31 Best Gifts for Lawyers

Sometimes when you are shopping for someone you want to get themed gifts to match something about them like their hobbies or profession. If you know a lawyer who spends a good amount of time at work or just loves what they do you might want to think about their job when shopping. Keep on reading to get many ideas for the perfect present for the attorney in your life.

Best Gifts for Lawyers 

Genuine Leather Briefcase

The Leather 15.6 Inch Briefcase is an excellent gift for a female lawyer who already has everything. Even if they already own a briefcase, you can always have more. Sometimes you need a new one, or you need a unique style for whatever reason. We are showing this in Genuine Black, but it also has 5 other choices. These style choices are black, brown, beige with brown, grey, and wine red.

This briefcase is 15.75 inches by 5.91 inches by 11.02 inches and weighs 3.15pounds. It is perfect for carrying things like a laptop, tablet, files, or legal pads. It is made of cowhide leather and has rust-proof silver hardware. This durable bag’s interior has 2 large compartments, 1 zipper pocket, 2 clot pockets, 2 key or earphone slots, and 2 pen holders. The exterior also has 1 back zipper pocket and 1 front zipper pocket with turn-lock closures. Inside that pocket are 10 cardholders and 3 more slot pockets. As you can see, there is a lot of divided storage in this bag.

Men’s Leather Briefcase

The Men’s Leather Briefcase is an excellent choice for the male attorney in your life. This comes in the coffee color shown in the photo above. It has a very traditional look of a messenger shoulder briefcase that most younger lawyers tend to use.

This briefcase is made of cow leather and has brass hardware. The dimensions of this briefcase are 16.1 inches by 11.4 inches by 3.4 inches. This weighs 3.7 pounds, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted up to 59 inches. It can easily hold a 15.6-inch laptop, notebooks, and files. This is a very nice messenger bag briefcase for any new or seasoned attorney.

Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag

The Kenneth Cole Messenger Bag is our final selection for a messenger bag briefcase for any attorney. This is a designer unisex briefcase. We are showing this bag in dark brown, but it is also available in black and cognac. This is an imported leather bag that is perfect for carrying a laptop, folders, and notes – things any lawyer will need throughout the day.

The size of this bag is 15 inches by 11 inches by 3 inches. This briefcase weighs 2.2 pounds. The Columbian leather used in this messenger bag is minimally treated to create a natural and beautiful leather bag. The shoulder strap is padded for comfort and extends to 60 inches.

There are front pockets that have organizers for accessories such as a specific cell phone pocket. The real has an open pocket where the lawyer can store items they need quick access to. The interior features a fully lined pocket, and the main compartment has enough room to hold a 15.6 laptop.

Engraved Ballpoint Pen 

Cross Engraved Click Ballpoint Gel Pen - Personalized with Your Name (Chrome) - AT0622-101

The Engraved Ballpoint Pen is an excellent present for any professional. You can get this to an attorney, but you might really like it for someone who just became an attorney or who has recently made a partner. If they do not already have an engraved pen, they will love this.

We are showing this pen in chrome, but it is also available in crimson and midnight blue. His is a high-quality retractable gel pen that can be personalized with the lawyer’s name – you have 24 characters. During the customization, you can also add additional ink refills.

Symbols of Law and Justice Pen

Inkstone Symbols of Law and Justice Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

The Symbols of Law and Justice Pen is also a unique and fun gift for a lawyer. If you like the idea of giving an attorney a pen but want something a little more interesting and memorable than a personalized pen with their name, you may prefer this one. This law and justice engraved pen come in a lovely gift box with an LED Light and stylus tip.

The four symbols engraved on this pen are:

  • The judge’s gavel.
  • The scales of justice.
  • The capitol building.
  • The torch of liberty.

This present will give the recipient a multi-functioning tool. It can be used as a pen, a stylus, or a mini flashlight. The gift box is lined with satin, making it appear to be an even better and more elegant gift than it is. This is perfect when you want to give a nice present without breaking the bank.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling - Silver

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones are an excellent present for anyone who needs to focus on their work and ignore all the ambient sounds around them. Lawyers tend to work for many hours a week. Sometimes, when people spend so much time working, they have difficulty concentrating. These headphones will help with that. They are great for listening to music (or anything audion, including legal proceedings like depositions), but they are also noise-canceling headphones. 

These are wireless headphones that can easily be paired with Bluetooth through voice prompts. The volume can be controlled easily; they can also use them to take calls. There is a 20-hour battery life when completely charged. You will receive the headphones, a UDB charging cable, a backup audio cable, an airline adapter, and a carrying case when ordering.

Apple Watch Series 5 

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular, 44mm) - Gold Stainless Steel Case with Stone Sport Band

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a fabulous present for anyone who is busy or on the go. An Apple Watch allows the user to quickly contact others without having their physical phone in their hands every minute of the day.

We are showing this in a gold stainless steel case with a stone sports band. However, there are other color options as well. Many of the color combinations include some combo of black, white, or gold.

There is built-in cellular in this watch that will allow the attorney to receive calls, send texts, and check their email. They can wear it during exercise and swimming without worrying about water damage. It also has an optical heart sensor to monitor heart rate and alert them to potential issues.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard 

The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is a good gift for professionals on the go who may not always be near a computer but want to quickly type something up. This keyboard is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. This can be paired with 3 different Bluetooth-compatible devices simultaneously, so regardless of which one they have that day, they will not need to reset it up.

This keyboard is durable and rechargeable, and the frame is made of aluminum. It folds up small enough to carry around in a pocket, purse, or briefcase. The touchpad is sensitive, which aids in high performance. The keys are 90% of the size of a real keyboard, which saves space and allows them to be close enough in size so it will not mess up their natural typing ability.

Regal Trunk Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Set with Glasses Regal Trunk & Co., 4 Imperial Tumblers Whisky Decanter & Glass Set, Crystal Decanter Set Bourbon and Scotch, Comes In Gift Box and with Alcohol Glass Polishing Cloth

The Whiskey Decanter Set is an excellent present for a lawyer. Depending on their law office and their position, they could either keep this set in their office or keep it for themselves at home. This is a beautiful set that you would want to give someone who cares about their decanter set’s presentation, quality, and appearance.

This gift includes a 24 oz decanter, four 9 oz glasses, and one polishing cloth. The crystal is non-toxic and 100% lead-free. 

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Plum

The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is another present that you can get for an attorney they may decide to take into the office for use there or determine that it will serve a better purpose in their home. The Echo Dot is a compact Smart Speaker that will fit anywhere, including in small spaces. The dot allows you to communicate easily with Alexa to find out the news, weather or play your favorite music.

The Echo Dot can be used with any smart home items such as lighting, heating, cameras, fans, speakers, garage doors, locks, or televisions. This Smart Speaker is simple to use and easy to set up. We are showing it in plum, but it is also available in charcoal. 

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii PRO, Under Desk Elliptical, Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser, Seated Elliptical, Bluetooth, Work from Home Fitness, Mini Elliptical, Exerciser for Seniors, Desk Exercise, Noir

The Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical is an excellent present for a busy lawyer who just does not have time to make it to the gym but still realizes they need to find a way to exercise and stay in shape. This machine is built with a compact design. It can go anywhere and be used without putting unnecessary stress on their joints.

An app can be used with iPhones, Android’s, Fitbit smart bands, and Apple watches to track calories burned, distance pedaled, and more. It only weighs 32 pounds, so it is easier transportable around the office or home.

Anti-Tear Yoga Mat

Signature Fitness All Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, Black

The Anti-Tear Yoga Mat is another great present for a lawyer on the go. They may have very little time to exercise in their lives. Still, by having this easily transportable yoga mat, they can have the ability to exercise for a few minutes whenever the opportunity arises. We are showing this yoga mat in black, but it is also available in pink, red, green, blue, purple, and grey.

The map is 71 inches in length by 24 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick and weighs less than 2 pounds. It is moisture resistant which will allow the mat to be washed with soap and water. 

Blind Lady of Justice Statue

Design Toscano Themis Blind Lady of Justice Statue Lawyer Gift, 13 Inch, White-Small

The Blind Lady of Justice Statue is a good present if you want to give them a decoration for their home or office. This is a great gift – the lawyer in your life will understand that you put some real thought into this present and know that you know how vital their chosen profession is to them. The bling lady of justice is based upon the Titan goddess of divine law, Themis. She is blindfolded to show impartiality. 

This statue is 5.5 inches in width by 3.5 inches in depth by 13 inches in height. It only weighs 2 pounds.

 Bey-Berk Decision Paperweight

Bey-Berk Legal Paper Weight Decision Maker, Lawyer Gift, Law School Graduation Gift, Gift for Judge, New Law Office Gift, Heavy Metal Spinning Decision Maker with fun Options

The Decision Paperweight is a nice small gift for lawyers to use at work or at their home office. It is a cute paperweight that measures 3.5 inches in diameter by .75 inches thick. This is an operating decision-maker for any lawyer when they just can not decide what to do.

They can give it a spin for further direction. This paperweight decision-maker will help them make the final decisions:

  • Guilty
  • Not Guilty
  • Plea Bargain
  • Insanity Plea
  • Settle
  • Lie
  • Beg
  • Ask Mom

It is charming, so if the person you are shopping for likes a little legal humor, they will love this paperweight.

Magnetic Lawyer Poetry Kit

Magnetic Poetry - Lawyer Poet Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA

This is a fun present to give anyone planning to become a lawyer or who already is one. The Magnetic Lawyer Poetry Kit has over 200 words that lawyers and law students can make sentences with. These words can be used on any magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator or a magnetic whiteboard. They can use this as a fun way to relax or get inspiration for whatever they need to get done in their day-to-day lives at work.

This kit is made in the USA, and your lawyer will have no objections to receiving this as a present.

The Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque

Another fun decorative present you can get the lawyer in your life is the Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque. This is a present that they can hang in their work or home office. It is made of Wood and gold engraved (not printed). The size of this plaque is 7 inches in length by 9 inches in height by 3/4 of an inch thick. It says the following:

Lawyer’s Prayer. “Lord, grant that I may be able in argument, accurate in analysis, strict in study, candid with clients, and honest with adversaries. Stand beside me in court, so that today I shall not, in order to win a point, lost my soul,” St Thomas More.

Lawyer and Justice Wall Hangings

Lawyer Watercolor Art Print Set Law Office Wall Art Decor Lawyer Law School Graduation Attorney Judge Gifts Lady Justice Gavel Scale of Justice Poster 8x10 Unframed Set

Another excellent choice for a present for a lawyer is these Lawyer and Justice Wall Hangings. There are 4 different watercolor prints here, and to choose the size you want, you will need to click on customize now. Your choices in size will be between 4 x 6 inches up to 13 x 19 inches. Some of these choices are unframed, and some are framed (depending on the size, it could be a white frame, a black frame, or a wooden frame).

These are printed on a high color weather resistant, glossy paper. There are 4 different pictures included:

  • The scales of Justice
  • A Judge’s Gavel;
  • The Lady of Justice
  • A quote by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The quote is the following:

“Fight for the things that you care about but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Men's Hipster Legal Scales of Justice Lawyer Crew Dress Socks (Marine Blue & Burgundy)

The Hipster Legal Scales Socks are another small present to get the lawyer in your life. When shopping for someone for a specific profession or hobby, you can usually find some really cool themed clothing gifts. This is undoubtedly the case with these blue crew dress socks that feature the scales of justice on them.

These socks are 3.25 inches by 18.0 inches and will fit men who wear shoe sizes 7 – 13. Suppose the person you are buying these for is superstitious. In that case, these may even become their go-to pair of socks for important events like meeting a new client, jury selection, starting a trial, or closing arguments.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks

Good Luck Sock Women's Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks, Adult, Shoe Size 5-9

Another pair of socks that your lawyer may really like are these Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks. These are green and black socks with a portrait of Justice Ginsburg with the words “I dissent” printed near the toes of the socks.

You can also choose a portrait-only version with no words which come in either blue or purple. These are machine washable socks that extend to the mid-calf and will fit shoe sizes 5 – 9.

Allegedly T-Shirt

Funny Lawyer Gifts For Women Men Attorney Allegedly T-Shirt

The Allegedly T-Shirt is a unisex t-shirt that any attorney will love. Is there any word that a specific profession uses more than lawyers use the word allegedly? You can choose to get this in sizes for men or women. We are showing this in black, but it is also available in blue, asphalt, dark heather, and heather blue. 

Your lawyer friend or family member will love this shirt – they will be able to wear it when they get time off of work. It can always be used as a sleep shirt or a workout or running shirt if they are always working.

I’m Billing You T-Shirt

Another I’m Billing You T-Shirt you might consider is this one. It says, “I’m Billing You For This Conversation.” As lawyers bill for all their time, is there a lawyer out there who has never wished they could bill others for conversations they did not want to be a part of in a social setting?

This t-shirt comes in men’s sizes, women’s sizes, and youth sizes. It is shown here in black, but it is also available in navy, slate, royal blue, brown, dark heather, and heather blue.

Deposition T-Shirt

Funny Lawyer Attorney Deposition Gift T-Shirt

Our final selection of a T-Shirt present is this Deposition T-Shirt. This T-Shirt says, “Dance like no one is watching. Email like it may one day be read aloud in a deposition.” Has a more accurate statement even been uttered before? You never know when one’s conversations could be subpoenaed for court!

This T-shirt comes in both men’s and women’s. We are showing it in slate, but it comes in a variety of colorful varieties. The other colors available are royal blue, baby blue, cranberry, kelly green, lemon, dark heather, pink, purple, and orange.

Kooer Cufflinks For Men, Lawyer Gifts For Men Scales of Justice CuffLinks & Tie Bar Law Scales Jewelry Gifts For Lawyer Judge

Are you looking for clothing that they can wear to work instead of just around the house? If the lawyer you are buying for is a man, he might really enjoy receiving this Law Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set. These cufflinks and tie bars are made of stainless steel, and they have the scales of justice on all three items. This is a nice gift for anyone in the law profession.

The design stands out, but it is not too much to make it appear tacky or unprofessional. Even if the lawyer you buy this for decides not to wear these items, this present will still make a lovely keepsake for them.

DORADREAMDEKO Best Lawyer Ever, Lawyer Gifts For Women, Funny Lawyer Gifts, Best Lawyer Ever, Cosmetic Bag, Best Lawyer Ever-Makeup Mirror, Lawyers Birthday Gifts, Makeup Bag For Women Lawyer

If the lawyer you are shopping for is a woman, you might want to get them the Legal Themed Present. This present comes with three separate legally decorated gifts for her. These items are:

  • Double-Sided Makeup Mirror that says: “Best Lawyer Ever.” 
  • 4 inch by 4-inch tray that says “Best Lawyer Ever.”
  • Cosmetic Bag that says, “First the makeup, then the justice!” The cosmetic bag is 9 inches by 7 inches by 6.5 inches.

All three items are also decorated with the scales of justice.

Wine Glass for Lawyers

Lawyer Gifts – (2 Sided) Funny Unique Novelty Stemless Wine Glass Birthday or Christmas Gifts For Paralegal, Attorney, Legal Assistant, or Law Student - Lawyer Gifts For Women & Men

The Wine Glass For Lawyers is something that any wine drinker will get some use out of. Even if they do not love wine, they can still use it for other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This stemless wine glass is made of clear glass and is 5.75 inches by 4.33 inches by 4.21 inches. It weighs 9.42 ounces.

This wine glass is made in the USA, holds 15 ounces of liquid, and is printed using premium ceramic inks. One side of the glass features the scales of justice. On the other side, his three fill ones. The lowest one says “good day,” the middle line says “bad day,” and the highest fill line says “Don’t Ask!” This is a funny legal-themed gift the recipient will actually use and use often.

The Legal Advice For Wine Tumbler is another super cute gift for a wine lover in the legal profession. This tumbler is made of 18/8 stainless steel and coms in a rose gold color. It says, “Will give legal advice for wine” and has a cute cartoon drawing of a wine bottle.

It is5.67 inches by 4.33 inches by 4.25 inches and 9.35 ounces. The capacity of this wine tumbler is 12 ounces. It will come with a stainless steel tumbler and lid, a stainless steel straw, a straw cleaning brush, and a white gift box when you order this.

See You Later Litigator Mug

See You Later Litigator - Cute Kawaii Cartoon Alligator Puns Coffee Mug for Lawyers - Law School Graduation - True Crime Fan (See Ya Later Litigator)

The See You Later Litigator Mug is another small gift for the lawyer in your life. If the lawyer you are shopping for is more dependant on hot caffeinated drinks than wine, you might want to get them a legal-themed coffee mug. This large white coffee cup will hold 15 ounces of their favorite hot or cold liquid. It is super cute, and it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

If you like the idea but are looking for another option – there is one. The other option is the murder of crow’s coffee cup. This one has three power lines with birds on it, and it says, “It’s not a murder of crows without probable caws.”

Lawyer Facts Mug 

Wampumtuk Lawyer Attorney Nutritional Facts Funny Coffee Mug 11 Ounces Inspirational And Motivational

The Lawyer Nutritional Facts Mug is another choice of a coffee mug for a lawyer when you want something more generic and less specific for the type of law they practice. This is a white ceramic coffee cup that is 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches and weighs only 11.2 ounces.

This coffee mug says “Lawyer – Nutritional Facts – 1 awesome lawyer” and lists qualities such as hardworking, passion, and caring. It is a nice cup that also tells the person that you think they are a great attorney and a fantastic person. Who would not want to receive a gift like that?

Bath & Body Aromatherapy Candle

Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle, Eucalyptus Spearmint

The Stress Relief Candle is a nice gift for anyone that you think could use a little destressing or relaxation in their lives. This is a 14.5-ounce candle that uses spearmint and eucalyptus scents to assist in helping this person use it to create a relaxing environment. This candle measures 4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. This candle will burn for between 25 – 45 hours. 

They can use the candle to set the mood for a romantic bath or before bed to fill their bedroom with this relaxing and pleasant scent.

Tile Mate + Slim Tracker

Tile Mate + Slim (2020) 4-pack (2 Mates, 2 Slims) - Discontinued by Manufacturer

The Tile Mate + Slim Tracker is a unique and interesting gift to give to anyone who is busy and on the go. This gift is an excellent idea for someone who occasionally loses track of their most essential belongings. This is a system that uses Bluetooth technology to keep track of where your belongings are. Usually, these are used on the most important (and most misplaced) items a person might own. These items are house or call keys, office keys, phones, tablets, laptops, and wallets.

The system owner can use an app to find the item within 200 feet of the mate when installed. If it is further than 200 feet away, they will use the app to find their most recent locations. If this information does not help, the user will enlist secure, anonymous tile users to help find their items.

Google Nest Thermostat 

Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home - 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat - Works with Alexa - Copper

The Google Nest Thermostat is perfect for professionals who are away from their home for hours on end but wants to control or program their thermostat from afar. This is a smart thermostat system that allows the owner to program and easily change the settings. There is a home and an away feature which ensures that you are not wasting energy heating or cooling your home when no one is there.

There are other great features too – like the energy history. With energy history, the owner can check their app on their phone to see how much energy has been used and why. There is also a smart thermostat monitoring system that will alert the owner when something does not seem right in the heating or cooling system.

The size of this thermostat is 3.3 inches by 1.21 inches by 3.3 inches, and it only weighs 1 pound. It is designed with a polished metal finish; it is an attractive piece for any home. We are showing it in cooper, but it is available in other colors too. The other color choices are black, mirror black, brass, polished steel, stainless steel, or white.

Instant Pot Duo Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Sterilizer, and Warmer, 8 Quart, 14 One-Touch Programs

The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is an excellent present for a lawyer because it allows them to get dinner on the table in a concise amount of time. There are only so many nights that they will want to go out to eat or get take out. Sometimes they will want a home-cooked meal, but they do not have time to wait for it to cook, and they certainly do not want to spend more time in the kitchen than absolutely necessary.

We are showing the Instant Pot in the 10-quart size, but it is also available in 3 quarts, 6 quarts, and 8 quarts. The Duo Nova has many different features, making this an all-in-one type of appliance. This is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a saute pan, a food warmer, and a yogurt maker. This is large enough to make family meals or to make a lot of food for the week all at once. There is an auto-lock lid and a button to release the steam. There are many different selections of ways to cook with this machine.

There is an instant pot app for both Apple and Android users where you can access over 1000 recipes to get started. This instant pot is 16.8 inches by 15.31 inches by 16.34 inches, and it weighs 25 pounds.

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