The Best Gift for A Drummer of 2023

With musicians in my family and a few drummers to boot, I can relate to the personality and love of life they have. The rock hard sounds or soft tap of the drum sticks on the drum send a thrill through their body and make life just right. A drummer is a special kind of person and hears music in every sound our world creates, from the movement of cars to the beat of a drill; they hear music and tunes. Gift your drummer with an amazing gift on a birthday or Christmas. I hope you find a few ideas below.

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The Best Gift for Your DrummerDrummer Vintage Gift T-ShirtWind ChimesDrum Sticks ShirtTikiTunes Portable BluetoothSuck.UK Drumstick PensSmart WIFI String LightsRock Drumstick Pendant Necklace for MenAmbesonne Music Outdoor TableclothDrum Wall Hook Wall HangerSpontuneous - The Song GameDrummer GiftsManual Keynote Decorative ThrowDrummer Metal FigurineiPhone Microphone Image DesignVintage Drums Patent Poster PrintsDual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas GrillLavley Rock Out Socks7-Piece Patio Furniture Sectional SofaMen's Old Man Drummer Tank TopVivere Double Cotton HammockFollow The Drummer Baseball CapAmazon eGift CardDrummer Cymbal Phone KickstandsNinety Nine Restaurants Gift CardsGraffiti Sketch Style Drummer Music Unisex Crew SocksLED-Wall Hanging Drum Light – Personalized with NameAlpine Swiss Liam Mens Fashion SneakersPercussion Lover ShirtLevi's Women's Faux Leather JacketVintage Drummer Drum Sticks T-ShirtBlack Drum MugHood Crew Men’s Faux Leather Zip20 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Travel TumblerChristian Drummer T-ShirtDrummer Coffee MugGuitar Drums Set Wood Wall ClockMusic Festival Drums Dangle EarringsEngraved DrumsticksDrummer Parking OnlyPatriotic USA Drummer Gift CaseThe Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz DrummerPendant Jazz Band DrummersSimon Phillips CompleteDrum BrushesEssential Styles for the Drummer and BassistLike A Normal Girl But So Much LouderThe Girl in the Back: A Female Drummer's LifeDrummer Girl Retro VintageDrummer in the Marching Band Throw PillowDrum CharmWomen Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and CountryThe Female DrummerI'm a Drummer Sports BraSculpted HeadsMusic Whiskey GlassMusic BraceletA Do-It-Yourself Music MemoirBellaa Headphone Bookends12 Vinyl Records Drink CoastersMusic JournalTreble Clef JewelryMicrophone NecklaceInspirational Bracelets with QuotesNote & Treble Clef EarringsDonner DED-200 Electric Drum SetNylon DrumsticksCustom Engraved DrumsticksDonner Drumsticks BagHUN Practice PadONESING 15 Pairs EarringsHeartbeat Band Member Drummers PulloverMusic is in My DNADrum Set for ToddlersDrum Dream GirlHow We Selected Gifts For A Drummerfirst consideration or criteriasecond consideration or criteriaFAQs About Gifts for A DrummerWhat is a good gift for a drummer?What should I get my drummer boyfriend?What every drummer should have?What do you get a drummer for Christmas?Final Word

The Best Gift for Your Drummer

Drummer Vintage Gift T-Shirt

Drummers love their t-shirts and they must reflect a personal tone somewhere in their life. The Drummer Vintage Gift T-Shirt is always a win with the young or older drummer. The message of being big, bad, and forever is in this t-shirt. A great birthday gift for your drummer.

Wind Chimes


When I think of music and even drums I think of the sounds of the outdoors and the Wind Chimes with a deep tone come to mind. I have always heard music or I should say songs in everything. When I am laying in bed with the fan running old country songs come to my mind. The wind chimes in my yard are always playing a well-loved tune. Drummers must hear the beat in everyday life also. Chimes are music and magic.

Drum Sticks Shirt

My son loves to drum and he has collected drum sticks since he was a young teen. A passion can turn into a lifetime dream. The Drum Sticks Shirt is the perfect gift for that drummer in your life. It adds some coolness to the night out playing on the stage or just in the garage with your friends.

TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth

For the music lover, there can never be too much of it or a wrong place for it. Your drummer will love taking their favorite tunes outdoors with them on a good family night. When they are sitting on the porch with a beer in their hand, loved ones close by they can turn on the tunes using the TikiTunes Portable Bluetooth which is wireless has an LED Torch lighting effect, audio USB speaker and works with iPhone, iPad or my favorite the Android.

Suck.UK Drumstick Pens


A great gift for the avid collector of all things drums stick or the drummer that loves a beat as he puts the notes to paper. The Suck.UK Drumstick Pens is not only original but super cool and gives a message to all that I love to drum! The perfect gift for your college student that is pursuing a degree but still loves his music.

Smart WIFI String Lights

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights with 15 Dimmable RGBIC LED Bulbs, 48ft IP65 Waterproof Shatterproof Patio Lights, Color Changing Warm White Lights with 47 Scene Modes for Balcony, Backyard

I can just imagine the smile on your drummer’s face when he sees his child super excited as these lights blink to the beat of the music. Not just any music but her mom or dad’s music, the drummer in the family.  The Govee Smart WIFI String Lights change color with the music. Your daughter or son will love this as they drum along and the lights go with them. they will be amazed.

Rock Drumstick Pendant Necklace for Men

For your drummer guy that loves to wear exceptionally cool jewelry, I  believe you have found the perfect gift. They state his love for the drum and add an accessory that stands out. The Rock Drumstick Pendant is cool stainless steel and offers a great conversation piece.

Ambesonne Music Outdoor Tablecloth

No drummer or music lover should be without this cool tablecloth for the outdoors. The Ambesonne Music Outdoor Tablecloth is not only super cool but the artwork with musical notes is vibrant and adds some flair to any outdoor living space.

Drum Wall Hook Wall Hanger

The perfect accent for the man cave! When his buddies come to jam they have a place to hang their coats or backpacks. A unique look for the avid drummer. The Drum Multi-Purpose Wall Hanger adds some glam that is cool even for a guy. the gals will love it too. Speaks to their passion for music and the drums. A great birthday or Christmas gift.

Spontuneous – The Song Game


So much fun for the musical family including the lead drummer to play a game called Spontuneous. You can sing it or shout it out Talent NOT Required – a fun family board game for your drummer and his crew.

Drummer Gifts

I love the humor in this one as I have heard drummers say this a million times. When you love music and you play the drums it never feels like work. Our passions excite us and take us down a path of pure enjoyment. The Drummer Mug Wine Glass is a good gift for your drummer on a birthday or any special occasion.

Manual Keynote Decorative Throw


Let the music cover you and soothe your soul. I love a good blanket to wrap up in on the couch and listen to my favorite tunes. Your drummer will enjoy this musical note throw with the Manual Keynotes decorating it and adding some style to the room. A birthday gift that will be used daily.

Drummer Metal Figurine


Your drummer will love this little guy. He is cool and unique. A perfect gift for your guy or gal who is on their way to stardom! The Drummer Metal Figurine will not only rock their world but get them excited for life!

iPhone Microphone Image Design


The old microphone is a classic and the drummer will enjoy having some old music on the back of his phone. Our spaces and things we own often reflect who we are and what we do for a living. The iPhone Microphone Image Design will speak to the drummer and music lover within.

Vintage Drums Patent Poster Prints


The history of the drums all laid out for your drummer guy or gal. A perfect starter set for the story behind the drums and you know anyone who has a passion wants the history to go with it. The Vintage Drums Patent Poster Prints can be framed for some awesome wall art or stored in a keepsake book if that is what rocks their boat! You know your drummer so this is the perfect gift.

Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas Grill


When your drummer is not on the road playing music with the band they can get the gang together in the backyard. Turn on the music, and grill some good steaks. Nothing like home cooking. The Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas Grill is a great gift idea that everyone can enjoy. The perfect place to park the band when your not on the road.

Lavley Rock Out Socks

Rock out is exactly what they do when the band comes together and makes music they find amazing. Whether it is rock, blues, jazz, or country the drummer fits into any genre and these socks. The Lavley Rock Out Socks are an easy bet on a gift they will love.

7-Piece Patio Furniture Sectional Sofa

When your in a band and drumming away day after day it is nice to get off the road and into your backyard. A great place to be with your spouse and kids, cooking a good meal, or watching them play. The Patio Sectional Sofa gives you that outdoor space to be comfortable and it feels like home.

Men’s Old Man Drummer Tank Top

Is your drummer an old man at heart, his love for the jam has surpassed his age? The Old Man Drummer Tank Top is an awesome gift no matter your guy’s age. Sometimes the would of the drummer surpasses his age and goes directly to ability and soul.

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock


Having a sweet place to relax after a long month on the bus playing in the band your drummer wants to rest and hang with their friends or family. A great place to do that is in the backyard, out of smoky bars and bustling cities. The Cotton Hammock is space-saving if your short on a backyard. You can snooze and dream up some new drum stick tricks.

Follow The Drummer Baseball Cap

A great hat is a great hat and this is a great hat! Follow the drummer reminds me of the Pide Pipper story from years ago. Let all the little music lovers follow your drummer’s sound. The Follow The Drummer Baseball Cap is adjustable and a gift many of your drummers will love.

Amazon eGift Card


When your drummer is hard to buy for you cannot go wrong with the Amazon eGift Card. They can find the right music, clothes, or whatever gift they really want. You cannot go wrong! The best gift ever is a choice.

Drummer Cymbal Phone Kickstands


Pop sockets are all the rage and your drummer having one that is a Cymbal will just destroy all the other gifts given on their birthday. It will be a favorite, guaranteed. The Drummer Cymbal Phone Kickstands PopSockets just makes a statement they will love! Best birthday or Christmas gift ever. No matter the price they will love it.

Ninety Nine Restaurants Gift Cards

When they are the drummer in the band and always on the road they have to eat out a lot. The Ninety Nine Restaurants Gift Cards is a nice birthday or Christmas gift to give them some selections for eating on the road. they will enjoy all the new places they get to try.

Graffiti Sketch Style Drummer Music Unisex Crew Socks

Rocking a cool pair of socks that tells the world who you are and what you do is the best! I love socks that tell my story and so will your drummer so have no fear you got this and they will be glad they have the Graffiti Sketch Drummer Music Crew Socks.

LED-Wall Hanging Drum Light – Personalized with Name

Now how can you go wrong with a personalized drum light set for your drummer? Add it to their jam room and you have rocked that birthday or Christmas gift. The Namofactur LED Wall Hanging Drum Set Light – Personalized with Name is a gift that they will use every day they jam on their drums.

Alpine Swiss Liam Mens Fashion Sneakers

When you are on your feet all day playing the drums, hauling the equipment, and waiting around you need a good pair of shoes that are also smart looking. The stylish Alpine Swiss Sneakers are suede and comfy. They are all day wearable and look nice with any outfit.

Percussion Lover Shirt

The sound of the drum set, each piece making its own unique sound. The deep sounds of the percussion permeating the room and the bodies of those close by. You can feel the music. It drives them and moves them to levels nothing else can. The Drummer T-Shirt is a gift that reminds them who they are and where they are going.

Levi’s Women’s Faux Leather Jacket

When you’re a badass female drummer you get to look the part. Cool and hot. I respect your style and love the beat. A great gift for your drummer gal. The Levi’s Women’s Jacket is groegous.

Vintage Drummer Drum Sticks T-Shirt

Now, this is a t-shirt for your drummer lover. It is classical and so sweet. Anyone who loves drums, drum sticks or plays them can relate to the beauty of the Vintage Drummer T-Shirt. A great gift for a birthday or any holiday. Or just because you saw it and thought of your loved one.

Black Drum Mug

Here is a one-of-a-kind piece your coffee-loving drummer will have to have. There is something about it that speaks to the soul and music lover inside us all. The style is super cool and it is a must-have for the drummer’s collection of super cool items. The design of the Black Drum Mug is completely awesome! I am telling you this is a great gift!!

Hood Crew Men’s Faux Leather Zip

I cannot forget those guys that play the drums and want that bad boy look. I think this one is perfect and will have your styling on stage. The Hood Crew Leather Zip-Up is the bomber jacket you must have.

20 Ounce Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

Every drummer needs a sturdy travel mug that keeps their beverage at the right temperature and the Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler is the one that does the job.

Christian Drummer T-Shirt

The soul of the drummer speaks in their music loud and clear. the passion and love inside of them come out in their music. A great t-shirt is hard to find and you can never have too many of them in your closet. The Christian Drummer T-Shirt with the drumstick cross speaks volumes and sends the message of the love of music and the lord. A perfect gift for your Christian drummer or any love of music.

Drummer Coffee Mug

The beat meets the heat! A great coffee mug with a great message. If your coffee lover enjoys a variety of cups that speak their mind and sends a message then the Drummer coffee mug is ready for you to order and get with the gifting!

Guitar Drums Set Wood Wall Clock

Decor in the home has to suit the person living there and the Guitar Drums Set Wood Wall Clock is pretty damn cool. I think your drummer might like it.

Music Festival Drums Dangle Earrings

Super cool earrings for the guy or gal who loves their drums and jewelry that reflects that love. The Music Festival Drums  Earrings will fit perfectly into your drummers life and love for the music they create.

Engraved Drumsticks


Personalized drumsticks are super cool and something your drummer will love. you can engrave their name, children’s names, favorite songs, or anything on the Wooden Drum Sticks, get creative.

Drummer Parking Only

Perfect for your drummer’s parking spot or even in the music room by the spot they always hold. A fun sign to let everyone know I am here and this is my spot. The StickerPirate Drummer Parking is just a fun gift that anyone would love. Gift this for a birthday or any occasion to your drummer!

Patriotic USA Drummer Gift Case


Love the design and colors of this gift case. You can add an amazing set of drum sticks to it or some awesome sheet music to soothe the drummer’s soul. The iPhone XR Drumsticks America Flag Drumming Gift Case is a place to park the phone.

The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer


The history of an iconic female Jazz drummer is an amazing story to hold in your hands and read all about her rise to fame in the drumming world. Jazz music has its roots deep into his country and all genres of music. Give your drummer the gift of history The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer will be a hit.

Pendant Jazz Band Drummers

Now, this is super cool and something you do not see every day. Your drumming will love the Davitu Jazz Band Drummers Necklace, it speaks to their passion.

Simon Phillips Complete


What drummer has not heard of or admired Simon Phillips and is not ready to add the Simon Phillips Complete to their collection. A must-have for any drummer.

Drum Brushes


If your drummer is creating or in a rock band, they need the Drum Brushes to complete the gear to do the job. The drum brushes will help create the sound that sells the tickets and brings the music.

Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist


We always think we know what is best, what works and what does not but looking at the greats, stuf=ding their style, and learning from the best will take your drummer farther. gift them the Essential Styles for the Drummer and Bassist, because nothing replaces educating yourself.

Like A Normal Girl But So Much Louder


It amazed me as I was looking for girl drummer items, they are in short supply. so much of the drum world has been reigned over by men. What a glass ceiling for a woman, shock. I did find this notebook which I think is a cool gift idea. You ladies are awesome and keep rocking on and put your notes in the the Drummer Girl’s Notebook. Take over the world ladies and rock on!

The Girl in the Back: A Female Drummer’s Life


It is hard to find female drummers that have made it to the top but I found the story of this lovely lady and I believe it is worth sharing. The The Girl in the Back: A Female Drummer’s Life tells the story of this woman as she works with Bowie, Blondie, and the ’70s Rock Scene. amazing!

Drummer Girl Retro Vintage

I always love a comfy t-shirt and your lady drummer appreciates them also. A gift that is used often and always loved is the Drummer Girl Retro Vintage T-Shirt. Get her one today for that birthday or special occasion.

Drummer in the Marching Band Throw Pillow


Looking for female drummer gifts is tough. If your girl likes a good throw pillow though this one is pretty cute. The Female Percussionist Throw Pillow could be just what your looking for so check it out.

Drum Charm

This is so cute. I love the gems and sleekness of this piece of jewelry. It will look good on you and the fun part is if your guy is a drummer they have a guy set also. Gift your female drummer the Emerald Park Jewelry Drumstick Necklace she will love it.

Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country


I was disappointed when trying to find woman drummer info, gifts, history, and other items. I did come across the Women Drummers: A History from Rock and Jazz to Blues and Country which shows the woman has dominated in some bands as the drummer and deserve more recognition. If you’re a female drummer you need to know the history and battle women have fought and keep up the good fight. you rock my friends.

The Female Drummer

Let the world know who you are and what you do! Stand proud and knock out that beat. The The Female Drummer is a cool gift for the female drummer to let her light shine.

I’m a Drummer Sports Bra

Even though it is stigma-centered as hell, as I am having a hard time finding cool female drummer stuff, I do think this is pretty cool for you fit rocking girls out there. The Drummer Sports Bra although sexualizes you I guess it sells the tickets and helps keep the music going. Girls flaunt your tools of the trade. Trust me, I’m a drummer.

Sculpted Heads

As a music lover, the sculpted heads represent just that to those who create the music like your drummer. These are a great accent piece for the perfect music room or just to add the art of music to your style. The Sculpted Heads are a gift idea for your drummer that will make them sing.

Music Whiskey Glass

When your drummer is done making music for the night you can hand them this music note glass filled with their favorite whiskey or bourbon to chill out with. I love a good glass that tells the world what I love. You can add a nice bottle of their favorite drink to the Music Whiskey Glass – Gold Music Note  and have the perfect birthday or special occasion gift for your drummer!

Music Bracelet

I am not a drummer but I love this bracelet and so will your music lover or drummer! The Music Bracelet is super cool and rad! It is the perfect fit for your drummer’s personality! Not many people will have this and I know I love the uniqueness. A gift they will love on their birthday or Christmas.

A Do-It-Yourself Music Memoir


Talk about a gift that leaves a memory for others. This is super cool and every drummer should have it to keep all their best music. The The Mixtape of My Life has me excited. I wish I could play music. I love this and so will your drummer or music lover!

Bellaa Headphone Bookends

There are so many super fun gift ideas when you dig. I really like the Headphone Bookends as a gift for your drummer. they can hold sheet music or books about music and add just a cool tone to any room. these are an idea for a gift that just might be the one!

12 Vinyl Records Drink Coasters

I still have all my old 45’s and when I found these cool coasters I was like, “What a great idea.” Let your home reflect what you love and the Funny Coasters for Drinks | Set of 12 Vinyl Records Drink Coasters do just that. Another gift that not everyone will have. The perfect conversation piece that leads to some awesome memories of music and good times.

Music Journal


A really cool journal for the drummer that loves to write music or notes. No more papers all over the place as your drummer is inspired to create, they can put it all down in one spot and keep it safe. A history book of what is in their mind. The Music Journal will be a favorite gift.

Treble Clef Jewelry

You cannot stop the music or the heart of a drummer. Music is in the air and everywhere they go, they live and breathe it. Any drummer will love the Music Bracelet with the Treble Clef up front and center. Hear the sounds that turn into a song and see the notes they create to make the song. Loving it.

Microphone Necklace

The drummer dreams of being on the stage playing for thousands. they may never have a microphone in their hand but one is on their drums. Playing to the besat, feeling that sound rumble through their fingers and toes has to be a powerful drug. The Microphone Hip Hop Music Pendant is just what they will love to remind them of the dream. The big, the loud, the crowd screaming for more drum solos.

Inspirational Bracelets with Quotes

I can just see the drummer in the band in their black pants and a cool t-shirt, drumming away as the Inkstone Music Inspirational Bracelets with Quotes hangs on their wrist, catching the eye of people in the crowd. They are cool but loud and make people look.

Note & Treble Clef Earrings

There are so many pieces of jewelry that can speak to your drummer. The Boma Note & Treble Clef Earrings will be a nice gift for a birthday or special occasion. The wearer can show what they love every day.

Donner DED-200 Electric Drum Set


Well hello, Dolly! A nice drum set for your drummer. When your child or young adult has a passion we want to encourage it. The Donner Drum Set will keep them entertained, learning and creating new pieces of music. A super exciting gift for Christmas or a birthday.

Nylon Drumsticks


Fun percussion drum sticks for your drummer. Super cool looking with the neon and boy can they make some music. Give the Nylon Drumsticks to add to the collection or get the beginner going.

Custom Engraved Drumsticks


This could be a super fun gift to give! You can customize their drumsticks with anything you want. What a great gift that leaves a loving memory! They can use the Persanolized Wooden Drum Sticks or add them to their collection. I like it.

Donner Drumsticks Bag


If your drummer loves to collect drumsticks or takes several with on the road then they need the Drum Sticks Bag which carries the drumsticks, drum key, drum wire brushes, resonance pad, and mallets. Perfect for going on the road or keeping things safe at home, great storage.

HUN Practice Pad

A great gift for the beginner drummer or the avid drummer when they just want to practice. The HUN Practice Pad will be ready to go with a 4 Inch Drum pad and one pair of sticks and the bag for great storage. Get your loved one on the drum and learning some skills.

ONESING 15 Pairs Earrings

Not to be cliche, but I see many drummers in bands that wear the Black Mens Earrings and they are cool. I do not know why but they grab the attention of people and I like them. If your drummer likes to wear studs then these are sleek and will fit the bill. Give a gift he will like and wear! Many pairs to choose from and they are all black metal. Loving them.

Heartbeat Band Member Drummers Pullover

A great sweatshirt for your drummer. It is comfortable and super nice. The Drums Heartbeat Pullover will hit the sweet spot with your drummer!

Music is in My DNA

A new baby in the family means you have to have an outfit that shows where they are going! Music is in the DNA and your little one will grow to not only rock the band but will rock the cute Newest Member of The Band t-shirt and make mom and dad proud. This is the perfect gift for the drummer parent.

Drum Set for Toddlers


Melt a parent’s heart by getting the kiddos a gift just like mommies or daddies. If your drummer has a child they dream about their child following in their footsteps, if they are positive role models anyway. We want our children to look up to us and have our passions. Little mini-mes are what we see. If your guy or gal is a drummer then the Electric Drum Set for Toddlers will be music to your ears even if the kid is offbeat and has no tune.

Drum Dream Girl


I love a good story and a story of the success of a female is the best. The Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl’s Courage Changed Music is so intriguing. you will love it.

How We Selected Gifts For A Drummer


first consideration or criteria

When considering any gift for a loved one we need to look at their life and passions. Many times the gifts we choose actually reflect what we like and the receiver of the gift is disappointed on the inside. They may say they like the gift but they see it as another fail. Stop finding gifts you like. If you do not know them well enough to buy them a gift then either do some research or get them an Amazon gift card so they can buy something they truly want or need.

As I compiled this list I kept trying to think out of the box. there is a stereotype I think of when I think of a drummer in the band. I have a couple of family members that play in small bands and my mind goes to them and the persona they put out there for the world. It is always this badass personality that screams I am bulletproof when in fact they get hurt easily. As I was looking for items I found ones that speak to that false persona or the face presented to the world, but I also looked for that soft person inside that can create such beautiful music. I think we need to take the outer shells off and look inside our loved ones and friends. Find the real person. The one that hides behind the superman cape.

second consideration or criteria

Cost and value always factor into gift-giving. Sometimes the least expensive gift is the right gift but because of cost, we bypass it when we should buy it. So always think about what they would like to have and forget about the cost if it is inexpensive. Listen to your friend’s words, what are they talking about. So many times they have told us a million times what they want but we forget to hear their words.

I found expensive and inexpensive gifts in this collection of items for drummers and musicians I think can find a few I love this. As I said before it is not about the price for most people. We want a gift that says you know me and you pay attention. Our lives get so busy we forget to see and hear the subtle things, those which matter most. When they say, “Stop and smell the roses,” I think they mean pay attention to those in your life. They matter and who they are can be hidden behind the wall that keeps them from being vulnerable.


FAQs About Gifts for A Drummer


What is a good gift for a drummer?

The easy answer is something they want or need. We just do not always think we know what that is because we are not listening. Gift them something that feeds their passion for the drums. Things that can surround them and bring out the passion in their soul. Music and the ability that goes with it can be so deep inside and we forget to “see” the real person. The outside of a musician can be false as they not only sell their ability but their looks and how others perceive them. Most drummers come off as bad boys or bad sexy girls that will do anything. Not many are truly that way. Today’s society sells false perceptions. Money comes to those who cater to the masses. People do not want boring. They want to smash it up, loud and rowdy on the stage.

What should I get my drummer boyfriend?

There are some great necklaces in this list that your drummer boyfriend will love and so will you. Have fun and give him something that makes him feel good about what he does. Show your support for his busy nightlife and all the time he spends with the band practicing for success. Chill, enjoy the music and gift him an amazing piece of jewelry.

If your guy is on the road often or gone then think about something for the home that is relaxing. Maybe a grill or the awesome outdoor couch to chill out on and spend time together talking and just being. A busy schedule and crazy nightlife can leave your drummer just wanting peace and quiet at home with his loved ones. Provide him with what he needs to thrive, not just survive.

What every drummer should have?

The best drum sticks in the world and many others for his or her amazing collection. A drummer cannot have too many drum sticks. They come in every shape, color, and design and I bet they want them all. There are some cool bags for drum accessories. Every drummer should have a loving home at the end of his journey, somewhere he can be himself or herself and the performance can end. Provide that and you are amazing.

What do you get a drummer for Christmas?

So many options. Anything to do with drums or music. The best bet is always an Amazon gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want but if that doesn’t work
I have put together some cool gift ideas for you! Start looking. There is some really cool jewelry, outdoor relaxation ideas, books, decorations, and just fun whimsical ideas. there are thousands of gifts. If you do not find the right one here it may give you some out-of-the-box thoughts to help you find just the right gift on Amazon.

Final Word

Do not wait until the last minute to buy a gift. You know when the birthday is a year ahead of time and the same with any holiday. Start looking now as it gives you time to put some thought into the gift and make it meaningful. We are horrible at waiting until the day before then believe we can find the perfect gift when what we have really done is buy them something we like.

Do not go crazy. You are better off with one cool item, even it is small and inexpensive them a load of crap. We tend to think more is better and we are so wrong. Many people just want the heartfelt gift. So take some time and think before you buy. I hope you find something that will work on my list. I try to find a variety of things and some off a little off but we are all so different and what one person thinks is dumb another one loves.

Terri Mielitz

I have eleven grandchildren ranging from 2 to 25 years of age. I watch 3 of the toddlers everyday. I am an educator and a firm believer in learning, even with playtime.

I put a lot of thought into gift buying. Gifts tell a story and I want the loved ones in my life to have a positive story of belonging.