The Best Gift for Realtors

My realtor friends have a unique personality, always uplifting but looking to make a deal. They can find beauty even in a shiny turd. I love the gusto, imagination, and drive of these gusty talkers. They have a drive and forward-thinking train of thought that astounds me and keeps me coming back for more.

Conversations are exhilarating and driven toward knowledge and understanding. They love to know more about what makes people tick. The realtor is a great friend to have; they keep you laughing and on your toes.

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The Best Gift You Can Give Realtors This YearPersonalized Pen Sets for RealtorsRealtor Bracelet Everything I Touch Turns to SoldCoolife Wine TumblerCoffee Mascara Real Estate T-ShirtWine Glass Good Day Bad Day Don't Even AskPhone Banjees with Two PocketsGSPY Wine Tumbler CupHide & Drink, Leather Eyeglasses HolderBoho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Spinner RingC.C BeanieTail Ponytail Beanie HatI Turn Dreams into RealityNOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Handmade Stacking RingsStainless Steel Travel TumblerBlue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped SoapLogitech Washable Wired Keyboard K310Kwikset Kevo Smart LockSony Portable Wireless Speaker with BluetoothGarmin Navigator SystemRealtor Coffee MugInstant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure CookerRealtors Makeup BagFossil Gen 3 Venture Touchscreen SmartwatchSereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo PrinterPortoVino Beach Wine PurseYour First Year in Real EstateApple AirPods with Charging CaseBosch GLM 20 Blaze 65' Laser Distance MeasureHot Sox Men's Casual Crew SocksReal Estate NecktieThe Millionaire Real Estate AgentReal Estate Agent Adult Coloring BookThe Leather WarehouseReal Estate Agent on DutyPadike Business Name Card HolderScented CandlesLola Bella Origami Necklace w Gift BoxDesk York Adjustable Laptop StandLaser MeasureApple iPad Mini 4Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water BottleClosing Deals In High HeelsDerBlue 60 PCS Key Bottle OpenersiPhone 12/12 Pro Realtor The Man Myth LegendHow We Selected Gifts for RealtorsOrganization!Eye CatchingFAQs About Gifts for RealtorsWhat is a good gift for a real estate agent?Can Realtors give gifts to clients?How much should a Realtor spend on a closing gift?Do you tip your realtor?Final Word

The Best Gift You Can Give Realtors This Year

Personalized Pen Sets for Realtors

A career that lives by the pen, even if they have a computer. A pen is still a great gift for the house walk-through and how else can someone sign on the dotted line. The Personalized Pen Sets are a steal as a gift to your favorite seller.

Realtor Bracelet Everything I Touch Turns to Sold

What a beautiful idea for the lady selling houses. Put some positive karma her way today. The Everything I Touch Turns to Sold is brassy and bold. A great look and will add some confidence to your special someone. When I saw this item I sent one to my friend that is the queen of home sales because everything she touches does turn to sold.

Coolife Wine Tumbler

For the realtor who has a witty fun sense of humor, you cannot beat the Coolife Wine Tumbler as a gift. This tumbler is exceptionally cool and it says it all. Our realtors are extroverted back talking, powerhouses of the spoken word, so let the tumbler speak for you.

Coffee Mascara Real Estate T-Shirt

This shirt is super soft and comfy. I love the color and fit and so will your realtor. The Coffee Real Estate T-Shirt is the perfect gift plus it is wearable anywhere. You can throw a nice jacket over it and be all dressed up for work.

Wine Glass Good Day Bad Day Don’t Even Ask

Please fill up my glass. I need one for my profession and it would be up to the don’t even ask line darn near all week. The  Good Day Bad Day wine glass is an excellent choice for your realtor as a gift this year. You can gift it anytime; do not wait for a holiday, make today a special day. Don’t forget to add a bottle of wine.

Phone Banjees with Two Pockets

Realtors are always running around and it is always a busy day for them showing homes, taking and making calls, and putting up those sold signs! The Sprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet will hold their phone, credit card, and even a set of keys while they go about their business making everything sold!

GSPY Wine Tumbler Cup

Realtors do have the Midas touch plus the GSPY Wine Tumbler Cup is amazingly cool and they will love the ease of filling it up and taking it with them to work. If your realtor just sold your house and used your wine fridge as a great selling point then gift them the tumbler as a thank you!

Hide & Drink, Leather Eyeglasses Holder

Man, when you need your glasses and your hands are full from just selling that house the Leather Eyeglasses Holder comes in handy plus it is an awesome necklace. I am always looking for my glasses or I do not take them with me because I have nowhere to put them. Not anymore.

Boho-Magic 925 Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Mine is ordered and on the way. Super excited to get this! A perfect gift idea for that busy woman anxious to know if the sale was made. She can work off her nervous energy at the office by spinning the cool metal rings! The Boho-Magic Spinner Ring is perfect for your realtor while she waits for the big sale.

C.C BeanieTail Ponytail Beanie Hat

Hair can be a blessing and a chore when it is blowing all over the place, especially when you spend time running to show homes to people. I love this hat to keep your hair looking smooth and sleek. A perfect extra gift for that beautiful, stylish woman while she is on the move selling real estate. The Ponytail Beanie Hat will be her new favorite.

I Turn Dreams into Reality

Fill me up and let me laugh. This tumbler has a great saying and will make your realtor smile when you gift it to them for the great job they did on your closing. The I Turn Dreams into Reality is true and you just had it happen. Get a bottle of their favorite wine too.

NOVICA .925 Sterling Silver Handmade Stacking Rings

Charming, unique and will make the heart of any girl beat faster. I love these stacking rings and so will the love of your life, your realtor. The NOVICA Sterling Silver Handmade Stacking Rings will be something she wears everyday.

Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

Every morning I fill my tumbler before I hit the ground running, whether you like coffee, tea or a different beverage these are awesome. I love that they fit in my car cup holder and I never fear a spill or a difficult time driving and grabbing my Everything I Touch Turns Sold for a drink on the move. I need a pick me up in the a.m. and so does your special realtor.

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap


Spoil that lady that just sold your house or made a great deal for you in buying your new home. The Blue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap is perfect for that relaxing bath and excellent shaving cream! She will love this, buy more than one.

Logitech Washable Wired Keyboard K310

A good keyboard means a lot to someone on their computer often. It is also something we put off buying for ourselves. We wait until our keyboard has sticky keys or we have to hit a key twice before we finally break down and buy a new one. The Logitech Wired Keyboard K310 is a great work keyboard and easy to clean. You can wash it! No more trying to get between the keys!

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock


Just unbelievable the technology these days. No more digging for the right key, just touch your phone to it. A great way to help the realtor out is to get them the Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch for the home or office. One less problem to solve and for those fancier homes they can install them before they sell as a way to get sales attention. We are a world of technology. Embrace it.

Sony Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth


For those open houses the realtor can have some tunes playing to set the mood. It is portable and easy to use with your smart phone. The Portable Wireless Speaker is the perfect gift for your realtor friend or as a thank you for selling your property.

Garmin Navigator System

When you’re buying a house or growing a business we are always considering location, location, location. Roads are confusing and not always marked and if you can’t find it you sure can’t sell it. Your realtor probably knows most of the streets in town but I guarantee they get mixed up and make a wrong turn weekly and they will love the GPS Navigator System it has spoken turn-by-turn directions and some other tools that will make you on time every time.

Realtor Coffee Mug

A great cup with a fun message to let your realtor know they close the deal every time and this time you appreciated it. Gift the I Got 99 Problems But Closing Deals Ain’t One to your new favorite person, the one who just sold your house or business.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

I love my Electric Pressure Cooker, you can sterilizer, slow cook, steam, sauté, make yogurt, and warm up food. An amazing gift for the real estate agent that is always moving and has no time to cook. The Instant Pot is a great tool for the busy realtor always on the move.

Realtors Makeup Bag

Sales, sales and more sales does not mean you cannot be beautiful too. Looking good right along with that property goes a long way to racking up those sales. Always have your necessities handy in the Realtors Makeup Bag.

Fossil Gen 3 Venture Touchscreen Smartwatch

Sleek, stylish, and a ring of success is what this watch says, you have secured the deal. If your realtor just closed on your property and you’re smiling all the way to the bank then the Leather Touchscreen Smartwatch is the perfect gift for that amazing realtor on closing.

SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer

Many times realtors need a quick picture to post or send off to someone or add it to the file. The SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer will cut your time in half. No running back to the office, you can just print it out on the go or while you’re waiting to show that property. Help your realtor be prepared for work or play.

PortoVino Beach Wine Purse

Heading to the beach right now with this awesome gift! How fun is the PortoVino Beach Wine Purse to gift to the realtor that has everything. She can stash her favorite bordello at the bottom and sit in her chair and relax after a week of moving and shacking.

Your First Year in Real Estate


Education in any field or business is a key to success. If you are just starting as a realtor or your loved one is then you have to get the Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional and learn a few new ways to close the deal.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

If you have an Apple phone you gotta have The Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired). They are amazing with great sound and comfort. Your realtor will love to use them when she on the road, in the office, and waiting for a potential buyer. A great gift.

Bosch GLM 20 Blaze 65′ Laser Distance Measure


Selling a house and one of the potential buyers says, “I wonder if the couch will fit here?” Guess what with the Bosch GLM  Laser Distance Measure you are ready to prove this is the house for them. The couch will fit. Always be prepared.

Hot Sox Men’s Casual Crew Socks

Now, these socks are hot and will look great on your man’s shapely calves as he goes about his day selling house after house. You can never look too good when you’re asking for money so gift your realtor with the Hot Sox Men’s Crew Socks as a gift or a thank you for closing your deal.

Real Estate Necktie

Styling and showing pride in your work sends a signal to those your working to sell too. Confidence, charm and style will take you far. The Real Estate Necktie will help you stand out above the crowd of competition. Give your guy the edge in his work.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent


A step by step process for making millions as a real estate agent. The perfect gift for your realtor to help them get on track, and stay on track with their goals. A must have is the Millionaire Real Estate Agent so get it today for your guy or gal.

Real Estate Agent Adult Coloring Book


Many adults love to color but this color book is a little different, not only can you color but you will laugh at the humor in the Real Estate Agent Adult Coloring Book with all of its snarkiness.

The Leather Warehouse

A great place to hold those papers as you work toward a sale. It looks sleek and expensive when you show up to sell that property. When a client sees you walking up with your Leather Zippered Padfolio they will know your a professional and got it together. They will feel like they can trust you.

Real Estate Agent on Duty

I always love a t-shirt that sells my trade. You cannot go wrong as you are guaranteed someone will notice and ask you about it. So give your realtor the Real Estate Agent on Duty T-Shirt and help them advertise.

Padike Business Name Card Holder

I always have a cool business card holder that catches the eye when I pull it out. People tend to know you mean business and they like a well organized, well dressed realtor. It makes them feel safe in your hands. The Business Name Card Holder may seem like a inconsequential item but it does get noticed and appreciated by your buyers. Small touches are significant in your career.

Scented Candles


Scented candles can make a house smell nice especially if it has sat empty for some time prior to your realtor being given the task to sell it. The Scented Candles will help make that home smell lived in and clean.

Lola Bella Origami Necklace w Gift Box

I love this necklace, it has a cool personality of its own and will stand out and be something noticed in and out of the office. The Lola Bella Necklace will catch your buyers attention and help start some conversation.

Desk York Adjustable Laptop Stand

I love my adjustable work station. I spend a lot of time on the computer and need to stand up and move around at times. The Adjustable Laptop Stand allows me to have some activity and still be productive.

Laser Measure


Make it fit! Make it fit! Sometimes you just have to measure to see what will fit in that spot, having the Laser Measure in your hand when your trying to sell a property can make a huge impact on your professionalism and ability to meet the needs of the client. Gotta have this!

Apple iPad Mini 4

So much to do and so little time, this little beauty can be taken with you everywhere you go for work. You never have to forget a piece of paper or a clients name because you can look it up. The Apple iPad is small enough to be easy to take with you and as valuable as a giant computer.

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


It is nice to be able to take some water with you to work and make a sweet refreshing drink with the Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, it comes with some great recipes that are super easy.

Closing Deals In High Heels


Man you got this even in heels! Rock those sales and bring home the money honey! A perfect gift for the man eater realtor is the Closing Deals In High Heels PopSocket. I love a good secret only you see.

DerBlue 60 PCS Key Bottle Openers

A perfect gift for the new home owner and it will not set off any alarms! Add some flair to your final paperwork by not only giving them their home but a cool key to remind them of the big day. The DerBlue 60 PCS Key Bottle Openers are inexpensive and awesome.

iPhone 12/12 Pro Realtor The Man Myth Legend

There is nothing sweeter then making a statement with the case for your phone. Your realtor guy will love this badass iPhone The Man Myth Legend Gift Case. Help build his ego.

How We Selected Gifts for Realtors


I looked for gifts such as, what are some things that realtors need to up their game and get those sales commitments. First they need to be organized and hit the ground running so it is important they can find their way to each property fast, no sense having to back track or find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks so the Garmin Navigator System is a must have, especially if your flying around the country and have to get into different areas of new communities.

Eye Catching

The second item I looked at was making a splash when you have the potential sale in the house or on the property you need something to catch their eye or make your property unique, so I love the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, it is magic!


FAQs About Gifts for Realtors

What is a good gift for a real estate agent?

Is the realtor a friend or acquaintance; if they are friends then you want to give them something personal that you know they need and will love like the Fossil Gen 3 Venture Touchscreen Smartwatch or the Blue Raspberry Lemonade Whipped Soap.

Can Realtors give gifts to clients?

I would definitely check in your state for what the laws are before gifting something to  a client. You could sure buy them a cup of coffee or have some snacks at the property prior to the sale. Inexpensive gifts are okay like the DerBlue 60 PCS Key Bottle Openers.

How much should a Realtor spend on a closing gift?

Always check with the laws in your state and the company you work for before buying gifts for clients.

Do you tip your realtor?

I do not believe so as it can make them feel like they have to gift you something and in most states that is not good practice. Buy your property and tell your realtor how amazing they are with a gift from my list.

Final Word

Realtors are amazing people and we all probably know one or two of them. When the holidays are coming around you can always gift that guy or gal a special something. If it is not appropriate to gift your realtor or client during the closing process you can always wait for Christmas to send out that thank you gift!

Terri Mielitz

I have eleven grandchildren ranging from 2 to 25 years of age. I watch 3 of the toddlers everyday. I am an educator and a firm believer in learning, even with playtime.

I put a lot of thought into gift buying. Gifts tell a story and I want the loved ones in my life to have a positive story of belonging.