The Best Gift For UPS Drivers of 2021

If it is novelty or practical that you are after, we have everything type of present option here to put a big smile on their face!

The Best Gifts For UPS Drivers in 2021

UPS DRIVER Personalized Custom Name Coffee Mug

This UPS driver Coffee Mug is the perfect size cup for an amazing cup of coffee at 11 oz or 15 oz. With a really large handle, it is very comfortable to use and carry around. A UPS driver would love to use this either at home or even out on the go to be their designated work mug. Every hard worker needs that perfect mug to use on a daily basis and for a UPS driver this is it.

Funny UPS DRIVER Gift Mug for Men and Women For Birthday Appreciation Thank You Gift A Personalized Custom Name Coffee Mug

Fortunately it is also dishwasher and microwave safe so it is nice and easy to take care of. The fun writing on it even makes it a wonderful display piece! A delivery driver would definitely love to receive this as a gift for all their essential hot drink needs.

EP Auto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets, Black

A UPS delivery driver spends a lot of time in their vehicle and therefore it can become a bit messy with pieces of trash everywhere from food and drink etc.! This 2.0 gallon capacity trash can will ensure that the vehicle stays clean, organized and free of trash. The built-in waterproof interior has a good structure to stop the bin from collapsing.

The lid has an elastic opening to keep the trash out of sight whilst ensuring easy access to the bin. There are fasteners on the lid to keep it closed and easy to open. The fasteners on the bottom avoid the bin moving around while driving. A delivery truck driver would love to receive this gift!

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving shades

RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses Driving Glasses shades For Men TR90 Unbreakable Frame For Cycling Baseball RB831 (RB861-Black,Blue Iced Lens)

Every driver needs to protect their eye from the strong sunlight! These sunglasses have plastic frames which make them very durable for use inside and outside the truck. There is a mirror coating as well.

They offer 100% UVA & UVB protection against the sunlight filtering 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. These glasses restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light as well as protecting eyes perfectly. They are an absolute must-have accessory for a UPS delivery driver.

BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers Front and Rear

BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers, Full Set in Charcoal on Black – Front and Rear Split Bench Protection, Easy to Install, Universal Fit for Auto Truck Van SUV, Charcoal Gray

All delivery drivers would really appreciate theseseat covers for their delivery trucks! Firstly, they protect against spills and stains that could easily occur with drinks etc. being used inside the vehicle. The materials have been specially selected for maximum comfort during the driving.

The high-quality poly outer layer provides enhanced ventilation so that they stay cool and comfortable during your drive. These seat covers will also add a stylish touch to the truck which will brighten up their day! It is easy to install which is wonderful as well. They make a wonderful present for your UPS delivery driver!

Fortem Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage

Fortem Car Trunk Organizer, Collapsible Storage, Non Slip Bottom, Securing Straps (Black)

If the delivery driver wants to keep their belongings well organized in their truck then this organizeris the perfect gift! They will definitely need somewhere to keep their things, such as cell phone, wallet, snacks, water bottle, emergency tools or cleaning supplies. It is difficult and more dangerous to drive with these things rolling all around the place so this makes the perfect solution to that.

The design of the organizer is very durable and it is built to last with reinforced base plates, sturdy side walls & strong carrying handles. It is very easy to put together and use quickly. If there is a time where it is not in use then luckily it is collapsible. It is a wonderful gift for a delivery driver to receive!

Best UPS Driver Ever: Card and Holiday Journal Gift All-In-One!

Best UPS Driver Ever: Christmas Card and Holiday Journal Gift All-In-One! / 6x9 Small Notebook For Writing / Red Bird Theme / UPS Driver Gift

The Best UPS Driver Ever: Christmas Card and Holiday Journal Gift All-In-One! is a wonderfully festive present for your favorite UPS drivers! It is very useful but yet still fun to use. The first page is the card that says ‘Happy Holidays’ with enough room to sign, put a personal note, or leave blank. The pages after that are the cute journal to write in and very festive as there are decorative snowflake design which make is the perfect holiday present for a UPS delivery driver.

Govee Rgbic Interior Car Lights

Govee Rgbic Interior Car Lights, App Control, Music Mode, Multicolor and Scene Options Led Lights

These car lights are just the trick to brighten up a long work shift! The driver can choose rainbow effect mode to enjoy each strip displaying various colors. There is DIY mode which multiple colors and a smart color recognition feature, customize light effect with Govee Home app.

The two-line design boasts 2 lines connecting 4 strip lights, suitable for your cars, trucks, and suvs. There is also a music mode with a built-in mic, the ability to sync to various music types, adjust colors and speed with ambient music. This is a really fun present for a UPS delivery driver!

LED Car Cup Holder Lights

2pcs LED Car Cup Holder Lights for Ford, 7 Colors Changing USB Charging Mat Luminescent Cup Pad, LED Interior Atmosphere Lamp

Thesecar cup holder lights have 17 different modes. They are a wonderful present for a UPS delivery driver because they are practical as they are made to hold the driver’s cups but also they are so much fun! There are 7 different colors (white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, ice blue) which is lots to choose from and their truck will feel like a real party!

The car cup pad comes fully complete with a USB cable charger and there is a button on the back to turn on or off the lights or change the color and mode. Accessories like this make the driving so much more fun! Therefore, a UPS delivery driver would really enjoy this present.

Tile Mate – Key Finder and Item Locator

Tile Mate (2021) 1-pack - Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator for Keys, Bags and More; Water Resistant with 1 Year Replaceable Battery

This Tile Mate Bluetooth Trackeris a very handy device that a delivery driver will definitely make use of. It is the all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items like keys and bags. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android which is handy. Then the user can ring their Tile Mate when it’s within 200 ft. It can also be used to find the user’s phone even when it’s on silent.

Delivery Driver T-shirt

Delivery Driver Tshirts Gift Funny T-Shirt

Thisfun t-shirtis a great present for a delivery driver to receive. The solid colors make it easier to pair with other items of clothing and it is versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis. The words say ‘I never dreamed I would be a super cool delivery driver but here I am rockin’ it’. It is very lightweight and a classic fit so it is very practical for everyday use. A delivery driver would definitely love to receive this as a gift!

6,000 of the Most Hilarious Jokes, Insults and One-Liners

Man Walks into a Bar: Over 6,000 of the Most Hilarious Jokes, Funniest Insults and Gut-Busting One-Liners

A delivery driver would love to receive a joke book full of lots of hilarious jokes to impress all their colleagues or friends and family. It is also a great way to relax after a busy day driving around during their work shift.

There are hundreds of different topics from accountants to zebras that are alphabetically organized so readers can find topics that they are looking for! This book offers you a massive collection of over-the-top jokes that will have everyone laughing out loud.

Yoda Best UPS Driver Coffee Mug

UPS Driver Mug Yoda Best UPS Driver for Men Women Coffee Tea Cup 11oz

The UPS Driver Mug Yoda Best UPS Driver for Men Women Coffee Tea Cup 11oz is the perfect size for a UPS driver to use for their much-needed cup of tea or coffee throughout their work day. The solid black and white colors will mean that this mug easily fits in well with the others in their collection.

This mug features a Yoda, circled by the words “Yoda Best UPS Driver in black writing says ‘World’s Best UPS Driver’. It’s a funny design that will entertain them on a daily basis! It is very comfortable to use and the durable ceramic material is strong and safe for drinking. The delivery driver will really enjoy and appreciate this gift.

Funny UPS Driver 14oz Insulated Travel Mug

Funny Ups Driver 14oz Insulated Travel Mug Unique Inspirational Sarcasm Tumbler Gift For Men Women Dad Mom Son Husband Wife

The Funny UPS Driver Insulated Travel Mug is the perfect companion for a delivery driver to take out to work with them day after day. This travel mug holds 14 oz worth of liquid and comes with an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. The tapered bottom fits in a standard cup holder. The lid has a slide opening and slanted drinking surface for ease of use.

This travel mug is very strong and is made out of stainless steel which is ideal for durability. The thick double wall helps to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for far longer than the average mug does. Therefore, this makes an excellent present for a UPS delivery driver to receive.

Dog UPS Driver – Practical Funny Welcome Doormat

Dog UPS Driver - HIGH COTTON Welcome Doormat

The Dog UPS Driver Doormat is a present that will definitely make a UPS delivery driver laugh, whilst being a practical present for their home! It is made of fantastic quality material that is very durable to wipe their feet each day after work. Luckily, it is very easy to clean with just a hose and soft brush so it will last for a long time. It measures 18″ x 27″ and so fits in the standard doorway. This makes a fun present for a delivery driver that they will definitely not be expecting!

Dozili Funny Coffee Mug 11 Oz

Dozili Funny Coffee Mug - UPS Driver Gifts - Pretty Much The Coolest Mug, Novelty Appreciation Thank You Gift Ideas For Christmas or Birthday, 11 Oz, White

The Dozili Funny Coffee Mug is 11 ounces so the perfect size for a UPS driver to use for their favorite tea or coffee. The solid colors will mean that this mug easily fits in with the others in their collection. The writing says ‘pretty much the coolest UPS driver ever’ will is a funny slogan that will entertain them every single day! It is very comfortable to use and the durable ceramic material is strong and safe for drinking. This is a wonderful present for a delivery driver to receive.

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter 

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit W 1.44 Inch Display Supports TF/SD Card and USB Car Charger for All Smartphones Audio Players

A delivery driver would definitely love to receive a wirelessin-car Bluetooth adapter. It is compatible with most devices on the market. They will be able to play their favorite songs on the car stereo through Bluetooth, TF Card, and aux cable. The advanced noise reduction technology will ensure high quality, crystal clear sound.

Fortunately, it is the ideal screen size to assist you in driving safe without disturbance and there is a Bluetooth connection and the ability to answer phone calls with the simple press of a button. A delivery driver would definitely love to receive this as a present.

VICSEED Car Phone Mount 

VICSEED Car Phone Mount, [Thick Case & Big Phones Friendly] Long Arm Suction Cup Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Windshield Air Vent Hands Free Clip Cell Phone Holder Compatible with All Mobile Phones

A delivery driver would find a car phone mount very useful for everyday use! This 3 in 1 Universal Car Mount can be universally mounted to the dashboard, windshield or vent to meet your demand at your convenience and requirements. It is made from high-density silicone material with excellent resilience. The car phone holder is covered in a thick layer of silicone that will ensure your mobile device is safe from wear and tear.

The design makes leaves zero scratches on mobile devices. It features an extra strong suction cup with super sticky gel pad and sticks securely on the dashboard or most flat surfaces. The car mount for iPhone 11 has a telescopic arm that extends and can pivot up or down for a variety of angles which optimizes viewing capabilities. This is a much safer way for a delivery driver to use the phone while driving, whether that be for following instructions or listening to Spotify. 

How We Selected Gift For Ups Drivers

Reasons For Selecting These Items

We always want to choose a present that is valuable, mainly because it is something that is uniquely personal to the UPS driver themselves and their career in general. You need to consider whether to buy them something novelty that will make them smile and laugh or something more practical that they can use on a daily basis and will help them out. In terms of how much to spend, you need to think of what price point you want to gift to be. This list has a variety of cheaper and more expensive gift ideas so you need to take into account the budget that you have.

The Availability of The Gifts

You may want to get something very unique and different, but often that is very hard to find if it is particularly niche, and sometimes it is difficult to physically obtain. The items that have been chosen here widely available on popular and credible sites to enable ease of purchase. However, the items are nice and unique. Just because something is on a well known retail site does not mean that everyone will have it. You just want to be able to easily find something lovely to surprise your UPS delivery driver with!

FAQs About Gift For Ups Drivers

What gift should I give my UPS driver?

One idea for the UPS driver is food in various different forms. For example, you could get them a voucher or gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. You could also make them something for them at home, such as cupcakes or a delicious sandwich. A driver would also like to receive gadgets for them to use while they are driving, such as a Bluetooth gadget or speakers to improve the sound quality for listening to music or the radio.

Another great idea is doing some artwork and printing it out as a sign to greet your delivery carriers along with a bucket of goodies! Also, you could leave some cold bottles of water, sport drinks or holiday snacks.

Can UPS drivers accept gifts?

It is said that UPS drivers can accept cash and gifts but the company prefers the drivers to receive gifts. Therefore, this is nothing wrong with giving them something small to show your appreciation for them working hard, especially through the busy holiday times. This kind gesture will definitely make their day!

Wrap Up

Sometimes, it can be tricky to think about what the perfect gift is to buy for your UPS driver. It is a wonderful idea to buy them a little gift to make them smile. They will want to know that you were looking for a gift with them especially in mind for the special occasion, such as for their birthday or for Christmas. You need to think if you are going to opt for buying them something practical or something that is more of a novelty present.

The most important thing is that you are giving them a gift of appreciation. Being a delivery driver is a busy job and it is often a thankless one too. Even a simple thank you card or note would be a lovely idea! Overall, they will be very grateful for whatever you are able to give them. Good luck!

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