The Best Dr. Who Gift Ideas of 2021

You’ve come to the perfect place to find gift ideas for the Whovian in your life. 

Dr. Who Fashion, Jewelry, and Accessories


Doctor Who Zip Hoodie

Ripple Junction Doctor Who Call Box Window Adult Zip Hoodie Medium Navy

The Doctor Who Zip Hoodie by Ripple Junction is designed to look like the Tardis! This is a gift that any Whovian would love. Plus, wearing a big Tardis is a great way to spot other members of the BBC show while you’re out and about. 

This hoodie is made from a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester. It features a zip-up style design and is machine washable. That’s great because the Doctor Who fan in your life will be sure to want wear this again and again! 


Fourth Doctor Scarf

Fourth Doctor Who Long Scarf Standard Brown

This Doctor Who Scarf is modeled after the iconic scarf won by the Fourth reincarnation of the Doctor. It’s also similar to the scarf worn by Petronella Osgood when she met the 11th Doctor during the Zygon invasion. 

The Dr. Who fan in your life would love to receive this as a gift. True to the original design, it’s 11.5″ long and made using multi-colored stripes and yarn tassels. It will keep them warm in the winter, while letting them show off their love of Dr. Who as well. 


Hello Sweetie Bracelet

Lywjyb Birdgot Doctor TV Show Gift Doctor TV Show Inspired Bracelet Hello Sweetie Dr Who Bracelet Valentine's Day Gift for Her River Song Tardis Gift Anniversary Gift (Hello Sweetie Dr Who CB)

Are you looking for a Doctor Who gift for the love interest in your life? The Hello Sweetie Bracelet is inspired by River Song’s words to the Doctor when their paths crossed once again as they both traveled through space and time. It reads “Hello, Sweetie” on the inside and has a picture of the Tardis surrounded by stars on the outside. 

This stainless steel jewelry is free of lead and nickle, as well as hypoallergenic. It also won’t become discolored or tarnish with wear. The special lady in your life is going to love this piece of jewelry! 


Doctor Who Pocket Watch and Pendant

YISUYA Silver Smooth Doctor Who Pocket Watch with Glass Dome Dr. Who Necklace Chain Gift Box

This collector’s box comes with a Doctor Who inspired Pocket Watch and Necklace Pendant, is perfect for wearing as a piece of jewelry or keeping as a collector’s item. The pocket watch actually tells time and has an adjustable time knob that makes it super easy to set. It comes with two chains. One is 30 cm and the other is 80cm, they can use it as a keyring or turn it into a necklace! 

This also comes with a pendant featuring a glass dome. A 50cm necklace chain is included, so your loved one can wear this any time they’d like!  


Doctor Who Socks

Doctor Who Socks Women Merchandise - Dr Who Low Cut Arch Support Socks Women - Fits Shoe Size: 4-10 (Ladies) (5 Pair)

As an adult, I absolutely love receiving socks as a gift. The quirkier the better! These Doctor Who Socks for women are a gift that any Who fan would appreciate. They come with designs featuring the Tardis, as well as characters from the show including the Daleks, Weeping Angels, and Cybermen. 

While many novelty socks are meant to look nice, these are also nice to wear. They feature arch support and are designed with quality. She’ll love showing off one of her favorite fandoms with these socks! 


Useful Dr. Who Gifts


Disappearing Tardis Mug

Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug - Add Hot Liquid and Watch The TARDIS Move From London to the Stars - Comes in a Fun Gift Box

This Disappearing Tardis Mug by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild features a heat-reactive design that your Doctor Who fan will love. At first, the Tardis is pictured in disguise on a sidewalk in London, with a beautiful blue sky and clouds in the background. As they pour tea, cocoa, or coffee into the cup, the heat makes it change and you see the Tardis traveling through space on it’s axis instead. 

This cute mug is something that is sure to brighten up any Whovian’s day as they enjoy up to 12 ounces of their favorite beverage. It’s perfect for that morning cup of coffee or enjoying tea at any time of day and it’s microwave-safe.


Dalek Decal Sticker

Doctor Who Dalek Back OFF or You Will Be Exterminated Decal Sticker Car Home Laptop Dye-cut By Boston Deals USA

I know that I absolutely love spotting other Doctor Who fans when I’m out and decal stickers are a great way to do it. This funny Doctor Who bumper sticker features a Dalek next to writing that reads, “Back off or you will be exterminated!” 

The bumper sticker is made from high-quality vinyl that is resistant to water and UV rays. It lasts up to six years, so your fan will get to enjoy it for years to come. The decal is also made with a no-residue design, so it shouldn’t leave anything behind once it is removed, either. 


Doctor Who Teapot

Doctor Who Tardis Ceramic Teapot

This gift is perfect for that tea-loving Whovian in your life. The Tardis Ceramic Teapot modeled after Doctor Who’s space ship. It’s perfect for traveling through space and time but also perfect for making tea at any time of the day. 

This ceramic tea pot holds 25 ounces of liquid, enough for 2-3 cups of tea. It also keeps hot water hot longer because of it’s thick, ceramic design and the lid fits securely on top. With a handle and spout, it’s easy to pour in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Whether they use this or put it on display, the Doctor Who enthusiast in your life will love this teapot! 


Tardis Notebook

Pyramid International A5 Doctor Who

This simple Tardis Notebook by Pyramid International is something the Whovian in your life will love. It features standard A5 lining, so it’s easy to write in. It also comes with a hard cover that is held shut with a snap button closure that features a Tardis! 

A notebook is something that anyone can use and this is small enough your loved one can even throw it in a briefcase or purse. Their biggest challenge is going to be deciding what to write in it! 


Doctor Who Apron

RESULT LOVE Fashion Custom Doctor Who Chef Kitchen Cooking and Baking Bib Apron

Deck your loved one’s kitchen out in Whovian fashion with this Doctor Who Apron. This is the perfect gift for the Dr. Who fan in your life who enjoys baking or cooking. As an added bonus, it’s well designed and is even machine washable, so it’s easy for them to clean even if they get a little messy in the kitchen. 

This apron features the Tardis on a background of stars and planets. Your loved one will truly enjoy wearing this as they work in the kitchen! 


Doctor Who Coffee Mug

Doctor Who Ceramic Coffee Mug - Iridescent Metallic Holographic Finish with Dr. Who Logo - 11oz

The iridescent Doctor Who Coffee Mug will make the perfect companion for that special Whovian’s morning. This magical ceramic coffee mug features a metallic, holographic finish. It also has the Doctor Who Logo printed on the mug. 

This is a standard-sized coffee mug and holds 11 ounces of their favorite morning beverage. It also has an easy-to-hold C-shaped handle. They’ll love starting their morning off with this mug! 


Dr. Who Decor


Tardis Starry Night Poster

Uhomate Tardis Dr Who Doctor Telephone Booth Wall Decor Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Posters Home Canvas Wall Art Print Nursery Decor Living Room Wall Decor A099 (24X30)

Bold swirls and vibrant colors come to life in this Doctor Who artwork. The Tardis Starry Night Posters by Uhomate brings together the mystical nature of the Tardis with the magical qualities of Van Gogh’s Starry Night Painting. It is 24″ x 30″ and comes printed on premium canvas. 

The canvas is printed with vivid color pigments and won’t fade over time. Each canvas is hand-made in the United States with care. The Dr. Who fan in your life will proudly display this in their home! 


Doctor Who Wall Clock

Art time production Doctor Who 11’’ Handmade Wall Clock - Get Unique décor for Home or Office – Best Gift Ideas for Kids, Friends, Parents and Your Soul Mates

The Doctor Who Wall Clock by Art Time Production has a mystical design that any Who fan will love. They will proudly display this in their office, living room, or home. 

This clock features the Tardis surrounded by mystical light and a space background. You can even see a planet in the top corner. The entire clock is made with quality, featuring a unique design and high-quality materials that won’t fade with time. It’s also really easy to install- there’s a keyhole on the back that can be hung on any screw or nail they put up. They’ll love making a statement with this Dr. Who decor. 


Weeping Angel Treetop

Kurt Adler Doctor Who Weeping Angel Treetop, 8.5-Inch

Don’t blink! This Weeping Angel Treetop by Kurt Adler stands 8.5″ and is the perfect size for topping your Whovians tree this Christmas. It’s the quirky type of gift that they will really appreciate! 

This officially licensed tree topper is made of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking. It is painted with great attention to detail with the angel covering it’s face, as they typically are during the series. Even if they don’t iuse it as a tree topper, it still makes a great gift to collect and put on display! 


Doctor Who Blackout Curtains

Doctor-Who Bedroom Blackout Curtains -Energy Efficient Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain Panels/Gate Drapes for Home Decor.

These Blackout Curtains feature an image of the tenth Doctor has he steps into Tardis. While the blackout design makes them perfect for the bedroom (especially for people who like to sleep in late), they are perfect for any room of the house! 

This comes with a set of two curtains, with each of them featuring half the design. Each of the panels is 17″ wide by 57″ long. It’s made from thick, durable polyester, so the design won’t fade with time. There was also good attention to detail in the stitching and this is machine washable, without the risk of shrinkage. The Whovian in your life will adore this gift! 


Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shaker

Doctor Who TARDIS vs Dalek Salt and Pepper Shaker - BBC Licensed

This Salt and Pepper Shaker set comes with one Dalek and one Tardis. The shakers are made from durable ceramic and painted with great attention to detail. They will love bringing these out at mealtimes as the salt and pepper shakers go at it in a battle of flavor.

These salt and pepper shakers also make great collectible items if they’d rather keep them up on a shelf. They are licensed by BBC and even come in a box with a really cool design. 


Other Gifts the Whovian in Your Life will Love


Doctor Who License Plate Frame


Doctor Who License Plate Frame - Don't Blink Weeping Angel Design 6.25

This Doctor Who License Plate Frame is the perfect way to find other Whovians. The frame features pictures of the Weeping Angels, as well as signature slogans from the Weeping Angels episodes. It reads “Don’t Blink” across the top and “The Angels Have the Car” across the bottom. 

The Weeping Angels frame is 6.25″ x 12.25″. This means it can easily be installed without blocking any of the important information on the license plate. It also comes with two screw holes, so it’s super easy to put over the plate. Don’t be surprised if they go to put it on right after they see this cool gift! 


Doctor Who Fluxx


Doctor Who Fluxx by Looney Labs is a fast-paced card game that Whovians can play with other Whovian (and non-Whovian) friends. Game play is unique and you never play the same way twice. Plus, you don’t need to have seen the show to have fun with the game. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up, so it makes a great family game as well. 

This game features ever-changing rules and all kinds of timey wimey nonsense, just like you’d expect from the Doctor Who Universe. The rules change each time a new companion, doctor, or rule is introduced and there’s action cards to mix up game play as well. Even with all this, it can take as little as 30 minutes to finish a game, so it’s perfect to play any time. The Who fan in your life will absolutely love this gift! 


Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who 6794 Thirteenth Sonic Screwdriver Toy, Multi-Colour

This iconic Sonic Screwdriver is modeled after the screwdriver from the Thirteenth Doctor, the most recent doctor character on the show. It is even complete with lights and diagnostic sounds. Whether your Whovian puts it up to collect or plays with it, they’ll love that you bought this sonic screwdriver for them. 

This comes with demo batteries, so they’ll be able to enjoy the lights and sounds even without taking the screwdriver out of the box. It’s a wonderful, quirky gift that any Doctor Who fan would appreciate. 



Doctor Who TARDIS Soy Candle White Tea and Ginger Scented (16 oz) Geek Gift Idea

Candles are a popular gift choice, but this 16-ounce TARDIS Soy Candle takes candles to the next level. In addition to being the color of a Tardis and featuring a Tardis design on the label, this has the aroma of white tea and ginger. It’s a nod to the tenth doctor’s use of tea during his regeneration! 

This scent is complex without being overwhelming, with notes of exotic spices, citrus, and English tea. The Tardis Candle by Asha’s Handmade Candles is made from soy. It has a burn time of 75-90 hours, so the Who fan in your life will get plenty of use out of it! 


Doctor Who Aquarium Tardis

Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament Police Box Telephone Decorations for Fish and Shrimp to Cave Hideouts for Hiding Police One Size

This Doctor Who Aquarium Tardis is great for the Whovian that has fish. It features a weathered Tardis design, as if it’s been sitting at the bottom of water for a while! It is 4.3″ x 4.1″ x 6.9″ and the front door is cracked open, so it’s perfect for small fish or shrimp to hide in! 

The Who fan in your life will love adding this to their aquarium. It’s colors are vivid enough that you can easily see it at the bottom of the tank. Additionally, it is non-toxic and safe for aquarium use. 


Doctor Who Tardis Cookie Jar with Light & Sound Effects - Activated by Pushing Lamp Or Closing Lid - Fun, Unique Home Or Office Kitchen Decor - Collectible Blue Police Box Time Machine Container

This Doctor Who Cookie Jar is modeled after the Tardis and even makes the iconic whooshing sound you’ll hear when the Doctor shows up. It makes this noise any time that the Tardis is opened, as well as when you press on the lantern on the top! The Doctor Who fan in your life will love this whether they keep it as a collector’s item or use it to store their biscuits. 

The inside of the Tardis is 6″ x  6″ x 11″. It also comes with a sturdy plastic carrying handle. Something else that they’ll appreciate is the washable liner. This lets you keep the inside clean if you store biscuits inside without risking getting the electrical parts wet.  


Adipose Plushie

Doctor Who Adipose Collectible Plush Toy | Official Doctor Who Soft Plush Figure | 10 Inches Tall

This Adipose Plushie makes the perfect companion for the Dr. Who fan in your life. Its soft, squishy design is similar to the Squishmallows that have gained popularity in the last couple years. It’s super soft, stands 10″ tall, and is perfect for cuddling or display. Plus, they are modeled after some of the cutest aliens from Doctor Who, the Adipose! 

Adipose is an alien that forms it’s own body from the fat of other creatures. They invaded the earth as a dietary supplement and arrived by the millions! The Doctor Who fan in your life will absolutely love this cute, cuddly companion to sit with them and watch their favorite show. 


How We Selected Dr. Who Gifts


Many people who watch Doctor Who would consider themselves quirky and unique. As such, they’re likely to appreciate gifts that celebrate their quirkiness, too. We included ideas like the Fourth Doctor Scarf for people who might like these novelty items with a bit of personality.  


The Dr. Who fandom has a large following, so you’re likely to find a wide variety of gifts. We tried to include a little something for everyone, so you should easily be able to find something your loved one will appreciate. 


In addition to including a wide variety of the best Dr. Who gifts, we tried to include something that would fit into everyone’s budget. You can find Doctor Who gifts for less than $20, as well as more expensive gifts that the Whovian in your life is sure to love. 


FAQs About Dr. Who Gifts

What do you call someone who loves Doctor Who? 

Members of the Doctor Who fandom often refer to themselves as Whovians. Though the show was originally aired on BBC, Whovians exist in countries all over the world. 

What is Dr. Who? 

Dr. Who, also more commonly known as “The Doctor”, is a time lord that has reincarnated several times. He changes appearance and personality with each reincarnation and the most recent one was even a woman! Doctor Who is the last remaining member of the time lord race and he travels across time and space in his Tardis, which is designed to look like an old, blue telephone booth. It’s not uncommon to see the Doctor with a human companion as he travels the universe and saves it from alien invasions. 

What does the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver do?

The sonic screwdriver is a tool, but it is also an incredibly useful defensive weapon because of the miniaturized technology inside. While it doesn’t necessarily kill or injure living things, it can deactivate weaponry, emit loud sounds that are painful to the ears, and so much more. Each Doctor has a unique sonic screwdriver, but the one thing they have in common is that they always come in handy eventually. 

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