the hard work that the new nurse in your life put forth to reach this professional milestone. Moreover, the stainless steel composition ensures that this accessory will not rust or fade. Lastly, it is hypoallergenic and arrives in a beautiful gift box. 

Avito Nurse Personalized Tumbler 


Every new nurse needs to make sure to stay hydrated on the job. The Avito Nurse Personalized Tumbler is a custom piece that is bound to make them smile! It is a 22-ounce tumbler that is made with stainless steel. It is also vacuum insulated. This ensures that their beverages stay at the ideal temperatures for hours! In addition, it is available in 17 colors and comes with a straw and lid. 

Physix Gear Compression Socks 

The individual who is always on their feet is doomed to have leg pain and swelling UNLESS they have the right accessories! A pair of Physix Gear Compression Socks are guaranteed to give them the support they need to make it through any shift. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking fabric will guarantee that they stay dry and smell fresh! Moreover, the double-stitched seams and patented design give users 20 – 30 mmHg of compression. This is one of the best gifts for new nurses who are prone to get fatigued with their new schedule. This product comes in 13 colors and is available in three sizes for men and women. 

Nurse Badge Holder


Spruce up your favorite new nurse’s work ensemble with a set of these beautiful Nurse Badge Holders! The retractable nylon rope is extremely durable and it can stretch up to two feet, making entry into any part of the hospital a breeze. Additionally, there are 14 gorgeous three packs to choose from. Select marble patterns, sea creatures or even floral and butterfly designs. Brighten their day and their outfit with this thoughtful gift!

Retractable Pen & Pencil Holder


A tool that can manage to miraculously disappear if not attached to a nurse’s body is their pen! Whether filling out charts or prescriptions, the Retractable Pen & Pencil Holder is designed to hold felt tip pens, carpenter pencils, sharpies, and highlighters. This will help the person who is constantly on the go to always be prepared! 

Blood is Red… Valentine’s Day Card


The Blood is Red… Valentine’s Day Card is bound to make your true love’s heart skip a beat and tickle their funny bone at the same time! The card is blank inside so that you have room to express your sentiments to your sweetheart. 

Crock-Pot Cook & Carry

Would you want to cook after a 12-hour shift? Absolutely not! Thankfully, the Crock-Pot Cook & Carry was invented to make simple, mouthwatering meals over an extended period of time. Dump in the ingredients, turn the Crock-Pot on low, and viola! 

Moreover, this cooking tool will make meals for up to seven people and it is dishwasher safe. Furthermore, it is portable, making it perfect for the holidays and parties!

iRobot Roomba i3+


Another task that no one ever wants to take on, no matter if their job is strenuous or simple, is vacuuming the house. Take away this weekly chore with the gift of a iRobot Roomba i3+! If you have never experienced the joy of this technologically advanced cleaning device, then here is what you need to know. With the push of a button on their smartphone, users can send the Roomba on their maiden voyage of cleanliness from anywhere! Thus, they can have it clean while they are at work and arrive at a tidy home. 

Better yet, this version comes with a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. Unlike a cheaper model, this self empties the vacuum bin for up to 60 days. Additionally, the company boasts that the “high-efficiency filter traps 99% of cat and dog dander allergens”. Help remove their stress and the mess with one of the most thoughtful gifts for new nurses! 

Bath & Body Blue Scrubs Sanitizer

Straight from the heartland — Bath And Body Works has been around for over 30 years and it is a name synonymous with fragrance, personal care, and home accents. For the new nurse who is obsessed with Japanese Cherry Blossom or Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, the Bath & Body Blue Scrubs Sanitizer is a scent-sational gift! Pair it with their favorite scented hand sanitizers and they will be ready for anything that comes their way! Additionally, this serves as a badge clip as well, making for less clutter on their scrubs.

Buying Considerations


Unfortunately, the nine to five schedule does not exist in the medical world. New nurses will work around the clock, taking on a lot of overnight shifts. Thus, gifts that can aid in helping them get to sleep at odd hours of the day are extremely helpful and appreciated!


Not only do new nurses take on 12-hour shifts, but they are on their feet all day long! This can put a strain on their back, legs, and feet. Gifts that can help them to unwind and relax are a spectacular way to show them that you care. It can also boost their mood at the same time.


Other great gifts for new nurses are those that help to make their job a bit easier. This can be by ensuring that they always have their supplies on their person or by helping to organize their life! 


One of the hardest parts of being in the medical field is dealing with death. Work can be very stressful and depressing at times. By giving them a reason to smile, you can lift their spirit, mood and help them detox from a rough day. 


According to NerdWallet, the average nursing school debt can range from just under $20,000 to almost $50,000, depending on the degree received. This means that along with their long hours, new nurses are also cutting back on luxuries in order to help make ends meet. Finding devices that they might not splurge on for themselves, but would make their life better and safer, can give them peace of mind and some unexpected enjoyment!

FAQs – Gifts for New Nurses

How do you pick out the perfect gifts for a new nurse?

There are three main factors to consider when purchasing gifts for a new nurse. First, their place of employment. The nurse who works at a plastic surgeon’s office is not going to work as long of hours, meaning that sleep aids would not be as appreciated.

Second, the type of doctor they work with regularly. If they work with an orthopedic surgeon, they are more likely to get a skeletal joke than one relating to childbirth. Lastly, what are their outside interests? A yoga mat is an ideal gift for the person who is sporty outside of work, but maybe not ideal for the new nurse who likes to Netflix and Chill after a tedious day. Always think about their needs and likes before purchasing any gifts for new nurses!

Heidi Butler