31 Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

Do you have an anime lover in your family or circle of friends? Get ideas for the perfect anime-themed gifts today!

Best Anime Themed Gifts

Anime Bucket List 

Enno Vatti 100 Anime Scratch Off Poster - Top Animes Of All Time (16.5

The Anime Bucket List Poster is a fun interactive gift. This poster can be hung on the wall, which lists 100 of the best anime to watch. As they watch each one, they can scratch it off the reveal the photo below. Eventually, all will be scratched off to show they have seen all of the top 100 anime selections available.

This is a unique gift that works both as a piece of entertainment and decoration. It could even become the focal piece above where they display the rest of their anime collectibles. This poster includes all of the different genres of anime, so they will not be pigeonholed into only one type! These genres include mecha, seinen, horror, romantic, slice of life, comedy, fantasy, and supernatural.

This poster is made of thick art paper, and the size is 23.4 inches by 16.5 inches.

Anime Print on Canvas

This Anime Print on Canvas is an excellent gift to get a fan to decorate their home with their love of anime. You can either choose to buy an unframed or a framed canvas, and there are a total of 8 different anime prints to choose from. Here is what is available:

  • Hatake Kakashi
  • Naruto Demon Slayer (shown)
  • Naruto
  • Jump Force Video Game
  • Another Naruto
  • Naruto Akatsuki Pain Canvas
  • Naruto Vs. Sasuke Final Valley Battle
  • Naruto and Sasuke Dark Canvas

The total size of the one shown on this page is 60 inches by 32 inches. There are 5 separate pieces to this canvas print. 

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Canvas Art

The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Home Canvas Artis great to combine anime with a modern interpretation of a classic painting. This artwork is unframed, and we are showing it in the 8 inches by 10 inches size. However, you can choose a bigger or smaller size also. You can get it in the following sizes:

  • 5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 14
  • 13 x 19
  • 18 x 24
  • 24 x 30

This is an original and high-quality piece. The colors are super vibrant, brightening up any room and drawing eyes to this canvas artwork. This piece is made in the USA.

Dragon Ball Z Ball

ABYSTYLE Studio Officially Licensed Dragon Ball Z 4 Star Collectible Acrylic Resin Crystal Dragon Ball Replica 3'' Across DBZ Home Essentials Anime Manga Gifts Collect Them All

The Dragon Ball Z Ball is a good present when you are just looking for a decorative piece to display in their room or another part of the house. This is a replica of the 4 starred dragon ball. It is also available in the 1 star and in the 2-star version. This is an officially licensed product, and it is made of high-quality acrylic resin. This ball measures 3 inches across the center. It comes with the Dragon Ball Z display stand.

Funko POP Death Note

Funko POP Anime Death Note Ryuk Action Figure

The Funko POP Death Note figure is a fun gift, perfect for someone who either collects anime items or people who love Funko Pop collectibles. This figurine stands 3 3/4 inches tall and is especially a good present for a fan of Death Note.

My Hero BIG Bottle

Just Funky My Hero Academia UA’s Big 3 Water Bottle | 17 Oz Plastic Water Bottle | Featuring Tamaki Amajiki, Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado | MHA | Anime Water Bottle | Kitchen Deco | Officially Licensed

The My Hero BIG Bottle is a nice gift for any fan of My Hero Academia. This is a useful gift, which is nice. They can use this as a decoration only if they prefer, but they can also use it as a water bottle. This can be an excellent choice for someone that you know does not stay hydrated enough during their daily activities – now they have no reason not to have water with them at all times.

This is a red plastic water bottle that weighs 1.1 pounds empty. It holds 17 ounces of liquid, is BPA free and features a snap-back lid to prevent leaks and spills.

Demon Slayer Mouse Pad

Large Mouse Pad for Demon Slayer - Non Slip Rubber Base Gaming Anime Mouse Pad for Computer | Kimetsu No Yaiba 11.8 X 31.5in Home Office Long Mouse Mat

If the person you are buying for has a personal computer, one of the best presents you can get for them is this Demon Slayer Mouse Pad. This is a non-slip gaming mouse pad. It has a rubber base and an anime theme. The size of it is 11.8 inches by 31.5 inches.

The mouse pad has vibrant and bold colors as it is printed in HD. Colors this deep and rich do not fade quickly. The thickness of the pad is about .12 inches thick. The mouse and the keyboard will fit on it, making gaming more comfortable, especially after hours of play.

The base of this mouse pad is made from non-slip environmentally-friendly rubber. When gaming, this is an essential factor as you do not want to slip when using the mouse.

I’m Not Weird… Anime Journal

I'm Not Weird I'm Just More Creative Than You: Anime Notebook

Have you considered buying some kind of journal as a present? If so, I will recommend this I’m Not Weird… Anime Journal. If you are looking for an anime-themed present, this is on point. It has a super cute girl on the front of the black journal, and the journal says, “I/m Not Weird I/m Just More Creative Than You, Anime Notebook.”

Inside the journal, you will find a “This journal belongs to __________” page, along with lined pages that have a dateline and writing lines. The top of each page also has a super cute line anime drawing.

The journal is 7 inches by 10 inches by .28 inches and has 120 pages.

This is a fun journal to give to someone, especially someone who has never really taken the time to journal. They can journal, use it as a diary, draw, or even make notes for creative writing projects. There are many things they can do with this fantastic journal.

Demon Slayer iPhone 11 Case

Are you looking for a modern Anime gift? Why don’t you get them this Demon Slayer iPhone 11 Case? This is a stylish but affordable gift. It is made of tempered glass, polyurethane, and thermoplastic. We are showing it in 1 out of the 4 styles you can choose from.

This phone case has complete body protection – it is slightly raised above the screen, which will protect the iPhone screen and the iPhone camera from being scratched if it accidentally is dropped.

The colors on this iPhone cover are incredible. It uses an HD animation pattern to make the image pop out even more. This is a high definition, full-colored iPhone cover with vivid colors that will not fade.

Demon Slayer Gift Set

If the person you are shopping for is not only a huge anime fan but loves Demon Slayer, you should get them this Demon Slayer Gift Set! This gift set is available with a black drawstring bag (shown) or a multi-colored drawstring bag. The dimensions of this package are 7.8 inches by 3.9 inches by 1.2 inches.

Inside the gift, the pack is up to 9 varieties of Demon Slayer Gifts. These will include 1 Demon Slayer drawstring bag, 20 lomo cards, 4 bracelets, 2 buttons,50 Demon Slayer stickers, 3 Demon Slayer Face Masks, 1 Lanyard, 1 phone ring holder, and 1 keychain.

So, if you know that they love Demon Slayer, but you are not quite sure what to buy, this gift pack is the perfect present. There is such a variety of items included; they are sure to find many things they love inside this gift pack.

My Hero Mystery Box

Toynk My Hero Academia LookSee Mystery Gift Box | Includes 5 Official Boku No Hero Collectibles | Includes Wall Art, Enamel Pin, & More | All Might Yellow Edition | Collect All 4

A super fun way to give someone an anime present is by gifting them a mystery box. It will be a surprise to both of you on what is inside the box! We think this My Hero Mystery Box is an enjoyable present to give to a member of this fandom.

This gift is packaged in an exclusive 5-inch square box. It will feature 2 all might themed collectibles, some kind of collectible canvas wall art, and more.

We are showing Volume 1 of the My Hero Academia Mystery Box series. You can also buy Volumes 2, 3, and 4 – or buy all four at once 0r get 2 at once. How much or how little is totally up to you!

Anime Makeup Bag 

This Anime Makeup Bag is the perfect gift for any woman, teen, girl, or anyone else who needs to carry their makeup and other accessories with them in style. We are showing this is the super cute makeup bag style, but if you feel like that is just not enough storage, you can also choose a tote bag instead or in addition to the makeup bag.

This is a remade of a high-quality cotton canvas combination. The makeup back is 9.05 inches by 9.05 inches. If you decide to also get the tote bag, that bag’s size is 9.96 inches by 7.56 inches by .67 inches.

It is printed using 3D printing, which makes it fade-resistant. If your anime lover is younger or older than the typical person who needs a makeup bag, there can be other uses for this bag as well. For instance, it can be used to carry art supplies or used as a pencil bag.

Demon Slayer Earring Set

Are you looking for some super fun anime-themed jewelry? If so, check out these Demon Slayer Earring Set. This is a cute set that is great for anime lovers or people who enjoy cosplaying. If you like this set but wish there were even more, there are also 12 pairs of earring sets you could choose from.

These earrings are inspired by the Japanese Anime Demon Slayer. These are romantic and fun. They are handpainted with acrylic paints. You will get 6 pairs of acrylic earrings and 3 pairs of metal earrings. These are bold and colorful anime dangle and drop earrings perfect for everyday wear.

My Hero Necklace Set

Another excellent choice for anime jewelry is this My Hero Necklace Set. This necklace set has 8 different pendant necklaces to choose from. They are all themed for My Hero Academia. With 8 different choices, the combinations are practically endless. The person you are buying for can wear their favorite all the time, a different one every day, or they can stack one than one at a time.

The charm or pendant of each necklace is made of alloy metal and various glass gems. These necklaces are also electroplated, ensuring the appearance is protected – they will not fade quickly, unlike so many other charm necklaces.

Yjacuing Digimon Adventure Watch

Wild for Life Anime Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Taichi Crest of Courage Touch LED Watch

Are you shopping for a nice piece of jewelry? Have you considered getting them a traditional wristwatch? This is a lovely idea as not everyone wears a watch anymore, but themed watches can be a lot of fun for the person receiving them! You should consider gifting them with the Yjacuing Digimon Adventure Watch.

If you choose this watch, there are two different styles available. The first is the crest of courage (shown), and the other is the crest of friendship. The crest appears on the watch head to check the time the screen needs to be pressed and held for one second. This watch is 3 ATM water-resistant. This means it is not suitable to wear while swimming, but it will get wet washing hands or being rained on, and it should be fine.

Demon Slayer Throw Blanket

Are you shopping for a present that the gift recipient can use all the time? If so, you should get them this Demon Slayer Throw Blanket. The size of this throw is 40 inches by 50 inches.

This is a soft micro soft flannel throw blanket, and there are two different styles to choose from. This is a blanket that can be used functionally or to decorate a room. Functionally, they can take it from room to room and snuggle under the blanket where ever they are. Of course, they can also use it as a decoration. This can be a top blanket on a made bed, thrown on a chair or a couch, or even hung on the wall.

My Hero Body Pillowcase

If the person you are shopping for has a body pillow, you can get them this My Hero Body Pillowcase. This pillowcase measures 59 inches by 19.6 inches. There are 5 different choices to choose from. We are showing Midoriya Izuku. You can also choose from Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, or two different styles of Todoroki Shoto.

This pillowcase is made of peach skin, which has a soft texture. This is a durable fabric. The pillowcase is also equipped with an invisible zipper. This will allow them to secure the pillow without worrying about the zipper being noticeable and ruining the overall look and style.

These pillowcases are made using heat transfer which makes the graphic durable and rich in color.

Japanese Junk Food Snacks

Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack

A fun idea is to get them something loosely related to Japan or Japanese culture. One of these ideas is getting them snacks just like this Japanese Junk Food Snack bag. If they have never had any Japanese food before, how cool would it be to get a variety pack of Japanese snacks? They can enjoy it anytime or save these snacks to eat when streaming their favorite anime shows!

Japanese Snack Assortment

SHOGUN CANDY, Japanese Snacks & Japanese Candy Variety Pack 30 Pcs

Here is another excellent Japanese food gift. This Japanese Snack Assortment is a little more wonderful if it comes in a gift box instead of just a bag of treats. This is a candy gift box, and it is chosen by the company Tonosama, which specializes in Japanese candy. This lets you know that you are in good hands if a candy gift basket filled with authentic Japanese candy treats is exactly what the gift recipient would love!

I can not tell you exactly what it comes with because it is more of a gift assortment than a gift box. Everyone gets a different combination of Japanese candy and snacks.

Tokyo Ghoul Socks 

Tokyo Ghoul Socks Cosplay (5 Pair) - (Women) Tokyo Ghoul Gifts Characters Low Cut Socks - Fits Shoe Size: 4-10 (Ladies)

The Tokyo Ghoul Socks are a small but cute gift to get anyone who specifically loves these characters or even anime in general. This is a pack of 5 different low-cut socks for women to fit shoe sizes 4 – 10. Socks like these are great for people who like to show off their individuality and really do not like dressing like everyone else. Even when someone has a specific uniform or a style of dress they are expected to be in, socks are a fun way to buck tradition and allow yourself to be who you are.

These socks can be worn as a matching pair, or she can even choose to mix and match to wear two different characters at once. The characters represented in these socks are Uta, Touka, Kaneki, Rize, and Tsukiyama. 

My Hero Character Socks

My Hero Academia Character Socks (Multi)

The My Hero Character Socks are another cute idea for a small gift for an anime lover. If you are just looking for something small, this is perfect. Or you can make a nice grab bag of anime and cosplay gifts, and this could be one of many small presents you give your friend or family member.

These are men’s socks that will fit shoe sizes 8 – 12. These are officially licensed socks for My Hero Academia. They are Izuki Midoriya socks where Izuku is wearing a hero suit. 

Men’s Anime Joggers

Men’s 3D Anime Sweatpants Sport Jogging Pants Casual Trousers (3, Small)

Looking for another great pair of clothing to give as a present? What about this pair of Men’s Anime Joggers? These pants come in sizes from small to 2X. We are showing them in black with gold accents. However, there are four other color choices to choose from. You can also get black with white accents, grey with black and white accents, black with blue, white, and grey accents, or grey with black, white, and blue accents.

Joggers are a great present as they are super comfortable and they can wear them whenever. They can wear these out, to the gym, or just when they want to hang out around the house. These pants are soft and loose; they are especially ideal for younger people who are comfortable in more casual clothing.

Long Ninja Robe 

The Long Ninja Robe is a good choice for someone who enjoys both anime and cosplay. This comes in small, medium, and large. It can be worn casually, hung as a decoration, or used for Halloween or other cosplay events. 

No Hero Hoodie Sweatshirt 

The No Hero Hoodie Sweatshirt is an excellent present for an anime lover. This blue hoodie is available in sizes from small through XX-large, so you should not have a problem finding the right size when shopping. This can be worn casually or as a part of cosplay. If you are unsure of what size to get, a convenient sizing chart to help you decide.

It’s An Anime Thing… Hoodie

Tstars Anime Hoodie Gifts for Men Women Novelty Unisex Sweatshirt Pullover Hoodies

The It’s An Anime Thing… Hoodie is another excellent piece of clothing to buy the anime lover in your life. This is nice because you can choose this even without knowing any specifics of the shows or fandoms they prefer.

Hoodies are always a great present because people will wear them all year, especially in the colder months. Most people have a go-to hoodie; why not give them their new favorite piece of clothing. These hoodies are available in sizes ranging from small to 2X. They are available in black (shown), red, and California blue.

Ripple Junction Ichiraku Shirt

Ripple Junction Naruto Shippuden Ichiraku Ramen Shop Anime Long-Sleeve Adult T-Shirt Officially Licensed Black

The Ripple Junction Ichiraku Shirt is a good choice when shopping for something wearable that will last. Clothing is always a good idea when shopping for someone, as there are many different styles and options.

This is an obvious choice if the person you are shopping for really identifies with the Naruto fandom. This black long-sleeved T-shirt is available in sizes from XS to 3X, so finding the perfect size should not be an issue. There is a sizing chart available if you need assistance.

Eat Sleep Anime T-Shirt

Eat Sleep Anime Repeat Shirt, Funny Japanese Manga Gift Tee T-Shirt

The Eat Sleep Anime T-Shirt is another excellent choice for a good piece of clothing. This T-shirt comes in sizes specifically made for youth, men, or women. The youth sizes go from kids 2 to kids 12. The Men’s and Women’s sizes start at small and go all the way up to 3X. We are showing this T-shirt in black, but it is also available in pink, cranberry, navy, and asphalt. 

Of course, the content of the t-shirt is funny, but the concept is nice. Besides the English words Eat, Sleep, Anime, and Repeat – the same words are also written in Japanese and have a corresponding graphic.

I Watch Anime… T-Shirt

I Watch Anime I Know Things Shirt Anime Lover Funny Gift

The I Watch Anime… T-Shirt is another great idea for a simple shirt to give an anime fan as a present. This T-shirt is available in Men’s, Women’s, or Youth’s sizes. The youth sizes available are kids 2 thru kids 12. The Men’s and Women’s sizes available are small thru 3XL. We are showing it in black, but it is also available in asphalt, navy, royal blue, and cranberry.

The shirt says. “That’s What I do. I watch Anime. And I know things. Perfect for someone who appreciates sarcasm, a touch of snark, or a fun personality.

Anime Video Games T-Shirt

If Its Not Anime Video Games Or Food I Don't Care T-Shirt

This Anime Video Games T-Shirt is also a perfect choice. This one, of course, combines their love of food and video games with their love of anime – many people’s top three things! 

This T-shirt is available in youth sizes (Kids 2 – Kids 12) and sizes for men and women (sizes S – 3X). We are showing it in black, but it is also available in a wide range of colors. The other colors are Navy, purple, royal blue, cranberry, asphalt, brown, dark heather, and heather blue.

The shirt says, “If it doesn’t have to do with anime, video games or food then I don’t care.”

Ramen Cat T-Shirt

Anime Ramen Cat Retro Japanese Noodles Aesthetic Kawaii Gift T-Shirt

The Ramen Cat T-Shirt is a little bit more unique and fun if you are looking for a piece of clothing. This shirt comes in youth sizes and well sizes for men and women. If you are unsure of the size, there is a handy size chart. The chart breaks down the width in inches, the length in inches, and the sleeve length in inches for each size.

We are showing this t-shirt in black, but it also comes in white, olive, brown, navy, royal blue, purple, dark heather, and heather blue. This shirt features a retro minimalist graphic of a kitty eating a bold of ramen with a sunset directly behind the kitty.

Don’t Always Watch Anime… T-Shirt

Anime Gift For Teen Girls Women Boys Cute Anime Merch Lovers T-Shirt

This Don’t Always Watch Anime… T-Shirt is perfect for women, teens, and just about anyone who loves anime. The shirt says the following:

“I don’t always watch anime. Sometimes I eat and sleep and once I even left my room.”

This shirt comes in Men’s, Women’s, and youth sizes. It is shown in black, but it is also available in pink, baby blue, cranberry, purple, navy, royal, asphalt, heather grey, and grey-blue.

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