26 Best Gifts for Painters

Whatever type of gift you are looking for, we have everything covered for the painter in your life!

Best Gifts for Painters

Paint and Palette Earrings

Paint Brush And Colorful Paint Palette Dangle Charm Earrings, Artist Painter Jewelry, Gift for Women, Teens and Girls

The Paint and Palette Earrings are such a wonderful gift for a painter! An accessory like this definitely provides a talking point for any social occasion where they might dress up a little. They consist of silver-plated rhinestones of all different colors. This is such a memorable gift that they would really love to receive for a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas.

Earrings like this are personal for someone who is into painting. To make this gift extra special, it also comes in a nice jewelry pouch which makes the earrings look really fancy! A painter would really appreciate this present and will really treasure the earrings for a long time to come.

Bosobo Paint Brushes

BOSOBO Paint Brushes Set, 2 Pack 20 Pcs Round-Pointed Tip Paintbrushes Nylon Hair Artist Acrylic Paint Brushes for Acrylic Oil Watercolor, Face Nail Art, Miniature Detailing & Rock Painting, Blue

This Paintbrushes Set consists of two packs of brushes that range in size, there are ten different sizes in total and they are professional round-point brushes with a variety of shapes that make mixing color easier. The combination of tips is perfect for design purposes, the versatile miniature paintbrushes allow the painter to do fine detailing and art painting precisely to reach tight, small spots or tiny points. They work well with oil, watercolor, acrylic, enamel, cel-vinyl, gouache paints. 

The paintbrushes are designed with durable synthetic nylon bristles, rust-proof nickel ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles. The individually handcrafted brushes have been double-crimped with excellent workmanship so they will not break easily. A painter would love to receive this as a gift as there are so many ways to use them!

Briteree Work Tool Apron

BRITEREE Work Tool Apron for Men and Women, Torso Length with 21 Tool Pockets, Durable Canvas Apron, DIY Enthusiasts

The Work Tool Apron is certainly a useful present for a painter! It has been specially designed with artists in mind so it is perfect for their line of work. The apron features two magnetic strips on the chest which allow the painter to safely and quickly store small objects while they are hard at work. These things could be any small tools that they might need to have on hand.

This workshop apron also comes with 6.7 inches deeper pockets, plus it has an elastic strap on the cell phone pocket to further stop their things from falling out when bending over. It is constructed of 16 oz abrasion-resistant canvas with webbing-reinforced pockets. These ensure that the pockets are sturdy enough without tearing trouble. This makes a really practical present.

Paint Palette Keychain

Sportybella Artist Paint Palette and Brush Charm Pendant Keychain, Do What You Love Painters Jewelry Gift for Women, Teens & Girls

The Paint Palette Keychain is a really beautiful and motivating little gift for an eager painter. The inspirational quote will really make them happy every single day. It says ‘Do What you Love, Love What you Do’. To make it extra elegant and special, this lovely keychain comes in a nice jewelry pouch, after all, presentation is key! This really makes a really great, simple gift to give a painter for a special occasion, or simply for gratitude.

Corel Painter Education Edition

This Digital Painting Software is a really amazing present for a painter who is also interesting in technology. This is the most realistic digital art software. The painter will be able to sketch, paint, illustrate and make unparalleled photo art with hundreds of realistic brushes, it provides hours of fun exploration! They will find over 900 diverse brushes, including traditional brushes such as chalks, watercolors, thick paint, and painter’s exclusive media such as particles and pattern pens.

The software allows the painter to transform their favorite photos and drawings into breathtaking paintings by stylizing any image using artificial intelligence and easily transform imagery into paintings with powerful Auto-Painting and cloning tools. This really is an amazing present that will surprise them!

Acrylic Paint with Storage Box

ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Set of 60 Colors, 0.74 oz/22 ml Tubes, 5 Metallic Colors, Rich Pigments, Non-Fading, Non-Toxic Paints. Art Supplies for Painting

The Arteza Acrylic Paint Set is an exciting selection of artist-quality colors that a painter would simply love to add to their collections. This set would also be perfect if they are just starting out. Whether you’re new to acrylic painting or a seasoned artist, colors like lemon yellow, phthalo blue, and crimson red will set fire to their imagination and inspire them to create some beautiful pieces!

The set features smooth, highly pigmented colors to produce true, consistent shades. They are absolutely ideal for canvas painting because these colors won’t fade over time. Another nice feature is that they are packed in a sturdy box which keeps them organized and easy to transport around. A painter would really love this gift!

The Organic Painter Book

The Organic Painter: Learn to paint with tea, coffee, embroidery, flame, and more; Explore Unusual Materials and Playful Techniques to Expand your Creative Practice

This Organic Painter Book is a useful companion for an eager painter! To excel at what you do it is always a good idea to read around the subject in order to improve your skills. It will guide the painter to paint with everyday materials that they had never considered as an artistic medium. This will make their skills stand out from others and be more unique.

This inspiring book will give the painter all the techniques and ideas that are needed to boost creativity, learn natural paint-making, and be more resourceful with all their art materials. One example of what this book teaches is how to create natural paints from coffee, tea, embroidery, and flames – wow! Each project comes with instructions on how to make the paint, and also includes experiments and explorations for you to try. Plus, a simple painting accompanies every featured material and combines it with other materials or techniques. This makes a great gift!

Lucky Crown Deluxe Art Supplies

Deluxe Art Supplies, 88 Pieces Art Set in Portable Wooden Case, with 2 Drawing Books and 4 Canvas Panels, Professional Art Set for Painting & Drawing, Art Kit for Kids, Teens and Adults/Gift

The Deluxe Art Supplies Set is designed with natural wooden color and is simple and elegant. It has two useful drawers for storage. The push-pull design makes it easier to take the brush. Another great feature is that the top can be opened and closed to increase the capacity of the box. After being folded, it saves space and is convenient for storage. The handle design is easy to carry around for transportation, therefore the painter can paint outdoors in nature if they wish.

There is such a variety of painting tools that can provide the painter with different painting styles. Because of the nature of how compact this set is, it won’t occupy a lot of space at home. There is enough space inside the box to put down the drawing paper and draw directly on the box. The box is made of high-quality wood so it is sure to last them a long time. There are 88 pieces in total including boards, brushes, an eraser, paints, a palette, watercolor pencils and oil pastels.

Artist Canvas Apron

Artist Canvas Apron with Pockets Painting Apron Adjustable Neck Strap/Waist Ties Painter Aprons for Women Men Art Gardening Apron Adjustable M-XXL

The Artist Canvas Apron is handcrafted from rugged 16 oz waxed canvas. It has ten reinforced pockets that are nice and strong which is crucial as the painter may have to put pointy brushes or sharp objects in them. The adjustable shoulder straps are very usual so that the apron can be worn by people of all different sizes. The canvas material is breathable and very comfortable to wear. It is a great fit that is slim and stylish.

Some other useful features of this apron are that there is a widened version which can be wrapped completely around the body to protect their clothes from dirt, this means that it is also appropriate for lots of different bost shapes. The extra-long waist tie will accommodate up to a 50-inch waist, there are also criss-cross ties for the back or front if you have a small size waist. A painter will love to grab for this each day!

Acrylic Paint Set

Chalkola 45 Acrylic Paint Set for Adults - Canvas Paint, Craft Paint Wood, Ceramic Art - 32 Colors Acrylic Paints Kit (22ml), 10 Painting Brushes, 1x Knife, Sponge & Palette for Beginner Kids & Artist

This is a really special Acrylic Paint Set! It is appropriate for all painters, whether they are just starting out, more advanced or even if they are a professional. With this fun and educational acrylic paint the painter can begin drawing and painting immediately, there is very little set up to do which is very convenient. It comes fully complete with 32 paints, 12 acrylic paint brushes, 1 painting knife, 1 sponge, and 1 palette. Kids would love to join in all the fun too, they are more than suitable for children as well!

These paints are of premium quality. They glide on very smoothly, dry quickly and stay as beautiful as the first day they were painted. This kit will definitely set fire to their imagination as the colors will spark lots of ideas! The paints are also ideal for canvas painting, the colors won’t fade over time. The craft paint set is great to produce true, consistent shades on painting art. The creamy consistency and high pigments offer great covering power for large areas and fine details. They blend very easily and dry quickly. The fast-dry formula allows them to layer additional coats or add other elements to the work right away. The paint will absolutely love this kit!

AD Store Drink Coasters

AD Set of 6 Coasters for Drinks Absorbing Round Ceramic Stone Coaster with Cork Base Tabletop Protection Mat for Mugs and Cups,Office,Kitchen (Colorful Series)

These Ceramic Coasters are excellent decor pieces for a painter to have in their home! With moisture absorbency like this, a painter and all of their guests can relax about the moisture ring mark or puddle of water from the condensation of the drink. Ceramic coasters can absorb the moisture from the drinks. Best of all, due to such material, the coaster will not cling or stick to your glass when they are wet in comparison to other materials of coasters which is of huge benefit.

The cork backing design gives an extra grip of the coaster to the countertop or furniture. It also gives a delicate touch to the surface as well and makes sure the coaster will stay in place and in style. The coasters come in sets of 6 so there is a variety of different patterns. A painter would really love to receive this as a gift!

Tree Of Life Leather Journal

Leather Journal Tree of Life - Genuine Leather Notebooks For Women - Beautiful Journal with Embossed Tree - Blank Handmade Paper - Inspirational Birthday Gifts for Women & Gifts for Men by MOONSTER®

The Tree of Life Notebook is a really beautiful present for a painter! It is made from soft and supple dark brown leather which even has the scent of real leather! It has been naturally tanned with a special oil, if you scratch or fold this crazy horse leather, you create your own distressed style so this gift is really unique. If you rub your markings they will fade away. It is completely handmade and would make a really nice keepsake that is very special.

In addition, the 120 sheets of paper are completely eco-friendly and have been hand-crafted with recycled cotton which is amazing! There is even no bleed-through! It is also the perfect size for many different uses, it’s is easy for handwriting, drawing, or sketching. It is a great idea for a painter to have a notebook with them in case inspiration strikes while they are out. Another amazing feature is the leather wrap-around strap which effectively keeps your journal closed and also acts as a handy bookmark. This makes such a lovely present!

Dickies 5-Pocket Belt Pouch

Dickies 5-Pocket Single Side Tool Belt Pouch/Work Apron for Painters, Carpenters, and Builders, Durable Canvas Construction, Adjustable Belt for Custom Fit

Painters usually carry around a lot of tools and other useful things with them every single day, this is where a 5-Pocket Belt Pouch comes in handy! This is very convenient as you can carry your tools with you from task to task while staying hands-free so you can be getting on with other tasks. The 5 pocket tool pouch is constructed of heavy-duty canvas with webbing-reinforced pockets so it is strong enough to hold plenty of heavy products as well.

The belt consists of 2 large main pockets, 1 screwdriver-sized tool loop, 1 plier-type pocket, and 2 small slip pockets. The comfortable webbed belt features a durable, high-impact plastic buckle. It is also adjustable as it provides a custom fit for waists ranging from 32 to 52 inches so it is suitable for all sorts of different body shapes. A painter would certainly love to receive this present.

Ultra-Thin Tracing Light Box

A4 Ultra-Thin Portable LED tracing Light Box Dimmable Brightness LED Art Tracing Pad for Artist Drawing Sketching Animation Stencilling and 5d Diamond Painting (Grey, A4)

The A4 Tracing LightBox is very portable and slim and ideal for a painter to take around with them. The thickness is only 5mm (less than 0.3 inch) which also makes it easy to carry. The illumination is even, bright and flicker-free. It is USB powered and comes with a USB cable that powers the light box from any computer, power bank, or USB bank. The light is step-less adjustable, so the brightness is adjustable so you can set it to to your preference.

The flicker-free led light is very bright and long-lasting. There is also a touch sensor and switch design, they can turn it on and off and control the brightness easily just by touch.

Krink Permanent Marker

Krink K-70 Black Permanent Marker, Double-Sided Tip, Handmade in USA

The Krink Permanent Marker is a really useful present for a painter! The super black alcohol-based ink is permanent and opaque. The ink is of very high quality and works well on almost everything. This would be absolutely excellent to use on paper, cardboard, metal, and painted surfaces. The nib is double-sided and is able to write nicely on most surfaces. It is very long-lasting and a great all-around marker for a painter to use.

Studio 71 Drawing Set

Studio 71 Drawing Set, 38 Pieces

The Studio 71 Drawing Set is very portable and convenient. Whilst a painter is usually more into paints, this is a set that can ignite their creativity whilst giving them something a little different to do. This drawing art set includes various drawing supplies that are tucked away in a black case with a silver carrying handle.

The drawing supplies consist of 38 pieces, 2 colored pencils, 6 sketching pencils, 10 soft pastels, 2 tortillons, 1 blending stump, 1 vinyl eraser, 1 kneaded eraser, 1 two-hole plastic sharpener. Another benefit is that it is really easy to organize this set as the carrying case includes metal snaps for safely securing art supplies.

Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver

General Pencil General 105-BP Pencil Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver, 1 Pack, Clear

The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver is a really fantastic present for a painter. It is sure to keep brushes looking like new. There is an amazing lemon scent to this cleaner and preserver. Even old, hardened, oil paint brushes may be restored to their original snap and luster, very few products are able to do this so effortlessly! Painters are likely to have lots of old brushes hiding. In addition, the non-toxic water-soluble compound works safely on oils, acrylics, or watercolors. This is a wonderful present idea!

Artlicious Canvas Panels

Artlicious Canvases for Painting - Pack of 12, 8 x 10 Inch Blank White Canvas Boards - 100% Cotton Art Panels for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor Paint

All painters really near Canvas Panels to paint their beautiful artwork on. These are super valuable so they are the perfect present to buy a painter! If they already own some canvas panels then it’s no problem because they can never have too many! These canvas panels are 100% cotton duck canvas grown, woven, and primed in India. They are perfectly suitable for oils, acrylics, and tempera and they are acid-free. A painter would definitely find a good use for these as they are so versatile and are perfect for everyday use!

Paint2It Pro Paint Tray

Paint2It Pro - Anti Gravity Paint Tray Palette. Premium Multipurpose Kit for Easy Painting. No Spills, No Drips, No Mess!

The Paint2It Pro Paint Tray is the way for a painter to guarantee that they will be no more spills! It is the first anti-gravity paint tray ever that can be held at any angle without dripping. This pallet tray holds up to 12 ounces of paint to quickly load a brush or a roller. Also, this paint tray palette is able to save the painter money as it dramatically reduces paint wastage, the professional liner is reusable for months and months after.

Also, this paint holder can contain up to six different colors without bleeding into each other. They will be able to quickly switch between paint mixing trays with an adjustable strap making it height-safe. This makes a wonderful present for a painter!

Custom Kitchen Apron

The Custom Kitchen Apron is a good idea for a present for a painter! When a painter gets busy it is easy to splash paint or other mess onto their clothes which can be difficult to get out in the wash. It has soft and adjustable ties for comfort, they can be adjusted to be as long or as short as needed. Also, the apron can be washed in the washing machine and it is easy to care for as it won’t shrink. The apron is a really useful present for a painter.

Wacom Digital Notebook

Wacom CDS610S Bamboo Folio Smartpad Digital Notebook Gray, Small

The Wacom Digital Notebook is a unique and special gift for a painter in your life! It will allow them to start with a pen and a clean sheet of paper. Then they can capture their thoughts and ideas and turn them into digital, shareable files while they write. Bamboo Slate bridges the divide between analog and digital. This is especially good if the painter is into technology as well as this still encourages them to ignite their creativity in a new way. Buy them this present if you want to invest in something really special for them!

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug - Add Coffee or Tea and a Happy Little Scene Appears - Comes in a Fun Gift Box

The Bob Ross Mug is a really funny present for a painter who really loves to drink coffee or hot tea! When the mug is cold, the image of Bob Ross reminds the user to be calm and find time in life to create and be inspired. When you pour in a hot beverage, a Bob Ross painting appears to inspire the user. Everyone needs the perfect mug and a mug with a fun design that is also the perfect size is one that they will love, the size is 3.75 x 3.75 x 3.5 inches. They will definitely love to receive it as a gift!

Daily Painting Book

Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist

This Daily Painting Book is perfect for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals. This book will help painters who are in a rut and are struggling to think of brand new ideas of things to paint. It will help them to learn how to sell paintings in galleries, find the motivation to finish projects that have taken a long time, and give them tips for working in a studio.

The idea of  “daily painting.” is simple: do art (usually small) often, and maybe post and sell it online. The author will teach them to become confident in any medium including oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolors, and other media, choose subjects wisely, and also become connected to the growing movement of daily painters around the world. This is an eye-opening present for a painter!

Transon Portfolio Canvas Bag

Transon Art Portfolio Case Artist Backpack Canvas Bag Large 26” x 19.5” Magenta Color

The Artist Backpack Bag is a heavy-duty artist bag that is made of durable canvas so that it can hold a lot of weight. The multi-function storage pockets for stretched canvas can hold a variety of things such as canvas panels, paintbrushes, drawing pads, pens, pencils, sketching papers, and other art supplies.

It is also very versatile as there is the main section, a small pouch, a large pouch, and a mesh pocket. Other great features are extra padded backpack straps that relieve carrying stress. The double-zipper design for the main compartment is much more practical as well. This makes a really practical gift!

MeAnWe Wares Apron

MeAnWe Wares Apron with Pockets - Paint and Sip Bib - Artist Painters Gift for Women, Men - Painting Smock Party Supplies, 1 Pcs

The Wares Apron is a stylishly vibrant blue fabric that is able to repel oil and water. This is absolutely ideal for painting and avoiding any spills, splashes, and stains from getting onto their clothes. The slogan ‘Paint & Sip’ could even make this apron ideal for a painting party!

There are two front bib pockets that offer storage space for paintbrushes, clothes, and pencils so that they don’t go missing and the painter can keep their hands free. Also, it is one size fits all so all painters can wear and enjoy this fun apron!

Iron Display Stand

(2 Pack) Iron Display Stand, Black Iron Easel Plate Display Photo Holder Stand, Displays Picture Frames, Decorative Plates,Tablets and Art 4 Inch

The Iron Display Stand is a curved metal stand to display photos, books, small artwork, collector plates, and many more things! It is perfect for holding picture frames, small cookbooks, and decorative plates. Fortunately, the stand is very durable and made to last for a long time. The stands make sure that all the focus is on the beautiful work that it holds and not on the display stand itself. At only 4 inches, the stand is nice and small and also very lightweight. Therefore, it is perfect for a painter’s finest work!

How We Selected Gift for Painters

Quality of Gifts

When choosing these gifts, we know that quality is absolutely key to finding the perfect gift for a painter! We have selected all of these gifts with quality in mind. Whether they are more suited to some novelty items or some painting tools, they will not be disappointed at the standard of these gifts, there is such a variety as well! They will last such a long time which is really important as they must be sturdy to withhold being used again and again by the painter.

Price That You Want to Spend

The question of how much to spend will greatly depend on a variety of factors. For example, how well you know the painter. If you don’t know them so well then anything up to $10 is appropriate and acceptable, something like a coloring book, delicious snacks or a bottle of wine would be great options for them as they are thoughtful gifts that are more general. If you know them better then the price limit is practically endless! You could get them a gadget, such as a digital notebook or digital painting software which will take their painting to a new level.

FAQs – Gifts for Painters

What is the best gift for a painter?

Painters would absolutely love to receive a leather pencil or a paintbrush case. As they are very busy with their hands they would also find a highly moisturizing hand lotion to be a very useful present. If they are into reading then they would love to have a helpful artist’s book, such as one with lots of hints and tips as well as ideas for new things to create. Other ideas for a present for a painter could be a tall tabletop h-frame wood studio artist easel. This would definitely be a dream present for them!

What should I gift my artist friend?

If you have a friend who is into art then, of course, you may want to buy them a present that is art-related! Also, a waterproof notepad would be very useful for them if they enjoy painting outside where it may be raining! They would also love to receive art supplies, such as paintbrushes, paper, paints, etc. If you are interested in buying them a present that is really fancy then digital painting software would be absolutely amazing.

What does every painter need?

Every painter needs different types of paints, such as graphite paints! Even if just doing painting, drawing the subject before starting to paint a work of art is really necessary. Also, every painter needs erasers and drawing paper which is essential for drawing preliminary sketches. Other ideas are paintbrushes, a paintbrush cleaner, a reusable paint pallet and acrylic paint as well.

What do you buy an aspiring artist?

When a painter starts to embark on their journey as a new painter, they may not have all of the appropriate equipment to get started, or at least only have a very basic collection of things. A deluxe art set for beginners would be absolutely perfect for them to get started with excitement! This is a perfect collection of mediums for beginners or artists who are unsure of what they want to create and need a little help to feel inspired. Another really cool present idea is something like The Ultimate Drawing Pencil Kit. For the sketch artist, this kit has it all—just add paper and they will be good to go!

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