19 Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Are you looking for a gift that will impress the Harry Potter fan in your life? Let’s take a look at some great choices in the best gift for Harry Potter fans below!

Best Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

LEGO Hogwarts Castle 

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043 Building Set - Model Kit with Minifigures, Featuring Wand, Boats, and Spider Figure, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Accessories, Collectible for Adults and Teens

This impressive LEGO Harry Potter set will keep the Harry Potter fan in your life busy for hours. It comes with over 6,000 pieces and is recommended for ages 16 and older because of the complexity. 

In addition to the pieces to build the castle (which stands at an impressive 22″ tall), the LEGO Hogwarts Castle comes with 4 Harry Potter figures and 27 microfigures. Some of the characters they’ll recognize include Aragog, the Basilisk, the founders of the four Harry Potter houses, and more. They can even build Hagrid’s Hut and the Chamber of Secrets!

Alohamora Door Mat

Joelmat Alohamora Entrance Non-Slip Outdoor/Indoor Rubber Door Mats for Front Door/Garden/Kitchen/Bedroom 23.6

The Harry Potter lover in your life will love this indoor/outdoor doormat to welcome Muggles and non-Muggles alike. It features the word “Alohamora” scrawled across it in bold, black letters and has a non-slip back so it can be used safely on many surfaces. 

The Alohamora Door Mat is 23.6″ x 15.7″ so it is perfectly sized to sit in front of any door in the home. It is also made from a woven fabric that is fade-resistant, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. 

Harry Potter Dinnerware Set

Harry Potter Hogwarts House Porcelain 16 piece Dinnerware Set - Includes 4 Dinner Plates, 4 Salad Plates, 4 Bowls and 4 Mugs - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin


Do you know your Harry Potter fans’ favorite house? This Hogwarts House Dinnerware is available with colors and designs for Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. 

In this set, you’ll find 4 plates with a diameter of 10.5″, 4 plates with a diameter of 7.5″, 4 mugs, and 4 medium-sized bowls. This Harry Potter dishware is made from durable porcelain with great attention to detail. They are also microwave and dishwasher-safe!

Alex & Ani Hogwarts Bracelet

Alex and Ani Women's Harry Potter Hogwarts is My Home Bangle Two Tone Bracelet, Shiny Silver

The Hogwarts Is My Home Bracelet by Alex & Ani is a wonderful gift for the woman in your life that loves Harry Potter. Plus, who doesn’t love jewelry? 

This bangle bracelet features silver and gold tones that will look great with a wide range of outfits. The big bangle is blue and gold and says “Hogwarts is my home”. There are also three golden, smaller charms on the other side. This is the perfect gift so she can show off her love for Hogwarts anywhere! 

UNO Harry Potter

Mattel Games UNO Harry Potter Card Game for Kids, Adults and Game Night based on the Popular Series for 2-10 Players

UNO is a great game for anyone over the age of 7, children and adults alike! It can also be played by anywhere from 2-10 players, making it perfect for sleepovers, family game nights, or just hanging out with friends. 

With the UNO Harry Potter, it’s easy to stay entertained for hours. Gameplay follows traditional rules, so players can play on teams or alone as they try to be the first to reach 500 points. In addition to the number cards, this also has skips, wilds, draw twos, and reverses. There’s also a special Sorting Hat card that you can use to make another player keep drawing until they get a Gryffindor card. The fun is endless! 

Polyjuice Potion Ceramic Mug

Silver Buffalo Warner Bros Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Cauldron 3D Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug, 20 Ounces

This cute, cauldron-style mug is perfect for someone to sip their favorite morning brew- whether it’s tea, coffee, or another favorite beverage. The large size makes it perfect for adding all your favorite ingredients whether it’s shredded Boomslang skin and powdered Bicorn horn or just sugar and milk. 

The Harry Potter Ceramic Mug isn’t just a coffee cup- it’s a work of art. The great attention to detail on the cup and the label contributes to the gorgeous design. It’s also a licensed Warner Brothers product, so you can expect quality! Something to note though is that you will need to wash this by hand and keep it out of the microwave to preserve the design. 

Lifeprint Harry Potter Magic Printer

Lifeprint Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer for iPhone and Android. Your Photos Come to Life Like Magic White LP007-5

This photo and video printer is perfect for the Harry Potter lover in your life. Whether they have an iPhone or an Android, this lets them print off some of their favorite photos just like magic. All you need to do is pair with the one-click Bluetooth and print.

This also has plenty of extras from the Wizarding World, including Hogwarts house medallions and AR facial filters. You can even change your own face to look like some of the characters from the series. Then, print out the photos on the zero Ink film. Each photo is 2″ x 3″ and sticky-backed, which is perfect for using them to decorate and put the pictures on display. 

The Harry Potter Magic Printer works with a free app on Androids or iPhones that will let them create moving pictures. Then, these can be uploaded to Instagram or any other social media app! As an added bonus, you can connect with other people in your house through the app and share photos with one another. 

Hogwarts Throw Pillow Case

TavasDecor Bundle 4 Pieces Mandala Boho Decorative Home Sofa Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover

Throw pillows are the perfect way to add style to any room of the home- and now the Harry Potter love in your life can show off their love for the franchise, too! This set of four Harry Potter pillowcases can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else. It also comes with four bonus patches- one for each of the Harry Potter houses. 

The Hogwarts Throw Pillow Case is only a case so they’ll also need pillows or filler to go inside. Their dimensions are standard-sized for a throw pillow, being 17″ x 17″. They are easy to fill and have a hidden zipper closure to keep things stylish. This would be a great addition to make anyone’s home a little more magical! 

Harry Potter Charm Bracelet

Fancy Space Charm Bracelets Jewelry Set Wizardry Themed Adjustable Bracelet Birthday Gift For Kids Girls Women

Charm bracelets have a mystical quality about them on their own and the Harry Potter theme of this design makes them even more magical. This silver bracelet has 12, detailed silver charms with cut stones as embellishments. Some of the charms you’ll recognize include the whomping willow, a spellbook, Hogwarts, Mr. Weasley’s flying car, Harry’s lightning bolt scar, and more. At the center of the charms is a large, Golden Snitch! 

The Harry Potter Charm Bracelet comes in a cute, beige storage bag. It also has a clasp and looped chain, making it easy to adjust the size for a perfect fit! 

Harry Potter Cauldron Soup Mug

Harry Potter - 48013 Harry Potter Cauldron Soup Mug with Spoon, Standard, Black

Chilly days are best spent indoors, stirring a cauldron. This ceramic cauldron is perfect for relaxing on a cool or rainy day. It even comes with a ceramic lid to trap in heat and keep soup hot! 

The Cauldron Soup Mug looks just like a cauldron from Potions class. It holds 16 ounces and comes with a cute spoon that sits inside a cutout of the lid. Any Harry Potter fan would love to spend a day cuddling up on the couch with this gift! 

Wizard Training Wand

Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort's Wizard Training Wand - 11 SPELLS To Cast! Official Toy Wand with Lights & Sounds – Wand & Albus Dumbledore Wand Also Available

Casting spells is a huge part of being in the Wizarding world! The loved one in your life can get ready for Wizard training with this wand. They can cast with Lord Voldemort’s Wand (pictured) or use a wand from other characters including Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Dumbledore. This wand also recognizes movements and gives feedback when the spell has been cast correctly. 

The Wizard Training Wand has working lights and sounds, as well as five modes of play so you can play alone or with a friend. It also comes with an included guide that helps you cast 11 different spells from the Wizarding world! 

Hogwarts Houses Scarf & Beanie

Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Knit Ravenclaw Scarf & Pom Beanie Set (Ravenclaw)

This officially licensed Harry Potter scarf and beanie set will let the Potterhead in your life show off their house in style. In addition to the Ravenclaw set pictured here, this is available for each of the other houses as well. Each set is made from high-quality fabric that is soft, but durable. The colors are vivid and the scarf and beanie are both embellished with a patch that features your chosen houses’ crest. 

The Hogwarts Houses Scarf & Beanie is perfect for everything from cosplay to everyday wear. It’s something that the Harry Potter lover in your life will be sure to appreciate! 

Starry Night Boats Art Print

westlake art Starry Night Castle Night Boats Wall Art Print Van Gogh Magical Merchandise Modern Abstract Artwork for Home Room Decor - 24x36 inch Unframed

This poster combines the magic of Van Gogh’s Starry Night and the Hogwarts Castle. The large 24″ x 36″ poster comes unframed- so your loved one can easily choose a frame that matches their decor. 

The Starry Night Boats Art Print is printed on premium papers with a matte, glossy, or luster finish. The paper is acid-free and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the pigments are crisp and clean, delivering a high level of vibrancy that won’t fade over time. As an added bonus, there is a satisfaction guarantee that covers any smudges, damages or other problems with the art. 

Harry Potter Bathrobe

A robe is a great way to help the Potterhead in your life feel like part of the magical world of Hogwarts. These officially licensed robes come in an OSFM sizing and are made from high-quality, durable fabrics with an extra soft feel. 

The Harry Potter Bathrobe is a hooded robe with a hood that comes to a point like a wizard’s hat. It also has a tie-style closure. Each robe is black but embellished in the color of the house that you choose. It also features an embroidered design on the front chest with your chosen house’s crest. 

Gryffindor Wax Stamp Set

Wax Seal Stamps Kit, VIHOME Hogwarts Magic School Gryffindor Badge Wax Sealing Stamp Set Gift Box for Invitations (Gryffindor)

There’s something especially satisfying about using a wax stamp. This kit comes with everything needed to start sealing letters with wax stamps, including wax sticks, white candles, a Gryffindor stamp, and a metal spoon. All these come in a cute storage box, perfect to give as a gift. 

The Gryffindor Wax Stamp Set is great for Harry Potter fans that work in security, legal, banking, and more. It’s also perfect for arts and crafts, invitations, or even just to look at as a collectible! The high attention to detail when designing the box makes the kit great for putting on display, too. 

Dobby Socks

Who doesn’t wear socks? This is a gift that the Harry Potter lover in your life will be sure to use (and love). They come in a pack of four socks, featuring the words “Master has given Dobby a sock” on one foot and “Dobby is Free” on the other. The words are stitched directly into the sock instead of ironed on, so you don’t have to worry about them fading over time.

The Dobby Socks are made from a blend of cotton, acrylic, and spandex. This makes a sock that is lightweight, breathable, and above all comfortable.

Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition

Wonder Forge Ravensburger Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition Family Trivia Board Game For Kids & Adults Age 10 & Up

This is the perfect game for Harry Potter families that want to test their knowledge with this trivia board game. With content from all the Harry Potter franchise movies, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there is no shortage of information to test friends and family on. 

The Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition comes with a game board, six different moving pieces, 1 die, answer dials, 30 prophecy coins, and 200 trivia cards. It also comes with clear instructions, complete with tips and strategies that will help you develop a winning plan. 

Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes

5 Pcs Makeup Brushes,For Harry Potter Fans Wizard Wand Set Kit,in a Gift Bag, Perfect for Eyebrows, Eyeshadow Palette, Foundation, and Powder use(Black)

A wizard should always look her best! This makeup brush kit comes with five different brushes for eye shadow, powder, foundation, and more. These multi-use brushes have high-quality bristles and durable, metal handles so they can withstand daily use. 

The Makeup Brushes Set is a great gift for any woman in your life that enjoys Harry Potter. As an added benefit, they come in a cute makeup bag with black and silver embellishments. 

Hufflepuff Coloring Book

Harry Potter: Hufflepuff House Pride: The Official Coloring Book: (Gifts Books for Harry Potter Fans, Adult Coloring Books)

The Harry Potter fan in your life can bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life in this coloring book. This is suited especially to Hufflepuff house pride and features detailed pictures from the movies. It’s a great way to stay entertained for hours of coloring. 

The Harry Potter Coloring Book features detailed moments from the movie with many favorite characters. This line also features a Harry Potter Story coloring book, as well as House Pride books for the other houses in the series. 

How We Selected Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

Age Range

The Harry Potter franchise is something that has delighted people of many ages. While my love for Harry Potter started as a younger child, it stayed with me well into adulthood. For this reason, gifts for a wide range of ages were recommended. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect gift for Potterheads of all ages. 

Harry Potter House

Harry Potter fans love talking about their houses. Whether they are a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff, you can find gifts perfect for the Potterhead in your life. 


One of the nice things about how much the Harry Potter franchise has grown is that there are a lot of gifts to choose from. For adults or teens going to college, something that might be nice is something they can actually use in their home. Of course, this might be something functional like a Harry Potter Dishware Set or something they can put on display. Other people might prefer something to keep them entertained, like Harry Potter UNO

FAQs – Gift for Harry Potter Fans

What does every Potterhead need?

There are many gifts that let the Potterhead in your life express their interest in Harry Potter. A boxed set of books or movies are always a great place to start. You could also let your friend show off their Harry Potter obsession in fashion, with a Harry Potter Scarf celebrating their favorite house or a cute Harry Potter charm bracelet. 

What are the four Harry Potter houses?

A great way to choose a gift for someone who loves Harry Potter is to consider their Wizarding house. The four Wizarding Houses are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Gryffindor students are known for being chivalrous, brave, and helpful to others. In Ravenclaw, students are known for being witty and intelligent. Students of Hufflepuff are loyal, patient, and fair, while Slytherin students are ambitious, resourceful, and cunning. 

How do you choose a gift for someone who loves Harry Potter? 

There are plenty of gifts for someone who loves Harry Potter, but that can make it hard to decide what to get. For younger people or those who like collectibles, it might be best to choose something from the Wizarding world that they can interact with like a Lego Harry Potter set or a Harry Potter wand. Teens and young adults might appreciate something for their personal space, like a Cauldron coffee mug or the Lifeprint Harry Potter Photo and Video printer to take fun pictures with their friends. Knowing your loved one’s interests, Harry Potter House, and which merchandise they already have can really help narrow down your choices. 

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