85 Best Gifts for History Buffs 2023

History spans many millennia and so do the options for the gifts you can give your favorite history buff. Below we’ve compiled some of the best gift options ranging from replicas to t-shirts to top-rated books. 

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Best Creative Gifts for History BuffsLEGO Empire State Kit Leonardo da Vinci Catapult KitFamous Painting Dress Socks Declaration of Independence Framed Poster Chronology GameUS Constitution & Declaration Glasses SetGenealogy Organizer Notebook Mona Lisa Infinity Scarf 4,000 of World History PrintFour Score and Seven Years Ago MugDIY 3D Wooden Puzzle SetNative American Tribe Map Novel Teas SetCrescent Moon NecklaceIf History Repeats Itself... PillowTheodore Roosevelt Bust Statue 1990 to 1993 White House Ornaments SetRoman Officer Historical Helmet Antique Nautical CompassUS Historical Parchment PapersKing Arthur DaggerChampagne Saber ReplicaT-Rex Skull StatueRoute 66 Map Poster Handmade Wood Ship ModelCopper Rome Chess Set Best Small Gifts for History BuffsPocket-Sized US Constitution Top Trumps Card GamesFunko Pop Albert EinsteinHistory Keychain Deal or Duel Hamilton GameHistory Buff Abe Lincoln StickerIdes of March Pen and Pencil Holder Constitution Silk NecktiePresidential Slogan Coffee Mug History Lover Tote BagThe Schuyler Sisters NotebookOriginal Piece of the Berlin Wall Egyptian Goddess Bastet Statue Queen Elizabeth II Coin Mini Arc De Triomphe ModelTaj Mahal Marble ReplicaHistorical London Tea Towel Cipher Wheel US Flag Desk SetHistorical African Americans Bookmark SetFeather Pen Calligraphy SetBest Gifts for World War 2 BuffsAviator Hat with Fur FlapsThe World War 2 Trivia BookWorld War II BookWorld War II InfographicsHistory of World War II Poster M4 Sherman Tank T-ShirtWorld War II Aircraft PuzzleWorld War II Wall ClockWorld War II Challenge Coin  World War 2 Memorabilia PackBest T-Shirt Gifts for History BuffsWashington History Buff T-shirtFunny Civil War T-shirtI Read History... T-ShirtToo Cool for British Rule T-ShirtNever Forget... T-ShirtVincent Van Gogh T-ShirtFunny Thomas Jefferson T-ShirtAbraham Lincoln History Buff T-Shirt Alexander The Great Tank TopSpilling Tea Since 1773 T-ShirtRevolutionary War Hoodie Best Book Gift Ideas for History BuffsNational Geographic MagazineThe Book of Unusual KnowledgeInteresting Stories For Curious People History of the World Map by MapBad Days in HistoryF*cking History: 111 LessonsWhen Hitler Took Cocaine... Civil War BattlefieldsHomebrew Gaming... BookLegions of RomeUS History Crossword BookThe Great Book of Crazy President TriviaFirearms: An Illustrated HistoryFierce: The History of Leopard PrintDungeons & Dragons Art & ArcanaAncient Egypt: Visual HistoryA Hastiness of Cooks

Best Creative Gifts for History Buffs

LEGO Empire State Kit 


The LEGO Empire State Kit is a great way to gift a piece of history to your history-loving friend or loved one. The 1760-piece set allows the owner to build and display this highly detailed LEGO Architecture Empire State Building model. 

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit


The Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit helps your history lover bring history to life with this wooden replica catapult. It comes with all pieces ready to assemble as well as the glue you’ll need to put it together. 

Famous Painting Dress Socks 

The Famous Painting Dress Socks is great for the art history lover in your life. The socks feature five different famous paintings on the top portion of the sock. They are suitable for men in sizes 6.5 to 12. 

Declaration of Independence Framed Poster 

This impressive replica of the Declaration of Independence Framed Poster is a great gift idea for a history buff that loves the history of the United States. It comes in a 14 x 20 inch wood frame. 

Chronology Game


The Chronology Game helps your history buff gain even more history-related knowledge! They will learn the chronology of history, such as which invention came first, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, or John Deere’s first plow.

How to Play: Someone will read a historical event from a card and players decide where that event falls in the timeline they’ve created. If a player is right, they keep the card and their timeline grows. 

US Constitution & Declaration Glasses Set

For the American history buff, this Constitution & Declaration Glasses Set would make a memorable gift. This set of two glasses features one Constitution and one Declaration glass with the text wrapping around the entire glass for a unique and distinctive effect. 

Genealogy Organizer Notebook 


The Genealogy Organizer Notebook lets your history buff learn about their own personal history. This notebook makes it easy to record and organize their family history with family tree charts, 5 generation genealogy pedigree charts, and family group sheets.

Mona Lisa Infinity Scarf 

A beautiful gift option is this Mona Lisa Infinity Scarf. This handmade Mona Lisa scarf can be worn in many different ways to show the wearer’s love for art history and paintings.

4,000 of World History Print


Wow your history-loving friend or partner with this Histomap 4,000 Years of History Print. They can discover 4000 years of world history with this large map that makes it easy to understand the shifting of ideas, ethnic groups, beliefs and rulers. The time period of 2000 BC – 2000 AC shows the rise and fall of empires next to each other so you can clearly see how different ideologies and cultures lasted (or not). The large print measures 16 inches x 76 inches.

Four Score and Seven Years Ago Mug

Combine modern lingo with history with this fun Four Score and Seven Years Ago Mug. The 11 oz mug features the saying “That’s so” combined with an illustration of President Abraham Lincoln as well as the saying “Four Score and Seven Years Ago.” 

DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Set


This DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Set includes six ways for your loved one to build their very own military vehicle collection. The kit includes a Tank, Armored Vehicle, Antiaircraft Missile, Rocket Launcher, Missile Truck, and SUV. 

Native American Tribe Map 


For a unique gift idea that showcases the tribes that first called North America home, this Native American Tribe Map would be a great gift idea.  This beautifully illustrated poster shows fascinating information about the multiple tribes in the U.S. The poster comes in three size options ranging from 11 x 16 inches to 24 x 36 inches.

Novel Teas Set


This adorable and useful Novel Teas Set  contains 25 teabags individually tagged with historical literary quotes from the world over, made with the finest English Breakfast tea. This even made #14 of Oprah’s 2022 Holiday List! 

Crescent Moon Necklace

This Crescent Moon Necklace is unique and would make a beautiful gift for the feminist history lover. The necklace can range between approximately 12 and 14 inches.

If History Repeats Itself… Pillow

For a little chuckle, gift your history lover this If History Repeats Itself… Pillow. This 16 x 16-inch throw pillow is truly unique and is even double-sided, making it a great home décor gift.

Theodore Roosevelt Bust Statue 

For the Teddy Roosevelt lover, this Theodore Roosevelt Bust Statue would make an excellent gift. The 9-inch statue is made of durable composite resin cast in bronze patina. Each bust is also hand-painted and polished individually. 

1990 to 1993 White House Ornaments Set


For your history lover that also loves Christmas, this 1990 to 1993 White House Ornaments Set would make an excellent gift. The set of four includes Official White House ornaments that were created in the 90s to commemorate historical presidencies or events: 1990 (President Martin Van Buren), 1991 (President William Henry Harrison), 1992 (Bicentennial of the White House Cornerstone), and 1993 (President John Tyler).

Roman Officer Historical Helmet 

If you really want to impress your history buff, gift them this Roman Officer Historical Helmet. This high-quality helmet is a handmade replica of something like a Roman Gladiator would wear. Each is crafted of 18 gauge steel and also features an authentic style plume. The approximate size is 12.5 inches wide and will fit almost all adults. 

Antique Nautical Compass


This Antique Nautical Compass is made of high quality brass metal with a solid antique finish. It also includes J.H. Steward’s nameplate on the sundial compass as well as on the protective wooden box. J.H. Steward is a historical maker of nautical instruments. 

US Historical Parchment Papers

This set of US Historical Parchment Papers is sure to impress any history buff, especially one that loves early American history. The four documents included are The Declaration of Independence (14 x 16 inches), The US Constitution (12 x 19 inches), The Bill Of Rights (14 x 16 inches), and the Gettysburg Address (11 x 14 inches).

King Arthur Dagger

For a King Arthur or medieval times fan, this authentic-looking King Arthur Dagger would make a great gift. The 14-inch stainless steel dagger is a stunning replica and has three fullers running down it with a metal pommel and guard. It is also accompanied by a scabbard.

Champagne Saber Replica

Want to pop bottles as they did in the old day? Then gift this Champagne Saber Replica. This modern take on the Champagne saber features a molded handle and massive blade—forged from a single piece of stainless steel—to give a perfectly balanced sword that effortlessly releases Champagne or sparkling wine tops. 

T-Rex Skull Statue

This T-Rex Skull Statue will not only wow your history buff but will also wow anyone who encounters it. The realistic and handmade sculpture comes in both large and small sizes and features amazing detail. 

Route 66 Map Poster 


This beautiful Route 66 Map Poster would make a beautiful addition to your history buff’s decor. The 12 x 18-inch poster features the historic Route 66 and all of the towns that are included on it. The background mustard yellow and custom illustrations will pop out to onlookers as well. 

Handmade Wood Ship Model

The Handmade Wood Ship Model is a handmade replica of the Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The ship was built on the orders of the King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus as part of the military expansion he initiated in a war with Poland-Lithuania (1621–1629).

The model is crafted using plank on the frame from fine wood and is then coated with clear varnish. The model measures 20 inches long x 1 inches high x 7 inches wide. 

Copper Rome Chess Set 


For the Roman history-loving chess player, gift them this Copper Rome Chess Set. The wooden board of the chess set is accompanied by chess pieces made to look like Roman soldiers. The knight height is about 4.3 inches and weighs roughly 3.7 oz. 

Best Small Gifts for History Buffs

Pocket-Sized US Constitution 

This Pocket-Sized Constitution makes a sweet and small gift for your American history lover. They will receive the Constitution of the United States of America bound in genuine leather with 192 cream-white pages with gilt edges. It is also embossed with a gold American Eagle on the front. It measures 2-3/4 x 3-3/4 inches.

Top Trumps Card Games


The Top Trumps Card Games offer a fun, educational, and entertaining gift option for your history buff. The three-game set includes the prospect of Dinosaurs gracing the earth millions of years ago to the mind-boggling prospect of what exists beyond our earth in Space and then the idea of molten lava swirling around beneath our Earths surface. They come in easy-to-carry plastic cases so they’re easy to bring on the go.

Funko Pop Albert Einstein

Help your history buff celebrate their love of science and history with this cute bobblehead Funko Pop Albert Einstein. This stylized collectible measures 3 ¾ inches tall and holds a chalkboard with the equation E=mc2.

History Keychain 

For a small but mighty gift, purchase this History Keychain. This stainless steel key chain measures 1.18 inches. Key chain states: Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself – History.

Deal or Duel Hamilton Game


A fun gift that allows your history buff to share their love of history is this Deal or Duel Hamilton Game. The game allows you to pit your survival instincts and spending savvy against all the founding fathers (and mothers) in this action card game. It has a simple objective: get all the money or die trying.

History Buff Abe Lincoln Sticker


This History Buff Abe Lincoln Sticker is sure to bring a smile to your history buff’s face. The sticker is also UV and water safe so they can stick it almost anywhere and it will last. 

Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder 

For the history buff who loves Roman history, gift them this Ides of March Pen and Pencil Holder. Made to look like an actual sculpture, you can actually stab Julius Caesar in the back with some pens or pencils.  Stands 7 1/2 inches tall.

Constitution Silk Necktie

For a unique and interesting gift for the man in your life, gift them this Constitution Silk Necktie. The necktie features the words of the constitution in numerous color combinations from blue and gold to red and black. 

Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug 

For the giftee who loves presidential or political history, this Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug is sure to please. The 12 oz mug features 29 classic campaign slogans from various political campaigns over the years, ranging from “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” to “Yes We Can.”

History Lover Tote Bag

For  useful gift for your history buff, try this History Lover Tote Bag. The cotton tote bag is good for groceries or on the go and reads “Warning: May Start Talking About History.” The bag measures 16” x 16” with two 14” long strap handles. 

The Schuyler Sisters Notebook


Whether they’re a Hamilton fan or just love that period of history, this The Schuyler Sisters Notebook notebook is unique and handy. This 6×9 inch notebook includes 100 lined pages. 

Original Piece of the Berlin Wall 

For a German history lover, this Original Piece of the Berlin Wall would make an unforgettable gift. You can gift a small, medium, or large piece of the original wall that fell. Every piece has different shapes and colors.

Egyptian Goddess Bastet Statue 

For the Ancient Egypt lover, impress them with this Egyptian Goddess Bastet Statue. This 8.25-inch tall sculpture pays homage to the Goddess Bast, the Mother and Protector of Egypt in the Ancient World. The rustic clay finish gives the Bastet Sculpture a regal and antique look as well. 

Queen Elizabeth II Coin 

Celebrate a love for British and royal history with this Queen Elizabeth II Coin. This is an authentic 1953 Sixpence coin that honors Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The gift includes an envelope with a descriptive card that has the tradition and history of sixpence on the reverse side. 

Mini Arc De Triomphe Model


Give a gift of history and something to keep them busy with this Mini Arc De Triomphe Model. The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a gate to welcome the troops who go out to fight in triumph. It is the largest arch in the world today and is located in Paris, France. The set comes with 2,020 mini pieces to offer a greater challenge, sophistication, and detail than any other construction set. 

Taj Mahal Marble Replica

This 2-inch Taj Mahal Marble Replica is a handcrafted replica of the original taj mahal in India. It is made by a craftsman based in Agra (India), whose forefathers were the ones employed by Shah Jahan while building the world-famous Taj Mahal. It’s made of Italian Marble and will come packaged in a box. 

Historical London Tea Towel 

For the history buff that loves London’s history, gift them this Historical London Tea Towel. The 31 x 18-inch tea towel features many of London’s iconic and historical landmarks.

Cipher Wheel 

Decode secret messages the old school way with this Cipher Wheel. A cipher is used for encryption and can provide the ability to keep your messages private because they rearrange letters or use substitutes to disguise your message. This cipher is similar to the Jefferson disc.

US Flag Desk Set

This US Flag Desk Set allows your history buff to display their love of history at their desk. The desk set features six flags from America’s history with each measuring 4 inches x 6 inches. They are mounted on a 10-inch plastic staff that is finished with a plastic gold spear topper. 

Historical African Americans Bookmark Set


This Historical African Americans Bookmark Set would inspire any giftee with strong and sturdy bookmark cards that contain six famous historical African Americans’ stories on how they fought for the abolishment of slavery and sought the establishment of civil liberties and civil rights. 

Feather Pen Calligraphy Set

For the history buff that loves to write, this unique Feather Pen Calligraphy Set should do the trick when it comes to gift-giving. The dip pen set has a perfect feather quill for writing that is made of metal alloy, making it durable and rust-free. It also includes its very own bottle of ink.

Best Gifts for World War 2 Buffs

Aviator Hat with Fur Flaps

The Aviator Hat With Fur Flaps has a historical feel and charm that is sure to impress your history buff. It features a faux leather shell as well as a faux sherpa fur inside with a front closure buckle and ear flaps for extra warmth. 

The World War 2 Trivia Book


Let your World War 2 enthusiast test their knowledge with the World War 2 Trivia Book. Chapters are bite-sized and easy to read, meant for normal people instead of war historians.

World War II Book


The book World War II Book offers a peek at this defining period in world history through hundreds of compelling images, presenting the people, places, and politics involved in the epic conflict.

World War II Infographics


For a unique perspective on World War II history, gift this World War II Infographics book. This book tells the history of this important time period of history entirely through visually stunning state-of-the-art infographics.

History of World War II Poster 

For a peek into history that they can double as wall art, gift this History of World War II Poster. The poster features a 56 point timeline that includes dates, facts, and 12 iconic land and air weapons. There are also soldiers representing 10 countries that were involved in the war. It measures 11 3/4 inches by 36 inches. 

M4 Sherman Tank T-Shirt

For a wearable gift for your World War II buff, try this M4 Sherman Tank T-Shirt. It comes in men, women, and youth sizes as well as a variety of colors. 

World War II Aircraft Puzzle


This World War II Aircraft Puzzle offers 500 pieces that come together to showcase the aircraft used during the second world war. 

World War II Wall Clock


Your war buff is sure to love this World War II Wall Clock. This wall clock is actually made out of an old upcycled record and features the iconic image of the raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.

World War II Challenge Coin  

Another unique gift idea for your World War II history buff is this World War II Challenge Coin. The coin is made with quality materials and honors the courage and sacrifice of soldiers. It measures 1.57 inches in diameter. 

World War 2 Memorabilia Pack

This adorable World War 2 Memorabilia Pack offers a real look into what life was like during the world war. This replica pack includes items such as a Newspaper from 1941, a Ministry of Food War Cooking Leaflet, a Ministry of Food Junior Ration Book, a Public Information Leaflet: Evacuation – Why and How? and more. 

Best T-Shirt Gifts for History Buffs

Washington History Buff T-shirt

This Washington History Buff T-shirt lets your history buff flaunt their knowledge and passion with this funny t-shirt. It comes in men sizing from small to 5xl and in heather grey color option only.

Funny Civil War T-shirt

This Funny Civil War T-shirt makes a great gift for history buffs who enjoy reading about Gettysburg or the American Civil War or is a Civil War reenactor. It comes in men and women sizing from small to 3xl as well as a variety of colors. 

I Read History… T-Shirt

The I Read History… T-Shirt is for all who love history and love to read. It features a lightweight, classic fit in both women and men sizing from small to 3xl. It also comes in five different color options.

Too Cool for British Rule T-Shirt

This humorous Too Cool for British Rule T-Shirt would make a great gift for your history-loving friend or loved one. The t-shirt features the former presidents and founding fathers wearing American flag sunglasses.  It comes in sizes small to 3xl. 

Never Forget… T-Shirt

Another humorous option to give your tech-loving history nerd is this Never Forget… T-Shirt. The t-shirt features floppy disks and VHS tapes holding hands with the statement “Never Forget.” 

Vincent Van Gogh T-Shirt

This Vincent Van Gogh T-Shirt would make an excellent gift for your loved one, especially if they are a fan of art history. There are two different options for Van Gogh paintings and sizes range from small to 3xl. 

Funny Thomas Jefferson T-Shirt

If your history buff likes founding father Thomas Jefferson or history in general, then this Funny Thomas Jefferson T-Shirt would make a great gift. It comes in men and women sizing from small to 3xl. 

Abraham Lincoln History Buff T-Shirt 

What better way to showcase they’re a history buff than with an Abe Lincoln Buff T-Shirt? It comes in both women’s and men’s sizing. 

Alexander The Great Tank Top

Love ancient Greek history & civilization? Athens & Sparta? This Alexander The Great Tank Top featuring a Greek helmet is for you. Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world in his military campaign against Persia and this tank top features his spree. 

Spilling Tea Since 1773 T-Shirt

Where history meets the modern era. This Spilling Tea T-Shirt is a funny play on words for the modern slang and a reference to the Boston Tea Party. It comes in a variety of men’s and women’s sizing as well as different colors. 

Revolutionary War Hoodie 

Whether it’s to dress up for a costume party or just to wear for fun, this Revolutionary War Hoodie would make an excellent gift. The hoodie comes in the style of a Revolutionary War solder’s garb. It comes in sizes x-small to xx-large. 

Best Book Gift Ideas for History Buffs

National Geographic Magazine

For a gift that keeps on giving all the year through, give your history lover a subscription to National Geographic Magazine. They will receive 12 issues throughout the year that are full of photos and articles that chronicle exploration and adventure, as well as changes that impact life on Earth. 

The Book of Unusual Knowledge


The Book of Unusual Knowledge is a gigantic book of knowledge that any history buff is sure to find hours of enjoyment with. The  704-page padded hardcover book is crammed with a cornucopia of information alongside quirky illustrations and a vast array of articles, anecdotes, lists, and games. Topics in the book include the animal kingdom, art, sports, technology, history, politics, the universe, and much more.

Interesting Stories For Curious People 


The Interesting Stories For Curious People is a guidebook that includes multiple interesting facts about numerous different topics, including history. It offers a quick read packed with information from cover to cover.

History of the World Map by Map


Impress your history buff with this beautifully illustrated book. The History of the World Map by Map offers an overview of human history, side by side with 140 custom maps. The reader can learn how something like the printing press can define a time or how the Allies in Europe could defeat the Nazis. 

Bad Days in History


The Bad Days in History may be a bummer but will grow your history buff’s knowledge even more. The book covers an instance of bad luck, epic misfortune, and unadulterated mayhem tied to every day of the year. 

F*cking History: 111 Lessons


The book F*cking History: 111 Lessons brings history to life in a humorous and intelligent way. The included stories bridge past and present with topics such as a glimpse of Edith Wharton’s sex life, dating rituals in Ancient Greece, catfishing in 500 BC, medieval flirting techniques, and squad goals from Catherine the Great.

When Hitler Took Cocaine… 


Gift your history buff with knowledge of obscure history with this When Hitler Took Cocaine… book. It covers everything from adventure, war, murder, and slavery to espionage, including the stories of the female Robinson Crusoe and Hitler’s final hours.

Civil War Battlefields


This picturesque Civil War Battlefields brings more than thirty Civil War battlefields to life through historic tales and stunning photography. This large-format book walks readers through the “First Battle of Bull Run” to Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House four years later. 

Homebrew Gaming… Book


Homebrew Gaming… is a book for the true computer nerd. It includes the overlooked history of an early appropriation of digital technology: the creation of games though coding and hardware hacking by microcomputer users.

Legions of Rome


For the person who is fascinated with Roman history, the book Legions of Rome would make a unique gift. The book covers the complete history of every Imperial Roman legion and what it achieved as a fighting force. It is also written by an award-winning historian. 

US History Crossword Book

US History Crosswords: ...100 US History Keyword Crossword Puzzles

Keep your history buff’s mind occupied with this US History Crosswords. The comprehensive vocabulary list in this book will take you from the settlement of the colonies through the present day. It includes topics such as the Constitution and civil rights, slavery and the Civil War, American presidents, immigration and multiculturalism, and much more. 

The Great Book of Crazy President Trivia


The Great Book of Crazy President Trivia is a book that can impress even the most fervent and knowledgeable history buff. It is filled with many lesser-known facts about the American Presidents as well as great stories of the US Presidents that you will not find in any US history books. 

Firearms: An Illustrated History


A unique gift idea that showcases a niche part of history is this Firearms: An Illustrated History. This book offers a visual account of firearms and shows everything from the earliest cannons to modern weapons of war. It also highlights how gun technology and military tactics developed in tandem over time. 

Fierce: The History of Leopard Print


This book Fierce: The History of Leopard Print offers a truly unique type of history. In this illustrated book, the author chronicles the history of one of the world’s most beloved fashion patterns—leopard print. It celebrates the pattern’s beauty and place in couture, and the women who have dared to wear it.

Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana


Another unique peak into a niche form of history is offered in this Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana. The book offers an illustrated guide to the history and evolution of the role-playing game told through the paintings, sketches, illustrations, and visual ephemera behind its creation, growth, and continued popularity.

Ancient Egypt: Visual History


For the ancient Egypt history buff, this Ancient Egypt: Visual History would sure to please. This visual guide allows readers to discover the intimate details of life under the pharaohs during a time period that encompasses 3,000 years and 31 Egyptian dynasties. This fresh appraisal of ancient treasures helps the reader navigate the political intrigues and cultural achievements of the Ancient Egyptians as well. 

A Hastiness of Cooks


For your history nerd that also loves to cook or has an interest in food history, this A Hastiness of Cooks would make an interesting read.

The book takes readers step-by-step through the process of recreating historical recipes for the modern table. Readers will also be able to analyze the subtext of historical cookbooks, regardless of their culinary patrimony and time period and choose the correct equipment and ingredients, and more! 

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