16 Best Gifts for Veterinarians 2023

A veterinarian may want something practical or something fun! Whichever you decide, we have a lot of options here to catch your eye…

Great Gifts for Veterinarians

Veterinarian Keychain Gift

The Veterinarian Keychain Gift makes a wonderful thank you gift for veterinarians or a vet tech. This vet tech keychain is hand stamped with “Because badass miracle worker isn’t an official job title”, with veterinary caduceus and paw print charms. It is a great idea for a seasoned animal doctor or even a veterinarian in training. The material is stainless steel and alloy and it is allergenic, so it doesn’t rust or change color over time. They can keep it on their keys forever! It will arrive in a velvet bag which is perfect for a gift.

Smart Watch For Androids

A veterinarian needs a really good and efficient Smart Watch that is very useful with lots of great features! This multifunctional Smart Watch has a dial, a pedometer, a sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, message reminder, camera controllers, music players, and more…wow!

Once they start to use this Bluetooth smart watch, it will make a veterinarian’s life easier and much more convenient. The battery is very long-lasting and full charge requires only about half an hour. This is an excellent present for a close friend or family member who is a vet and they will use it for a long time to come!

Vet Life Coloring Book


The Vet Life Coloring Book is the perfect present for a busy veterinarian who needs some down time after a busy day at work. With each page that they color, they feel the exhaustion and stress melt away as if they were by the beautiful ocean waves with a margaritas. There is a premium matte-finish cover design with stress relieving seamless patterns on reverse pages. The black background reverse pages to reduce bleed-through so it’s perfect for all those wanting to get a little creative and truly unwind!

Keurig Coffee Maker

If the veterinarian in mind is a coffee fan, then they will definitely love this present! This Keurig Coffee Maker brews multiple k-cup pod sizes to achieve a delicious brew of varying strengths. The water allowance allows for 6 cups before you need to refill it. Not only that, this coffee machine will make their kitchen more modern and sleek to look at. This machine is very eye-catching! Therefore, it is a really wonderful present for a busy vet that will make ordinary tasks a joy. It can be used for personal use at home or shared with colleagues at work.

I Save Animals Tumbler

The I Save Animals Tumbler is a great gift for a veterinarian. It is very practical for those who want to carry around their drink in a safe way. It is also very comfortable to use and hold. The double wall vacuum insulated design can keep hot for 3 hours and keep cold for 9 hours – how useful!

As looks are still very important it is important to note that the appearance is stylish and novelty so it is very unique looking. It will definitely stand out! This lid uses a modern and simple design, it’s a transparent lid. There is a drinking hole on the lid so the user can choose to insert a straw to drink or drink directly. This is a really cool gift that they will love!

Lunch Bag Tote

This Lunch Bag Tote is lightweight and foldable and very easy to carry – all very important factors when it comes to taking bags to a busy full-time job! The heat welded insulated inside liner makes sure that this lunch tote is totally leak-proof. Better still, it is stylish in design so it is absolutely perfect for a veterinarian to take to work or anywhere where you will need a healthy meal or snack. The two short handles allow you to quickly pick up and go.

This insulated lunch bag is suitable for all age groups. This lunch bag may look small but it has large capacity. It can fit snacks, fruit, sandwiches etc. The one front pocket design could organize your napkin and personal stuff, such as your phone, bus card, wallet etc. Finally, it will keep your food cold or warm for about 4 hours! This makes it a wonderful gift for veterinarians.

Jeasona Fun Socks

Fun Socks are a great present for a veterinarian to wear on a daily basis! They each have a very cute animal on them with little ears peeping over the top. These socks are very stretchy and extremely soft so they are very comfortable to wear. The package contains five pairs of socks of mixed colors.

Good Veterinarians Sign


The Good Veterinarians Sign is a really lovely gift idea for a veterinarian. This devotional and funny wall art will decorate any wall, shelf or desk. It is able to sit freely on a table or shelf and it is intentionally rustic and distressed. It’s the perfect prop for taking a picture of your favorite veterinarian. It is subtle enough for them to display somewhere nice at work as well. This is a very thoughtful present that a veterinarian will really appreciate.

All-Weather Notebooks


The All-Weather Notebooks are 100 pages each of waterproof paper that even the harshest weather will not turn to mush when it gets wet and will repel water, sweat, mud or even laundry. It has tough impact-resistant Wire-O binding so it won’t lose its shape in the user’s back pocket or backpack. A veterinarian works very hard and is usually busy on their feet. Therefore, a notebook to jot down any pressing thoughts is ideal for them to have in their pocket. Even better is that it is completely recyclable! This makes a wonderful present for any veterinarian.

Stethoscope Wine Tumbler

The Wine Tumbler is a very sweet gift to give to a veterinarian! It is two-sided and says ‘Good Day’, ‘Bad Day’ and ‘Don’t Even Ask’. They are both +made of real glass and is excellent quality and so will last a long time. It is a good present because it is useful for everyday drinks that a much-needed for a bust veterinarian to get through the day! This present will bring amusement due to the words but definitely very lovely for all veterinarians to receive.

Trust Me I’m A Dogtor Mug

The Trust Me I’m a Dogtor Mug is a funny gift that a veterinarian will really love. This 11-ounce white ceramic coffee mug is a classic design that they will use again and again. The imprinted design which says ‘Trust me, I’m a dogtor’ will display on both sides of the mug very vibrantly. It is conveniently very safe to be used in the microwave and dishwasher. It is a great idea for this mug to be used at work for everyone to enjoy and admire!

Dog-Gonnit Board Game


The Doggonnit! Board Game is a really fun present for a veterinarian their friend and family! If there are children involved this game teaches them real-life dog caring skills such as purchasing dog food, visits to the vet, playtime and lots of love. It is perfect for family game night and players have to collect cute hearts for taking great care of their dogs.

Adopt more dogs, open a pet business and work your way around the colorful board using adorable dog-shaped game pieces. It is interactive and easy-to-play for any dog-lover! This is a really fun present that a veterinarian will love to receive for them and their family. 

#TheVeterinaryLife Artwork


This Artwork for Veterinarians is a great gift for Veterinarians and animal lovers! It’s a special way to say thank you to those people dedicated to caring for your loved pets. It will create a great bond between you and the favorite veterinarian in your life. This artwork is absolutely perfect to hang on the wall or as top table décor for home, office, clinic, or any other favorite spot. It comes fixed with a hook and an easel in the back ready to hang. The material is a wonderful high-quality porcelain. This gift also comes specially wrapped in a gift box so it makes a really lovely present.

Paper Mate Gel Pens


The InkJoy Gel Pens are a very useful present that everybody needs at some point! Whether they are on the phone or suddenly remember something to write down, these pens are the answer. With a great variety of four colors as well there is the chance to color code their notes or to put each pen in a different place so there is always one nearby. These ones in particular dry 3x faster so there won’t be the problem of smearing their writing and making it look untidy.

Wacaco Espresso Machine

The Portable Espresso Machine is a wonderful present that a busy veterinarian will love to receive as a wonderful gift! It is simple to use and very compact and lightweight, it will look wonderful and modern in the kitchen without taking up much space.

Therefore, this is not only good for use at home but also for taking out and about, such as when traveling or even in the office. The user just needs to add ground coffee and boiling water and it will be good to go! This is a good present for a friend or family member to get the veterinarian.

Dansko Women’s Clog 

The Dansko Women’s Clog is a very useful product for a veterinarian! They are made of leather and fabric upper with very comfortable support inside which is great for a busy vet working on their feet for the entire day. This is very important for someone in this profession and it stops them from getting aches and pains associated with footwear that is not supportive. This is very thoughtful gift that they will definitely appreciate.

How We Selected Gifts for Veterinarians

Various Price Points

This is something that is important to consider first off and will greatly depend on a variety of factors. For example, how well you know the person in mind. If you don’t know them so well then anything up to $10 is appropriate and acceptable, something like some a delicious snack or something animal themed would be great options for them as they are thoughtful gifts.

If you are looking for upper end products then the price limit is practically endless! You could get them a gadget, such as something to make the cooking process easier. You could also get them a comfortable pair of work shoes or a fancy smart watch. Just think about what they would really enjoy receiving the most to make it really personal.

Great Quality Gifts

When choosing these gifts, we know that quality is absolutely key to finding the perfect gift for an veterinarian! We have selected all of these gifts with quality in mind. Whether they are most suited to a useful gadget or something more fun, they will not be disappointed at the standard of these gifts. These gifts will last a long time which is important for any gift!

Of course, when considering quality you must also consider the price of gifts. Whilst we do try to keep the cost on the lower side, it is important that the engineer receives a wonderful gift that makes them feel special. Therefore, we generally suggest products here that are of a medium price range so as not to sacrifice good quality! This is key to getting them something very special with them in mind!

FAQs – Gifts for Veterinarians

What do you get as a thank you for a vet?

It is a wonderful idea to buy them something. However, another great idea is to write a handwritten note as this is very personal and special. It may be one of the best gifts you can give. This is your opportunity to thank them for all they do. Use fancy stationery and add a picture of your pet to make it extra special. Handwritten notes are a keepsake that the veterinary team will cherish, especially when times get a little tough. They can display it somewhere at work to admire it daily!

What small gifts can I buy a veterinarian?

It you want to show your appreciation for all the care that your vet has shown your pet, you may want to buy a small gift. Some examples are something nice to eat or drinks, such as a box of chocolate or a bottle of wine. They may also like to receive something useful such as a portable travel coffee mug or a notebook and/or a pen. Another idea is a veterinarian key chain for them to put on their keys.

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