22 Best Gifts for Miscarriage

The loss of a child is incredibly traumatic, regardless of how far along the mother is. These gifts for miscarriage send the message that you care. 

Best Miscarriage Gifts for Mom

Fleece-Lined Slipper Socks

SDBING Women's Winter Super Soft Warm Cozy Fuzzy Fleece-Lined with Grippers Slipper Socks (Black)

Something that any grieving parent needs are comfort. These Fleece-Lined Slipper Socks are warm and cozy, providing some comfort in what may be one of the most challenging times in your loved one’s life. They also come with non-slip grips on the bottom, so they’re convenient and cozy to wear around the house. 

The inside of the socks features a super soft fleece lining, perfect for keeping toes warm. They are made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and spandex, so they’re stretchy and fit the average woman’s foot (between sizes 6 and 10).  While the black socks pictured here make a great choice, these are also available in several other colors. 

Halo Remembrance Necklace

Halo Remembrance Necklace | White Linen and Gold Foil Premium Extra Large Keepsake Box | Miscarriage Gift, Infant Loss, Memory Item, Memorial Gift

Women who miscarry early in pregnancy may not share their news with everyone. This Halo Remembrance Necklace is thoughtfully designed for a woman who has suffered a miscarriage. The necklace features a sterling silver heart with a gold-plated ring wrapped around it, symbolizing the halo that babies wear when they move on before meeting their parents. 

Even the packaging of this remembrance necklace is thoughtfully designed. It is 8″ x 7″ x 3″ and has enough room to hold sonogram pictures, a pregnancy test, letters, or anything else they may want to cherish. There is also a baby with a halo printed on the lid and it’s made from materials like white linen and gold foil, for a beautiful finish. 

Memorial Gift Box

This 4-piece Memorial Gift Box by Tender Times comes with an essential oil candle, bracelet, garden seed packet, and sympathy card. Each of the gifts in this box was chosen thoughtfully for someone who has experience loss, especially the loss of a child. There’s a theme of calm, healing, and remembrance through the box. 

The butterfly garden seed packet encourages remembrance while promoting healing and new life. Growth is thought to rejuvenate the spirit. The essential oil candle has fragrances of bergamot and lavender, for a calming and cleansing atmosphere. Additionally, the bracelet has amethyst to promote calm and amber to promote healing. 

The Miscarriage Map

The Miscarriage Map: What To Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting

The Miscarriage Map can be an invaluable tool to someone who has lost a child. It was written by Dr. Sunita Osborne, a woman considered an expert on pregnancy loss. The book covers some of the topics that aren’t always addressed, especially because someone experiencing a child loss may not know where to turn with their feelings. 

Something else that is great about this book is it’s an easy, but in-depth read. It can really help someone navigate miscarriage but isn’t as intimidating as a longer, more challenging book. Some of the topics covered include your body after a miscarriage, how miscarriage impacts relationships, and other struggles (like disliking pregnant people). It also contains information on how to move forward (but not past) the miscarriage. 

She Believed… Bracelet

Joycuff Inspirational Bracelets for Women Mom Personalized Gift for Her Engraved Mantra Cuff Bangle Crown Birthday Jewelry

When you’re grieving, it can be hard to imagine moving forward. This She Believed… Bracelet by JoyCuff is the perfect reminder for a grieving mother that she is strong. It has the words, “She believed she could, so she did” engraved on the inside and two small arrows engraved on either side of the bracelet. 

This inspirational gift is something that will remind her that she is strong. Strength is an especially important message during hard times. This is especially true as she tries to reinsert herself in work, home, and life in general. It may be hard to return to whatever normal was before the loss. This bracelet, however, reminds her that she can do it. 

Take Your Pain Candle

GSPY Candles, Get Well Soon Gifts for Women - Get Well Gifts, Sympathy Gift - Surgery Recovery, Feel Better, Grieving, Condolence, Divorce, Sorry for Your Loss, Chemo, Cancer Gifts for Women

While there is nothing funny about loss, this Take Your Pain Candle manages to be funny without making light of the situation. On the front label, it says, “I wish I could take your pain and give it to someone we both really hate”. While there is nothing that will make her feel better, she might get a small chuckle out of this candle. 

This candle has a relaxing lavender aroma that will help soothe her in her time of need. It’s made from natural soy wax and has a 50-hour burn time, so she’s sure to get plenty of use out of this candle. 

Spa Day/Paint Night

The gift of a spa day offers some much-needed relaxation for a woman who is likely going through one of the most difficult periods of her life. It’s a great way to get away for a little while, especially since she may have a hard time being in the house. If you’d like, plan a spa day for both of you. This is a great way to give her the option to either just relax, or talk about it if she needs to.

If she has a hobby, it may even be nice to do something together that will keep her busy. For example, you might go to a painting class together and create something. Art also makes a great emotional outlet! 

Best Miscarriage Gifts for Dad

Daddy Of An Angel Bracelet

Kisseason Daddy of an Angel Engraved Bracelet Miscarriage Loss of Child Baby Memorial Bracelet Jewelry for Infant Loss

This Daddy of an Angel Bracelet is engraved with the words “Daddy of an Angel” on the stainless steel plaque. It’s something that works as a bracelet he can wear or even just keep as a keepsake. The bracelet is on an adjustable cord so it will definitely fit and the stainless steel won’t fade, rust, or become tarnished with time. 

Fathers are often overlooked when a couple experiences a miscarriage. This small, simple gift is a great way to show that you care and that you haven’t forgotten about how he was affected by the tragedy, either. 

Grieving Dads

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back (Grieving Dads Series)

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back is a book on child loss written with Dad in mind. A lot of literature out there looks at experiencing miscarriage as a couple or as a woman, but not always what Dad feels.

This book has heartbreaking tales of child loss and features some real honesty. Dads talk about their darkest moments, contemplating suicide, self-medication, and so much more. What all these Dads have in common, though, is that they were at the brink… and they all managed to find their way back. It’s an inspirational read that will help fathers experiencing miscarriage realize they are not alone as they navigate one of the most trying times of their life. 

Sympathy Blanket

Warm HUGS Always Compassion Blanket - Cozy Navy Blue Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch and Bed. Super Comfort Thick and Fuzzy. Soft and Warm... Like a nap in The Sun! (65x50)…

Grieving fathers need comfort, too. This warm Sympathy Blanket has a fur-like texture and is made from Sherpa and fleece. It’s warm without being too heavy and comes in six different color options. At the bottom corner, there’s a small tag that reads, “Warm Hugs Always”. 

This is a comforting gift that he can use whenever he is missing his lost baby. It is also something that will last. It’s machine washable in cold water and won’t pill, fade, or lose softness with time. 

Day of Golfing/Fishing

Sometimes, the best gift you can do is be with someone after they’ve experienced a loss. If that dad in your life enjoys golfing, fishing, or something else relaxing, offer to take him out for a day. Something like golfing or fishing is nice because it gives you the opportunity to talk if he wants to. However, if he decides that he doesn’t want to talk, that’s okay, too. 

A day outside of the house may also help. Often, people are living in the same place that they were imagining life with their baby-to-be. Being away from that place for the day could offer a much-needed break. 

Best Miscarriage Gifts for Couples

Loss Memorial Keychain

Loss Memorial Keychain Mommy Daddy of an Angel Puzzle Keyring Set of 2 Miscarriage Keepsake Baby Memorial Jewelry Gift for Infant Loss

The Loss Memorial Keychain is a gift that both parents can share. It comes with two keepsake keychains; one for mom and the other for dad. The charms are puzzle pieces that fit together, saying “Mommy of an angel” and “Daddy of an angel”. 

The keychain is made from stainless steel, so it won’t become tarnished or rust. They’ll be able to look at this to remember their lost child for years to come. It also comes with a velvet gift pouch, so it’s easy to put in a miscarriage gift box or wrap as a gift on its own. 

Holding On To Love… Book

Holding on to Love After You've Lost a Baby: The 5 Love Languages® for Grieving Parents

Holding On To Love After You’ve Lost A Baby is written by experts on love and miscarriage to help parents who may be struggling after a miscarriage. The loss of a child is something that shakes relationships to their core. It can even make it hard for parents to continue their relationship. 

This book was written by Candy McVicar, a woman who has experienced the loss of a child and who runs a ministry for grieving parents, and Dr. Gary Chapman, the man responsible for The 5 Love Languages. The pair work together to provide some hope and understanding for parents that may be experiencing relationship struggles as a result of their loss. 

Personalized Headstone

Black Granite Memorial Headstone for Lost Loved Ones, Dogs, Cats, and Family Pets.

This Personalized Headstone is the perfect way to show sympathy. Many people who experience a miscarriage don’t have a funeral or headstone, especially when they happen early in the pregnancy. You can personalize this with an ultrasound picture or another photo (like a baby or an angel), as well as the text that you’d like the headstone to read. If you are unsure if this is something the couple wants, it is a good idea to offer and let them help decide what to do. 

A personalized headstone makes a good gift for a miscarriage because they can set it up somewhere that they’d like to go to visit their lost child. Headstones and gravesites are typically made for the living. They can surround this with some baby toys, booties, flowers, and other beautiful things to remind them of their baby. 

Sympathy Wind Chimes

YOUNTASY Sympathy Wind Chimes , Bereavement/Memorial /Sympathy Gift in Memory of Loved One Loss of Mother Father Condolence Remembrance 32 Inch

These Sympathy Wind Chimes come with a reminder that their lost child is always near. Parents can hang this outside and visit when they are missing their child. 

The wind chimes are 32 inches long and are made from weather-resistant materials that won’t rust or break down after being outside. They also feature a “mute” mode and the strings can be adjusted to change the tone of the chimes. In this way, it provides comfort whenever couples experiencing a miscarriage may need it. 

Shadow Box

Love-KANKEI Shadow Box Display Case 11x14 Shadow Box Picture Frame with Linen Back Memorabilia Awards Medals Photos Memory Box Gift Rustic Grey

This Shadow Box display case is the perfect way for parents to create a memorial for their angel. It is 11″ x 14″ and has a 2″ depth, so they can include ultrasound pictures, a pregnancy test, booties or a hat they had already bought, a stuffed animal, or anything else that reminds them of their lost child. 

A shadow box is a great way to create a personalized memorial. This is especially helpful for parents who may not have ashes to make jewelry from or a gravesite to visit. 

Angel Candle Holder

OakiWay Memorial Gifts – Angel Figurines Tealight Candle Holder, Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Loved One, W/Flickering Led Candle, Bereavement, Grief, Funeral, Remembrance, Memory Home Decorations

This Angel Statue Candle Holder is intended to bring about peace in a grieving parents’ home. The statue holds a flickering LED candle. While batteries are included, they are easily replaceable so this item can continue providing comfort. 

The angel has a beautiful white sand finish that looks like concrete, though the statue is made from resin and glass. It stands 6″ tall and would sit well on a shelf or desk. A condolence card with kind words is shipped along with the gift, too. 

3D Crystal Picture

ArtPix 3D Crystal Photo, Custom Gifts for Dad, Father, Wife, Men, Her, Mom, Husband, Great Personalized Customized Gift With Your Own Photo, Unique Birthday 3D Picture Rectangle, Couples Gifts

This 3D Crystal Picture can be personalized with a picture of the grieving parents’ sonogram of their little angel. It is a great way to memorialize their unborn baby as part of their family forever. 

The personalized 3D picture is laser etched into a piece of crystal. This gift is available in several sizes, so there are lots of options for everyone’s budget. The crystal is heavy, solid, and long-lasting. You can add an air of magic to this gift by buying a light-up crystal stand alongside it. The stand reflects light through the crystal, setting the photo engraved in the crystal aglow. 

More Gifts that Grieving Parents will Appreciate

Name a Star

Star Registry Name A Star Custom Star Kit with Photographic Sky Image

With this Name a Star Kit, you can have a star named after the parents lost child. This unique memorial gift is a way to remind grieving parents that their child is always watching over them. It comes with a certificate from the International Star Registry with the name of the star, as well as its location and the date it was dedicated. 

This gift also comes with a picture of the star and the constellation it can be found in, which makes it easier to find with a telescope. It is an incredibly sentimental gift that parents suffering from a miscarriage are sure to appreciate. 

Meal Delivery Service

Anyone who has experienced the loss of someone close to them will tell you that eating is difficult and finding the energy to prepare food is even harder. While meal kits might be a little bit too much when someone is struggling, complete meals that can be easily reheated take the stress out of food prep. 

An alternative to a meal delivery service is preparing food yourself and dropping it off. You should think of something that can easily be reheated like casserole or meatballs or lasagna. Spending a night cooking with them if you are close might also be a good idea to help them relax for a little bit and have some company. Alternatively, start a collection and have people contribute toward a gift card for Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, or another delivery service. 

Babysitting Offer

It can be overwhelming for parents dealing with the loss of a child to handle everything in the day-to-day. If you’re close, you can offer to take the kids to sports practice one day or give the parents a night by themselves. This simple gesture is one that they will really appreciate, especially since miscarriage is hard on both parents, as well as their relationship as a whole. Even when they already have other children, they still deserve a chance to grieve the loss of their baby. 

Plant a Tree

Sometimes, the best way to cope with loss is to focus on new life. Planting a tree in remembrance of a couple’s lost child is a great way to send a message that you care. While you may need to contact local areas about programs available, there are good chances there is a company offering this service near you. Any tree will work. However, oak trees are known for their strength and longevity and they are a popular choice. If there aren’t any programs locally, there are also national programs available through the USDA and the Arbor Day Foundation. 

How We Selected Gifts For Miscarriage


When dealing with miscarriage, it’s important to choose a gift that is thoughtful and possibly sentimental. The gift should communicate that you have empathy for their situation, even if you’ve never experienced a miscarriage yourself. 

There are many gifts on this list that communicate sympathy and wanting to comfort someone who has experienced this tragedy. You can get a personalized gift for them, or even choose something that will help them relax. 


Sometimes, a gift that they can actually use may be best. This might include something like a book that talks about miscarriage or a spa day or meal delivery service. Sometimes, the best gift may even just be being there for the grieving parent(s). 


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to express sympathy. There are several gifts for miscarriage under $20 on this list. If you aren’t on a budget, you’ll also find beautiful ideas to express your condolences. A wide variety of gifts were included to give everyone choices, regardless of budget. 

FAQs – Gifts For Miscarriage

Is it appropriate to give someone who miscarried a gift? 

Giving a gift to someone who miscarried is a quick way to remind them that you care. By definition, a miscarriage is the death of a baby that happens before 20 weeks in the womb. Since it happens in the first trimester in most cases, many women don’t share their loss except with those closest to them. It is appropriate to do something or buy a gift for someone who has miscarried. It’s a great way to express sympathy and remind them that you care, especially if they trusted you enough to confide in you. 

What can you do for someone who miscarried?

The best thing you can do for someone who miscarried is to be observant and try to do whatever they need most. Some people want to talk about what happened, while others may want you to sit in silence with them so they don’t have to be alone. Preparing a meal, giving a food gift card, or something similar might also be a good way to show you care without overwhelming the person. You can even leave food or gift on their porch if they don’t seem prepared to see visitors at the time. There are plenty of ways to show support and that you care. 

Do you send flowers to someone who had a miscarriage?

Yes, you can send flowers to someone who had a miscarriage. Flowers are common following a death or tragedy because they are bright and cheerful. They are a celebration of life that helps improve the atmosphere. In some cases, flowers can even symbolize healing. 

Brightening someone’s atmosphere may be especially helpful in the home. Another alternative is buying wildflowers or something that can be grown. These add beauty to life, despite tragedy. If you are going to buy flowers, send some that are easy to grow. 

Samantha Davis

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