75 Best Retirement Gifts for Men 2023

Whether they’re changing careers, ending a career, traveling, or staying home, retirement can look different for many men! We’ve put together a wide variety of gifts for your retired man so you can find the perfect gift for him.

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Great Retirement Gifts for MenThe Bucket ListThe Legend Has RetiredDEWALT Cordless Drill KitFire TV StickRetirement Toilet PaperBushnell Pro XE Golf LaserUniden 500-Channel ScannerBerkley Spinning Fishing RodCasio G Quartz WatchCelestron Outland Binoculars(Fishing) Retirement Plan T-ShirtArmed Forces Dog Tag HolderApple iPad AirRetired Business CardsAdventure Begins Enamel MugPocket Knife With Golf ToolSonicare Rechargeable ToothbrushUS Navy Throw BlanketSamsonite Golf Trunk LockerKurt Adler Firefighter OrnamentKindle PaperwhiteProLiner Heavy Duty Floor MatsDaddio of The Patio ApronCarhartt Odessa CapMiracle-Gro Compost BinWood Custom Cornhole BoardsPersonalized Bullet GlassesFitbit Versa 2 WatchId Tap That SocksTactical PenWireless Bluetooth HeadphonesArmy Man Bottle OpenerMan Myth Legend Custom Flask BoxBeeropoly GameORORO Heated JacketBeer Bottle Holding MagnetsSNAPTAIN Drone with CameraClevr Cooler with FoosballCaddyswag Golf Bag CoolerBlack Rifle Coffee CompanyGoWISE Air FryerMinimalist Slim WalletSofia's Personalized Poker ChipsEngraved WalletFlambeau Bow CaseTraveler's NotebookFreshJax Grilling SpicesBarMe Whiskey DecanterCarhartt JacketHorn Harness SystemPro-Flex Magnifying LampCanway Duffel BagTaylormade Neon Red Golf BallsEnglish Pewter Whiskey GlassSamsung Galaxy WatchCustom Engraved Oak BarrelCompact Key HolderUtility BraceletOliver Peoples Eyewear SunglassesHomeWetBar Sharpened ToolsRing Video DoorbellBackslash Smart Yoga MatEmber Smart MugFujifilm Digital CameraMishansha Water ShoesChamberlain Garage Door OpenerHearthSong Golf Pool MatSurvival Gear KitManscaped Crop EssentialsBeer Of The Month ClubEcho Dot (3rd Gen)Backpack Cooler ChairDads Ice Cream PlowRONXS LighterHow We Selected Retirement Gifts for MenWhat We Looked ForWhy Criteria For Gifts MatterFAQs - Retirement Gifts for MenWhat is the best gift for a newly retiring man?What is a good gift for a friend retiree?What do men actually want for retirement gifts?

Great Retirement Gifts for Men

The Bucket List


We all have bucket lists and I pray as your guy retires he heads off to complete his! Maybe he has not made a bucket list, if so then the The Bucket List will get him thinking and off the couch onto a new adventure.

The Legend Has Retired

Working for years, managing stress, employees, deadlines and finances comes with a price; one of pride and one of relief when done. Many strong men have led as successful business owners and when they retire they are a legend and the Legend Has Retired Tumbler is a great way to recognize their achievements.

DEWALT Cordless Drill Kit


Is your retired father the guy that still loves to fix your stuff? My father loved to fix things. It seems like we might have purposely broken stuff just to give him something to do and to still feel needed. Because he was!  Also, the Cordless Drill Kit is an all-around great gift idea for that new retiree trying to stay busy. He can fix all those things you do not have time for.

Fire TV Stick

A great way to “Up” the TV as your spouse ease’s into retirement. The Fire TV Stick has 4K streaming device with Alexa built-in, and I love my Alexa! A big gift for the guy who has just retired and loves TV.

Retirement Toilet Paper

Put this in the office the week before you retire to remind everyone you are tired of their stuff. A great way to begin retirement. I love the Retirement Toilet Paper and it will make a great gift for the retirement party. Your guy with a quick wit will enjoy his final days of work.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser

This bad boy will lock into the pin, even if you have trees or hills. You can lock onto your target and know it is accurate. A great find for the over-worked retiree. The Pro Laser Rangefinder will make his day and his game.

Uniden 500-Channel Scanner

Uniden SR30C BearCat, 500-Channel Compact Handheld Scanner, Close Call RF Capture technology, Turbo Search, PC programming, NASCAR, Auto Racing, Public Safety, Police, Fire, EMS, Marine, Civil Air

The best gift I ever gave my spouse was a scanner. He absolutely loved being informed. He knew about local emergencies, road conditions, and weather reports. A nice gift that is practical and fun for the guy heading into retirement is the Handheld Scanner. Your retiree can listen to NASCAR if he wants to!

Berkley Spinning Fishing Rod


Oh, boy looks like a treat for the retiree to start out his non-work week. I hear this thing is no match for sand sharks, fluke, and stingrays. If your guy likes fishing but doesn’t wanna spend a lot of big money then this is a keeper. The Spinning Fishing Rod sounds like the catch of the day for the mad fisherman in your home.

Casio G Quartz Watch

A new watch is just the thing for your guy’s retirement, not only functional but sleek and stylish. The Casio Quartz Watch will keep him on time for those amazing dates after he gets done fishing or golfing.

Celestron Outland Binoculars

Great optics for your hunter or avid bird watcher! Give a gift that he can use when he hits the trail, no matter where that trail leads. The Celestron Binoculars are an amazing gift for the retiring guy this year.

(Fishing) Retirement Plan T-Shirt

When you have slipped away every weekend for 50 years to go fishing, used every extra vacation day to do the same and now, finally you are retired. The plan is to retire some fish from the heavenly waters of your local secret hole you gotta have the (Fishing) Retirement T-Shirt, so to those spouses, you better get on board and order him this great t-shirt for his retirement gift. He has been waiting a lifetime.

Armed Forces Dog Tag Holder


For that man who has given his life to the military, it is time to find his place of honor in the home, and the Wooden Dog Tag Holder will proudly be a part of your home and everyone’s memories. I honor you for answering the call of duty. Thank you for serving your country and doing what I could never do. Peace and honor be yours.

Apple iPad Air

Retirement does not mean your dead or unable to conquer new devices and spend some time enjoying all the social media, music, or movies at your disposal. The Apple iPad Air is the latest model he has been waiting for. Give your spouse the gift he can use every day and find enjoyment no matter what he is doing during his retirement.

Retired Business Cards


Once you retire you will hear daily, where do you work or what do you do for a living with the Retired Business Cards you can give an easy answer without all the explaining. for the guy who is over the discussion of work just hand these out to all those busybodies minding your business.

Adventure Begins Enamel Mug

I love this cup for camping, it is rough and tough and holds a delicious cup of coffee or soup. The Adventure Begins Camping Mug is not only indestructible but keeps that hot stuff hot. Best cup ever. Retirement is an adventure and one you are ready to concur so get your camping gear, a coffee pot, and hit the treeline, my friend. your adventure awaits, don’t waste a minute of it.

Pocket Knife With Golf Tool

the avid golfer cannot wait to retire and get out on the green. He has spent every available moment in the past putting and driving in the local golf course and with retirement coming he can go every day. Do not send him off to retirement without the perfect golf tool the Pocket Knife With Golf Tool. A perfect companion on every hole.

Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

When your man cares about his looks and especially his teeth he needs a great toothbrush that makes the job quicker and better. We all love our Sonicare toothbrushes and your guy retiring will love his too. Grab a Sonicare Toothbrush for the big guy on his way to finding great things to do each day and also make him kissable.

US Navy Throw Blanket


Nothing better than made in the USA. I love this throw and so will your retired Navy guy. Add a beverage, nice fire, and cuddle up for some personal time that you have missed out on when he was on tour over the years. Time to make up for all the lost time. The US Navy Throw Blanket is a beautiful gift and reminder of his honor and courage in serving all of us who needed them for our protection. Thank them for serving, I do.

Samsonite Golf Trunk Locker


Retired and ready for the golf course you say. Who wants to come home when you can pack it all into the Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer for that big trip to golf in a famous golf course. Take it with you, do not forget a thing. It is time for retirement brain to kick in and not give a crap. do what you love and if golfing is your thing then someone better gift you this amazing locker for all your supplies. You are rocking this retirement thing!

Kurt Adler Firefighter Ornament


The man who saves small children and puppies is retiring. You are amazing and I thank you for risking your life every day to save people. For those friends and family the firefighter in him will never go away even in retirement so gift him with a special memory of his service and get the Firefighter Ornament as a special retirement gift. It can be a new tradition and family heirloom that can be passed down to new generations, remembering the heroes in the family.

Kindle Paperwhite

There is nothing better than a good book or a good kindle I guess. Books have become paperless just like our bills each month. When your spouse is off camping or enjoying their new retirement status you can give them the gift of reading through the Kindle Paperwhite it is the perfect on-the-go tool for all those expeditions on your retiree’s bucket list to keep them busy and enjoying life.

ProLiner Heavy Duty Floor Mats


Men love their trucks, “grunt here” several times like Tim The Tool Man Taylor. Just for kicks. What a delicious retirement gift but to deliver the Heavy Duty Floor Mats for his big bad truck or even the SUV. A gift he will never buy himself. Perfect for the guy moving from working hard to playing hard. You will rev his engine.

Daddio of The Patio Apron

Is your man the rough, tough, grilling, outdoor guy who sits on the deck with a beverage and stogy in the evening? He loves to grill and dominates the meat arena of your meal. Then for his retirement gift him the Daddio of The Patio Apron, let him stand out when he is master of the grill.

Carhartt Odessa Cap

I am a huge fan of Carhartt, their products are tough and something I always give as gifts. Coats, hats, coveralls, whatever you are looking for, your guy will use it and love this hat. My husband and sons wear their hats all the time. They wash up amazingly in the dishwasher and offer great protection from the elements. Your new retiree will get a quality gift in the Carhartt Odessa Cap.

Miracle-Gro Compost Bin


Is your retiring man a gardener or love his landscaping? What a great way to provide your own natural fertilizer using the Miracle-Gro Compost Bin. The best way to dispose of the garden extras, leaves, or anything you can compost. Perfect retirement gift for the guy who loves the land and growing things.

Wood Custom Cornhole Boards


If your dad loves hosting big get-togethers and loves to play Cornhole then this is the best gift for his big retirement. When all the family is gathered he can whoop his brother or teach those grandbabies how to play. If your dad has a retirement coming up and loves Cornhole then the Custom Cornhole Boards are the perfect gift.

Personalized Bullet Glasses

For the retiree who is an avid hunter or gun collector, you cannot go wrong with these eccentric whiskey glasses. They are super cool and not something you see every day. Give them as a gift to the delight of your retiree. The Bullet Glasses are amazing and super cool to add to his man cave.

Fitbit Versa 2 Watch


When your guy retires and he is all about staying fit and healthy then you cannot go wrong on the Fitbit Versa 2 Watch it offers some cool tools such as heart rate monitoring, music with Alexa built-in, sleep and swim tracker, and is just an amazing gift option for your retired athlete or guy wanting to get more fit.

Id Tap That Socks

If your retiree is an avid golfer, he will love these socks as a gift. The Id Tap That Socks are a great humorous but useful gift.

Tactical Pen

So your guy is retiring and ready to conquer the outdoors. you better make sure he has a small simple tool that can be used for so many things. The Tactical Pen is a bottle opener for those tuff overnights in the tent, breaks a window if you are stuck, and has so many other survival tools.  Super cool and he will love it as a retirement gift.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Master of music and lover of sound then The Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will rock your retired guy’s engine. The excellent quality of sound and soothing music will keep your retired beast at bay on those days he is bored.

Army Man Bottle Opener

Just a funny, cool gift that I could not pass upon. For your Army guy that has hit retirement give him the Army Man Bottle Opener to remind him of all those days, he put in doing push-ups and following his dreams. We salute you.

Man Myth Legend Custom Flask Box

Your dad or husband is an incredible guy who everyone respects and now he is retiring. Your guy has tons of stories about his adventures and legendary near-death experiences. He has bagged the biggest game and caught the largest fish. He loves to reminisce to his buddies at the local bar. However, he always tells his best stories when he has a drink and a cigar in hand. For his retirement, get him an awesome gift, maybe just as awesome as he is. Get him the Custom Flask Box for his big day.

Beeropoly Game

The fun to be had with beer games. Your guy will love the Beeropoly Game for his retirement party and many gatherings after that as you entertain. Tons of laughter and fun. He can get his buddies over to the man-cave and have a great time.

ORORO Heated Jacket

What to get dad for his retirement party. He loves to be outside and is always ice fishing or out feeding the cattle! Or maybe he likes to go for walks. I have a great gift idea for you, the ORORO Heated Jacket to keep him warm no matter what outdoor activity he is doing as he moves into retirement.

Beer Bottle Holding Magnets

With these awesome fridge storage strips, your bottles will hang out in the cool loft of your refrigerator leaving room for the orange juice. A great way to secure a six-pack of your favorite beer, wine, or even juices in bottles to the ceiling of your refrigerator, keeping them out of the way for other food that’s just waiting for you to eat. The Beer Bottle Holding Magnets will make a wonderful retirement gift and also give you room for the pie.

SNAPTAIN Drone with Camera

Let’s have some fun, even if we are retiring we know how to play and are definitely ready. What a great way to check out the view from above. If your dad or hubby loves to hunt or explore, the Drone with Camera will add some excitement to his life. He can check out what is going on in the woods or fly over the neighborhood. Perfect gift for the retiring farmer, hunter, or wildlife watcher. He can see his fields without trying to walk or drive in them. A great gift idea for the retiree. Give him a gift he did not even know he would love.

Clevr Cooler with Foosball


A true party on wheels. No more running off to the kitchen for a beverage during the cook-out. The Clevr Cooler with Foosball is a fun beverage cart that has the added attraction of a good old foosball competition. An excellent idea for his retirement days.

Caddyswag Golf Bag Cooler


You have to have cold beverages when you golf, may it be pop, beer, or lemonade. This is a great gift idea for that retiree that loves golf but has everything. He and his buddies will thank you as they enjoy a cool one on their way back to the clubhouse. Get him the Golf Bag Cooler as a gift on his retirement celebration.

Black Rifle Coffee Company


Black Rifle has amazing products that your retired guy will love for his after-work life. If your guy loves his coffee black or with tons of sweetener he will love your gift of Black Rifle Coffee Rounds, get that Keurig running.

GoWISE Air Fryer

A great gift idea for your dad as he eases into retirement is to take those hot cooking days and make them cool, quick, and easy. The food tastes great. My spouse and sons love cooking with the Air Fryer. Your dad or grandpa can make themselves a quick meal. He will love cooking with the Digital Air Fryer for himself, if he lives alone or for your mom. Give your dad and mom a break and show them that new appliances do not have to be scary.

Minimalist Slim Wallet

A nice way to take the bulk out of your guy’s pocket from a wallet that is too big and can cause back pain over time. Plus, it has RFID blocking so no one can scan his credit cards. A nice gift for the guy recently retired and who hates a bulky wallet. The Slim Wallet will keep your minimalist man happy.

Sofia’s Personalized Poker Chips

Playing poker is a favorite pastime for dad and his buddies. If your dad’s poker set is looking pretty sad and they always use someone else’s set then it is time to get him a new one so he can host the game. The Personalized Poker Chip Set is perfect for his retirement days and he can also play Wichita with the cards and dice. This is the perfect gift idea for men who love playing poker and now have the time as they have retired!

Engraved Wallet

A great way to remind dad or grandpa that they are loved and the best. I love this gift idea for a new retiree.  The Engraved Wallet will be a great gift for grandpa or dad on retirement. Every time he opens it up he will be reminded of you.

Flambeau Bow Case


A good buy is what my archery guy says. My son has this case and loves it. He says it will be a great gift for a dad who is retiring and loves to hunt or do archery. They can team up, keep their gear safe, and go hunt. When they practice out in the yard, it keeps their equipment off the ground. The Flambeau Bow Case is strong and will protect his archery supplies.

Traveler’s Notebook


My father-in-law wrote everything down, which is fun now. We get to look back at all his stories and the activities he wrote down before and after retirement. The price of gas or what adventure they took. If you have a dad, brother, and grandfather retiring that loves to write down his day or likes to travel then the Traveler’s Notebook will help him out. I really like that you can refill it. It is made so sturdy. He will love it.

FreshJax Grilling Spices


Every man’s dream, a well-seasoned steak on the grill. Grandpa or dad will love getting some delicious spices for their after retirement meals and cookouts. A great way to spend time with the family is in the backyard preparing and eating a meal. The FreshJax Grilling Spices will get your family at the table together as dad or grandpa cook.

BarMe Whiskey Decanter

A great place to store your favorite whiskey or bourbon and a shot of good whiskey is always a pleasure. If your retiree loves a good drink once in a while here is a gift for him. The BarMe Whiskey Decanter is pretty cool. You can add his favorite bottle of whiskey as part of his retirement gift.

Carhartt Jacket

If your man is an outdoorsman, farms, hunts, or loves ice fishing the Carhartt coats are a gift for that man going from working full time to pursuing his hobbies in your life. My husband and sons are farmers and they always buy the Carhartt Jacket for working outside in the cold. They make a good gift. They are made tough, just like your man.

Horn Harness System

What a great gift for the guy in the field waiting on that big buck. It has a rangefinder pouch and harness that he will love. Everything your new retiree needs close at hand. The Horn Harness System will make his next adventure in life exceptional.

Pro-Flex Magnifying Lamp

No one likes to get older and lose their ability to see well. But, those small tasks become impossible. I know. Vision is a big deal to us almost over the hill people and moving into retirement age. We struggle to see and hate to ask for help. The Magnifying Lamp will make reading and hobbies so much easier for the man retiring this year even though he denies he has a hard time seeing.

Canway Duffel Bag

I love to run away for a quick weekend trip. My regular luggage is too big for just a 2-day getaway. When we get older we love to go visit our children for the weekend or get away for some fun and relaxation. The Canway Duffel Bag has the perfect amount of space for just what that world-traveling retiree needs for his adventures, to head off to the casino or golfing with friends.

Taylormade Neon Red Golf Balls


Now, how fun are these? The avid golfer will love to have some outstanding colorful golf balls. What a great gift idea for that special man retiring that loves golf. The TaylorMade Golf Balls will be easy to see in the grass when he barely missed the hole. A great conversation starter with his friends.

English Pewter Whiskey Glass

This vintage whiskey glass is a great gift for the whiskey or bourbon drinker retiring this year! I love a good glass of aged whiskey or bourbon and so will the newly retired guy in your life! Make sure you add the best bottle of whiskey to go with the Whiskey Glass and he will enjoy it for years to come.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch is an excellent idea as a gift for the newly retired man. They do not have to be computer savvy to use it. Just link it to a phone and they can use it for so many things. I actually have this watch and love it. It can track my steps and the watch reminds me to get up and move. I can use it for a phone, text, or if your someone who hates text you can use it as just a watch or a compass when you are out hunting or fishing. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will be the gift that newly retired guy loves while living his retirement dreams.

Custom Engraved Oak Barrel

Is your retiring guy a lover of whiskey? A great way to keep that fine whiskey or bourbon. The Oak Aging Barrel will be a great addition to his man cave . Put this on his bucket list.

Compact Key Holder

A tool organizer for the guy who is always looking for his car keys but has a knife in his pocket. The Compact Key Holder not only keeps his keys in one place it will offer him a few small tools for those mishaps. For that newly retired guy who needs a helping hand.

Utility Bracelet


A workable gift idea for the guy always asking where his tools are at and on an outdoor adventure. This 29-in-1 Utility Bracelet is a must-have for the outdoor enthusiast. It has screwdrivers, wrenches, a bottle opener, and so many other things he’ll find handy when he’s spending his retirement outdoors.

Oliver Peoples Eyewear Sunglasses

A man can never have too many pairs of amazing sunglasses. Let him slip on a pair that make your retired guy look debonair. The Oliver Peoples Eyewear will keep him moving rain or shine.

HomeWetBar Sharpened Tools

When the man in your life is a rugged, outdoors guy, even as he is retiring and enjoys all the outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and hunting especially with his sons then I have a perfect gift idea. The Sharpened Tools Box comes with all of his favorite hunting things, ammo box for his ammunition, a flask to keep his liquor and stogies on hand, a hatchet for the thick brush, and a custom hunting knife he’ll use on every outing.

Ring Video Doorbell

Does your guy hate it when someone knocks on the door and he has to get out of his cozy chair to see who it is? The ring makes a great retirement gift and lets him look without moving. It is an excellent way to see who is at the door. No need to get up for a salesman or a delivery. I love the Ring Video Doorbell it makes life simpler and safer.

Backslash Smart Yoga Mat

Is your father or brother into yoga and health. Participating in yoga is a great way to keep the joints moving, especially when he moves into retirement age. The Backslash Smart Yoga Mat is a perfect gift for that guy that wants to keep all his cool moves as he ages and what a great way to spend time together. Being healthy is essential and yoga is a great way to do it.

Ember Smart Mug

For the guy who is a coffee lover! Coffee is supposed to be hot in my books. I hate when I cannot regulate my beverages. A perfect gift for your coffee lover is the Ember Smart Mug, it can be controlled with your phone, which is super fun. I love all products that are, smart. Give a heated gift to the guy in your life retiring from the perfect career.

Fujifilm Digital Camera

For the guy who loves to take photos of the great outdoors, and even his grandchildren or maybe he is a farmer and wants memories of changes in equipment, land, or acreage. The Fujifilm Digital Camera is a fantastic gift for the newly retired man. It takes amazing pictures without all the work.

Mishansha Water Shoes

Stop thinking because he is retiring he has no style. Give him these awesome swim shoes as a retirement gift. When he goes fishing or out in the boat his feet will stay dry and he won’t slip and fall. The Water Shoes are great for walking or any other activity. Let him stay dry as he enjoys his retirement years playing or fishing trips with his friends.

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener


He cannot live without a garage door opener. I do not know about your guy but mine loves his remotes. You put a controller in his hand and he is all over those buttons. You cannot go wrong with the Smart Garage Door Opener it is wireless and can be controlled from his phone. He will be thrilled with this as his retirement gift.

HearthSong Golf Pool Mat


For the man-cave, I found this fun game for him and his friends or the family. If your guy loves to play golf and pool well then the Golf Pool Mat will win the day and have everyone playing together after the big guy retires.

Survival Gear Kit


Men love their tools and hunting accessories and this is the perfect gift for the guy retiring that loves the outdoors for work and play. The Official Survival Kit has everything he needs for the woods, lake or even the farm. Men love their gadgets, so get him some cool ones.

Manscaped Crop Essentials


The name of this product alone is worth a try. Can you see your husbands face at his retirement party when he opens the Manscaped Crop Essentials box that says We Save Balls, then he sees it includes, male care hygiene bundle, invigorating body wash, moisturizing ball deodorant, and the high-performance body toner. Yes, they do save balls or maybe the significant others.

Beer Of The Month Club

The beer drinker will love this gift. If your guy is recently retired and loves trying different beers then the Beer Of The Month Club as a gift will wow him! Let him enjoy a new flavor every month.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Every great mancave or garage deserves some stirring sounds that make your man want to dance. When your guy has had a long day it is nice to sit in the chair and tell your Echo what you want to know or hear so the Echo makes a fantastic gift for the retired guy. The Echo Dot. Give him a gift he will use every day.

Backpack Cooler Chair

Fishing, camping, or even at the big football game this chair has it all, comfort, coolness, and a place to stash your beer! Get your special guy the perfect retirement gift of the Backpack Cooler Chair for his big day; the last day of work!

Dads Ice Cream Plow

Looking for the perfect ice cream spoon is always a task for my husband. He has a select few he liked. I got him the Dad’s Ice Cream Plow and now ice cream is so much easier. a great gift for the ice cream lover retiring this year.

RONXS Lighter

This lighter is awesome! We have it and it works great. The husband loves it for lighting bonfires and fireworks with the kids. It is rechargeable so no batteries! The RONXS Lighter is windproof and makes a great retirement gift for the man who loves to spend time with his grandchildren outdoors!

How We Selected Retirement Gifts for Men

What We Looked For

Always look for something that matches your retiree’s personality. Some retirees have spent a lifetime raising your children. They have loved, nourished, disciplined, and listened day in and day out. They are champions. Treat them as such. I have tried to find inexpensive gifts due to the current financial times, but I also found a few that are middle-priced ranged. Look around. Some were builders, salesmen, doctors, or executives; their gift should match their personalities.

Why Criteria For Gifts Matter

Gifts send a message about your relationship with a person. At Christmas, if you give a box of chocolate-covered cherries to someone and you have no idea if they even like them, it tells them, “Well, they thought of me at the last minute and felt they had to buy me a gift.” Do not be that person. Do not send that message. When a person retires and you want to give them a gift, you need to know something they like or give them a gift card from Amazon. No chocolate-covered cherry gifts, please.

FAQs – Retirement Gifts for Men

What is the best gift for a newly retiring man?

If you are invited to a retirement party, ask some questions about that guy if you do not know them well. Think about what they did for a living and what generation they are from. If they taught math or science, they are probably logical and want t a useable gift like the Nixon Time Teller Black Watch or the Bluetooth headset. Something to use, not set on a shelf. If they were rugged outdoorsmen then find them something that creates a new bucket list for them.

What is a good gift for a friend retiree?

Something personal that shows you know them. The Kindle is a great gift for just about any lover of the word. The Fitbit is also a nice gift for honoring a retired boss or lifelong friend.

What do men actually want for retirement gifts?

Everyone loves a good book or something personalized that fits their personality. Men just want something they will use. Match their personality and likes.

Terri Mielitz

I have eleven grandchildren ranging from 2 to 25 years of age. I watch 3 of the toddlers everyday. I am an educator and a firm believer in learning, even with playtime.

I put a lot of thought into gift buying. Gifts tell a story and I want the loved ones in my life to have a positive story of belonging.