37 Best Gifts for Volunteers 2023

Volunteers lend a helping hand with no thought of return. When it comes time to show our appreciation, we want to make sure the gift we choose will make our volunteers feel special. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for volunteers in 2022.

Gift Ideas to Thank a Volunteer

Volunteer Stoneware Mug

The Enesco Volunteer Mug holds up to 16 oz of your favorite drink. Its bright color is a spot of happiness even on a rainy day. This mug is decorated with a word of encouragement that reminds a volunteer that he or she is making a difference! You can fill this mug with candy, or pair it with a favorite coffee or tea. 

Hawaii Starfish Necklace


The Starfish Necklace is made by hand in Hawaii! It is made of cultured sea glass with a starfish charm, and a freshwater pearl. This special gift is hand wrapped in a gift box and tied off with a ribbon. You can pair this gift with a starfish poem to remind a volunteer that every life matters and the work they do is making a difference. 

Starfish Poem Card Set


This set of 25 Laminated Greeting Cards come with an encouraging message for volunteers. The printed poem tells the story of someone saving starfish that have been washed up on the shore. It relates how making a difference in even one life is important. On the back of the card, it reads “You make a difference!” These cards can easily be tucked into any gift.

Letterboard Collage Frame


The Letterboard Collage Frame can be a way for volunteers to keep their memories from the experiences they’ve had while serving. This distressed black frame holds a collage of 8 photos and a centered letterboard. The letterboard comes with everything you need to write memorable messages including 110 letters, 22 numbers, and 12 symbols. This can be a special keepsake for volunteers!

NIVEA Dapper Duffel


This NIVEA Dapper Duffel is filled with on-the-go grooming needs for guys. The products are fit for sensitive skin and are packaged in a dapper-looking roll-down duffel bag. The duffel bag may vary in color. This can be a practical gift with a sturdy reusable bag.

Spa Gift Basket


This Spa Gift Basket comes with a variety of items to spoil a volunteer! It includes shower gel, lotions, bubble bath, bath salts, a reed diffuser, and more. These items come in a bright lemon scent and are packaged in a light yellow handcrafted tote bag. A volunteer can enjoy a relaxing spa treatment and use the tote again and again!

Chala Cell Phone Purse

When volunteering, sometimes you want to carry just the essentials so your hands are free to serve. The small scale Chala Purse measures 7″x5″ and is a way to easily carry your cell phone, credit cards, cash, keys, without a bulky purse. It has an external unzippered pocket and includes 3 credit card slots to help keep important items organized. The crossbody strap makes this lightweight purse easy to carry while working as a volunteer.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

This set of Aromatherapy Shower Steamers includes 6 different aromas to help a volunteer relax after a busy day. The scents are lavender; methol & eucalyptus; watermelon, grapefruit, vanilla & sweet orange, and peppermint. For best results, these steamers should be placed under a lighter stream of water and should not be submerged. The shower steamers do not create a slippery residue and they are also safe for septic systems. Volunteers can relax and recharge with these essential oil steamers.

Burt’s Bees Gift Set


For a head to toe spa experience, you can give this Burt’s Bees Gift Set to a volunteer! These natural products can hydrate the skin and leave you feeling fresh from lip balm to foot cream and other lotions in between. These 5 travel-sized products can fit into a purse or bag to keep volunteers’ skin and lips hydrated while they are serving others.

Dried Fruit Gift Basket


This unique Dried Fruit Gift Basket provides healthy snacks to give volunteers an energy boost. Inside the basket are dried fruits including mango slices, Mediterranean apricots, kiwi, yellow peaches, pears, California dates, and more. When all the snacks have been eaten, a volunteer can continue to enjoy the apple-shaped fruit basket. The basket folds down to store easily or to use as a serving tray. This can be a fun and useful gift for a volunteer.

Thank You Willow Tree Angel

Volunteers are angels in disguise! This Willow Tree Angel can be a sweet reminder to a volunteer that they are valued. The hand-painted figurine has a simple color palette and a shabby chic look. The angel holds a wire message that reads “thank you.” This Willow Tree angel can add a decorative touch to a table or mantel and it can bring back happy memories to a volunteer.

Thank You Tumbler

This Insulated Tumbler can keep a drink hot for 6 hours or cold for up to 24 hours! It comes in a pleasant light blue and reads “Thank you for being awesome!” It also includes a metal straw, a straw cleaning brush, and a spill-proof lid, so that a drink  With this tumbler, a volunteer can keep a 30 oz drink at the perfect temperature while on the job. 

Aromatherapy Candles 

These Aromatherapy Candles come in cute giftable tins. Each of the 12 tins in this set has a different pattern and scent, so that volunteer in your life can take sometime for themselves and relax and is designed to help you relax and wind down. From “lemon” to “lavender”, these scents will appeal to a variety of preferences and will burn for up to 240 hours.  You can choose to give this set as a gift or use them to make your own gift bags for volunteers.

Teabloom Brewing Mug Set

This Teabloom Brewing Mug Set is a unique gift idea for the volunteer who is also a tea lover. The borosilicate glass mug is double insulated to keep tea hot longer and to keep the outside of the glass cool to the touch. This mug is perfect for blooming teas as the glass sides allow you to watch the tea leaves flower and bloom. In addition to the mug, this set also includes 2 blooming teas and a bamboo coaster that can also be used as a lid while the tea steeps. A tea-lover will be thrilled with this gift!

Multilingual Thank You Glass

If saying” thank you” in one way just doesn’t seem like enough, this Hand-painted Glass says thank you several times in several languages! This festive wine glass comes in gift-ready packaging and will hold up to 15 oz of a favorite drink. For volunteers who work with a diverse population, this can be a fun and fitting gift.

Thanks For Being Awesome Makeup Bag

To keep up with a few important items while volunteering, this Thanks For Being Awesome Bag can be a handy gift. This bag is perfect to pack make-up, cash, keys, or other small items, and slip inside a purse or carry separately on your wrist. The outside is stain-resistant, waterproof, and hand-washable so it can be a good companion in a variety of settings. Zip up your necessary items and you are ready to go serve!

Dot Bullet Paper Notebook


Writing down your thoughts and ideas can be a helpful way to remember important tasks and also relieve stress after a busy day. The Dot Bullet Paper Notebook is a friendly journal with a colorful cork cover, and dots instead of lines. This dot journal allows you more creativity in how you organize your ideas, leaving the door open for a combination of drawings, bullet-point lists, and writing. Inside the expandable pocket is a small ruler, which helps add lines for writing, and a set of movable tabs. This notebook set comes packaged in a cardboard box, so you can just add a ribbon and it is ready to gift!

Aromatherapy Neck Wrap and Eye Mask


Give your volunteers the spa treatment with this Lavender Neck Wrap Set. The neck wrap and eye mask can be used for hot or cold therapy to relieve stiff muscles and the lavender scent can add a relaxing aroma. This set uses weighted clay beads, which, unlike rice or flax, are mold-resistant. It can provide a volunteer with a bit of self-care after a day spent serving!

3D Bouquet Greeting Card


This 3D Bouquet Card can be a gift in itself! Since this paper bouquet is made entirely of paper, it won’t need water to stay looking beautiful. It pops up to 11 inches and can be a cheerful centerpiece on a desk, table, or windowsill. The bouquet is made of sturdy high-quality paper and comes with a card to write a heartfelt note. This is a fun gift that you can easily send in the mail to a special volunteer!

Savvy Infuser Water Bottle

Hydration is important to stay alert and focused.  This Infusion Water Bottle can help keep your volunteers, hydrated, healthy, and happy while they are serving. The water bottle is made out of shatterproof Tritan plastic so it can stand up to pressure. You can pack the filter with frozen fruit and add still or sparkling water as an energy-boosting alternative to sodas or juice. The slender design fits easily into most drink holders so it is easy to take on the go! This durable bottle is also dishwasher safe. 

Redbox Movie Night Gift Set


Treat your volunteers to a complete movie night experience with this Movie Night Gift Basket. This box includes sweet and savory treats to munch on while unwinding for the night. It includes popcorn, cotton candy, Oreos, M&M cookies, Chex mix, and more. It even comes with a gift card to Redbox to pick out a favorite film! There should be a little something for every taste in this snack and movie box.

Personalized Cutting Board

A volunteer can display this Personalized Cutting Board with pride the next time he or she entertains. By choosing the “customize now” option, you can give a gift that is unique to each volunteer. You can choose between 11 different designs, and each design will be laser engraved onto the board. This is an upscale-looking gift at a nice price point.

Handmade Bath Bomb Set

This festive set of Handmade Bath Bombs come in 7 different scents. The all-natural bath bombs look like donuts, cupcakes, and other sweets with colorful toppings. A list of ingredients includes shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils that leave your skin with a silky, glow. They are packed up in a beautiful box and ready to gift!

Plantable Seed Paper Cards

These Seed Paper Cards are kind to the environment and create beautiful flowers when you recycle them. The 6 cards in this set are printed on tree-free cotton paper and filled with wildflower seeds. So, after reading the sweet thank you message, a volunteer can plant the card directly into the ground! Seeds such as snapdragon, petunia, beardtongue, daisy, thyme, poppy, foxglove, catchfly, maiden pinks, and chamomile are embedded into the paper. These seeds can be planted in any season in a cool, dry spot in the garden. This way of saying “thank you” continues to spread the love!

Thanks A Bunch Cookies


Send a sweet message with these Thank You Cookies. These sugar cookies are a festive and tasty way to thank a volunteer! One oversized cookie sends the message “Thanks a bunch!” while a second cookie looks like a colorful bouquet. This tasty duo sends a sweet message and is guaranteed to be fresh. 

Cheersville Plant Growing Kit


The Plant Growing Kit can add a little green spot to a volunteer’s desktop. The mini wooden planter sends the message “You are making a difference every day” in a cheery rainbow design.  Inside this plant growing kit are a basil seed packet, peat pellet soil, a plastic liner to prevent leaks, and a pinewood box. This cheery planting kit can be a reminder that all things grow with patience and care!

Around the World in Twelve Coffees


Especially if your work takes place in a multicultural environment, this Around the World in Twelve Coffees can be a fitting gift! Each coffee in this set of 12 is pre-ground and will make 8-10 cups of coffee. It contains coffees from different origins and may include Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Tanzanian Peaberry, and Honduras coffees among others. All-in-all this coffee set can make up to 120 cups of brewed coffee! This can be a nice treat that will keep energy and spirits high among your volunteers! 

Inspirational Fleece Blanket

This Inspirational Fleece Blanket is made of high-quality sherpa material and is warm and fuzzy for any season. Words of encouragement cover the outside of this throw-sized blanket. It is the perfect size to drape over a sofa or chair for ready access. A volunteer can wind down in comfort and style while wrapped up in this lightweight plush blanket.

Habit Tracker Journal


The Habit Tracking Journal can be a useful tool for a volunteer to stay motivated and keep track of daily goals. It includes dedicated sections for daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and there are no dates so it never expires! This journal can be a visual and private accountability partner. Also, writing down thoughts can be a great way to remain focused and relieve stress.

Motivational Translucent Pen


These Motivational Translucent Pens can continually inspire volunteers and remind them that the work they do is invaluable! There are 6 unique colors and quotes in this set of 12. Included are famous lines such as “Never, never, never give up” and “Be the difference,” among others. These pens are useful at home or on the job and can pair nicely with a Dot Bullet Paper Notebook with Pocket, or a Inspirational Habit Tracking Journal.

 You Make a Difference Bracelet

You can remind a volunteer how valuable she is with this Make A Difference Bracelet. This stainless steel bracelet shouldn’t tarnish, discolor, or cause allergies to those with sensitive skin. It will adjust to different wrist sizes and its silver color will match a variety of styles! Written on the inside of the bracelet is a secret message for the gift receiver which reads “you make a difference.” The outside of the bracelet reveals 2 simple, engraved hearts. This subtle gift is sure to make a volunteer smile!

Sun and Tree Bookmarks


This Sun and Tree Bookmarks comes with one light wood bookmark and one dark wood bookmark. The carvings are mirror images so if you put them side by side they will either form a sun or a tree. This can be a symbolic representation of a volunteer’s journey which consists of shining a light and personal growth. At the ends of the bookmarks, a glass bead is attached to a looped string. These fashionable bookmarks can be a helpful companion for a volunteer who loves to unwind with a good book.

Inspirational Colouring Book


Art can relax and refocus the mind. And that is exactly the purpose of this Inspirational Colouring Book called Be Fearless In The Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire. These 35 therapeutic pages are made with adults in mind. Each page is filled with inspirational messages and intricate designs. Anyone can become an artist and color in their own style in these friendly pages. Coloring is not just for kids anymore!

Wooden Flash Drive

A flash drive can be an easy and compact way to keep up with important files. This Novelty Wooden Flash Drive comes with 16 GB of memory and a matching wooden box. At one end of the USB is a built-in keyring option that will help you keep up with necessary information on the go. This unusual and practical gift is also budget-friendly, coming in under $10. It will be able to help a volunteer out while on the job!

Unbreakable Silicone Tumbler

This Silicone Tumbler comes with a lid and straw and is virtually unbreakable! This tumbler is made from BPS-free, food-grade silicone and it is safe to use in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Also, it is guaranteed for life! This durable and festive-looking tumbler can go on the job with a volunteer in a variety of settings. 

Make a Difference Keyring

This Thank You Keyring comes with 2 engraved pendants. The heart pendant says “thank you,” while the larger pendant sends an encouraging message to a hardworking volunteer. Since the keyring is made out of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about it rusting or tarnishing. It comes packaged nicely in its own drawstring bag. This can be a simple, but tasteful, gift for a volunteer.

Volunteer Work Lapel Pins

Volunteers put in long hours and without them, many important projects would remain undone. The Volunteer Work Lapel Pins are a way to publicly recognize a volunteer. You can choose to use this set of 10 pins in a special thank you ceremony or banquet to appreciate your hardworking volunteers. You can pair this symbol with personalized thank you gifts to show your appreciation for your volunteers’ hard work!

How We Selected Gift For Volunteers


While budget should not be the only consideration when giving volunteers a gift, it does play a part. Many non-profit organizations partner with volunteers so that more funds can go directly to help others. When choosing nonprofit gifts to volunteers we looked for items that would be accessible to many budgets. We even found nice gifts for volunteers under $10 like this Wooden Flash Drive or the Inspirational Colouring Book. In addition, buying gifts in bulk will often help you find gifts with a good value for better prices. For this purpose, we included several bulk order gifts on our list that will show a volunteer your appreciation even on a limited budget.


When it comes time for volunteer appreciation, is important for volunteers to feel that you value their work. There is a subtle but important difference between finding volunteer appreciation gifts on a budget and giving a gift that is “cheap.” A gift doesn’t need to be expensive to have value! This is why we searched to find items with top reviews and quality materials so you can give the best gifts for volunteers in 2022. 

FAQs – Gifts for Volunteers

Can I give a volunteer a gift card as a gift?

Volunteers put in hours of work without expecting payment. Still, from time to time, a gift can be a nice way to boost morale and show your appreciation for the hard work volunteers do day in and day out. While gift cards seem like they can be a nice repayment, in volunteer situations it is best to steer away from them. This is because the IRS actually recognizes even gift cards as small as $25 as monetary compensation for a job. Volunteers will be expected to report these gift cards on a tax return. Instead, choosing a simple thank you gift can be a better way to appreciate a volunteer.

How can I show appreciation to volunteers?

While it is nice to recognize your volunteers for a job well done, it is also important to check in with them and see how they are doing throughout the year, or term of service. By keeping your volunteers updated on important affairs, you can both help your volunteers feel included, and show them that their input is appreciated. You can even interview your volunteers and hear the stories of their experiences. If the information is not confidential, they may even wish to share their story on a blog to give a wider audience an insider’s look. When it comes time for a special token of appreciation, the Dot Bullet Paper Notebook can be a great way for a volunteer to remember special stories from their experiences on the job!

What are practical ways to show volunteers’ appreciation?

Providing hydration for volunteers is particularly important… especially if volunteers are working in the heat. To help a volunteer stay hydrated on the job, you can choose to give gifts such as the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle. Also, if volunteers work long hours, you can offer them a meal as a nice way to show appreciation. Likewise, healthy snack gifts such as Dried Fruit Gift Basket can give a volunteer energy reward them for serving! 

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I am an ESL instructor, a wife, and a full-time mom to two energetic kids. I have traveled extensively in the U.S. and I have also made it across the pond to Europe! I enjoy meeting new people, drinking great coffee, and finding the perfect gifts for loved ones around the globe.