43 Best Gifts for Runners 2023

Runners love their sport and find great passion when doing it. Here is a comprehensive list of the best gifts for runners that will aid them as they hit the pavement. 

Best Gifts for Female Runners

This Is My Happy Hour T-Shirt

Runners will be the first to tell you that you don’t need a glass in your hand to enjoy happy hour. The This is My Happy Hour T-Shirt expresses that exact sentiment. The USA-made t-shirt comes in 8 different colors and a variety of sizes. If your best friend or sister is a runner, this is a must-have t-shirt for them. They can wear it during a run or a lazy day on the couch. The high-quality cotton polyester blend provides both comfort and durability. 

Just Keep Running Bracelet

Sometimes in life, you have to be reminded to keep going. The Just Keep Running Bracelet is the perfect addition to any runner’s jewelry collection. The receiver will appreciate that the bracelet is adjustable to choose exactly how the cuff bracelet fits.  In addition, the bracelet is made of stainless steel metal and lead and nickel-free. Any runner would be delighted to receive this as a gift! 

Wine Later Tumbler 

A runner will tell you it’s always important to stay hydrated, which is why the Wine Later Tumbler is a fantastic gift choice. The tumbler is perfectly capable of keeping drinks both cold or warm, depending on the beverage of choice. The 12 oz cup comes equipped with a closeable lid and is made of stainless steel to ensure a durable place to hold liquids. The recipient will enjoy the fun, practical gift, whether they decide to put wine in it or not. 

Athletic Headbands 

There’s nothing like having your hair in your face while you are running. The Athletic Headbands are a smart gift choice to help prevent this problem for the runner in your life. They will have the choice of 10 different headbands as they set out on their run. What’s great about these headbands is they can be flipped over for a different pattern or even used as a scarf in cold weather. The versatile athletic headbands make a wonderful, purposeful gift for any runner you may know. 

So She Did Keychain

Motivation goes a long way when it comes to a long run, and the runner you know will appreciate this keychain with a bit of uplifting talk. The Runner Keychain is the perfect gift for someone who finished their first marathon or their first 5k. The stainless steel key chain will be appreciated by anyone who has pushed themselves to the point where they didn’t think they could go any further. The keychain even comes with a reusable pouch, making it an ideal gift to give to the runner in your life. 

Just Keep Running Necklace 

This is such a beautiful gift for a runner. The Just Keep Running Necklace is made from stainless steel and will not rust or tarnish on its receiver. The sweet gift reminds a runner that sometimes in life, you just keep running, and you’ll get through it. The clasp is adjustable, so the runner can pick the perfect length and wear it with pride. It’s such a classy gift for anyone who has a love for running. 

TrailHeads Running Hat

One of the best gifts for runners to help keep the sun out of their face is a Running Hat. This running hat is lightweight and has a polyester mesh to ensure it is quick drying. The practical hat comes in a variety of colors like pink, purple, and green. The recipient will appreciate the adjustable fit to ensure they have a secure fit as they are logging in their miles. You can’t go wrong with gifting a running hat! 

Runderful Reusable Tote 

If your friend is a runner and eco-friendly, then the Runderful Reusable Tote is a perfect gift idea. The 16 x 14-inch bag is the perfect place to carry their clothes to and from the gym. If they hit the pavement instead of the treadmill, the recipient can use the bag for any other errands that are part of their day. The durable canvas bag can be used however the recipient decides is right, which is part of why it is so wonderful. Or shall I say, runderful?

I Run Like A Girl T-Shirt

For the favorite female runner in your life, consider the I Run Like A Girl T-Shirt. It’s a fun way to show a lady in your life that it doesn’t matter who you are, but that running is life. The receiver will enjoy the message the t-shirt delivers and be delighted with the use they will get out of it. You can also choose from 5 different colors, including pink, purple, or royal blue. You will have no problem picking out the perfect color to match the personality of the recipient. 

Inspirational Shoe Lace Charm 

If you know someone training for their next race, the Inspirational Shoe Lace Charm is the perfect gift to cheer them along the way. The set of two charms can be attached directly to a person’s shoelaces. The inspirational gift is made of stainless steel and is lightweight enough not to feel like your shoes are being weighed down. The tags are the perfect accessory for a runner’s big race or even just a run around the neighborhood. 

Runner Girl Keychain


The Runner Girl Keychain is dainty but shows the love a runner has for their sport. The heart right next to the runner girl sits on the stainless steel keyring. The keychain already comes in its own gift box, making it easy to get ready to give to the best runner in your life. This makes the perfect gift for a co-worker or acquaintance who you know has a passion for running. 

So She Did Running Socks 

The Inspirational Running Socks are both a fun and purposeful gift to give. The saying, “She believed she could. So she did,” is written across the pair of socks. Besides being empowering, the socks also do a superb job at keeping a runner’s feet cool and dry as they hit the pavement. In addition, the socks provide arch support, airflow ventilation and are very fashionable. The receiver will gladly put their feet up in these socks after their long run. 

Best Gifts for Male Runners 

Running Dad T-Shirt 

The Running Dad T-Shirt is for any awesome father you know. Show your favorite dad how cool you think they are with this lightweight t-shirt. It makes the perfect birthday gift, Father’s Day present, or a fun surprise for completing their first race. The t-shirt comes in 5 different colors and plenty of sizes to please the cool dad in your life. They will proudly wear the shirt as they complete each mile on their run.

LED Flashlight Gloves 


This next gift is just plain cool. The LED Flashlight Gloves are perfect for the man in your life who likes to run in the dark. The gloves are equipped with several LED lights, making running in the dark a whole lot safer. There is a convenient on and off switch, so the lights don’t always have to be used. The batteries last for up to 30 hours before needing to be replaced, allowing plenty of runs. The gift recipient will be grateful for these innovative gloves. 

Runner Heartbeat T-Shirt 

To show one’s love of running, consider the Runner Heartbeat T-Shirt for your gift. The classic fit t-shirt is simple yet shows one’s passion for running. The shirt comes in a variety of sizes like navy, heather blue, and asphalt. A lightweight running shirt makes the perfect gift for a birthday or anniversary gift. If you know a hardcore runner, then the runner heartbeat t-shirt will definitely be well worn by them. 

Silicone Ring

If your husband doesn’t like to get his wedding ring sweaty while he runs, a Silicone Ring is a great alternative. There are various colors to choose from, and the price is so great that you can get multiple ones. The band measures 10mm in width and is 2.5 mm thick. It’s ideal for any activity that could potentially cause damage to their wedding ring. The flexible silicone ring is perfect for that long weekend run or even a jog around the neighborhood. It ensures their actual wedding ring is safe at home. 

Gone For A Run Beer Glass

Does your favorite runner also enjoy a cold glass once in a while? Then the Gone For A Run Beer Glass is right up their alley. While it may show 26.2 on the glass, it will hold a drink up to 16 oz. They can get their 26.2 in on the pavement instead. The USA-made glass is etched with the distances of races your favorite runner has likely done in their lifetime. It makes an excellent Father’s Day or birthday gift. In addition, it’s dishwasher safe, making it a breeze to clean. 

EZRUN Running Shorts

You can’t go wrong by gifting Running Shorts. A runner probably has a closet full, but with the amount of running some people do, it’s always good to have a backup supply of quality running shorts. If you are looking for a practical gift for a runner, these 5-inch running shorts are perfect for those hot summer days. The shorts are both lightweight and quick-dry, making them a superb option for runners. In addition, the shorts are equipped with pockets on either side and a zippered one in the back, perfect for storing their keys. 

Running Dinosaur T-Shirt

If the runner in your life has a good sense of humor, the Running Dinosaur T-Shirt is sure to bring some laughs. Motivation comes in all sorts of ways, including being chased by a dinosaur. While it likely isn’t the case for the runner you know, it’s a fun shirt to show that sometimes running isn’t always as fun as some people say. The humorous shirt comes in 6 different colors, allowing you to pick the perfect one for a gift. 

Soundbot Bluetooth Beanie

If the weather has turned cold, then the Bluetooth Beanie Hat is an exceptional gift to give to a runner. Not only will it keep their head warm, but it can also play their favorite tunes right through the hat. The Bluetooth feature is so discreet; they may not even notice it at first. The beanie has the ability to play for up to 5 hours nonstop without being charged. The gift receiver could wear it for a whole marathon if they needed the warmth. A runner will be extremely grateful for this for any cold run in the future. You also have several colors to choose from as you decide which to get for your favorite runner. 

Hanes Cool Dri T-Shirts

On a hot day, the recipient of the Cool Dri T-Shirts will thank you immensely. With an SPF 50+, the shirts will help keep a runner cool and free of sunburn on a summer day. While runners should still put sunscreen on during those scorcher days, the shirt provides a good deal of coverage. In addition, there is no shortage of colors as you are adding these t-shirts to your cart. If you know a person who tends to run when it’s dark, consider getting the safety green color. It’s nice and bright and will alert drivers there is a runner ahead. 

More Gifts for Runners

Medal Hanger

A runner takes great pride when they train for and finish a race. What better way to show off their accomplishments than on a Medal Hanger. It’s doesn’t matter if the person you know runs short races or marathons; the hanger is a wonderful way to show either off. The hanger has a spot to hold race bibs and two rods for their medals. In fact, it can hold up to 60 medals. That’s a lot of running! Any runner will be grateful to have a designated place to display their amazing achievements. The medal hanger will easily hang onto a wall so the gift receiver can admire it daily. 

Running Belt 

If you know someone who seems to juggle holding their phone and keys while out for their run, then the Running Belt is a must-have. There is no reason why a runner should have their hands full while they are running. This handy running belt has plenty of space for their phone, keys, credit cards, and even a convenient place to put their headphones. The belt is water-resistant and is zippered for added protection. The adjustable waist fits almost anyone and comes in a variety of colors. Finally, the reflective pouch is an added safety feature that any runner will appreciate. 

Wooden Shadow Box 


The Wooden Shadow Box is a beautiful gift for any runner in your life. There is a slot on top for the person to add anything they’d like. Perhaps they can start adding money to fund their next race. The box is 6″ x 6″ and 2″ in depth. The recipient can hang the box on the wall or place it on a bookshelf. It’s a lovely decor item that would go great in the home of a runner. 

The Runner’s Devotional 


If the runner you know also loves a good book, consider getting them The Runner’s Devotional. The book dives into your faith and love of running and looks into whether there is a purpose in it. Any runner will appreciate the insight the book provides, regardless of how long they have been running. In total, there are 52 devotional readings, making it easy to read one a day for a year. The receiver will also appreciate the included training schedules if they plan to run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon, or even a full marathon. The book is the perfect gift for someone looking to connect running with their relationship with God. 

Runner’s Day-by-Day Log 


The Runner’s Day-by-Day Log is ideal for any runner who is looking to track their runs. It doesn’t matter if the person is training for a short race or a full marathon; the log will help them keep a log of their training process. Each date slot allows for a place to write down when and where their run was and how long they ran for. It’s a great way for a runner to keep tabs on how their running schedule is going. Finally, the log includes running tips and motivational quotes. It’s a wonderful gift for any runner who is interested in looking back at their year of runs to keep how far they’ve come. 

Grip Free Running Bottle 


There’s no question a person needs to stay hydrated while they are out on a run. Sometimes it can get tricky holding a water bottle while running, which is why the Grip Free Running Bottle makes an excellent gift. The strap easily fits on a person’s hand, and the insulated bottle ensures their water stays cool for the length of their run. In addition, the bottle has a reflective zippered pouch around it, allowing a place to keep personal belongings. The runner in your life will appreciate this durable, effective water bottle. 

Freemove Reflective Vest 


One of the best gifts for runners keeps them safe while they are hitting the pavement. The Reflective Vest allows for 360° of visibility and provides coverage in any type of weather condition. In addition to the vest, the set comes with two reflective bands that can be worn on a person’s arms or wrist. The runner will appreciate that the vest is lightweight and does not interfere with their running. They will also admire the fact that you are considering their safety. 

Rechargeable Hand Warmers


The cold never bothered a runner anyway, which is why Rechargeable Hand Warmers are essential for those winter runs. The good news is the hand warmers are better than my jokes, and this truly is one of the best gifts for runners. While there are plenty of disposable hand warmers, runners will appreciate ones they can use more than once. The rechargeable hand warmers have 3 different heat settings and are compact enough to fit in your pocket. As an added feature, they can even charge a runner’s phone if their battery dies while out on a run. Any runner will most appreciate this gift on those cold morning runs. 

Massage Roller 

Running can do a number on a person’s muscles, which is why gifting the Massage Roller will make your friend very happy. Their muscles will also thank you. The roller’s spinning gears help relieve any tension built up in a person’s legs from a long run. Your friend or family member will appreciate the compactness of the roller and the ability to throw it in a gym bag or keep it in the car. In addition, the easy-to-grip handles make the massaging much easier to perform. A runner puts their body through a lot, especially during a marathon, so gifting them a massage roller will definitely help their recovery process. 

Epsom Salt Solution


One of the best gifts for runners isn’t something they need while running. If you decide to gift the massaging foam roller, you should also include a bag of Epsom Salt Solution. It’s almost like the dessert after a person has rolled out their tensions. While it may seem simple enough, Epsom salt can do wonders for sore muscles. A runner only needs to pour some of the salts into a warm bath and relax and feel the tensions be taken away. The wonderful aroma of lavender and eucalyptus is a bonus. The runner in your life will greatly appreciate the practical gift. 

If I Collapse T-Shirt 

While you wouldn’t want your friend actually to fall during a run, the If I Collapse T-Shirt is quite humorous. Anyone with a smartwatch will tell you how disappointed they are if their watch counts part of their run while standing idle.  The funny t-shirt comes in a plethora of colors and has sizes for both men and women. It’s the perfect gift for a runner with a stellar sense of humor. 


For the utmost in simplicity is the FlipBelt. While some runners don’t mind a larger fanny pack belt, others prefer something simpler. The FlipBelt provides runners with a simple, no-frills place to store their phone and other essentials. The no-buckle belt provides a comfortable fit while staying snug in place. Any runner will be happy with the large variety of colors available. Consider going with a bright c0lor like hot pink or neon green. The FlipBelt is an exceptional gift for a runner who needs to store personal items but doesn’t want too much bulkiness around their waist. 

Reflective Lights 


One of the best gifts for runners who oftentimes run in the dark, then the Reflective Lights are the perfect solution. Any runner will tell you that running without sunlight isn’t the easiest feat. This is why gifting them reflective lights will aid in their safety as they are hitting the pavement dark and early. The lights can easily clip onto their shoes, shorts, or shirt to provide enough light to alert any oncoming cars. It can even be clipped onto a dog’s collar if they run with their pooch. The lifesaving device is worth every penny, but luckily it doesn’t cost that much. 

Vive Foot Rocker 


For someone who runs and then has to sit at a desk, the Foot Rocker is the perfect gift for them. The rocker gently stretches their calves to help reduce heel and foot pain. The non-stick pads ensure they can’t hurt themselves further as they are stretching their feet out. If you know a runner suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot condition, then the foot rocker is a must-get gift. They will thank you immensely as they stretch their feet back to normal. 

Running Shoes Mug 

As the Running Shoes Mug says, “Life is Better in Running Shoes.” Whether your favorite runner drinks coffee or prefers tea, they will happily do so with their new mug. The 11 oz mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it a convenient gift to give. The print is on both sides, so it won’t matter which way they pick up the mug. This will make the left-handed runners exceptionally happy.  It makes a great birthday gift for the person you know who loves running! 

Pastabilities On the Run Pasta


The Pastabilities On the Run Pasta is a funny yet practical gift for a runner to carb load before their big race. The 2-pack each has 14 oz of the cutest pasta you may have ever seen. Besides being fun, it also is Non-GMO and made from natural wheat. The packages have a mixture of runner and shoe-shaped pasta. As the package reads, it’s pasta with personality! It’s a fun gift to give to a pasta-loving runner. There’s no question why it makes the list of the best gifts for runners. 

Running Backpack

Next on the list of the best gifts for runners is the Running Backpack. It is ideal for those who don’t want to wear anything around their waist but need a place for their essentials. The backpack is lightweight, so a runner won’t feel like they are wearing something bulky. The zippered pockets can hold their phone, keys, and necessary credit cards. A runner can easily string a runner’s headphones from the backpack right into their ears. In addition, there are four colors to choose from, and the lime green is perfect for night or early morning runners. Any runner will be grateful for this handy, convenient backpack. 

If It’s Not On Mug 

This is one of those, “If you know, you know” type gifts. The If It’s Not On Mug pokes fun at the fact that if you didn’t track your run, it never happened. The 11 oz mug proudly shows off images of a watch and phone to track the length of one’s run. But, if you don’t track your run, did it actually happen? While the question can be disputed amongst runners, the mug does provide a useful purpose. The only thing you’ll have to warn the receiver about is to handwash their new favorite mug. 

6 Stages of Marathon T-Shirt

If you’ve ever run a marathon, then the 6 Stages of Marathon T-Shirt probably hits home for you. If you haven’t run 26.2 miles, it still will make an exceptional gift to a marathon runner. The classic fit t-shirts come in a variety of colors like cranberry, slate, and black. You can easily pick out the favorite color of your runner with the options they provide. The humorous shirt is the perfect gift for someone preparing for their first big race, or a past marathon runner. 

Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.


While running is great for cardiovascular health, good nutrition is also essential. The Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook offers a variety of quick-fix recipes that provide the nutrients runners need to be healthy in the kitchen. Any runner will appreciate the insight the book provides as it is written by two experienced runners. Fueling your body is important and so is cooking the appropriate foods! 

Tribe Phone Armband


If you know a runner who has no interest in wearing something around their waist, then the Phone Armband is just what they need. It truly is one of the best gifts for runners because it is extremely practical. The armband fits a lengthy list of phones and also has a convenient spot for a key. In addition, there is a designated place to string your headphones so the cord isn’t bouncing in your way during a run. The band comes in fun colors like pink, blue, and purple and the adjustable strap helps fit around almost anyone. 

Cooling Towels 

There’s nothing like finishing a long race and cooling down afterward. This is why one of the best gifts for runners is Cooling Towels. The recipient simply needs to soak the towel for 10 seconds and then relax as they place it around their neck. As an added bonus, the towel provides an SPF of 50+ if they are interested in running with it around their neck. You have 10 colors to choose from as you pick the perfect one for the runner you know. 

How We Selected the Best Gifts for Runners


It’s always fun to give an entertaining gift, but giving a practical gift ensures the recipient will get good use out of it. While some of the best gifts for runners provide a bit of humor, every gift mentioned has a practical use to it. Whether you are gifting something for them to relax with after their race, or clothes to wear during the big race, the best gifts for a runner offer major points with practicality. 

Expresses Love of Running 

Almost any runner you talk to will tell you about the “runner’s high” they experience while running. Therefore, the gift you give to someone should express their love for running. Whether it’s a practical gift they can use while logging in their miles or something to help recover after a run, it shows you understand their passion for running. It will mean a lot to the recipient if you put thought into the gift. 

Motivational Gifts

For many runners, running isn’t only about getting a workout in. They run for a purpose, whether it’s inspirational, calming, or relaxing, a run is often more than a run. The best gifts for runners are often motivational and show the recipient that you understand their running is more than a sport, it’s part of their life. Sometimes in life, we can get bogged down with the chaos that surrounds us. However, having something motivational to read or even look at can help us stay afloat. 

FAQs – Gifts for Runners

What does every runner need?

This will vary from one runner to the next. Not every runner will run a marathon but they still need the essentials to get in their daily run. In general, every runner should always be equipped with comfortable clothes, quality running shoes, and somewhere to store their personal belongings. If a person runs long distances, they likely will want to have something to hold their water bottle and other essentials. 

What should I give to someone after they finish a marathon?

A marathon is no easy feat, so it’s a good idea to celebrate with your friend or family member after they complete the long race. You can gift them a massage or even a personal massager to offer their muscles some relief after those 26.2 miles. In addition, you may want to let them rest after their big race. Either way, giving them a big congratulations will go a long way. 

What does a beginner runner need?

If you know someone who has recently picked up running, then it’s a great idea to gift them something to help them on their new journey. The best gifts for runners who are starting out is a good pair of socks, lightweight clothing, running shoes, and a hat. While accessories are nice, they need the basics first. If you are unsure of what shoes they would like best, you can always get them a gift card to help make their decision easier. Sometimes knowing someone’s size can be tricky, so it doesn’t hurt to ask them ahead of time. 

How can you encourage a runner?

There’s nothing quite like the encouragement from those you love. Whether you know a beginner runner or an experienced marathoner, it’s always a good idea to encourage them with your words. Telling them about what a great job they did or how well they performed will go a long way. It’s always a good idea to emphasize how strong you think they are, because they may not always feel that way. 

Kelly O'Lone

I'm a mom of three young kiddos who always seems to be running around doing something for my kids. However, I always take pride in slowing down when it comes to gift-giving. I believe you should put sincere thought into the gifts you give to show the recipient how much you care. I look forward to giving insight into the multitude of gifts that are available on the market today, all with that special person in mind.