26 Best Sincere Gifts for Loss of Pet 2023

There’s nothing quite like the relationship with a pet, which is why it’s so tough when the animal crosses the rainbow bridge. The best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet show the grieving owner you know how much you cared for their special friend. 

Best Sympathy Gifts for Loss of Pet

Pet Collar Keepsake Frame


The Pet Collar Keepsake Frame allows the pet owner to display one of their favorite pictures of their pet while displaying their collar underneath. The beautiful shadow box frame can be hung on the wall or placed on a bookshelf or dresser. When a pet passes, all the owner has left is the collar they wore around their neck each day. Keeping the collar in a shadowbox ensures it can’t get damaged or lost. A person will truly enjoy walking past this lovely frame each day and be reminded of the time they had with their pet. 

Best Friend Pet Urn 


The Best Friend Pet Urn allows people to keep their pet’s ashes in a safe, beautiful place. Whether the recipient wants to place it on the mantle or a bookshelf, the pet urn will always hold a special spot in a person’s home. The solid brass urn is engraved with multiple paw prints, ideal for someone who lost either a cat or dog. In addition, the screw top provides a secure seal to ensure there are no accidents. The pet urn truly makes a lovely gift for someone who has cremated their pet. 

Custom Canvas Print


Making a Custom Canvas Print with a picture of the recipient’s beloved animal is a wonderful way to honor their pet. Canvas art is unique in its own way, and adding a picture of a person’s lost pet makes it an exceptional gift. Whether you ask your friend for a special photo of their pet, or you have one of your own, the print will make for a beautiful piece. You can select from a wide range of sizes, so it’s best to know how much wall space a person has before ordering. 

Cat Urn Necklace 

The Cat Urn Necklace is an ideal gift choice for a person who always wants to keep a part of their pet close to their heart. The beautiful piece of jewelry comes in various finishes, including gold, silver, rose gold, and black. On the back of the cat pendant is a spot to screw open and carefully insert the ashes of the lost pet. There is a rubber gasket for extra security. The stainless steel necklace is durably made, so it doesn’t tarnish or turn colors over time. A friend or family member who recently lost their feline best friend will greatly cherish this special gift. 

Pawprints Metal Plaque 

The Pawprints Metal Plaque is a beautiful way to honor a lost pet. The plaque comes on a stake, making it easy to place in a garden or other special place in the yard. If you know someone who could bury their own pet, this makes for an exceptional gift. The pet owner can also hang the metal brass plaque on the wall if the recipient prefers. It is, however, fully lacquered, so it is safe to keep the plaque outside. Finally, a ring hangs on the bottom of the plaque where the recipient can hang the pet’s name tag to truly commemorate their lost animal. 

Pet Loss Ornament 

The holidays can be a tough reminder of the loss of someone important in your life. The Pet Loss Ornament reminds a person of the beautiful friendship they had with their pet. The detailed laser-cut ornament will bring comfort to the recipient as they hang it on their Christmas tree each year. In addition, the grieving pet owner may cherish the gift so much, and they find somewhere to hang it all year long. The durable ornament will bring a smile to their faces year after year. 

Pet Loss Care Package 

The Pet Loss Care Package makes for a beautiful gift if you know someone who recently lost a pet. The package includes a paw print key chain, a candle holder, a remembrance journal, and booklets about celebrating the life and love of a lost pet. If you know someone looking to have a memorial ceremony for the loss of their pet, then the care package makes a wonderful gift. It offers them everything they need to say goodbye to their pet one last time respectfully. 

Lived Forever Keychain 

The Lived Forever Keychain shows the love a person has for their pet. The durable stainless steel keychain includes a gift box making for easy gift-giving. In addition to the quote charm, there also are charms with a paw print and memorial wings. The lovely keychain will always remind the recipient of the love they had for their animal best friend. 

Rainbow Bridge Bangle 

The Rainbow Bridge Bangle makes for an incredibly inspirational gift to someone mourning the loss of a pet. When a pet dies, it’s said they “cross the rainbow bridge.” The beautiful bangle shows the hope that a pet owner will be reunited with their beloved animal at some point. In addition to being stunning, the bangle is also adjustable and very durable. The bangle is made from hypoallergenic materials and won’t rust or tarnish on the gift recipient. The memorial bangle makes for an exceptional gift. 

Cardinal Wind Chime

If you know someone who has lost their feathered best friend, the Cardinal Wind Chime makes for an excellent gift. Included with the wind chime is a beautiful poem titled “Red Feathered Soul.” The wind chime is a beautiful reminder that their beloved pet will always be there in spirit. The recipient will thoroughly enjoy sitting on their deck and listening to the beautiful music by the cardinal wind chime. 

Angel of Friendship Willow Tree Figure

Willow Tree Angel of Friendship, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Truly one of the best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet is the Angel of Friendship Willow Tree Figure. The hand-painted sculpture depicts the beautiful relationship between a grieving pet owner and their sorely missed pet. If you know someone who has recently lost their dog, this makes for an incredibly inspirational gift. In addition to the gorgeous figure, the gift comes with a beautiful angel of friendship memory card. It can sometimes be difficult to think of what to say to someone who lost their pet. The Angel of Friendship Figure is an extraordinary way to show someone you understand how great their loss truly is. 

Rainbow Bridge Bracelet 

The Rainbow Bridge Bracelet is full of color and vibrancy and makes for a wonderful gift to someone who has recently lost a pet. The thoughtful gift is full of colorful beads as well as one paw print charm. In addition, the bracelet comes with a beautiful memory card with lovely blessing words. Both items come in a velvet drawstring bag for safekeeping. As a bonus, a pretty rainbow broach symbolizes the recipient’s pet crossing the rainbow bridge. The gift set makes for a remarkable gift. 

Pet Memorial Wind Chime 


The Pet Memorial Wind Chime is a lovely addition to a person’s garden or front porch. The metal cast wind chime includes a beautiful quote titled, “Pawprints Left by You.” In addition to the gorgeous wind chime, the set also includes a gift box with a longer quote about the loss of a pet. Hanging from the four musical tubes is a charming paw print pendant. Finally, the wind chime is durably crafted to ensure it can withstand the outside elements. 

Memorial Candle

The Memorial Candle makes for a wonderful gift if you are looking for something to brighten up a person’s day. The eco-friendly soy wax candle is brightly decorated with an array of colorful paw prints and other designs. The candle offers up to 60 hours of burn time, giving plenty of time to watch the beautiful candle glow. Once the wax completely burns, the candle holder can be saved and used to decorate or keep memories of a person’s beloved lost pet. 

Pet Memorial Collage Frame 

The beautiful Pet Memorial Collage Frame is next on the list of the best sincere gifts for someone who lost a pet. The gift recipient can add six photos of their beloved pet to admire daily. In addition, the middle of the frame has a beautiful poem about the pawprints left by the owner’s pet. The collage frame comes with a plaque, and you can engrave it after receiving it in the mail. It makes for a beautiful spot to add the animal’s name. The frame makes for a lovely way to commemorate the loss of one’s special furry friend. 

Pet Memorial Blanket 


The Pet Memorial Blanket is a stunning gift to give someone who has recently lost a pet. When opened, the blanket has a huge rainbow with rainbow paw prints and has the quote, “No longer by my side. Always in my heart.” The cozy blanket will remind the recipient of the beautiful friendship they had with their precious pet. In addition, the blanket is wrapped up with a ribbon and includes a lovely notecard. The 60″ x 50″ fleece blanket is perfect for the back of a couch or chair. 

Paw Print Memorial Stone 


The Paw Print Memorial Stone will be a very cherished gift. The stone has the beautiful quote, “You left paw prints on our heart,” and has a frame for a picture of the precious pet. While the stone can be placed on a bookshelf or table, the recipient can also put it in a garden or other part of the yard. The waterproof resin prevents any damage to the gorgeous memorial stone. It is recommended to laminate the photo to ensure no potential damage. 

Best Friends Sympathy Frame


The next on the list of the best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet is something for a person to hang on their wall. The Best Friends Sympathy Frame is a beautiful way for a grieving pet owner to hang an array of pictures of their beloved pet. The lovely frame comes with two pieces of twine, one to hang the frame on the wall and the other to hold photos. In addition, the handmade wooden plaque is full of detail, down to the strung paw print. Finally, the sympathy frame comes in a sweet gift box, making it incredibly easy to gift this exceptional gift. 

Paw Print On My Heart Planter


The Paw Print On My Heart Planter allows a pet owner to plant a lovely succulent or plant of their choice in memory of their beloved best friend. The durable aluminum alloy planter is designed with weather-resistant ink to ensure it lasts for years to come. In addition, the back of the planter has a beautiful quote about a beloved pet crossing the rainbow bridge. Also included is a bamboo saucer to help drain water from the planter. Finally, a spiraled stake is included with the planter so the recipient can include a photo of their lost pet. 

Inside Your Heart Memorial Stone 

A cardinal is said to signify a deceased love one, making the next gift idea truly special. The Inside Your Heart Memorial Stone has a beautiful cardinal sitting next to a cutout heart with a wind chime. Engraved on the heart is a beautiful quote about being apart from a lost pet. The waterproof resin memorial stone is built to last and can withstand the elements of nature. The stone makes for a wonderful pet grave maker or a special spot in a garden. 

In Memory Of Custom Blanket 

The In Memory Of Custom Blanket makes for a beautiful gift. You can add 4 different photos of the beloved pet as well as their name and birthdate. Other sections of the blanket have beautiful sayings about the loss of a pet to make this a truly unique gift. In addition, there are several sizes to choose from, so you can choose the perfect size. Finally, the blanket is made from high-quality, soft material, so the gift recipient can use it for years to come. 

Personalized Sympathy Mug 

The Personalized Sympathy Mug is truly a one-of-a-kind gift. The custom mug allows you to add a photo of the pet owner and any pets they may have. The deceased pet will have a halo and wings on its design, showing what an angel it now is. In addition, the beautiful design is printed on both sides, so it won’t matter which way the recipient picks it up. The pet owner will cherish the high-quality ceramic mug for many sips of coffee to come. 

Sympathy Card

Writing down your condolences in a Sympathy Card is also a lovely way to show a person how sorry you are for losing their pet. Sometimes our words mean more than any gift you could give a person. Depending on your relationship with the person, you can either add one of the best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet or gift the card alone. A sympathy card can go a long way for someone who lost their best friend. 

Never From Our Heart Urn 


The Never From Our Heart Urn allows a person to include a photo of their beloved pet. In addition, engraved on the wooden urn is a beautiful quote about pets always having a place in our hearts. The urn measures 6.3″ x 4.3″ x 4.3″ and will sit beautifully on the mantle or a special bookshelf. The recipient can securely place the pet’s ashes through the bottom of the urn and close it with the included screw. The memorial urn makes a lovely final resting place for the special pet in a person’s life. 

Rainbow Bridge Memorial Tile 


While simple, the Rainbow Bridge Memorial Tile is a beautiful gift to give someone who recently lost a pet. The vibrant rainbow reminds the person they will meet their animal once again. In addition, the lovely memorial tile comes with a wood stand to allow the recipient to place the tile on a bookshelf or mantle. Perhaps they will want to set it next to a picture of their beloved animal or the pet’s urn if they have one. The memorial tile is a lovely gift for a grieving pet owner. 

Pet Keepsake Memory Box 

To wrap up the list of the best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet is the Pet Keepsake Memory Box. The memory box is the perfect place to store the memories of a lost pet. The box has two drawers to place collars, name tags, and any other special pet memory. In addition, there are 2 cubbies and 10 folders to keep all the important paperwork a person has saved from their pet’s life. The memory box comes with illustrated tags to make labeling everything extremely easy. Finally, the memory box securely closes with a magnetic closure to ensure all the beloved possessions stay safe. 

How We Selected the Best Sincere Gifts For The Loss Of a Pet

Gifts that Reflect the Relationship

Losing a pet can be extremely upsetting for someone, and that’s why it was important to pick gifts that represented the love of person has for their best friend. Whether a person has had their pet for 10 years or only a few, it’s essential to find something that does an exceptional job at representing their love. The list of the best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet all shows the beautiful relationship between a human and their animal best friend. 

Variety of Animals 

While cats and dogs are the most popular pets, they certainly aren’t the only ones. It’s important to recognize the other pets in a person’s life, regardless of what type of animal they are. Whether it be a bird, a reptile, or a rodent, pets make an imprint on a person’s life, and it’s important to show your sympathy regardless of the type of animal they lost. 

Wide Price Range 

If you have a co-worker who recently lost a pet, it’s a kind gesture to acknowledge the loss. However, you may not have a relationship where you want to spend a lot of money. The best sincere gifts for the loss of a pet have a wide price range to allow for something in everyone’s budget. Remember, even giving only a card can go a long way for someone who is grieving. On the other hand, if you have a close friend or family member who lost a pet, you may want to spend a little more on them to memorialize their beloved pet. 

FAQs – Sincere Gifts for Loss of Pet

What’s the best way to honor someone who lost a pet?

Losing a pet can be incredibly difficult for a person, so it’s a kind gesture to want to honor the person and their pet. You can pick out a gift representing the love between the owner and their deceased pet or pick a charity to donate to in their honor. Whichever you choose, it will mean a lot to the grieving pet owner to know how much you care. 

What is the rainbow bridge?

The belief in the rainbow bridge started in the 80s and 90s through poetry as a way for people to grieve the loss of their pet. The thought is the animal waits at the rainbow bridge until their human best friend passes and joins them once again. At that point, they would cross the bridge together into heaven. It’s a nice thought to think that our pets are waiting for us on the other side. 

How do you tell a child about the loss of a pet?

Talking to children about death is never easy. If you know a child who recently lost a pet, you may be wondering what the best thing to say is. It’s best to consider the child’s age when you talk to them. Mention how sorry you are for the loss of their pet and how sad you know they are. In addition, it’s best not to be too indirect, so you don’t confuse the child. Finally, you want to avoid saying the animal went to sleep. It may instill fear in the child about going to sleep and dying. 

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