79 Best Gifts for Hunters 2023

Hunting is a sport that takes thought, creativity, and a calm demeanor. One must wait hours for the perfect shot to get the buck that has been alluding them for years. Hunters are as amazing creatures as the animals they hunt for food.

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Best Gifts for HuntersALPS Turkey VestTactical PenMan Myth Legend Flask BoxWrangler Plaid Fleece ShirtRuttin' Buck Rattling BagThermacell Mosquito RepellerOutdoor Edge ChowPalNorthern Fir Beard OilKARECEL Hand WarmersLEGACY Beer CaddyLifeStraw Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter SystemSmith's Knife SharpenerSITKA Orange VestSurvival Paracord BraceletLeather Archery Finger TabSweat Wicking Skull Cap Vortex Optics BinocularsYETI Hopper CoolerThunderFit Silicone RingMidland Two-Way RadioBalaclava Face MaskBadlands Binocular & Rangefinder CaseCarhartt Workwear JerseyLETMY Tactical FlashlightALPS Extreme Harness XGlobal Vasion Heated SocksColorado Hunting Map for Garmin GPSMasterbuilt Bluetooth SmokerALPS Commander BagArcheryMax Archery GlovesALPS OutdoorZ PursuitHuanggui Archery Finger SaverTRUGLO Archery ReleaseSummit TreestandDuck Duck Boom T-ShirtHOJ Co. Deer TrifoldBad Hunter CupHunting Is Importanter MugArchery Arm GuardHunter Donald Trump MugFast Food T-ShirtBetter When I'm Hunting TumblerBuck Knife on Antler StandDuck Hunter Throw PillowI Hunt Mushrooms PillowCelestron Outland X BinocularsORORO Heated JacketBeer Bottle Holding MagnetsStreamlight Tactical LightClevr Patio Cooler with Foosball Black Rifle Coffee PodsRFID Carbon Fiber WalletOutdoor Multi-ToolFlambeau Bow CaseFreshJax Grilling Spice SetBarMe Whiskey DecanterCarhartt JacketHorn Hunter Harness SystemCanway Duffel BagVintage Whiskey GlassSamsung Galaxy WatchCustom Engraved Oak Aging BarrelCarbon Fiber Key HolderPanasonic Arc5 RazorHomeWetBar Sharpened ToolsEmber Smart MugFujifilm X-Pro3 CameraSurvival Gear KitHimalayan Pink Salt Block & Tray Laptop BackpackLG Alexa Smart TVManscaped Crop EssentialsBeer Of The Month ClubEcho Dot 3rd GenBackpack Cooler ChairAmerican Made Leather GlovesCamo Hunting PantsApple AirPodsDad's Ice Cream PlowHow We Selected Gifts for HuntersFAQs - Gifts for Hunters What is the best gift for a hunter?What Every hunter should have?What should I get my hunter for Christmas?

Best Gifts for Hunters

ALPS Turkey Vest


Mossy Oak is known for the incredible products they make and your hunter will love the ALPS OutdoorZ Vest it has a spot for all the gear, is made well, and looks great. Easy to wear and carry out on the trail.

Tactical Pen

So your gal or guy is a deep-down hunter and ready to conquer the outdoors. you better make sure they have this small, simple tool that they’ll find useful in a lot of different situations. The Tactical Pen is a bottle opener for late nights in the tent, or even the backyard. It can also break glass, work as a whistle, function as a flashlight, and so much more. Any hunter would love receiving this as a gift. 

Man Myth Legend Flask Box

Your dad or husband is an incredible guy who everyone respects and he loves to hunt. Your guy has tons of stories about his adventures and legendary near-death experiences. He has bagged the biggest game and caught the largest fish. He loves to reminisce to his buddies at the local bar. However, he always tells his best stories when he has a drink and a cigar in hand. For his birthday, get him an awesome gift, maybe just as awesome as he is. Get him the Flask Gift Box for his special day.

Wrangler Plaid Fleece Shirt

Wrangle makes some amazing clothes. My husband and sons love Wrangler and have tons of the Wrangler Plaid Fleece Shirt for cooler weather during hunting and the farm work that comes with it. When they bring in that big buck and we gather in the shed as a family to butcher we all wear our shirts to keep warm. The family brand that makes memories with us.

Ruttin’ Buck Rattling Bag


A tool to call those rutting bucks to your deer stand. The avid hunter must have a pair of Ruttin’ Buck Rattling Bag to call those rutting bucks ready for a fight right to you. They work great and my sons swear by them. They love the quality and sound. Easy to carry.

Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

Are you hating that mosquito spray and the smell is awful, especially when your out in your tree stand, it can scare the animals away as they know it is a human smell. The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller will give you 12 hours of relief without the stench and giveaway to the deer.

Outdoor Edge ChowPal


When your spending all day outdoors waiting for the buck, turkey, or plain old prairie dog to appear you get hungry. The Mealtime Multitool is easy to carry, use, and clean. A must-have for your sportsman out in the woods or on the prairie. Supper is ready hunters!

Northern Fir Beard Oil

This oil smells amazing and has the scent of cedar, pine, and eucalyptus. This beard oil is an ideal gift for men who love the outdoors and who hunt. Not only will it keep his beard healthy and full but it will make him look and smell amazing. For your guy on his birthday that still cares about how he looks gift him the Northern Fir Beard Oil, he will love it and so will you.

KARECEL Hand Warmers


Waiting in that tree stand and feeling the chill your hunter will love the Hand Warmers as a gift. They will use them every winter out in the cold waiting for the big one to come by so they can take home some suppers for the family. A practical gift they will truly enjoy.

LEGACY Beer Caddy

Stack them up guys and gals. You always need a beer during or after the big hunt. The LEGACY Beer Caddy is a great gift idea for the avid hunter. Easy to carry along and keeps the bottles chilled. Your hunter wants one of these I guarantee it.

LifeStraw Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter System

When you’re off the grid or in some foreign country and you need to purify your drinking water, the LifeStraw Collapsible Squeeze Bottle Water Filter System is a must-have safety measure for your avid hunter or outdoorsman.

Smith’s Knife Sharpener

You cannot cut that animal up without some sharp knives and Smith’s Knife Sharpener is known to be one of the best. Easy to use and super easy to carry in your backpack or even your pocket. Your hunter will love one of these on a birthday or special holiday.

SITKA Orange Vest

Safety and protection for your hunter are important. Do not let your loved one go out there without a Gear Ballistic Vest to protect them and help keep other hunters seeing them. No animal is worth your life so always stay on top of your own protection and those you love while hunting.

Survival Paracord Bracelet


The perfect gift for the guy or gal who loves to go off into the forest and hunt big game. This Survival Paracord Bracelet is embedded with a compass, fire starter, emergency knife & whistle to keep your hunter safe, giving directions, and a few emergency tools when they are out hunting in the woods.

Leather Archery Finger Tab


A great tool for hunting and archery to save those fingers and hands. The Leather Archery Finger Tab is perfect for your hunter on a birthday or at Christmas. Protection is important when you’re messing with a bow.

Sweat Wicking Skull Cap 

When your hunter is out in the elements, wind, rain, or shine the Sweat Wicking Skull Cap offers protection against the sun and helps with body cooling. It is meant to reduce sweat and is a great gift idea for the hunter on any occasion.

Vortex Optics Binoculars

When you are out hunting you need eyes like a hawk so you can find the game and watch their progress through the tree line or brush. The Vortex Optics Binoculars will help you do that safely and quietly.

YETI Hopper Cooler


Yeti is a name every hunter knows and it is something they want. The YETI Portable Cooler is a choice gift option for the hunter on a birthday or Christmas. They will love it and have a great place to stash their beverages or bring home their game.

ThunderFit Silicone Ring

These rings are amazing and well known to work well for the manly guy and hunter. They do not have edges to catch on to things and wear well. Plus the color is amazing. your guy will love the Silicone Wedding Ring on his birthday or for Christmas. Such a man;y ring.

Midland Two-Way Radio

Can you hear me now? The Midland Two-Way Radio is an amazing way for the hunter to communicate with others when they are up in the blind or out hunting another game especially if your all-out walking to get the pheasants off the ground.  They are long-range walkie talkie with 142 privacy codes, SOS Siren, and NOAA Weather Alerts, and Weather Scan. A must-have for any hunter.

Balaclava Face Mask

Hiding out as a hunter is mandatory. Any sights or smells can send your game on the run and then you have to begin again. The Balaclava Face Mask is the perfect addition to your toolbox as a hunter.

Badlands Binocular & Rangefinder Case

When you have your binoculars hanging from your neck it is a good way to break them or get caught on a branch. The Binocular & Rangefinder Case is the best answer for the problem and is just another great hunting tool in your toolbox.

Carhartt Workwear Jersey

Carhartt makes some great clothes. they are durable but sleek and just fit the bill for the avid hunter. They look good but fill the need for comfort and warmth. The Carhartt Workwear Shirt is perfect for your guy when he is heading out hunting.

LETMY Tactical Flashlight


When you are out hunting it is good to have a flashlight at hand for some odd reasons that only occur in the tress far from civilization. The Tactical Flashlight is a super bright LED mini flashlight with a belt clip. It has several modes like zoomable and is waterproof if your dog won’t fetch the duck.

ALPS Extreme Harness X

So many items are needed on the hunting trip and at times it is hard to carry them all. The ALPS Extreme Harness X is the perfect addition to your adventure. You can add in all your gadgets and get on the trail.

Global Vasion Heated Socks

It is cold when you’re sitting in a blind for hours waiting for your prey. When your feet get cold so does the rest of you so I strongly encourage you to gift your hunter the Heated Socks to help his day become warmer and more endurable. A great birthday or Christmas gift.

Colorado Hunting Map for Garmin GPS

If you’re heading to Colorado for an amazing hunting trip then you need the Colorado Hunting Map which connects with a Hunt Chip to Public & Private Land Ownership – Hunting Units – Includes Premium Membership for onX Hunting App for iPhone, Android & Web. So totally amazing and what a great game finger! Plan your trip and hit the road!

Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker


When you come home with all the wild game you have to be able to get it ready to eat and the Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smoker saves you a bundle at the processing store. You can make your own deer jerky and have some amazing meat after it is smoked.

ALPS Commander Bag

Perfect for hiking into the big game country on your hunting trip. you can stash all your gear and hunting tools and carry this lightweight pack up the slopes of where ever it is going. The ALPS Commander Pack is one of the best for moving around with all your hunting gear.

ArcheryMax Archery Gloves


The perfect tool for archery. Guarding their fingers is important and this glove fits great. The Archery Gloves is a gift idea for you hunter that he will love and use every time he pulls out the bow.

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit

A great pack to haul the mini items needed for the day out hunting. The ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit is known for quality and your hunter will love it for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Huanggui Archery Finger Saver


Archery can be very dangerous if you do not have the right tools and the Archery Finger Guard does exactly what it says, it saves fingers. That string is sharp and is a wicked tool if not used correctly.

TRUGLO Archery Release


Something everyone who does archery needs for ease and safety as they release that bow. The TRUGLO Archery Release is the perfect gift for the bowhunter. They will love it and use it often.

Summit Treestand


A great deer stand is a perfect gift to make your hunter smile for days. They will love the comfort in the seat and the ease of getting it into the tree. The Summit Treestand is of good quality, great price, and the perfect gift for your hunter this year.

Duck Duck Boom T-Shirt

The long sleeve shirt is a great color combination and a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for you hunter. He will not only look good out in the field as he waits he will stay warm. A win-win for any occasion. The Duck Duck Boom T-Shirt is the perfect gift for your hunter.

HOJ Co. Deer Trifold

A beautiful wallet that speaks of his favorite pastime. The Deer Trifold is sharp-looking and well-styled for fitting his pocket just right. A birthday gift he will use for years.

Bad Hunter Cup

So funny. Your hunter will get a kick out of giving this to one of his buddies to make fun of his abilities or maybe you want to make fun of your hunter’s abilities. If they have a good sense of humor then the Bad Hunter Cup is just right for the next birthday or special occasion.

Hunting Is Importanter Mug

Gosh, my son loves this cup. When he was in school he would skip class to go deer hunting. We would get the call and deal with it but when I saw this I thought of him. My son believed that this Hunting Is Importanter is so true for his life and I bet it is for your hunter too.

Archery Arm Guard


there is not much worse than feeling the sting on your arm from your bow. Everyone should have the Archery Arm Guard so they can keep their skin. If your hunter has a birthday coming up then they will be glad you purchased the guard for them.

Hunter Donald Trump Mug

You are the best, we all like to hear that and add in some Donald Trump for a little smile and knowing. He never just says it once. The Donald Trump Mug is a good gift for the hunter that knows they are the best.

Fast Food T-Shirt

For the deer hunter, a good graphic t-shirt is the best. They can wear it when they are off in the tree stand or hiding waiting for ducks to fly down to them. The Deer Hunting Tee is a good reminder that they are feeding their family and hunting is important to many parts of the nation.

Better When I’m Hunting Tumbler

I love a good glass of alcohol of most any type and it is always nice to have the perfect mug to pour it in. For the hunter, life is always Better When I’m Hunting and this mug is the gift that cannot go wrong.

Buck Knife on Antler Stand


When your hunter is in love with deer paraphernalia then the Buck Display Knife is the perfect addition to their trophy room and you cannot go wrong. a beautiful display for on the mantle or the bar. Your hunter will love this beauty.

Duck Hunter Throw Pillow


When your gal or guy loves to duck hunt for some supper then they can come home and head to the cave and use their duck pillow. The Duck Hunter Throw Pillow is a great gift for any occasion, not just a birthday.

I Hunt Mushrooms Pillow


Okay, I know this is a pretty goofy gift idea but it is so funny! If your guy or gal loves to eat mushrooms and is always hunting for the best crop then the I Hunt Mushrooms Pillow is the perfect quirky gift! I told you I find odd ones but someone will love this!

Celestron Outland X Binoculars

Great optics for your guy that is a hunter or avid bird watcher! Give a gift that he can use when he’s hot on the trail, no matter where that trail leads. The Celestron Binoculars are an amazing gift for the birthday guy this year!

ORORO Heated Jacket

What to get dad for his birthday. He loves to be outside and hunts all the time or he is always ice fishing or out feeding the cattle! Or maybe he likes to go for walks. I have a great gift idea for you, the ORORO Heated Jacket to keep him warm no matter what outdoor activity he is doing.

Beer Bottle Holding Magnets

With these awesome fridge storage strips, your bottles will hang out in the cool loft of your refrigerator leaving room for the orange juice. A great way to secure a six-pack of your favorite beer, wine, or even juices in bottles to the ceiling of your refrigerator, keeping them out of the way for other food that’s just waiting for you to eat. The Beer Bottle Holding Magnets will make a wonderful birthday gift and also give you room for the pie.

Streamlight Tactical Light

This great light mounts for your heat-seeking man who loves to shoot at those nasty animals that come at night or during the day. He will get pinpoint accuracy. The Streamlight Tactical Light gets some high marks on use. An excellent gift for the guy having a birthday who loves to hunt or target practice.

Clevr Patio Cooler with Foosball 


A true party on wheels. No more running off to the kitchen for a beverage during the cook-out. The Clevr Patio Cooler with Foosball is a fun beverage cart that has the added attraction of a good old foosball competition. An excellent idea for that hunter.

Black Rifle Coffee Pods


Black Rifle has amazing products that your hunter will love for his birthday. If your guy loves his coffee black or with tons of sweetener he will love your birthday gift of Black Rifle Coffee Pods, get that Keurig running.

RFID Carbon Fiber Wallet

He doesn’t need back pain from a bulky wallet when he’s out in the tree stand. This Carbon Fiber Wallet has a minimalistic, slim design. It keeps all his important cards in a compact area. Plus, it’s RFID-blocking abilities stop hackers from scanning his cards for information when he’s out of the woods. 

Outdoor Multi-Tool


This 16-in-1 Multi-Tool is perfect for that hunter who spends a lot of time in the outdoors. He’ll be ready for anything with this handy tool. It works as a fish descaler, axe, saw, slotted screwdriver, assorted hex wrench, and so much more. 

Flambeau Bow Case


A good buy is what my archery guy says. My son has this case and loves it. He says it will be a great gift for a dad who is having a birthday this year. They can team up, keep their gear safe, and go hunt. When they practice out in the yard, it keeps their equipment off the ground. The Flambeau Bow Case is strong and will protect his archery supplies.

FreshJax Grilling Spice Set


Every hunter’s dream, a well-seasoned deer steak on the grill. Grandpa or dad will love getting some delicious spices for their birthday. A great way to spend time with the family is in the backyard preparing and eating a meal. The FreshJax Grilling Spice Set will get your family at the table together as dad or grandpa cook.

BarMe Whiskey Decanter

A great place to store your favorite whiskey or bourbon and a shot of good whiskey is always a pleasure. If your hunter loves a good drink once in a while here is a gift for them. The BarMe Whiskey Decanter is pretty cool. You can add their favorite bottle of whiskey as part of the birthday gift.

Carhartt Jacket

If your man is an outdoorsman, farms, hunts, or loves ice fishing the Carhartt coats are a gift for that hunter in your life. My husband and sons are farmers and they always buy the Carhartt Jacket for working or playing outside in the cold. They make a good birthday or Christmas gift. They are made tough, just like your man.

Horn Hunter Harness System

What a great gift for the guy in the field waiting on that big buck. It has a rangefinder pouch and harness that he will love. Everything your hunter needs close at hand. The Harness System will make his birthday exceptional.

Canway Duffel Bag

I love to run away for a quick weekend trip. My regular luggage is too big for just a 2-day getaway. When we get older we love to go visit our children for the weekend or getaway for some fun and relaxation. Especially a hunting trip. The Canway Duffel Bag has the perfect amount of space for just what that hunter needs for the birthday weekend, to head off to the casino or golfing with friends.

Vintage Whiskey Glass

This vintage whiskey glass is a great gift for the whiskey or bourbon drinker! I love a good glass of aged whiskey or bourbon and so will the hunter in your life on his or her birthday! Make sure you add the best bottle of whiskey to go with the Whiskey Glass With Monogram Initial and they will enjoy it for years to come.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch is an excellent idea as a gift for hunters. They do not have to be computer savvy to use it. Just link it to a phone and they can use it for so many things. I actually have this watch and love it. It can track my steps and the watch reminds me to get up and move. I can use it for a phone, text, or if your someone who hates text you can use it as just a watch or a compass when you’re out hunting or fishing. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will be the gift that guy loves.

Custom Engraved Oak Aging Barrel

Is your hunter a lover of whiskey? A great way to keep that fine whiskey or bourbon. The Oak Aging Barrel will be a great addition to his man cave . Put this on his birthday list.

Carbon Fiber Key Holder

A tool organizer for the hunter guy who is always looking for his car keys but has a knife in his pocket. The Carbon Fiber Key Holder not only keeps his keys in one place it will offer him a few small tools for those mishaps.

Panasonic Arc5 Razor


A close personal shave is an amazing thing. Is your 50-year-old guy still using the old-fashioned razor and shaving cream? Move him into the 20th century on his big birthday and get him the Panasonic Arc5 Razor, he will love it. A cool shave for that hunter.

HomeWetBar Sharpened Tools

When the man in your life is a rugged, outdoors guy, and enjoys all the outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, and hunting especially with his sons then I have a perfect gift idea. The Tools Ammo Box comes with all of his favorite hunting things: ammo can for his ammunition, a flask to keep his liquor and stogies on hand, a hatchet for the thick brush, and a custom hunting knife he’ll use on every outing.

Ember Smart Mug

For the guy who is a coffee lover! Coffee is supposed to be hot in my books. I hate when I cannot regulate my beverages. A perfect gift for your coffee lover is the Ember Smart Mug, it can be controlled with your phone, which is super fun. I love all products that are, smart. Give a heated gift to the guy in your life that loves a cup of hot coffee when he is hunting.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Camera

For the guy who loves to take photos of the great outdoors, and even his grandchildren or maybe he is a farmer and wants memories of changes in equipment, land, or acreage. The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Camera is a fantastic gift for your hunter. It takes amazing pictures without all the work. He can save all his memories of the one that did not getaway. Or maybe it did but he got the picture.

Survival Gear Kit


Men love tools and gadgets. When he’s enjoying the outdoors for work and play, he’ll enjoy having this Survival Kit in his pack. It has everything he needs for the woods, lake, or anywhere else he might be. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Block & Tray 

Your grill master does not have this incredible piece of cookware! He can make the best meat in the world and impress all his buddies on his birthday. He will be the king of the deer steak BBQ and feel pride hearing everyone praise his meat. The Himalayan Salt Block will change the way he BBQ’s.

Laptop Backpack

An amazing birthday gift for that hunter that is always on the move. It has a USB on-board. How cool is that? The Laptop Backpack will make a great birthday gift. It is stylish and sleek looking. I love the leather and so will he.

LG Alexa Smart TV


Every birthday is an adventure all in itself and we need to help the hunter man in your life celebrate his big birthday in style. How could a birthday gift get better than the LG Alexa Smart TV. Your man will love watching the games, hunting shows, or cuddling up on the couch with you for a good movie.

Manscaped Crop Essentials


The name of this product alone is worth a try. Can you see your hunter husbands face on his birthday when he opens the Manscaped Crop Essentials box that says We Save Balls, then he sees it includes, male care hygiene bundle, invigorating body wash, moisturizing ball deodorant, and the high-performance body toner. Yes, they do save balls or maybe the significant others.

Beer Of The Month Club

The beer drinker will love this gift. If your hunter is having a birthday or for Christmas and loves trying different beers then the Beer of the Month Club as a gift will wow him! Let him enjoy a new flavor every month.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Every great mancave or garage deserves some stirring sounds that make your man want to dance. When your hunting fool has had a long day out in the tree stand it is nice to sit in the chair and tell your Echo what you want to know or hear so the Echo makes a fantastic gift for the birthday guy. The Echo Dot. Give him a gift he will use every day.

Backpack Cooler Chair

Fishing, camping, hunting, or even at the big football game this chair has it all, comfort, coolness, and a place to stash your beer! Get your special guy the perfect gift of the Backpack Cooler Chair for his birthday!

American Made Leather Gloves


A good pair of work gloves can be difficult to find. The American Made Leather Gloves hold up to the test of toughness and time.A great pair for the hunter. Get your guy a pair for his birthday. You cannot go wrong. He will love them.

Camo Hunting Pants

Camo pants are a must for hunting. One needs to blend in with their environment as the animals are smart and sense when you’re there. These Camo Hunting Pants from Kryptek are an investment you will be glad you made.

Apple AirPods

Break out the tunes! Summer is here. Music in the deer stand, that the deer cannot hear. Lawn mowing time is upon us. Many men love to be outside and listen to some music while they get the lawnmower out to mow or work in the garden. The Apple AirPods is a great way to listen to your music while you work. A great birthday gift.

Dad’s Ice Cream Plow

Looking for the perfect ice cream spoon is always a task for my husband. He has a select few he liked. I got him the Dad’s Ice Cream Plow and now ice cream is so much easier. A great gift for the ice cream lover, even if he is a badass hunter.

How We Selected Gifts for Hunters

But what are good birthday gift ideas for men and especially men who love to hunt? Men tell you he’d prefer something practical and useful which are related to things you know he already likes. I always hear I need some socks and underwear. Ugh. He can buy his own.

So ask yourself a few questions: Does my dad need anything he will not buy for himself? What is something the other men I know that hunt like or have always wanted? Is there anything he already has that is broke, rusted, or worn out. He is always hunting so not everything is original that he owns either, it is worn out.

When I look at gift ideas I think about these things. Birthday Gifts for hunters do not have to be boring or something he will not use. Men are hard to buy for in general, but when they love to hunt gifts can be expensive and it can feel impossible! We get stuck inside a box of gender and age. Well, think out of the box! Here are some great gift ideas for that man who hunts. I put together the best hunting birthday gift ideas just for him!

FAQs – Gifts for Hunters

 What is the best gift for a hunter?

Think about what they loved all their life. When we get older, we cannot always do what we love due to physical limitations but with technology and inventiveness, there are so many cool options out there for the older hunter that still wants to be active or keep his mind busy.

A few suggestions for his a hunter’s birthday, depending on their personality might be the Echo Dot 3rd Generation which will keep him entertained for hours. The Himalite Himalayan Salt Block will get him excited to grill and share his great cookouts with friends and family. The compost gadget is an excellent choice for a guy who loves to garden.

This RONXS lighter is awesome! We have it and it works great.  My sons use it when they go hunting to light a fire and my husband loves it for lighting bonfires and fireworks with the kids. It is rechargeable so no batteries! The RONXS Lighter is windproof and makes a great birthday gift for the hunter!

What Every hunter should have?

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For a Dad that loves to hunt, show him that you know him, The Dad’s Ice Cream Plow is a fun idea for that ice cream lover. For that outdoorsman, I love the Ororo Heating Jacket as a way to help them keep warm doing what they love.

The Samsung Curved TV is an amazing way to watch your favorite flick or the news. An amazing birthday gift for that hunter that is always on the move and it has a USB on-board. How cool is that? The 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack will make a great birthday gift. It is stylish and sleek looking. I love the leather and so will he.

What should I get my hunter for Christmas?

The man crates are excellent for the guy this year who loves to hunt! No man has everything but they may think they do. Every guy has something they want and does not buy for themselves. Look for worn-out items that they use often. Tools can be outdated? Maybe the golf equipment is functional but worn.

Another great gift is the Fooseball Cooler. How fun is that for the guy to have a beer, grill out with his buddies and play a quick game

Terri Mielitz

I have eleven grandchildren ranging from 2 to 25 years of age. I watch 3 of the toddlers everyday. I am an educator and a firm believer in learning, even with playtime.

I put a lot of thought into gift buying. Gifts tell a story and I want the loved ones in my life to have a positive story of belonging.