39 Best Gifts for Surfers 2023

The best gifts for surfers provide practicality while showing the love a surfer has for the open waters. Our detailed list will leave you with plenty of options to choose from as you select the perfect gift for your favorite surfer. 

Best Gifts for Surfers 

Raw Elements Natural Sunscreen


To begin the list of the best gifts for surfers is something to keep their skin safe. The Raw Elements Natural Sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens on the market today. The all-natural, 95% organic sunscreen comes in a reusable tin and has an SPF of 30+. In addition, the natural sunscreen is certified as cruelty-free and is safe on coral reefs. The gift recipient will appreciate how gentle it is on their skin, all while protecting them from harmful UV rays. The natural sunscreen makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or birthday gift! 

GoPro HERO8 Bundle 

The GoPro HERO8 Bundle makes an exceptional gift for a surfer who enjoys documenting their adventures riding the waves. The bundle includes the HERO8 camera, head strap, 32 GB SD card, and two rechargeable batteries. In addition, the camera is so compact; it can fit in a person’s pocket. The camera is equipped with 3 levels of stabilization and has an impact-resistant lens, perfect for those bigger waves. While the GoPro isn’t the cheapest on the wallet, it makes for an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for the special surfer in your life. 

Surfboard Sock Cover


The Surfboard Sock Cover offers surfer protection from their surfboard getting damaged. The sock cover prevents UV rays from changing the surfboard’s color and does a stellar job of protecting it from scratches or dents. The knit fabric stretches to fit any surfboard and is available in three different colors. In addition, the drawstring closure ensures the nose of the surfboard stays protected as well. The practical gift also has space on the bottom for a few personal items like wax or snacks. 

Shark Repellent Band


Next on the list of the best gifts for surfers is something to keep the sharks away. The Shark Repellent Band is worn like a watch and doesn’t require batteries or charging. In addition to being worn on the wrist, the band can also be placed on a person’s ankle. The magnetic technology built inside of the band has been thoroughly tested to keep sharks away. However, it’s always a good idea not to purposely swim towards a shark. The innovative gift makes a fun birthday present. 

Woowave Surfboard Leash 


Sorry, this one isn’t for Fido. The Surfboard Leash was designed to keep a surfer attached to their surfboard in case they go under the water. It also prevents them from losing their surfboard to a big wave. The adjustable strap securing fits onto the surfer and then onto their board. In addition, while the leash is lightweight, it’s extremely durable and allows a surfer to ride with confidence. It’s a very sensible gift to give to the surfer in your life. 

Sun Bum Sunscreen Lotion


Surfers can never have enough sunscreen, which is why the Sun Bum Sunscreen Lotion makes the list of the best gifts for surfers. The reef-friendly sunscreen provides a surfer with an SPF of 30+ and is loaded with Vitamin E. Sun Bum is known for its quality sun products created in a cruelty-free manner. Any surfer who spends hours in the sun will appreciate the gift of Sun Bum sunscreen to keep their skin staying safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

Surf Poncho Changing Robe 

The Surf Poncho Changing Robe might look a little funny, but it makes for an efficient gift. The robe allows enough privacy for a surfer to change out of the wetsuit even if no bathrooms are available. In addition to being a discreet changing spot, the robe also helps a person completely dry off after getting out of the ocean. The changing robe is made from 100% microfiber polyester and stays in place as a person tries to change into dry clothes. When not in use, the robe folds up and can be carried by the attached handle. The handy gift will be appreciated by the surfer who doesn’t enjoy driving home in their wetsuit. 

Open Road Surf Kit

The Surf Kit makes for the perfect gift. The handy kit includes a surf wax and comb, a 50 SPF organic sunscreen stick, and an all-natural lip balm. The stylish bag has a water-resistant outside and a convenient pocket on the inside for small personal items. The surf kit makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or birthday present for anyone who needs a few of the essentials to start their surfing day. 

Sticky Bumps Munkey Surf Wax 


The Munkey Surf Wax is a non-toxic, all-natural option for waxing a surfboard. The gift recipient will be delighted to receive the surf wax to help protect their surfboard. The 6-pack of wax provides an incredibly sticky application to a surfboard. The high-quality wax stays stuck. In addition, the wax is eco-friendly as it is biodegradable and non-toxic. 

Mission Surfboard Bag


If you know someone who isn’t the best at keeping their surfboard protected, then the Mission Surfboard Bag is the perfect gift for them. The 7 ft surfboard bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handles, depending on a person’s preference. The bag stays securely zipped to ensure no outside elements make their way in. In addition, the bag is lightweight, so it doesn’t hurt a person’s back and shoulder as they are carrying it to and from the car. The durable bag is a must-have for any serious surfer. 

Waterproof Backpack 

The Waterproof Backpack is an ideal gift for a surfer who is tired of their personal belongings getting wet every time they hit the beach. The handy backpack is 100% waterproof and will also prevent any sand or dirt from getting inside. The bag is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap and several pockets to ensure plenty of places to store everything a surfer could need for a day at the beach. The waterproof backpack makes a fabulous gift for the surfer in your life. 

Hurley Dri-Fit Reflective T-shirt

The Dri-Fit Reflective T-shirt is an excellent gift option for any surfer who spends most of their day under the sun. While they might not hit the waves with the dri-fit shirt, it’s perfect for the time they spend on the sand. The dri-fit technology ensures a person stays dry and comfortable even under hot temperatures. It makes for an ideal shirt to change into after getting out of a wetsuit. 

Roxy Zip-Up Rashguard

The sun can really do a number on a person’s skin which is why the next item made our list of the best gifts for surfers. The Zip-Up Rashguard ensures a surfer has a large majority of their skin protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The fitted shirt offers an SPF for 50+ and is partially made from recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that? The gift recipient only needs to put a bathing suit on under, and they are ready to hit the waves. 

O’Neill Youth Full Wetsuit

When it comes to the best gifts for surfers, there is something for everyone. The Full Wetsuit is perfect for the youngest of surfers in your life. A full wetsuit offers supreme coverage and has an easy back zipper to help get in and out of the suit. The extra insulation of the suit provides the surfer with protection against the cold temperatures of the water. In addition, the gift recipient will appreciate the ultra-stretch neoprene fabric and the softness it provides. The O’Neill wetsuit makes for a superb gift choice.

Surf Travel Kit 


The Surf Travel Kit is the perfect all-in-one gift choice. The convenient gift set comes complete with sunscreen, surfboard wax and comb, and lip balm. In addition, the durable canvas case is made from 100% vegan leather and has space to add more necessary items for a day at the beach. The bag folds up compactly to ensure it doesn’t take too much space in a surfer’s backpack. The traveler clutch makes for an exceptional gift! 

Roof Rack Pads


If you know someone who is constantly damaging their surfboard on their car, then the Roof Rack Pads make for an extremely sensible gift. The pair of pads easily goes over a car’s roof racks to prevent any scratching on the surfboards or the roof of a car. The roof rack pads have a non-slip design to ensure they don’t slip off during a drive. The pads are easily installed and will make any surfer happy to know their boards are safe and secure on the roof of their car. 

Key Lock Box

The Key Lock Box comes in handy for a surfer who only travels with their keys and needs a place to stash them while they are hitting the waves. In addition to fitting their keys, a person can easily stash their license and a credit card. The lockbox can securely be attached to a bike rack or any other place it cannot be taken off from. The box is secured with a four-digit combination and is made from heavy-duty steel to prevent someone from breaking it open. It’s a practical gift for the surfer who likes to travel lightly. 

Surf Ears Plugs


The Surf Ears Plugs are a supreme gift option to help prevent a surfer from getting water in their ears. The thin, soft plugs provide a comfortable fit, and while they keep water out, they don’t block out sound. In addition, the plugs are color-coded, so there is no question which one goes to which ear. They are connected with a leash for quick attachment and detachment. If you know someone who is often bothered by “surfer’s ear,” then the earplugs are a must-get gift. 

Premium Surfboard Traction Pad 


The Surfboard Traction Pad adheres right onto a person’s surfboard to provide the utmost traction control. The full-sized pads stick on with a powerful 3M adhesive to ensure quality grip control. In addition to a strong grip, the pads are soft enough on a person’s knees, so they aren’t bothered by them. You can choose a plain design or one decorated with palm trees, whichever one you think the gift recipient would enjoy the most! 

Backpack Cooler 

If you know someone who spends the majority of the day at the beach, chances are they will need to feed themselves. The Backpack Cooler by TOURIT is both leakproof and waterproof and has the capacity to hold up to 28 cans. The lightweight backpack has two adjustable straps, making it a breeze to carry from the car to the beach. Since the cooler is leakproof, people can put ice into the main compartment to ensure their beverages stay cold. The backpack is also great for storing food and keeping things fresh. It’s a wonderful gift choice for a surfer who is always in the mood for a drink or a snack. 

Garmin Rugged Watch

Next on the list of the best gifts for surfers is sure to put a smile on a surfer’s face. The Garmin Rugged Watch makes for a superb gift option. The watch is equipped with GPS and heart monitoring detectors. In addition, the watch is thermal, shock, and water-resistant, ensuring it doesn’t get damaged while the recipient is riding the waves. What’s great about the watch is that the user will get benefits in and out of the water. The Garmin watch is ideal for anyone who likes to be active. 

Fiberglass Surfboard Fins


The Fiberglass Surfboard Fins are attached to boards to provide extra balance in all types of waves. The set of 3 fins also comes with the necessary surfboard wax, comb, fin key, and traveling case. The lightweight surfboard fins are easy to install and add some speed to a surfer’s ride. Fiberglass fins are a cheaper alternative to many of the fins on the market today. They make for an exceptional gift, and any surfer will be excited to try them out. 

Bamboo Lil’ Surfer Board

One of the best gifts for surfers will take them out of the ocean and into the kitchen. The Bamboo Lil’ Surfer Board measures 14.5″ x 6″, and the bamboo material gives it a fun design. Bamboo is an incredibly durable material and will help the cutting board last for years to come. The surfer board makes for an excellent housewarming gift for the surfer in your life who also loves to cook! 

Live Love Surf Cuff

If the surfer in your life also loves jewelry, then the Live Love Surf Cuff is a lovely gift option. The stainless steel bracelet can stretch to fit almost all wrist sizes and will not rust or tarnish on its recipient. In addition, the cuff bracelet comes in a velvet pouch, giving it a safe spot to sit while the gift receiver is out hitting the waves. The beautiful bracelet makes a wonderful birthday or Valentine’s Day gift. 

California Surf Van Print 

There’s nothing quite like a stack of surfboards and a vintage VW van. The California Surf Van Print is sure to add some flair to any room in a house. The 11″ x 14″ print is full of color, especially the mustard yellow VW van. In addition, the gorgeous palm trees in the print just scream a day at the beach. While it doesn’t come framed, you can certainly pick up a frame before giving it to the gift recipient. It truly is an individual piece that will be loved by any surfer that has dreamt of a day on the California surf. 

Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set 

The Surf’s Up Flask Gift Set makes for a wonderful gift choice for the surfer in your life who also enjoys an adult beverage now and again. The set includes an engraved 10 oz flask and two shot glasses, and a funnel for easy pouring. The flask is made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure it never rusts on the recipient. The set comes in a lovely gift box, making it easy to gift someone for a birthday or other special occasion. It truly is a lovely gift. 

Surf Stickers 

One of the most affordable of the best gifts for surfers is the set of Surf Stickers. The set includes 50 vinyl stickers with an array of different images and sayings. Whether you decide to gift the set to one favorite surfer or a group of surfers, they will thoroughly enjoy going through the stickers and finding their favorite ones. In addition, the stickers are waterproof, so the recipient may decide to decorate their surfboard with them. The stickers easily peel off and can be reapplied to a new spot whenever the recipient decides to do so. 

Board Meeting Coffee Mug 

The Board Meeting Coffee Mug is the perfect spot to hold a surfer’s favorite cup of coffee before they head out for a day at the beach. The 11 oz ceramic mug humorously says, “I can’t. I have a board meeting.” It certainly is the only type of board meeting surfers hope to have. The two-sided mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it both practical and fun. 

Vintage Surfing T-Shirt

The Vintage Surfing T-Shirt gives off a fun retro vibe and makes an outstanding gift for any surfer you know. The t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for your perfect someone. In addition, the t-shirt is available in 6 colors: white, navy, black, asphalt, dark heather, and heather blue. The lightweight shirt is simple, but the vibrancy to it stands out as well. It certainly is one of the best gifts for surfers! 

Surfing Balance Toy

Next on the best gifts for surfers is the perfect gift for someone’s desk at work. The Surfing Balance Toy will keep the recipient occupied while they clock in the necessary hours at work. It likely will make them wish they are currently at the beach, but the unique toy will thoroughly entertain them. The gift recipient can give it a gentle spin to catch the balancing toy in action. The fun gift will certainly be a conversation starter around the water cooler at work. 

Life Is Good Beach Sign 

If you know someone who could use a little decor in their house, consider gifting them this Life Is Good Beach Sign. The 12″ x 8″ vintage tin sign is perfect for a kitchen, front porch, or family room in a surfer’s home. The sign lets everyone know that “life is good at the beach,” something a surfer will surely agree with. The vintage sign has a worn look, making for a fun decor option in a person’s house. If you know someone who enjoys a retro feel, the beach sign makes a fabulous gift. 

Wetsuit Changing Mat


The Wetsuit Changing Mat makes changing after a day in the ocean a breeze. A surfer stands in the middle of the mat as they change, so their wetsuit doesn’t risk getting damaged or dirty as they are changing. Once they are finished, they tie up the mat and go on with their day. The mat is waterproof, so a surfer doesn’t have to worry about it leaking in their car. Wetsuits aren’t necessarily cheap, so it’s a good idea to protect them when not in use. Any surfer will be grateful to have the handy wetsuit changing mat. 

Shark Repellent Bracelet 


The Shark Repellent Bracelet certainly makes for a unique gift. If you know a surfer with love for the water, but not sharks, then the repellent bracelet makes a smart gift choice. The bracelet can be worn on the wrist or ankle and is not magnetic to ensure it doesn’t damage a person’s electronic devices. The active element inside the repellent is built to last for hundreds of hours. The leather bracelet is handmade and includes beautiful wood beads. Finally, the bracelet is adjustable to ensure it can fit any surfer! 

Surfing Night Light 


The Surfing Night Light is perfect for someone who cannot get enough of the sight of waves. The 3D night light has 16 changing color choices and can be controlled by remote control. The relaxing night light has a lovely curved design, complete with its own surfer. In addition, the light night can be powered by batteries or a USB plug. This beautiful gift will brighten the room of a surfer for years to come. 

Surf Be With You T-Shirt

The Surf Be With You T-Shirt is suitable for any surfer, regardless of whether they understand the Star Wars connection or not. The amusing shirt is available in 4 different colors, and you can easily find the correct size for a man, woman, or even a youth. The funny, quotable shirt makes for an excellent gift for a birthday or Father’s Day, especially if the surfer also loves Star Wars. 

Ocean Tapestry


The Ocean Tapestry will certainly transform any room it’s hung up in. The 60″ x 40″ tapestry has a beautiful silhouette of a surfer at sunset. In addition to being hung inside, the tapestry is durable enough to be hung outside on a deck or patio. The tapestry is made from a polyester silky satin blend, providing it with a lovely soft touch. The gorgeous piece makes for a unique gift choice! 

Husband Surfing Travel Mug 

If your spouse is very much in love with the wind and the waves, then the Husband Surfing Travel Mug makes an excellent choice. If you are looking for a humorous gift to show off your husband’s love of surfing and his love of you letting him go surfing, then this is the gift for you. The comical travel mug is also quite practical. The mug holds 14 oz of the recipient’s beverage and has a convenient handle on the side to ensure they don’t spill anything. Any husband will get a good laugh when they open this witty travel mug. 

Surfer Girl T-Shirt 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the cool surfer girl in your life, look no further than this fun Surfer Girl T-Shirt. The shirt is available in various colors and is lightweight enough for a day at the beach. In addition, there are plenty of size options to choose from, ranging from small to 3XL. This makes a great birthday gift for the coolest surfer girl you know. You better believe they will wear it around with great pride! 

Happiness In Waves Keychain

A surfer will tell you they find great happiness when they are hitting the waves. That’s why the Happiness In Waves Keychain makes for a perfect gift choice. Engraved with “Happiness comes in waves,” the keychain is made from hypo-allergenic stainless steel and will not rust or tarnish on its recipient. Keychains are a great gift to give to a co-worker or as an add-on gift to something larger. The dainty keychain will look lovely on a surfer’s set of keys. 

How We Selected the Gifts For Surfers 

Provides Practical Use 

Gifting t-shirts and mugs are always a great idea, but so is gifting a surfer something they can use when they hit the waves. Whether it’s a board sock or board wax, finding something practical is always a good idea. If you know a surfer who has about every necessity in the book, then giving them something fun is a wonderful idea. 

Variety of Prices 

Whether you search for a gift for a coworker, a best friend, or a family member, it’s always nice to have a wide range of prices. In addition, sometimes you are merely looking for a small gift as a thank you and aren’t prepared to spend a fortune. Having a variety of prices allows you to pick the perfect gift for a specific occasion. You don’t have to break the bank to find the ideal gift! 

FAQs – Gifts for Surfers

What gift does every surfer need?

While every surfer certainly needs a surfboard, the list doesn’t end there. Surfers need the appropriate gear, including a wetsuit, to ensure a safe ride every time. In addition, small items like board wax and sunscreen are also top items needed by surfers. You can easily put together a gift basket will some of the necessities a surfer needs before hitting the waves. 

What’s the best place to store your belongings when surfing?

As mentioned in the article, getting yourself a lockbox that can hook onto a bike rack is a great option for keys and small personal items like a driver’s license or credit card. You can also wrap up personal items in a towel on the beach, as it’s less likely to be attractive to a would-be thief. In addition, you can hide your car key on your tire or in a magnetic box that can stick to the underside of your car. 

What should I get a surfer for Christmas?

Any of the best gifts for surfers on the list would make for a great Christmas gift. Since Christmas is a special time of year, consider getting the recipient something more than a mug or a t-shirt. In addition, ask them if there is something they have been wanting but haven’t gotten yet. Perhaps they’ve had their eye on a new wetsuit or a backpack. It’s always to gift something a person truly wants and needs. 

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I'm a mom of three young kiddos who always seems to be running around doing something for my kids. However, I always take pride in slowing down when it comes to gift-giving. I believe you should put sincere thought into the gifts you give to show the recipient how much you care. I look forward to giving insight into the multitude of gifts that are available on the market today, all with that special person in mind.