50 Best Gift Exchange Ideas for Work 2022

Great gifts for your work gift exchange need to be universal to be successful. We found the best options from under $10, $15, $25, $30, and $40 to help you be the best gift giver for a Secret Santa at the office. 

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Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $10Cord Storage OrganizerAmazon 20 Pack AAUniversal Waterproof PouchMoodycardsChocolate Chip Cookie KitInfinity Cube Fidget ToyCereal Marshmallow BitsVinyl Record Coasters Internet Address & Password LogbookPlant Therapy Respir Aid Oil Mini Trash Can with LidBlue Light Blocking GlassesWorlds Okayest Employee MugDim It Dimming Sheets Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $15Funny Notepads Skinnytaste Air Fryer CookbookOlive Oil MisterLavazza Espresso Coffee BlendTop 250 Movie Scratch Off PosterBeeGreen Reusable BagsStrange Weird Vintage Photo Microwaveable Heat Pack32GB Wrench Flash DriveHaley's 5-in-1 Wine CorkMr. Predicto Fortune Telling BallZebra PensBest Gift Ideas for Work Under $25Sushi MagnetsWaxed Canvas Lunch BagAnker Wireless ChargerMonoki First Aid KitBeach BlanketLarge Gaming Mouse PadMini Umbrella with CaseTypewriter Pencil HolderAcupressure Mat and Pillow SetMonitor Stand WoodenFlameless LED CandlesI Talk To Myself MugToblerone Chocolate Gift SetBest Gift Ideas for Work Under $30Miady Portable ChargersRocketbook Reusable NotebookMini Zen Garden Kit Double-Sided Letter Board UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger Tea Forte Tea AssortmentBest Gift Ideas for Work Under $40Echo Dot (4th Gen) Easy-to-Use Label MakerRivals for Catan Card GameOffice Chair Seat CushionLed Flame Table lamp.How We Chose Gifts for Gift Exchanges at WorkType of CompanyBudgetThemeFAQs - Gift Exchange Ideas for WorkIf it's a work Christmas party, should I focus on a festive gift? Should I do a "donated in your name" gift? Would a holiday gift basket be a good idea for a holiday exchange? Are funny gifts acceptable at a work party?Should I stick with gender-neutral gifts? 

Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $10

Cord Storage Organizer

Everyone has electronics these days making the Cord Storage Organizer a smart gift. Store a phone, cords, and memory sticks in this smart and affordable gift. The classic design and leather buckle make this gorgeous, and it will be the envy of any gift exchange. 

Amazon 20 Pack AA


Not everything has a charger making batteries like the Amazon 20 Pack AA a necessity in every home. These powerful little batteries can bring items to life like remotes, toys, headphones, controllers, and so much more. A twenty-pack will last quite a while, making happy giftees at any party. 

Universal Waterproof Pouch


The world is full of water and smartphones, making the Universal Waterproof Pouch a smart buy. Whether swimming, rain, boating or going to a water park, a waterproof pouch will protect a very expensive investment.  A two-pack makes this a great investment ready to protect hundreds of dollars of electronics. 



Office parties would not be the same without the occasional gag gift like the Moodycards. While the mood cards definitely scream gag, they are useful too as they can serve as a busy sign at a desk. It’s a great way to greet visits in the office with thirty different messages appropriate for a variety of jobs. 


Cookies are a universal language everyone speaks and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit makes a great gift. Not only does it include a cookie mix, but also includes a mini cast iron skill that’s useful too. Use the skillet to make eggs, personal brownies, or even use as a spoon rest by the stove. 

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy


Imagine all the time your coworkers spend on the phone playing with a pen because their fingers need to stay busy. Bring the Infinity Cube Fidget Toy to the next Secret Santa and give them a fun fidget toy ready to make phone calls a little more interesting. The black color and block design look great in the office without taking up a lot of space on the desk. 

Cereal Marshmallow Bits


Offices are definitely an adult environment, but with the Cereal Marshmallow Bits, employees can feel like kids again. Everyone loves the marshmallows in cereal more than the other bits, and this is one big bag of fun. Take this conversation starter wrapped with a bow and watch everyone feel younger, even in a suit. 

Vinyl Record Coasters 

Coasters are a smart investment that protects expensive furniture, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. TheVinyl Record Coasters look like vintage vinyl records but are made with rubber on the bottom to keep them in place. Giftees can use these at work or at home for a fun statement piece. 

Internet Address & Password Logbook

Everything online requires a password, and using the same one is bad business. Expand coworkers password collection with the  Internet Address & Password Logbook. It’s a perfect storage solution that does not look like it would store passwords as it’s beautiful and ready to delight. 

Plant Therapy Respir Aid Oil 

When the weather turns so do allergies and the Plant Therapy Respir Aid Oil is there to help. If the air is stale in your office, this might help everyone by clearing airways and reducing congestion. Also, the pre-diluted roller doesn’t need anything else as it’s ready to roll on the wrist like a perfume. 

Mini Trash Can with Lid

If you prefer to give useful gifts that everyone can use consider the Mini Trash Can with Lid. It’s oblong, blue, and includes a lid to trap in small desk scraps and keep a desk clean in style. It’s a beautiful way to keep trash off the desk, making it a great choice for any office. 

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses can protect the eyes of those who work on a computer all day. With everything digital, everyone ends up with an overdose of blue light which can mess with circadian rhythms and make sleep an issue. Give a gift the protects eyes and improves sleep while staying stylish. 

Worlds Okayest Employee Mug

The Worlds Okayest Employee Mug works as a fun gag gift as not everyone can be the best employee. Not to mention, everyone needs a cup of coffee or a place to store ink pens. A mug like this makes for a fantastic way to lighten up the mood and sponsor teamwork without revving up the competition. 

Dim It Dimming Sheets 

With so many electronic gadgets, the many LED lights can be quite annoying. Enter the Dim It Dimming Sheets ready to cover lights up and reduce annoying brightness. Choose these for a practical and convenient gift ready to help people sleep better at night or have fewer distractions in the office. 

Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $15

Funny Notepads 


The offices are full of work and seriousness. Lighten up the mood with these Funny Notepads. The set includes four memo pads with funny images and cute sayings ready to make anyone laugh and cheer up their day. 

Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook


Air fryers are all the rage, and most kitchens have one now, which makes a cookbook a great gift. The Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook focuses on healthy recipes for an air fryer. With 75 great recipes to try and beautiful images, this gift will be well-loved by all. 

Olive Oil Mister

Another air frying necessity is the Olive Oil Mister. This oil spritzer can work for many other uses, too, like simply adding healthy fat to meals or as a way to replace unhealthy cooking sprays. With everyone starting to understand the importance of healthy food, this gift will be a hit and a useful item for any kitchen. 

Lavazza Espresso Coffee Blend


Offices run on coffee, and the Lavazza Espresso Coffee Blend is the best. Hailing from Italy, this coffee tastes amazing with a beautiful flavor and aroma in a medium roast. It’s a gift everyone in the office can enjoy as the aroma breeze down the hallway. 

Top 250 Movie Scratch Off Poster

Everyone loves a scratch-off poster and the Top 250 Movie Scratch Off Poster focuses on a fan favorite. It’s a great way to help people decorate and learn about new movies they haven’t seen. The fun retro design looks amazing on a wall in any room. 

BeeGreen Reusable Bags

Help coworkers learn to be nice to the planet with the BeeGreen Reusable Bags. Not only are the six bags adorable with animal themes, but they are useful for more than just grocery shopping. Not all gifts can delight people and help the planet, but this one can making it a must for an affordable price. 

Strange Weird Vintage Photo 

If you don’t want to please everyone, try pleasing no one with this Strange Weird Vintage Photo. Not many people will appreciate this quirky gift, but everyone will laugh. With a cute cat, though, it will definitely win some hearts over. 

Microwaveable Heat Pack


Give the gift of comfort with the Microwaveable Heat Pack at your next office party. This useful heat pack goes in the microwave to offer soothing comfort. It stays warm for a long time, and the oblong shape works for a variety of different areas like the neck, forehead, or back. 

32GB Wrench Flash Drive

Memory is the tool of office trade and with the 32GB Wrench Flash Drive its an actual too! This little flash drive looks like a wrench, and it’s perfect for hidden storage. With 32 GB, it can hold tons of documents or images, making this a very useful present indeed. 

Haley’s 5-in-1 Wine Cork

Many people cannot wait to get home and pop open a bottle of wine. Using the Haley’s 5-in-1 Wine Cork they can aerate, filter, and reseal their wine to let it last longer. These also work for many other liquids to making them very useful for those who do not drink wine also. 

Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball


The Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling Ball is a new spin on the Magic 8 Ball, ready to fill the office with laughter. As the ball offers over 30 different answers, lights up, and talks, it’s a great conversation starter. Add some magical fun to the day and help everyone at the party feel like a kid again. 

Zebra Pens


When in doubt, choose a useful gift like the Zebra Pens. These smooth pens come in black and blue with 24 pens ready to last a long time and make life in the office a little better. The pens have retractable points, too, to make sure ink does not leak. 

Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $25

Sushi Magnets

For the sophisticated office, the Sushi Magnets make a great addition to a bulletin board or refrigerator. These adorable magnets look good enough to eat and have a strong magnet on the back to keep papers in place on the fridge or board. Novel gifts like these make for a fun gift ready to act as a conversation starter. 

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

Give an old school lunch bag like the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag. Not only are these bags useful, but they take up less space in the office communal fridge, making them a gift for everyone. 

Anker Wireless Charger


Cellphones need chronic charging and the Anker Wireless Charger is here to help. The device fits perfectly on a desk and does not require an AC Adapter. Charge both Apple and Samsung phones with this resourceful gift. 

Monoki First Aid Kit


Everyone needs an emergency kit like the Monoki First Aid Kit stashed in their desk or car. While not the most fun gift, someone will be thankful for this thoughtful gift at some point. It includes 241 pieces to work for almost any situation. 

Beach Blanket


Are your coworkers dreaming of lazy vacations on the beach far away from the office? Give them the Beach Blanket and help them start planning that vacation now. This towel comes in a variety of colors and works for beaches, picnics, and many other uses too. 

Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Whether used for desk protection or for gaming, the Large Gaming Mouse Pad looks awesome. With a vintage style and a map, it’s a quality mat ready to protect against spills. Also, a giant mouse pad allows a computer mouse to roam freely. 

Mini Umbrella with Case

An umbrella is a wildly practical gift like the Mini Umbrella with Case. This option includes a case making it easier to store in a bag or in the office. Unless you live in the desert, everyone needs a little protection from the rain. 

Typewriter Pencil Holder


Add a little retro style to a co-workers desk with the Typewriter Pencil Holder. The pencil holder looks adorable while holding pens and pencils to keep the desk clean. The keyboard part can even hold post-it notes or business cards, making it extra useful. 

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set


The Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set fall under the category of something people want but do not want to spend the money on. Buy it for them and pique their curiosity to see if this sharp pad can actually relieve pain and tension. Choose from multiple colors, and the set includes a pillow too. 

Monitor Stand Wooden

Computer monitors that sit too low can cause neck strain. Fix the problem with a simple gift like the Wooden Monitor Stand that also adds storage under a computer monitor. No assembly is required from this solid wood item that will improve any desk. 

Flameless LED Candles

Candles like the Flameless LED Candles are not only increase the ambiance of a room, they serve as emergency lighting. The seven candles include a remote control for easy usage. Furthermore, they look authentic but use batteries, making them perfect for a storm or power outage. 

I Talk To Myself Mug

The I Talk To Myself Mug offers humor and function. A funny statement cheers up anyone and makes taking a cup of coffee on the go easier. Take the cup anywhere as it has a lid and will not spill while keeping drinks hot or cold for hours, and it’s unbreakable!

Toblerone Chocolate Gift Set


Triangular chunks of chocolate are in with the Toblerone Chocolate Gift Set. Inside the triangular gift box, find 9 bars, including milk chocolate, white chocolate, and salted caramelized almond bars. All made with the finest ingredients that no one will want to share. 

Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $30

Miady Portable Chargers


The Miady Portable Chargers is a functional gift everyone with electronic devices can use. If your company often sends people on the road or on a plane, then these chargers maybe even handier. With two sets, you can charge phones several times over and never be without a charged phone. 

Rocketbook Reusable Notebook


The Rocketbook Reusable Notebook can go to a meeting, take notes and then upload to a computer. Choose from two sizes and several color options. It’s a planet-friendly notebook that reduces waste and clutter as you can clean it and reuse it endlessly. 

Mini Zen Garden Kit 


A tense office may need the Mini Zen Garden Kit to relax. The little garden adds charm to a desk while adding peace and tranquility. The set includes the tray, tools, rocks, and lotus flower. 

Double-Sided Letter Board 


A letter board adds a fun way to make announcements without leaving the desk. Choose the Double Sided Letter Board as it includes an easel and a storage bag for the characters. Announce meetings or say you are away for lunch and reduce unnecessary communication. 

UV Phone Sanitizer and Charger 

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger | Patented and Clinically Proven 360 Degree UV Light Sanitizer | Cleans and Charges All Phones (White)

Phones are dirty and the UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Charger sanitizes them quickly. Using UV rays, people can clean anything that fits in the box, not just their phone. It’s a great gift, especially during a pandemic. 

Tea Forte Tea Assortment


Not everyone loves coffee and many people would prefer the Tea Forte Tea Assortment. The set includes twenty varieties of black, white, green, and herbal tea in a gorgeous box. No other gift looks as elegant for such an affordable price. 

Best Gift Ideas for Work Under $40

Echo Dot (4th Gen) 

Do your coworkers wish they had an assistant? Get them the Echo Dot (4th Gen), and they can have their very own assistant who doesn’t need a paycheck! The Echo Dot can play music, take notes, set reminders, and much more. 

Easy-to-Use Label Maker


Stuff disappears at offices, leaving people annoyed. With the Easy-to-Use Label Maker by Brother, people can label their item and make sure they don’t disappear. Choose from 14 fonts, 97 frames, and over 600 symbols to personalize anything. 

Rivals for Catan Card Game


For the office geeks, a fun board game makes a great pastime during the lunch hour. They will love Rivals for Catan Card Game, a smaller version of a game they probably already know and love. It’s a strategy game that has multiple expansions as well to continue making the game more intriguing. 

Office Chair Seat Cushion


Office chairs are not always the most comfortable, but with the Office Chair Seat Cushion, they can be. The seat cushion includes gel-fused memory foam with comfortable cutouts. Make life more comfortable for your coworkers for eight hours a day and watch their mood improve. 

Led Flame Table lamp.

The Led Flame Table lamp works indoors or outdoors as a Bluetooth speaker and light. While your co-workers won’t get much use from this item at work, they will at home. The functional gift saves space while making any party better with sound and light. 

How We Chose Gifts for Gift Exchanges at Work

Type of Company

If possible, gauge your gifts for the type of people you work with. Gifts for engineers would probably be quite a bit different than gifts for professors. Try to use a universal gift that would work for anyone in the company, young and old, unless the party is for a specific group of coworkers in the same section. 

Also, read your audience. If you know humor and sarcasm do not go over well with your coworkers, focus on functional gifts instead. However, if your group tends to be impersonal but humorous, then silly gifts might be a better option. Try not to buy a gift meant for a single person if it’s a group exchange. 


Depending on the exchange rules, you may only have a small budget to work with for the gift. Most offices try to keep it affordable for employees and only ask for gifts in the range of either $10, $15, $25, $30, or $40. We kept this in mind and found gifts in each price range, focusing on the smaller-priced items as most companies do as well. 

Do not go over any predetermined price range as it may make other employees feel uncomfortable. However, some company parties do not set a price limit, and then the price is up to you. Make sure not to spend more than you are comfortable with, as parties are supposed to be fun and not make you broke trying to show off. 

If you and your coworkers have not determined a budget and you would like a budget, speak to the party planner and help to instigate a budget. While many people may not want to speak up, many will definitely be happy with a preset budget. Try to take everyone who will be at the party into consideration. 

For a company with only a few employees all with different pay levels, consider a very small budget. In larger companies that section off by senior and junior levels, the budget can change to meet the needs of the groups. 


Some office parties use a theme like coffee mugs, grab bags, office supplies, or some other option. If your office does have a themed party, do your best to stay in the theme as it keeps the party fun and acts as an equalizer. Also, if possible, try to use company colors for the gifts too. 

FAQs – Gift Exchange Ideas for Work

If it’s a work Christmas party, should I focus on a festive gift? 

No, it’s not necessary to focus on a festive gift unless that is the theme of the party. Most people are very particular about Christmas decorations, and it’s best to leave it to them. However, a thoughtful Christmas gift will never go remiss, and many people will appreciate the sentiment. 

Should I do a “donated in your name” gift? 

When it comes to donations, everyone has a preferred company they would rather donate to and others they would hate to donate to as well. Unless you are buying for a specific co-worker, it’s best not to do a donation gift in their name. 

Would a holiday gift basket be a good idea for a holiday exchange? 

A holiday gift basket that can be wrapped is a good idea for a holiday exchange so long as it stays within budget. Try to choose a gift basket anyone would enjoy, like a food basket or a spa basket. Try not to get too specific since everyone has different tastes. 

Are funny gifts acceptable at a work party?

Funny gifts, as long as they are not dirty, are acceptable for work parties as long as your coworkers have a sense of humor. If they do not, then you may want to consider a different gift. Try to keep the humor appropriate for your job and try not to cross any taboo lines. Make sure your funny gift will not cause animosity in the office or hurt anyone’s feelings. 

Should I stick with gender-neutral gifts? 

Generally, gender-neutral gifts are a better option. However, if the office is all women or all men, then you can probably lean toward gendered gifts. When in doubt, choose something everyone can use, like an umbrella or a mousepad in neutral colors. 

Adrina Palmer