24 Best Gifts for Knitters 2023

Buying someone a gift related to their hobby is a perfect way to recognize their creativity.  Knitters are dedicated to a craft that takes patience, determination, and an eye for detail.  We’ve rounded up our favorite gifts for knitters so you can surprise your yarn-loving family and friends.

Best Gifts for Crafty Knitters 

Keep Calm And Carry Yarn Keychain

The Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Keychain is an adorable little token for the yarn junkie in your life.  It is small and compact and a great way for them to show off their love for crafting while out and about.  The perfect accompaniment to a set of keys or clipped onto a bag, this trendy key chain can easily be a conversation starter for fellow knitters as well.  Every time they go to grab their keys, your gift recipient will smile as they are reminded of their yarn stash waiting for them.  This is also a small and inexpensive token making it a great option when looking for gifts for multiple knitters.

Yarn Stash Coffee Mug

This Yarn Stash Coffee Mug is sure to get any knitter chuckling when they pour their morning beverage.  Anyone with a love of yarn crafts likely has a large stash of yarn, and can’t walk away from more when at the store.  The accuracy of this mug is perfect for the knitter in your life, and who doesn’t love a coffee mug?

Beaded Stitch Markers


These Beaded Stitch Markers are made from handmade polymer clay beads, glass beads, and silver-plated snag-free clips.  The designs are each unique as they are handmade, but a delicate beauty that will make knitters smile as they mark their stitches.  A small carrying tin is also included so that knitters can keep all of their markers together in their bag without losing one.  Most stitch markers are not fancy, making these ones a special accessory that a knitter may not splurge on for themselves.  By providing them with a colorful and beautiful handcrafted set you will be gifting them something special that brings their accessories up a notch.

Knitting Lover T-Shirt

The Knitting Lover T-Shirt is a lightweight classic-fit t-shirt that any knitter would be proud to wear.  The muted colors and adorable ball of yarn and knitting needles are a nice representation for your crafty friend.  Ranging in sizes small to 3XL and 10 different colors, you’ll be sure to find the right fit for any knitter in your life.  They might love it so much they’ll go back for another color!  Knitters can proudly wear this shirt and find fellow knitters while out and about enjoying conversations about their craft.

Glocusent LED Reading Light


This LED Neck Reading Light is perfect for knitters who like to work away at their projects well into the night.  You can choose your mode and brightness level depending on how much light you need, and the lamp itself sits comfortably around your neck for a hands-free light source.  This light conveniently charges via a USB type-C cord so there is no need to worry about the life of batteries or being attached to a power source.  Knitters will love being able to pop this neck reading light into their bag for travel, or keeping close to their project for any time they may not have enough light to focus on small stitches.  This light can also be used for knitters who want to focus on a project while not bothering other people in the room with a bright light source.

Knitting Tote Bag

The Knitting Tote Bag is every knitter’s dream.  The multifunctional storage bag can store bulk yarn, a large knitting project, sewing accessories, crochet hooks, and knitting needles galore.  Made from oxford cloth it is durable and scratch-resistant keeping projects in good condition.  The exterior can be cleaned if necessary, while still protecting materials and projects on the inside.  Knitters will enjoy being able to organize all of their gear and take their projects along with them wherever they go.  This comes in purple or blue, so you can choose which color better reflects your knitter’s personality and style.

Knit Fast Die Warm Pin 

The Knit Fast Die Warm Pin is an adorable way to represent a love of knitting on a piece of clothing or pinned to a bag.  Made from stainless steel this pin is hypoallergenic and will not rust or tarnish, making it a token that will last through the years.  Knitters will love accessorizing their clothes, scarves, tote bags, or more with this dainty reminder of their favorite pastime.  Fellow knitters will spot this pin from a mile away and quickly connect to share stories about their common craft.

Knit Picks Yarn Bowl

This Knit Picks Yarn Bowl is a uniquely beautiful and yet practical gift for a knitter.  The beautiful rosewood bowl holds a ball or cake of yarn while you are knitting to prevent it from getting tangled or rolling away.  The bowl itself is a lovely piece that will go well with various decor styles.  A sturdy timeless piece that can easily become a family heirloom as it is passed down through generations of knitters.

Personalized Made By Labels

These Personalized Made By Labels are a great addition to any hand made item.  Many knitters love gifting their creations and these satin labels can be sewn on for a professional-looking finishing touch.  Personalize in various ways however you wish with different fonts, styles, colors, and motifs.  Whether gifting sweaters, scarves, stuffed animals, or other knitted projects these labels are a lovely way to memorialize who put the work and effort into completing it.

HiyaHiya Needle Gauge


The Knitting Needle Gauge is an adorable sheep that can come in handy when determining the gauge of a knitting needle.  Not all needles come with a size stamped on them, so having a gauge handy can make any crafter’s life a little easier, and this adorable sheep will be sure to induce smiles as well.  Made from sturdy plastic it will hold up over time and will be a go-to accessory for any knitter.  Pop it into a tote bag or keep at home with a yarn stash, sooner or later your knitter will need to whip out a gauge and this is an adorable and practical one.

Knitting Ring For Yarn Guide

This Knitting Ring is a lovely accessory as well as a functional tool.  You receive three designs, all of which can be adjusted to size and worn on either the left or right hand.  Knitters can thread the yarn through the loops on each ring while working on a project to help protect their fingers.  When not actively knitting, these rings also make adorable accessories that they can wear with any outfit.  Fellow knitters may recognize what the function of these rings is while others may just view them as fashionable rings!

Hisuper Knitting Scissors

These Knitting Scissors are a vintage style compact set of scissors that come with a whimsical polka dot faux leather protection case.  The rose gold color is a dainty addition to a knitters arsenal of tools, and the sleek sharp design of the blade makes them ideal for stitching and yarn projects.  Every knitter needs a good pair of scissors, and this is a beautiful pair that they may not splurge on themselves.  Up their accessory game with these small vintage-style scissors. 

Yarn Swift


A Yarn Swift is a convenient way to hold a hank of yarn while you wind it into a ball.  For knitters who prefer buying hanks of yarn rather than skeins or cakes, this accessory is a game-changer.  A hank of yarn is almost impossible to work with unless wound into a ball, and it can be difficult to do by hand while avoiding knots and snarls.  A yarn swift can take a lot of the headache out that comes with unnecessary tangles and can save time when going through the necessary step of winding a hang of yarn into a ball.  Some knitters may not have a yarn swift, but once they start using one they will likely never go back, so this is a great gift to consider when gifting a knitter.

Ball Winder

A Ball Winder is an essential tool for turning a hank or skein of yarn into a center-pull ball of yarn.  Oftentimes balls of yarn are easier to store and work with, however, yarn is rarely sold in round balls.  This ball winder can conveniently be clamped onto a table or countertop and requires little setup.  When paired with a yarn swift, knitters can quickly transform skeins of yarn into balls with very little hassle and rarely any knots or tangles.  If your knitter doesn’t already have a ball winder, this would make an ideal gift!  They will be amazed at the ease of use and how quickly they can wind a ball of yarn.  Ideal for storing a large stash of yarn.

Wool Nesting Ball

A Wool Nesting Ball is a unique gift for a knitter.  This is a grapevine ball stuffed with scraps of wool that can be hung in your yard for birds.  As pieces of wool get taken knitters can add their yarn scraps.  This helps to create an environmentally friendly and colorful way to recycle leftover yarn and provide nesting materials for birds.  If your knitter is also a bird fanatic, this would make a perfect gift for them!  As they search their yard for bird nests they will see find joy is seeing colorful pieces of yarn from their various projects.

Pom Pom Maker


A Pom Pom Maker is a fun accessory for yarn fanatics.  This set comes in four different sizes for a variety of different projects and to avoid wasting yarn.  Pom Poms can be used on knit hats, blanket borders, as decorations, accessories, or kids’ art projects.  Yarn lovers are bound to have all kinds of extra yarn scraps laying around making pom pom makers fun gifts for knitters.

Magnifying Desk Lamp

A Magnifying Desk Lamp is a great gift for knitters who like to work on small projects that involve the smallest knitting needles and tight stitches.  This lamp can conveniently clamp onto a tabletop, which provides hands-free access to an enhanced view of their project.  The different color modes and levels of brightness help adjust how much light is needed in different environments. The magnifier works up to 2.25x magnification providing an image that remains clear and not distorted.  For stitchers working on small projects, this magnifying lamp can help avoid tired eyes and provide less strain.

Svasthya Heal All Balm


This Svasthya Heal All Balm is perfect for keeping knitters hands soft and moisturized.  For people who craft with their hands, dry and cracked skin can easily happen.  But when working with yarn, it can snag and pull on dry skin, which can be super irritating.  This balm is gentle and full of all-natural ingredients to quickly provide instant and lasting relief.  This healing balm is great for more than just hands, making it the most versatile on this list of gifts for knitters!

Couch Arm Caddy


A Couch Arm Caddy is a great way to organize more than just remotes and magazines.  Knitters can store pattern books, knitting needles, scissors, and an ongoing project easily within arms reach while relaxing on the couch.  This specific organizer has 5 different pockets for a variety of different items.  It is made from high-grade soft cotton fabric and has non-slip netting to prevent it from sliding around.  It will not damage the arm of a couch or recliner, and is easy to clean should a spill happen.

Creative Comfort Crafter’s Gloves


Compression gloves are not just for people with arthritis, and these Crafter’s Gloves are perfect for knitters.  They provide mild compression that can help with ongoing support while crafting.  Compression gloves can limit swelling that may come from overusing hands and fingers on knitting projects.  They come in three different sizes and have open fingertips to allow knitters the freedom to continue working on their projects while wearing these gloves.  These gloves keep hands sweat-free and non-restrictive which makes them ideal gifts for knitters.

Neck and Back Massager


A knitter can constantly be hunched over a project, which can provide tightness and discomfort in their neck and back.  A Neck and Back Massager are perfect gifts for knitters and can help provide them some much needed tension relief.  This Shiatsu neck and back massager provides 8 deep massaging nodes, 3 massage modes, a heat function, and a 15-minute safety auto-shut-off function.  While many knitters may not think of a massage as a necessity, they will quickly notice the difference!

Knitting Journal

Yarn iIt! Knitting & Crochet Journal (Natural Brown)

A Yarn iIt! Knitting Journal is a great way to track projects, regardless of experience level.  This knitting journal allows you to plan for future projects and record details of current projects.  Details include yarn type, needle size, pattern notes, and more allowing each knitter to customize as they want.  A journal is a great keepsake and a way to look back on projects that have been completed.  If there is a project that a knitter wants to replicate, having all of the details in one convenient place will be much appreciated, making this a practical and thoughtful gift for knitters.

Wrist Ruler

A Wrist Ruler is a trendy accessory that also functions as a practical knitting tool.  For knitters who like to make clothing and accessories, they will have to check measurements periodically throughout their project.  This leather bracelet can be unwrapped to function as a tape measure.  When not in use it can be worn as a leather bracelet and is a unique statement piece.  If your knitter likes fashion and functionality, this is the gift for them!

Stitch Stoppers


When a knitter is in the middle of a project it can be devastating to lose stitches off the end of their needles, that’s where Stitch Stoppers come in handy.  These stoppers work for knitting needles sizes 0-10.5 and come in two different colors. They easily slide onto the point of a needle turning double-pointed needles into single-pointed needles.  They can also cap a needle when putting down a project to prevent any stitches from accidentally falling off.  These are a great accessory for novice and experienced knitters and can prevent a lot of frustration!

How We Selected Gifts for Knitters 

Practicality and Functionality to Knitters

When providing loved ones with a gift pertaining to their hobby, keeping practicality in mind is a factor.  Whether it’s practical to their craft, such as stitch markers, or functional at home, such as a yarn-themed mug, the gift receiver will likely appreciate the purpose your gift serves.  Each knitter will have their own preferences as to what style needles and type of yarn they prefer to work with.  When gifting practical tools sticking to items like scissors, stitch markers, and storage bags are a safer bet.  Keep in mind that gifts for knitters do not have to be functional, but it’s nice when they are!

Skill Level

Gifts for knitters can sometimes depend on their skill level.  You do not want to gift a beginner with something too advanced that they will not be able to use.  However, gifts such as t-shirts, key chains, and mugs are perfect for recognizing someone’s love of knitting regardless of their skill level.

FAQs – Gifts for Knitters

What does every knitter need?

Every knitter needs at least needles, yarn, and a pattern to follow.  Additional accessories are typically added to a collection as a knitter becomes more advanced and moves on to larger projects.  Sewing items, scissors, tape measures, stitch markers, and crochet hooks are typical items you may find in a knitters arsenal.  A nice basket or tote bag is ideal for storing yarn collections and ongoing projects, especially when on the go.  When thinking about gifts for knitters, have an idea of what they already own to avoid duplicates.

What can I put in a knitting gift basket?

If you are gifting a knitter who is just starting out find out what they have for accessories first.  Everybody will have their own preference for knitting needles and yarn, however, a gift basket could include various other items.  Some ideas are different size knitting needles, different colors of yarn, stitch markers, a notebook for writing down patterns, scissors, a tape measure, tapestry needles, knit blockers, and little keepsakes like a keychain or coffee mug.  A gift basket is a nice way to include multiple smaller gifts for knitters into one larger gift.

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