54 Best NASA Gifts 2023

Finding the right gift for your NASA or space lover can be difficult. There’s a wide range of ideas out there, and finding the top and most unique gifts can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for NASA lovers, teen space lovers, and DIY space kits below. 

Best Astronomy Gifts

Solar System Bracelet

The Solar System Necklace is the perfect gift for a space lover. This necklace features handmade natural stones that represent the eight different planets of our solar system while the extra black beads represent space and the silver powder on those beads represents the stars. It measures 16.5 inches with a 2-inch extender. 

Heat Changing Constellation Mug 

This Heat Changing Constellation Mug would make your giftee the talk of the office or their friend group thanks to its unique features. The 10z ceramic mug is heat-activated and reveals constellations when heated. Constellations revealed include Cassiopea, Perseus, Saggitarius, Hercules, Andromeda, Scorpius, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion, Gemini.

Moon Constellations Wall Tapestry


Let your most loved astronomy lover showcase their hobby with this Constellations Wall Tapestry. The tapestry comes in three different sizes ranging from 59 x 51 inches to 92 x 71 inches. The design shows a perfect union of style and craftsmanship with microfiber fabric and a variety of constellations and the moon.

Tervis NASA Tumbler

The Tervis NASA Tumbler is the perfect gift for someone who likes to keep their beverages ice cold or piping hot. The triple-wall insulation also reduces condensation and keeps your drink hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 24. It also features stainless steel construction and is made with BPA-free materials. 

Personalized Space Name Art 

For a truly unique gift idea for your astronomy lover, gift them this Personalized Space Name Art. This piece of art spells out your loved one’s name with hi-res photos of space, galaxies, rockets, planets, stars, satellites, the moon, and everything related to NASA and space. The art can be purchased in two various wooden block mount sizes or a framed canvas.

Earth and Space


The Earth and Space book gives your loved one a peek into what the astronauts and scientists of NASA have seen and discovered through photographs from NASA’s archives. The included photographs include images of Earth from above, our solar system, and the celestial bodies of deep space. Each photograph is paired with text that conceptualizes and describes each item pictured. 

Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp 


For a gift that is sure to impress anyone, not just an astronomy lover, gift this Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp. The lamp uses the latest in levitation technology to levitate the moon in the air. It also utilizes wireless charging technology so it can be charged even while levitating. The touch control base can control the LEDs inside the Moon Lamp or base light as well.

NASA Moon Throw Blanket

For an ultra-realistic space experience, gift your space lover this NASA Moon Throw Blanket. This round-shaped blanket features an ultra-realistic print of the moon as well as the official NASA logo. It is also made of 100% polyester microfleece and has a diameter of 60 inches.

Women In Science: 100 Postcards

For the space and science lover that happens to also identify as female, or appreciates the contributions of the female sex in the field, gift them this Women In Science: 100 Postcards set. The set includes illustrations of fifty female pioneers who changed the world through their contributions to science and space. Well-known figures feature range from Marie Curie to Rachel Carson.

NASA Space Shuttle Magnet 


For a quick gift that is affordable, yet fun, try this NASA Space Shuttle Magnet. Each magnet is handmade with an eco-friendly polyresin and measures 2.13 x 3.35 inches.

Tile Astronomer Art Print

For a unique piece of art or decor, gift your space or NASA lover this Astronomer Art Print. This ceramic 7×7 inch tile features a rocket and the saying: Look up at the stars and not down at your feet – Stephen Hawking.

NASA Logo Wrapping Paper 

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, wrap it in this NASA Logo Wrapping Paper. The NASA meatball logo is printed on a 30 x 72-inch roll of bright white, heavyweight wrapping paper.

Officially Licensed NASA T-Shirt 

What better way to showcase your love for all things NASA than with an Officially Licensed NASA T-Shirt? The shirt comes in both men and women’s sizing ranging from small to 3x. It also comes in eight color options ranging from black to asphalt to white to heather gray. 

Qurious STEM Family Game 


Let your loved one learn even more fun facts about space and STEM knowledge with this Qurious STEM Family Game. Players can learn and memorize space, science, and NASA facts with this unique double-sided card game. The set includes three distinct games. 

Space Playing Cards

Launch into your favorite card game with these Space Playing Card. Each card includes photos of deep space from the NASA archives.

NASA Space Travel Bags 

If your loved one loves to travel or stay organized, gift them these NASA Space Travel Bags. The set allows you to easily transport your cosmetics and toiletries and includes three Space Travel Bags in various sizes. 

Handmade Gemstone Desk Planets 

This beautiful set of Handmade Gemstone Desk Planets would make a great addition to your home office or work desk. Each of the eight gemstones that represent the eight planets in our solar system is carefully selected and handcrafted to represent each planet.

Best Clothing & Accessory Space Gifts

Alien Vintage Dad Hat 

The Alien Vintage Hat would make a great gift for your space and alien-loving friend. This distressed hat comes with an embroidery design of a green alien. It is also lightweight and durable and offers a custom fit with a metal closure. 

NASA Rocket Science T-Shirt

The NASA Rocket Science T-Shirt would make a great gift for the person that likes to the saying ‘It isn’t rocket science.’ It comes in sizes small to 3xl and has five color options from grey to white to baby blue. 

NASA Smartwatch Band

Commemorate the lasting legacy of the space shuttle program and its 135 missions with this NASA Smartwatch Band. The smartwatch band features the NASA logo and USA flag and includes 2 sets of connectors to accommodate both 38/40mm and 42/44 mm case sizes of the Apple Watch.

NASA I Need My Space Socks

The NASA I Need My Space Socks gives dad a gift of comfort and humor. This set of two pairs of socks features the official NASA logo as well as the saying “I Need My Space” on one pair. Fits men size 6-12. 

AG7 Astronaut Space Pen


The AG7 Astronaut Space Pen can give your NASA lover a feel for how actual astronauts write. It was the pen used on the Apollo 7 space mission in 1968 and has been used on all manned space flights since then. The pen works at Zero Gravity as well as in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F. 

Space Force Stickers

Impress your dad with these Space Force Stickers. He can act like he’s a member of the newly formed Space Force with these two 4.5-inch reflective decals/stickers that feature the official logo of the force. 

Solar System Tie 

Let your dad show off his love for the solar system and space with this Solar System Tie. The tie measures 57 Inches long (Standard Adult Length) and  3.5 inches wide right before the tip. 

NASA AR Wall Art

Give your dad this interactive NASA AR Wall Art that utilizes Augmented Reality to experience the history of NASA. Simply scan the NASSA logo with a phone or tablet app and you can then be immersed in the grand history of NASA from inception to date. 

NASA Birthday Pop Up Card 


Amaze the eyes of your father with this fun NASA Birthday Pop Up Card. When you open this 1 millimeter-thick card a 15 centimeter 3D delicate space shuttle appears. The card is laser-cut, hand-assembled, and blank inside for your own message. 

NASA Baseball Cap

For a gift that is functional and chic, gift your NASA-loving friend this NASA Baseball Cap. This 100% cotton-washed denim trucker style hat comes in one size fits most sizing and includes a buckle closure. 

Apollo Extended Mouse Pad 

For the gamer or computer loving father, this Apollo Mouse Pad would make a great space-themed and useful gift. The 1.5 × 11.8 × 0.12 inch mouse pad is large enough to provide plenty of room for large gaming keyboards and works with all types of mouses and keyboards. The mousepad features the world-famous NASA image of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon during Apollo 11 in 1969. 

Heat Changing Planet Mug 

This fun and impressive Heat Changing Planet Mug would make a great gift for a dad that loves a cup of joe. Simply add hot liquid and watch the sun and planets magically appear in the night sky. Each mug holds 11 oz of liquid. 

Best DIY Gifts for Space Lovers

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Model


The LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket allows you to bring to life the rocket launch that took humans to the moon with the model rocket of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. The kit includes three removable rocket stages below the launch escape system, command, and service module, as well as two mini-figures that can accompany your Lunar Lander and a splashdown rocket toy.

Space Explorer Kit


Excite your space and STEM loving child or teen with this DIY Space STEM Kit. The box includes 6 activities that range from making your own Solar System Mobile to making a magical kaleidoscope to learning how a rocket works by doing a simple science experiment.

Solar Rover Kit


Build your own Solar Rover with this Solar Rover Kit. Your giftee will learn how to transform a recycled soda can into a solar-powered rover and learn how sunlight can be converted to energy for many uses. 

LEGO International Space Station


Challenge your DIY skills with this 864-piece LEGO International Space Station. This ISS kit features 2 rotating joints with 8 adjustable ‘solar panels’, posable Canadarm2, and other authentic details to discover as you build. It also includes a stand, 2 astronaut minifigures, a brick-built mini NASA space shuttle, and 3 mini cargo spacecraft.

DIY Glow In The Dark Planetarium


Explore the adventures of the solar system with this Glow In The Dark Planetarium. With this kit, you can assemble the sun and planets and set them into motion via a glow-in-the-dark mini-planetarium. 

6-in-1 Space Solar Robot Kit


You can build up to 6 solar robot toys with this 6-in-1 Space Solar Robot Kit. The solar space projects you build include a Space Station, a Space Explorer, a Space Rover, a Space Shuttle, and an Astronaut and Space Dog. Energy for each project comes from solar panels and batteries. 

LEGO Women of NASA


Showcase the infamous women of NASA with this 231-piece LEGO Women of NASA kit. The kit comes with three builds illustrating the areas of expertise of the four featured women of NASA that include 4 mini-figures of Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison.

Rocket Science Kit


You can build our own flying rocket and send it off into the air with this Rocket Science Kit. The kit comes equipped with everything you need to build your rocket and then launch it. In fact, the rocket can be sent up to 50 feet in the air! 

Best Space Gifts for Teenagers

LEGO Star Wars: Razor Crest 


The LEGO Star Wars: Razor Crest kit would make a great gift for someone who loves space and Star Wars whether they are a kid or a kid at heart. It features The Razor Crest starship from the Disney show The Mandalorian as well as a number of LEGO Minifigures that include The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper, and The Child. The 1,023-piece playset offers a challenging build for ages 10+. 

NASA Military Hoodie 

The NASA Ship and Satellite Hoodie would make a perfect gift for NASA and space lovers. Its unisex design features a US flag patch on the left arm sleeve and a space shuttle image on the back. The full-zip hoodie also has two front working pockets with a snap closure and comes in sizes from x-small to 3xl. 

NASA Roll-Top Backpack 

The NASA Roll-Top Backpack is great for school or on the go. It is made of heavy-duty polyester material that is built to last against the elements, whether it is camping or sports or at school. It has extra-wide, padded straps to rest comfortably against your teen’s shoulders.

NASA Lunar Telescope 


The NASA Lunar Telescope is sure to impress your star-struck teen. It will allow them to see the moon in incredible detail and is easy to use. It comes with a finder scope as well as low power and high power eyepieces. 

Astronaut Crossing Sign 

Allow your teen to showcase their love for NASA and moonwalkers with this Astronaut Crossing Sign. The sign measures 12 inches tall x 12 inches wide. It is made for both indoor and outdoor use.

NASA Insulated Water Bottle

CityDreamShop NASA Logo Steel Vacuum Insulated 12 oz White Water Bottles Souvenir Gift Collection

A great gift for the teen on the go is this NASA Insulated Water Bottle. The 12 oz water bottle features the official NASA logo and features an ergonomic drink interface that helps to deliver a high flow of water. 

NASA Shuttle Plushie


This NASA Shuttle Plushie can serve as a pillow or reminder of your child’s aspirations to become a part of the NASA team. It measures 18.5 inches long and is a realistic replica of an actual space shuttle. There’s lots of attention to detail that makes this a great gift for kids and teens of all ages.

NASA Astronaut Bandages 


These adorable NASA Astronaut Bandages are sure to bring a smile to the face of your teenager. The 18-pack of self-adhesive bandages feature an astronaut waving in their space suit and even has a small official NASA logo. 

NASA Space Sticker Pack

Whether your teen wants to proudly display them on their water bottle or notebooks, this NASA Space Sticker Set is sure to come in good use. The set includes 50 individual stickers ranging in size from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. They are also water-proof and sun-proof. 

48 Space Mini Notepads 


Gift your teen these 48 Space Mini Notepads as a way for them to keep track of their favorite NASA and space facts. The set includes an assortment of 6 different designs that include a spaceship, an astronaut, a moon, planets, space, and stars. Each measures 2 1/4  x 3 1/2 inches and has 20 blank pages.

Orbital Velocity Board Game


Give your teen a gift that they can enjoy with their friends with this Orbital Velocity Board Game. The game transforms players into rocket scientists as they deploy satellites into orbit. The fun game encourages a child to put their math and science skills to the test. 

Spaceman Freezable Lunch Box

Make your space-loving teen happy with this Spaceman Freezable Lunch Box. This fully freezable Lunch Box keeps food and drinks chilled for hours and eliminates the need for separate blue ice packs or gel packs as they are built into the insulation of this box. 

Real Meteorite or Shooting Star Set 

Gift your teen a real piece of outer space with this Real Meteorite or Shooting Star Set. Your teen will receive a real piece of meteorite that measures 8-12 mm from a meteorite rock impact that happened around 5,000 years ago in Campo del Cielo in Argentina.  You can personalize ownership of the meteorite with an authentication certificate as well. 

Vintage NASA Hoodie

Retro is SO in right now, so why not gift your teen this vintage-inspired Vintage NASA Hoodie? It showcases NASA’s worm logo from the 60s and 70s and comes in unisex sizing from small to 3xl. It also comes in a variety of colors including black and navy.

NASA Fun Box 


Another retro gift idea is this NASA Fun Box. This NASA-inspired collectible storage companion is great for when you’re on the go or can be displayed on a shelf at home. It is made of tin and measures 8.65 x 4 x 6.75 inches.

Spaceman 3D Night Light 

Whether your teen has a space-themed room or aims to be an astronaut one day, this Spaceman 3D Night Light would make a great and memorable gift. This 3D illusion lamp will show a spaceman when it lights up, with an optical acrylic flat board with laser engraving that can give a 3D visual effect. The spaceman can change into 16 different color options. 

NASA Stationery Set

As your teen gets ready to go back to school or needs to replenish their supplies, gift them this NASA Stationery Set.  The NASA Stationary set includes a hard-cover journal with 192 pages of lined paper (5.5″x8″), a pocket journal (3.5″x5.5″), an ink pen with wrapped art, 2 sticky note pads, and 5 sticky bookmarks. 

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