25 Best Gifts for Judges

A great gift for the judge in your life should be thoughtful and show how important their job is. We found gifts ready to impress judges, and not every option is a gavel, so you can find unique options and practical gifts any judge will love. 

Best Gifts For Judges

Da Vinci Bar Globe

With such hard jobs, Judges need a Da Vinci Bar Globe in their chambers to hide their favorite alcohol and glasses. The sophisticated globe offers incredible style and function with storage inside and underneath. Gift this to the judge in your life to help them relax and improve their decor. 

Judge’s Personalized Gavel

Personalized Wooden Gavel with Laser Engraved Gold Band | Laser Engraved Solid Wood Judge's Gav

While the judge in your life may have a gavel, they do not have a Judge’s Personalized Gavel. Put their information on the gavel with laser engraving for a high-quality gift ready to impress. It’s beautiful enough for the office or for home. 

Custom Desk Name Plate

The Wedding Party Store, Custom Engraved Desk Name Plate - Personalized Desk Wedge with Business Card Holder (Walnut Wood)

Add some charm to a judges desk with the Custom Desk Name Plate. A beautiful scripted font on a solid wood plaque makes this a gorgeous addition to a woman’s desk. It even has room for business cards on top, making this a multi-functional item. 

Constitution Wall Art

Smart decor like a Constitution Wall Art can improve an offices ambiance. The frame measures 18 by 28 inches and shows a vintage copy of the Constitution along with a quill. Make a judge’s chambers look professional with this unique gift. 

Lady Scales of Justice Bookends

Judges often have books in their office, and the Lady Scales of Justice Bookends can improve the decor and keep books in place. With exquisite craftsmanship using bronze, these bookends will last for a lifetime and become a collectible item. Everyone will enjoy the attention to detail and beauty of this smart gift. 

Copper Bar Paperweight


Gift the Copper Bar Paperweight to a judge for a unique gift ready to keep papers in order. The statement piece is made of actual copper and makes for a fun gift. Additionally, the paperweight cannot break and adds decore to a desk. 

Vintage Jewelry Tray

Vintage Style Metal Libra Jewelry Display Tray Cosmetic Organizer Storage, Bronze

Women judges will enjoy the Vintage Jewelry Tray to hold their jewelry at home. It comes in three colors, including bronze, black, and blue, and it’s ready to hold a variety of items at home or work. The excellent attention to detail and design make this a quality gift ready to last for a lifetime. 

Lined Writing Notebook for Women

Only The Strongest Women Become Judges.: Gift Idea for Female Judges, Lined Writing Notebook for Women.

The Lined Writing Notebook is perfect for judges who need to take notes. Women can use the lined notebook with 100 sheets for work or personal use and enjoy the 6 x 9-inch size. With the sweet message on the cover, ladies will know just how important they are to those they love. 

Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy

Costa Farms Live Pothos Plant, Easy Care Vining Live Indoor Houseplant, Air Purifying Trailing Plant Potted in Premium Decor Pot, Potting Soil, Gift for Office and Home Decor, 8-Inches Tall

Not only are Costa Farms Devil’s Ivy Plants easy to grow, but they can actually improve an environment. The plants kill formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide and can help with eye irritation from staring at a screen all day. Improve a judge’s offices with a beautiful plant ready to clean the air around them. 

The Complete Far Side Collection 

The Complete Far Side

Judges need a break from their difficult workload making the Far Side Collection a fun gift. The cartoons are comic brilliant ready to lighten up a long day at the office. Inside the set, find over 4,000 cartoons in chronological order, ready to brighten someone’s day.

Jack&Chris 15.6″ Messenger Bag

A briefcase can help to move electronics and paper from the office to home and back. With the 15.6″ Leather Messenger Bag, men get a spectacular bag made of rugged leather with buckles and a paddled shoulder handle capable of transporting a laptop and much more. It’s a sophisticated briefcase worthy of such a notable position. 

Funny Lavender Candle Gift

Lawyer Gifts for Women, Lavender Soy Wax Candle for Lawyers Birthday, Fun Gag Gift for Lawyer, Law School Graduation, Soon to Be Lawyers, Law Students Bar Exam, Attorney Office Desk Gift Ideas for Her

The Funny Lavender Candle Gift adds a beautiful scent to an office with a funny saying on the front. It can burn for 45 hours, and it’s made with 100 percent natural soy wax. Judges will love the funny little saying, and it may make more sense to them than to you!

Leather Office Supplies

KINGFOM Pu Leather Desk Organizers and Accessories, 8 PCS/SET Office Supplies Organization with Magazine Files Holder, Stackable Paper Tray, Desktop Organizers with Drawer for Home Office School Brown

Give these high-end Leather Office Supplies to a judge who wants to make their office sophisticated. The set includes several pieces made of genuine leather ready to organize any desk, including file organizers, drawers, and much more. Choose from black or brown to better suit your judge’s style. 

Lawrence Frames Picture Frame

Lawrence Frames Dark Brown Leather Picture Frame, 4x6

With the Lawrence Frames Picture Frame, judges can lovingly display their family at work in a smart leather frame. Pick from three sizes, including 4 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches, and two colors. The frame stands on its own and works well with other leather decor. 

Rocketbook Orbit Legal Pad Executive - Smart Reusable Legal Pad - Black, Lined/Dot-Grid

Judges often have to take notes and the Rocketbook Legal Pad can help. The executive-style notebook doesn’t have a cover and has a built-in pen dock. When done writing, they can scan the images to their computer or phone and reuse them again for a space and paper-saving device ready to function. 

Pro Putting Green with Ball Return

SKLZ ACCELERATOR PRO - Indoor Golf Putting Mat with Auto-Ball Return & Behind-the-Hole Ball Collector - Putter Alignment Guides at 3, 5 & 7 Feet - Rubber-Backed Mat Provides Multi-Surface Stability

When lunchtime rolls around, judges can relax in the office with the Pro Putting Green with Ball Return. While going to the golf course may not be a daily possibility, they can still get a little swinging action in and take a break from sitting all day too. The set includes a nine-foot indoor putting green with lines for different ranges to help improve their play. 

Yoda Best Judge Mug

Fans of Star Wars will adore the Yoda Best Judge Mug. With a cartoon picture of Yoda and the funny little saying, judges will get a mug personalized to their job and ready for coffee. The 11-ounce mug can go in the dishes washer and microwave without harming the image on the front. 

20 oz Jumbo Wine Glass

Lawyer Gifts – (2 Sided) Funny Unique Novelty Stemless Wine Glass Birthday or Christmas Gifts For Paralegal, Attorney, Legal Assistant, or Law Student - Lawyer Gifts For Women & Men

For someone who loves wine and is a judge the 20 oz Jumbo Wine Glass makes a perfect gift. The stemless glass shows a picture of scales and has funny drinking measurements on the other side. The glasses are made in America and ready to go in the dishwasher after holding 15 ounces of wine. 

YETI Daytrip Lunch Box

YETI Daytrip Lunch Box, Charcoal

Judges who take lunch to work need the YETI Daytrip Lunch Box. The insulated box acts as a fortress to keep food safe and fresh with a water-resistant exterior and leakproof liner. With special coldcell insulation, these light lunchboxes can keep food cold longer, and they come in a variety of color options. 

Sterling Silver Gavel Necklace

For men or women, the Sterling Silver Gavel Necklace can display their career with any outfit. The sterling silver necklace features an 18-inch chain and a gavel. It comes in a cute package and a free bumper sticker. 

Tie Clip for Men

BAUNA Tie Clip for Men Lawyer Tie Bar Clip for Wedding Business Attorney Judge Law School Gift Jewelry (Lawyer Tie Clip)

For judges who wear ties, the Tie Clip for Men will keep their tie in order with an adorable scale design engraved on stainless steel. The tie bar can keep a tie in the correct place by attaching it to a button-up shirt. It’s an affordable gift ready to function with style. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Quartz Men's Watch, Stainless Steel, Classic, Two-Tone (Model: BM7256-50E)

With such a high-powered job, judges deserve a high-quality watch like the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch. The watch features silver and rose gold with a black face for a timeless and classy style. An eco-drive and Japanese quartz movement, and water resistance make this the perfect gift. 

Here Comes The Judge T-Shirt

All Rise Here Comes The Judges, For Court Judges, Lawyers T-Shirt

The Here Comes The Judge T-Shirt makes for fabulous loungewear. Choose from several colors and sizes of this machine-washable shirt made of 100 percent cotton. It’s a great gift for a judge proud of their achievements and ready to show off their job in a light manner. 

Thors Hammer

damdos Halloween Costume Cosplay Hammers,18

Many judges have a variety of gavels but with the Thors Hammer they can have the ultimate hammer! It’s made of ABS plastic but looks real and sits on a desk or bookshelf with ease. Gift this to the guy who loves mythology or Marvel and wants to show they are the ultimate judge. 

Purple Seat Cushion 

Gel Seat Cushion, Double Thick Egg Gel Cushion for Pressure Pain Relief, Breathable Wheelchair Cushion Chair Pads for Car Seat Office Chair (Violet)

Judges often sit all day long and they Purple  Seat Cushion can make sitting more comfortable. This cushion works well for office chairs with a double seat cushion ready to last for 8 hours of comfort. Handles make the cushion portable, too, if the judge wants to move it from the courtroom to their office. 

Buying Criteria

How You Know the Judge

If you are related to a judge, your gifts can be much more personal. However, if a judge is a co-worker, then the gifts should be less personal and more functional. If you are not a family member, friend, or co-worker, it may not be appropriate to give a judge a gift and may not be allowed at all. 

Check before giving a gift as judges may not be allowed to accept anything. Otherwise, you can give gifts for any holiday or birthday. If you work in an office, it would be best to give a gift from a group instead of from an individual person. 

Type of Gift

Judges work, but they also have a personal life. Again, focus on how you know the judge to decide what gift to give. Family and friends can provide gifts for home use, while co-workers should focus on gifts for the office like a coffee mug. 

When in doubt of what to gift, consider purchasing a useful item that anyone can use like office supplies, a mug, or a picture frame. It’s the thought that counts, but not everyone wants a cluttered desk filled with knick-knacks. Stick to useful and thoughtful gifts you know the judge will love because you know they are judging the gift! 

FAQs – Gifts for Judges

Do judges like decorative gavels? 

Honestly, no. They do not actually use the gavels as often as we like to think or as portrayed on television. For the most part, they are not even commonly found in most U.S. courtrooms. 

Often, judges get gavels as a gift to recognize their accomplishments, but few use them. A gavel can be used to end a meeting or quiet people down but have fallen out of use. It’s best to find a useful gift instead of a gavel. 

Are judges dressed up under their robes?

Every judge is different, and some will be in slacks and a button-up shirt while others wear jeans. That’s the benefit of the robe! It can hide the wardrobe and keep the judge comfortable. When planning to purchase a wearable gift, find out what the judge prefers to wear before picking a gift. 

Do judges do a lot of writing? 

Judges do their fair share of writing but do even more reading as they have to learn everything about a case possible. Therefore, any gift that will help a judge with reading and writing would definitely go over well. However, keep in mind many judges are reading or typing on a computer and not in a notebook. 

What is the best gift for a judge? 

Every judge is different with unique interests making it difficult to say what gift would be best for a given judge. Some judges have a major sense of humor, and others prefer a more serious demeanor. When in doubt, opt for a useful gift like a notebook or a mug, as everyone needs these items. 

Most judges do like to take a lunch or dinner out occasionally, so when in doubt, choose a gift card for a restaurant they love. 

Adrina Palmer