26 Best Gifts for Musicians 2023

Music can stimulate our minds and relax the soul and musicians continuously hone their craft by spending hours practicing to produce the melodies we love to hear. Whether the music-lover in your life is into rock and roll or folk tunes, these gifts should delight and inspire him or her in this chosen passion.

Best Gifts for Musicians 

Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs


We love to hear fellow musicians blast out the hits, but we also want to protect our hearing to enjoy other musical experiences down the road. That’s why these Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs can be perfect for going to concerts or music festivals.  Many earplugs only focus on noise-cancellation, which can give a muffled listening experience. But these Vibes earplugs are designed to filter specific frequencies and reduce damaging decibel levels while still maintaining a high-quality sound. The earplugs are made out of silicone with clear outer shells which make them almost invisible when wearing them. This gift can provide a way for a friend to enjoy concerts, but also protect sensitive ears.

Booze & Vinyl


Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks is full of colorful photos and mixed drinks and recipes to pair with your favorite musical selections. From AC/DC to Zepplin this book covers a large selection of favorite musical artists. It also offers helpful tips and tricks for making a night of drinks and music a fine experience. This is a unique gift that is sure to bring delight to a music lover.

Toscana Piano Cheese Board

This Piano Cheese Board can be a perfect gift for a classic pianist. Lift the lid of this baby grand to reveal the necessary tools to throw a wine and cheese party. The 3-piece toolset includes a cheese fork, a pronged cheese knife, and a corkscrew in brushed stainless steel. This charcuterie board can be a unique gift for a musician who loves to entertain.

Ceramic Mug With Guitar Handle 

This Ceramic Mug can make a perfect gift for a guitarist. The mug is decked out in a short composition of musical notes and the handle of the mug is in the shape of a guitar. To steep tea or keep coffee extra hot you can cover your mug with an included lid. A musician can use this perky mug to get in a morning dose of caffeine and start the day off right.

Crescendo Cup Caddy

This Crescendo Cup Caddy attaches to a microphone so that a cold drink is always at the ready when you need it. The cup holder is made to adjust to the size of your favorite drink whether it be a water bottle, tumbler, coffee cup, or can. The clamp was designed to keep a sure grip on a microphone stand so you don’t have to worry about your drink slipping down the stand as the night wears on. This can be a helpful assistant to a musical performer!

Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Pack


The DIY Guitar Pick Pack includes a pick maker, a leather keyring pick case, a guitar-shaped file, and 15 sheets of pick-making material. A musician who is always running out of picks can now make his own with this pick-maker. Fifteen pieces of pick material should keep a guitarist stocked up with picks for a while! Also, old id cards can be recycled into sentimental picks.

Kyser Quick-Change Capo


The Kyser Quick-Change Capo is designed to change the key without having to change fingering. Both beginners and more seasoned players can appreciate how easily a capo can transpose music by clipping the capo at the appropriate place on the fretboard. This Kyser Quick-Change capo is handmade in Texas and is also guaranteed for life. This gift is a “must-have” for a guitar player!

Korg Tuner Metronome


The Korg TM60BK is a tuner and also a metronome! These 2 functions can be used separately or simultaneously. The metronome can be set from 30 to 252 beats per minute and also has 15 rhythm variations. The tuner can be used to tune a wide variety of instruments. Some other great features of this tuner+meteronome are its memory backup, long battery life, and auto shut off. This device can be a useful tool in a musician’s world!

Lunchifier Insulated Lunch Tote

This Insulated Lunch Tote will let everyone know that you are a music lover. The case is designed to look like an amplifier. It is slightly larger than the usual lunchbox and can hold 6 canned drinks or a larger-sized lunch. Inside it has a mesh pouch for holding items such as eating utensils, snacks, or napkins. It also is equipped with double zippers, a top handle, and a carrying strap. This lunch tote can keep a musician’s food or drinks cool and will let everyone know that music is his passion!

Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger


To keep a guitar up off the floor and musical tools organized, you can give the gift of this Guitar Wall Hanger. This wall hanger is made of 100% wood and adds a nice look to a room. It includes a special hanger for a guitar, as well as 3 hooks to hang bags or cases, and a shelf for small items such as picks and capos. This can be a trendy gift for a guitar player that will help him keep order in his music room!

Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

With the Echo Dot (2nd Gen) you can ask Alexa to play music, set your alarm, make phone calls, and more. It contains 7 far-field microphones that allow Alexa to follow your commands even across the room or in noisy environments. You can use its built-in speaker, or connect the Echo to speakers of your choice via Bluetooth if you need a bigger sound. This handy and compact smart speaker can make a perfect gift for a music lover.

VOX Headphone Amplifier


With the VOX Amplug, you can get the amp sound in your headphones without a guitar cable. This headphone amplifier comes with 9 effects to choose between and 17 hours of battery life. It also has a folding plug mechanism that rotates 180 degrees to find the best angle to fit your guitar or pack easily into a bag. The Amplug headphone amplifier can be a great way to get a clear, concert sound without taking up space in your home.

Musical Notes Wall Art


The Musical Notes Wall Art is hand-tinted in red and brass colors and is made of metal that should not rust or corrode. It features a treble clef with notes and half notes playing across a staff. On the back are 2 hooks so you can easily hang this decoration on your wall. This can be a nice accent piece for a music teacher’s music room or any room of the house!

Youtang Wooden Music Box

With the Wooden Music Box, you can play existing songs or create your own! This miniature piano is made from high-quality wood and comes with one premade melody and, also, 2 sheets and a hole punch so that you can compose your own song. To use it, you insert the paper inside the box and wind the crank until the paper exits out the back. You can also open the lid to see how it works. This can be a cute decoration to add to the room and a fun gift for a musician who enjoys composing melodies!

Kala Ukulele Starter Kit


The Kala Ukulele Starter Kit comes with everything you should need to begin playing the Ukulele! In addition to the mahogany Ukulele, this kit comes with quality Aquila strings, a custom logo bag, a tuning app, a 20-page guide, and free online lessons to get started. The Kala Ukulele brand has been played by other famous artists including, Twenty One Pilots, Vance Joy, Zac Brown, and others. It is considered mid-sized, which means it will have a louder sound than the smaller models. This can be a great gift idea for a musician who is wanting to pick up a new instrument!

Guitar Amp Wall Key Holder

This Guitar Amp Wall Key Holder makes it feel like you are still in a band even when you come home! The keyholder is well-constructed with a vinyl Tolex fabric over a foundation of ply birch plywood. The faceplate is made of silk-screened aluminum and the corners are protected with solid metal. It also comes with 4 guitar plug keychains that will fit into the jacks. An LED amp light reminds you to hang up your keys when you get home. This unique gift is crafted and assembled in the U.S.A.

Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings


When musicians play an instrument regularly, over time the strings will need to be replaced. Many musicians also like to restring an instrument to adjust an instrument’s sound or look. These black Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings add a nice accent to a Ukulele by steering away from the classic clear strings. The ball end nylon makes them easy to install and many customers have noted a quality sound with these strings. These strings are suitable for a concert or soprano ukulele. You can add these strings to the Kala Ukulele Starter Kit so your musician has a backup set of strings on hand.

Casio Portable Keyboard


The Casio Portable Keyboard is a fun way for young musicians to begin to learn about notes and melodies. It has 32 mini keys, headphone output, 50 play-along tracks, and more. If a little one forgets to turn it off, no worries because it has an auto shut-off feature that helps you preserve battery power. This friendly mini-keyboard is lightweight and portable and can be a friendly beginning instrument for a small musician.

CozyPhones Headphones


The CozyPhones Headphones can be a great solution for listening to music while working out or traveling. The speakers are thin and fit inside the fleece and mesh headband. This can be a more comfortable alternative to earbuds, and the headband can keep your music right where you want it. With these headband headphones, there is no need to worry about earbuds constantly falling out of your ears while exercising. It can make a great gift for a music-lover who is constantly on the go!

Bamboo Guitar Utensil Set 

No need to leave your love for your guitar behind when you are cooking in this kitchen with this utensil set. Each item in this Bamboo Guitar Utensil Set takes on the design of a guitar fretboard. The set includes a spoon, fork, and 2 spatulas, which are heat, odor, and stain-resistant. The utensils are also thick to withstand wear and tear. They can encourage a guitar player to try out his skills in the kitchen!

This is A Sharp # Mug

This Sharp # Coffee Mug is perfect for the music lover who is also a coffee lover. This mug sets the record straight and sends out the reminder that the pound-sign symbol was used by musicians long before influencers claimed it for social media sites. The mug reads “This is a sharp, not a hashtag” on both sides so both right-handed and left-handed musicians have fair treatment. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe and fits easily under most k-cup coffee machines. 

Record Drink Coaster Set


This Record Drink Coaster Set is the perfect gift for a musician who loves classic rock! These mini record-shaped disks look and feel like vinyl and each one is digitally printed with a different artist. Fans of The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Queen, Pink Floyd, and Michael Jackson will love setting these out as decor. Not only do they represent some classic bands and artists, but they also serve a practical purpose by protecting cold drinks from leaving rings on the furniture. 

Da Vinci Guitar T-Shirt

The Da Vinci Guitar T-Shirt adds a modern flair to classic art. Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of the Vitruvian Man represented for many a connection between the earth and the divine. In this t-shirt, an electric guitar also appears in this divine connection. This 100% cotton, black t-shirt is made of breathable material and its design gives it a sense of fun. It can be perfect for the guitarist in your life.

Guitars Patent Print Set 


The Guitars Patent Print Set can make great wall decor for any room. The vintage look and subtle colors of these art pieces provide a nice accent while still blending nicely with other designs in the room. This set of 4 comes with 2 Gibson guitar diagrams and 2 Fenders. The prints come unframed and are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. You can choose to pair this gift with a set of 8×10 frames or give them as is. 

I Pick You Guitar Pick


This I Pick You Guitar Pick can be a perfect gift for a significant other on a special occasion. The pick reads, “I pick you always and forever,” and is a perfect symbol of your love for a musician. Since it is stainless steel, it should not rust or tarnish. A guitar player can use this pick to strum songs on a guitar or you can choose to use a shadow box to display this sweet message in a musician’s home.  

Metal Musician Décor 

This sturdy Pianist Figurine is made out of twisted metal and can add a dynamic element to a home! He sits at his baby grand and carefully reads the musical notes so he doesn’t make any mistakes.  This small-scall figurine stands 7 inches tall and easily tucks into a bookshelf or a piano nook. This can be a cute decoration and an interesting conversation piece for a pianist.

How We Selected Gifts for Musicians

We chose to focus on gifts that will be pleasing for musicians with a variety of backgrounds and tastes. When finding our best gifts, we choose gifts that serve a practical purpose, appeal to a musician’s artistic side, and/or have a sense of fun.


Some musicians enjoy gifts that serve the practical side of music. We looked for many gifts that will make a musician’s job easier by serving a need. Gifts such as tuners, strings, headphones, earplugs, cup stands, guitar hangers, and even coffee mugs, can be useful to a musician as they practice their art. These gifts may not look fancy but can bring joy to a musician and make their musical journey easier.


Music is an art and many gifts that we found can appeal to a musician’s artistic side. For a musician who lives and breathes music, we found decorations, mugs, coasters, t-shirts, and more that represent music as art. This can help them create a cozy music corner and be visually surrounded by their favorite craft.


Many musicians have an imaginative spirit and a playful sense of fun. We see this sense of fun reflected in their music and we can recognize this with a fun gift. T-shirts and mugs with witty sayings, music boxes that allow musicians to create their own music, and pick-making kits can make unique and fun gifts for a musician.

FAQs – Gifts for a Musician

What are some unique gift ideas for the musician who has everything?

Selecting gifts for a musician can be a difficult task, as many musicians can be picky when choosing the brands they use. If the musician in your life is choosy or already seems to have everything he or she needs, you can look for gifts that are a bit off the beaten path. You can consider Booze & Vinyl, which incorporates music, food, drinks, and entertainment. Or, the Guitar Amp Wall Key Holder is a unique gift with an element of fun. A music-themed coffee mug can also be a safe choice because does anyone really ever have too many mugs? These unique gifts for musicians may just strike the right chord!

What is a budget-friendly gift for a musician?

Many items on a musician’s wish list can be an investment. For example, a new instrument can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. While we love giving a gift that is just right for our friends and loved ones’ interests, sometimes our wallets can only stretch so far. This is why we also chose some best gifts for music lovers, that are at the same time budget-friendly. Some gifts that can bring joy to a musician, and are still affordable are: the DIY Guitar Pick Pack, Headband Headphones, a Pianist Figurine, the Record Coaster Set, or a Da Vinci Guitar T-Shirt. Some of the best gifts for musicians don’t have to be the most expensive! These gifts come in at $25 or under and can be creative gifts that also go easy on the wallet.

What is a “must-have” for a musician?

If your friend or loved one has recently started out on his journey as a musician, he or she may need some help acquiring some of the essential items for a musician. Some gifts that are a “must-have” for a musician can include the Korg Tuner/Metronome, this Kala Ukulele Starter Kit, a Kyser Quick-Change Capo, or the Vibes Earplugs. These are some gifts that can encourage a musician in their chosen passion!

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