51 Best Gifts for Nurses 2023

The best gift for nurses shows how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to their job. You won’t have any trouble finding the perfect gift with this thorough list. 

Best Gifts for Nurses

ADC Medical Equipment Bag

The ADC Medical Equipment Bag is the perfect heavy-duty bag for nurses to carry all their necessities in. The inside has 11 convenient pockets to ensure a person’s gear is kept in an orderly fashion. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry around the hospital or doctor’s office. It is an ideal gift for a nurse who often has to travel around with their equipment. 

Google Search Mug 

The Google Search Mug is a humorous way to show off that Google does not, in fact, have all the answers. Any nurse likely has a story about a patient who self-diagnosed themselves from what they found online. In addition to being funny, the mug is convenient. It can hold 20 oz of their favorite freshly brewed coffee and comes with a set of straws if they prefer chilled beverages. 

Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag

The Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag is another exceptional option for a nurse to carry all their belongings. The bag comes in a multitude of colors and has numerous storage compartments. In addition, the bag is water-resistant, so the user doesn’t have to worry about damaging it with everyday use. It makes a great gift to a present nurse or one who recently graduated from nursing school. 

Retractable Pull Pen & Pencil Holder 


If you know a nurse who never seems to have something to write with, then the Pull Pen & Pencil Holder is the perfect gift for them. The handy retractable holder makes it convenient for nurses to keep a pen available at all times. The set comes with two holders if they misplace one or want to share with a fellow nurse. The 24-inch cord allows plenty of room to write while still being attached to the user. 

Pilot Rolling Gel Pens


You can’t go wrong gifting a brand new set of Rolling Ball Gel Pens. In fact, you probably want to gift a few packages of pens and include the retractable holder set listed above. The rubber grip pens are easy to hold and allow for smooth writing. Nurses make a lot of notes throughout the day and should have durable pens on hand at all times. 

Stethoscope Case


Organization is often the key to success, so the Stethoscope Case makes an exceptional nurse’s gift. The case keeps the basic tools of a nurse safe and secure. There are also various colors, so you will have no issue picking out the perfect one. The case even has a convenient handle on top to make it easy to transport from one patient to the next. Keep in mind; the case doesn’t come with any of the necessary tools. The nurse you know will have to stock those. 

Nurse Nutrition Facts Tumbler

The Nurse Tumbler breaks down what every nurse needs to get by, even without much sleep. As seen on the tumbler, nurses need a lot of compassion, courage, and of course, caffeine, which is where the gift comes in handy. The insulated tumbler holds 20 oz of a nurse’s favorite beverage and keeps it at the right temperature for hours. You can even have it personalized with their name. Any nurse will thoroughly enjoy this fun, unique gift. 

Zyllion Back and Neck Massager 

Being on your feet all day is no easy task. Consider gifting the nurse in your life a Zyllion Massager to help ease their muscles after a long shift. The massager is small enough to transport to and from work, so they can enjoy it whenever they’d like. Any nurse will appreciate the deep-kneading massage they will receive from this therapeutic device. 

Medical Instrument Organizer


The Medical Instrument Organizer is a simple gift with a big purpose. If you are on the go throughout the day, like a nurse, it can sometimes be difficult to stay organized. However, the medical instrument organizer helps keep things in one place, so people are never scrambling to find their essentials. The handy pocket protector is made from tough nylon to ensure it can keep up with its use. 

YETI Rambler Tumbler 


The YETI Rambler Tumbler is a must-have for any nurse to stay hydrated throughout the day. When you are working nearly every minute of the day, it can be hard to remember to stop and take a drink of water. It can also get tedious filling a small cup all the time. The YETI tumbler holds an impressive 30 oz and does a superb job at keeping a drink cool or hot, whichever the recipient prefers. 

Burt’s Bees Hand Cream


Nurses wash their hands a lot during the day, which is why the Burt’s Bees Hand Cream will help save them from overly dry skin. The bottle holds just over 3 ounces of cream and can easily fit into their pocket so a nurse can easily access it during the day. Burt’s Bees is known for its quality products, and they don’t disappoint with this hand cream. Your favorite nurse will thank you for this simple yet necessary gift! You may want to consider buying a few tubes to stock up their drawers at work. 

My Quotable Patients Journal


If the hospital walls could talk, they would write it all down in the My Quotable Patients Journal. While a nurse always respects the privacy of their patients, it’s always fun to jot down some fun memories without saying the names of any actual people. This journal allows a place for a nurse to write down some quotes from their favorite patients. There are over 100 pages that any nurse will gleefully fill in. 

Best Gifts for Female Nurses 

Porcelain Travel Mug

The gorgeous Porcelain Travel Mug is almost too beautiful to drink from. While the mug is made of porcelain, it does come with a convenient plastic lid to ensure liquids stay inside. In addition, the lovely mug holds 13 ounces, giving plenty of room for a nurse’s favorite cup of coffee. The gold foil detail makes this travel mug an excellent gift choice for the nurse in your life. 

Succulent Planters

If the nurse you know also has a little bit of a green thumb, consider giving them these beautiful Succulent Planters. Spelling out “For The Best Nurse Ever” across the three planters, the set will be greatly appreciated by the nurse who receives it. Each planter sits roughly 3 inches tall and comes in a beautiful gift box making for easy gifting. As a note, the plants are not included, so pick up a few at your nearest garden center. 

Novelty Wine Glass 

If you know a nurse who likes a glass of wine after a long, hard day, then the Novelty Wine Glass is the perfect gift choice for them. The humorous glass holds 15 ounces and is made of sturdy glass. The wine glass already comes in a white gift box, making it easy to wrap up and give to a nurse for their birthday or another special occasion. 

First-Aid Clutch Kit 

Even nurses need a little medical attention now and again. The First-Aid Clutch Kit is equipped with 75 essential items needed in case of a minor emergency. In addition, the case isn’t your basic old first-aid kit either. Its rose gold exterior makes it fashionable as well. It also is compact enough to be thrown into the pocket of a purse or backpack. Any nurse will appreciate this practical, stylish gift. 

Nurse Gift Box

If you are looking for something extra special for that extraordinary nurse in your life, the Nurse Gift Box is exquisite. The box comes equipped with a wine tumbler, fun socks, two badge reels, and a beautiful ceramic coaster. Giving a gift box takes a lot of guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for the nurse you know and love. The assortment of goodies comes in a lovely gift box, making it exceptionally easy to give this charming nurse’s gift. 

Nurse Themed Blanket 

If you are looking for a gift perfect for a winter’s night, consider the Nurse Themed Blanket. The blanket is covered with multiple quotes on one side and solid white sherpa on the other side. There are two sizes to choose from as you decide which one to gift – 59 x 78.7 and 51.2 x59. The blanket is incredibly soft and makes a perfect gift for someone to cuddle up with. 

Heartbeat Necklace

The Heartbeat Necklace is dainty but beautiful and makes a wonderful gift for a nurse. The vital sign showcases the passion they have for their job, including saving the lives of others. The sterling silver necklace even comes in special gift packaging, making it easy to get it ready to give to your favorite nurse. 

Compression Trouser Socks

The Compression Trouser Socks aren’t only pretty; they are also efficient. Compression socks help improve circulation and relieve any leg fatigue. Nurses stand on their feet for the majority of their shift so that compression socks can be a lifesaver for them. The socks also can help prevent any swelling, which is ideal for nurses who need their legs to be in tiptop shape for the length of their shift. 

Off Duty Nurse Socks 

The Off Duty Nurse Socks make a great stocking stuffer or addition to a gift basket. At the end of a long shift, there’s nothing quite like kicking your feet up and relaxing. These socks let everyone know that if they can read them, then they are off duty. It’s a humorous way to appreciate the hard work of a nurse. The high-quality socks will be enjoyed by any nurse who receives them as a gift. 

Nurse Skinny Tumbler 

The Nurse Skinny Tumbler is a lovely gift to give as a thank you or birthday gift. The tumbler holds 20 oz and has a beautiful definition of a nurse written across the cup. It is insulated to ensure the beverage inside stays at the ideal temperature and has a plastic lid top with a straw. Any nurse will thoroughly enjoy drinking their coffee or water out of this attractive tumbler. 

Amazing Nurse Mirror 

Another fantastic gift idea is the Amazing Nurse Mirror. The compact-sized mirror easily fits into a purse or backpack pocket. The rose gold mirror is engraved with a beautiful saying sure to inspire any nurse in your life. Once opened, the mirror has one standard size, and the other is magnified, in case the recipient wants to be sure there is no spinach in their teeth. The enclosed gift box is a lovely touch to this wonderful nurse gift. 

Tote Bag

The LoDrid Nurse Tote Bag is a terrific gift for the nurse in your life. With a large inner storage center, it can hold a laptop if you are traveling.  It also has many pockets for your phone and other essentials for a long shift of caring for others.  

Stethoscope Necklace 

If you are looking for a very personal gift, consider this gorgeous Stethoscope Necklace. You can customize the stunning pendant necklace with one of 11 different crystals. Consider finding the birthstone of the nurse who will be receiving this beautiful necklace. The stethoscope is unique, and nurses are one of the few people who will appreciate this special gift. 

Best Gifts for Male Nurses

Silicone Wedding Ring 

Nurses have to touch a wide variety of substances throughout the day, which is why the Silicone Wedding Ring is a superb gift choice. No one wants to clean a bedpan while wearing their actual wedding ring. There are various colors, so you can easily pick the one you think would match the recipient’s personality. The silicone ring is very attractive looking and incredibly functional. In fact, if the ring gets stuck on a fast-moving object, it will break away from your finger. 

Murse Beer Glass

The term “murse” is pretty awesome, which makes the Murse Beer Glass even better. The 16 oz pint glass has plenty of space for the favorite beverage of the murse in your life. The high-quality glass will provide plenty of use to its recipient as they enjoy a cold beverage after a long shift. 

I’m a Dad and Nurse Shirt

The I’m a Dad and Nurse Shirt is perfect for the father in your life who wears scrubs to work. The humorous shirt comes in five different colors and has plenty of size choices. If you know someone who isn’t scared of anything at work or home, this is the shirt for them. 

Compression Socks

Compression Socks are a phenomenal gift to give a nurse who is on their feet all day. Wearing compression socks can greatly reduce any swelling and improve circulation. The majority of nurses are at work for a least 12 hours a day, and therefore can really benefit from a quality pair of compression socks. Wearing compression socks regularly can prevent any injury from occurring, which is vital for nurses. 

Handsome Enough Mug

Consider this Handsome Enough Mug for the handsome nurse in your life. Do you know someone who is incredibly good-looking, or at least they think they are? Do they also wear scrubs to work? If you answered mostly yes to these questions, then they will greatly appreciate this funny mug. In addition, the also practical mug can hold 11 or 15 oz, depending on the size you choose. Laugh at the male nurse in your life by gifting them this mug. 

Custom Nurse Bobblehead

If you are looking for the utmost when it comes to a personalized gift, look no further than the Custom Bobblehead Nurse Figurine. That’s right. You can have a bobblehead created to look exactly like the favorite male nurse you know. There’s no doubt the recipient will likely be the only one at work with a bobblehead mimicking their own face. This distinctive gift will surely put a smile on the receiver’s face. 

Murse Shirt 

The Murse Shirt is a superb gift for any male nurse in your life who also happens to have a good sense of humor. If the expression is new to you, a murse is a fun way to say, male nurse. Donning the words “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” the shirt simply states how awesome it is to be a male nurse. The fun shirt comes in five colors like blue and black and has size options up to 3XL. Celebrate the murse in your life with this awesome shirt. 

Travel Laptop Backpack

Next on the list of best gifts for a nurse is this practical Travel Laptop Backpack. Not only does the backpack securely hold a laptop, but it also has a built-in cable design so you can easily plug in your headphones or charge your phone. A nurse who is always on the go but needs a place to hold their belongings will appreciate password-locked closure. The travel backpack is an exceptional gift for the nurse in your life. 

Murse Retractable Badge Reel 


A nurse needs to wear their ID, so why not sport it with a Murse Retractable Badge Reel. The outline of the “murse” makes this badge reel extra awesome. In addition to being a bit comical, the reel is instrumental. It is covered in mylar, making it easy to wipe clean to ensure no germs hang out on the murse picture. The 32″ retractable reel will make any male nurse smile, along with their patients. 

Nurse Ceramic Coasters 

These Nurse Ceramic Coasters will give the nurse, you know, a great laugh. While practical, they also give off a bit of humor. With sayings like, “Nacho Average Nurse,” and “Will Trade Medical Advice for Tacos.” The coasters are incredibly absorbent, so there is no worry about leaving watermarks behind on the coffee table. These are a fabulous gift for the nurse in your life who also likes a cold beverage now and again and needs a safe place to put it. 

Dabbing Nurse Mug 

If you are looking for an entertaining gift for a male nurse, take a look at the Dabbing Nurse Mug. The 11 oz mug makes a great birthday or holiday gift. The image appears on both sides of the mug, so it won’t matter how the user holds it to ensure the dabbing nurse is always seen. It’s a great addition to any nurse’s coffee cup collection. 

Best Gifts for Nursing Staff


The Medical Cookie Container is a wonderful way to say thank you to a nurse or group of nurses who made an impact on you. The gallon container of cookies is the perfect treat to stash away at work or in the pantry at home. In addition, if you don’t know someone’s personal style or preferences, you can’t go wrong with cookies. The container holds 2 lbs of delectable cookies and will surely satisfy anyone’s tastebuds. 

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

The Hot and Cold Brewed System is the perfect way to say thank you to the entire nursing staff. Help upgrade their current coffee maker with this high-tech system. Nurses can choose from 5 different brew styles and 6 different brew sizes. The system can make tea and coffee whether you want it hot or iced. Nurses will love the built-in frother to take their drink to the next level. Who needs an expensive coffee shop when you can gift this brewed system to your favorite nurses?

Work Of Heart Keychain 

The Work of Heart Keychain makes a wonderful gift for nurses’ appreciation week or as a gift to a fellow nurse. The keychain is simple yet lovely and can be gifted to a whole team of nurses who give their hearts to their job daily. The inspirational keychain comes in a black velvet bag, taking you off gift-wrapping duty. 

Changed The World String Art

If you recently had an experience with a staff of nurses and want to find a beautiful way to thank them, this Changed The World String Art is perfect. It perfectly tells the nurses how much they have changed the world by saving lives. The staff can decide whether to hang it on the wall at work or even stand upright on a desk or table. The string art will give them a daily reminder of how important their jobs are for others. It truly is a lovely piece of art. 

Healthcare Hero Gift Card 

Do you want to thank staff of nurses with a gift card so they can select exactly what they’d like? Then choosing a Healthcare Hero Gift Card is a supreme choice. Sometimes it can be hard to select the right gift if you don’t know the nurse personally. Amazon is the perfect place for them to select the very best thing. They will thank you immensely for this convenient gift. 

I’m A Nurse Notepad


You can easily buy an I’m A Nurse Notepad for everyone in your unit at such a reasonable price. It makes a lovely thank-you gift or a sweet gesture during Nurses Appreciation Week. The pad comes with a pen and is beautifully wrapped in ribbon. If you want to buy gifts for a whole staff of nurses but don’t want to break the bank, gifting each one a notepad is a wonderful idea. 

Nurse Badge Reel Holders


This set of Nurse Badge Reel Holders is downright cute. The set comes in a pack of three, meaning you can buy several packs and then hand them out one by one to the nurses on your staff. The bandaid felt badge is lovely and will likely draw plenty of attention from a nurse’s patients. In addition to being lovely looking, they are also convenient and give a nurse 24 inches of retraction. 

Healthy Snack Box 


Most nurses need to eat on the go, which is why the Healthy Snack Box is a sensible gift to give to a team of nurses. This is a great gift idea for a group of nurses. They can leave the box in a communal area for everyone to snack on. The box includes a good mix of bars and nuts full of protein and flavor. In addition, the box contains a total of 37 yummy snacks for any nurse to enjoy. 

Mug and Stemless Wine Glass Set 

The Mug and Stemless Wine Glass is a humorous gift to give to a nurse who thoroughly enjoys their coffee before their shift and perhaps a glass of wine once their shift is over. If you are looking to buy for a group of nurses, this coffee and wine glass set is a phenomenal idea. Your fellow nurses will relate to how you feel before and after patients. 

Medical Themed Socks 

The Medical Themed Socks are a fun gift to give to a team of nurses. You can easily put them in a gift basket or gift them by themselves. Nurses will appreciate the fun patterns on the socks and enjoy the premium quality they provide. It’s a practical gift they can use every day as they slip their feet out of their work shoes and into something more comfortable. 

Nurse Survival Kit 

The Nurse Survival Kit is a fun yet practical gift to give a staff of nurses. If your team of nurses has been working extra hard lately, this is an awesome gift to hand out. The kit comes with everyone from headache relief to candy and even a 5-hour energy shot. Each gift inside has its own special meaning, like the rubber band to “remind you that flexibility is key.” Any nurse will thoroughly appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

Nurse Thank You Pens 


It likely doesn’t get easier to say thank you than with these Nurse Thank You Pens. This collection of 36 pens has the words “Thank You” written across with an image of a nurse at the top. These pens make the perfect thank you gift after a hospital stay or as a nurses’ appreciation week gift. Nurses need pens daily, so there is no question these will be greatly appreciated. 

Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards

While nurses don’t have much time to sit around, there may be moments during an overnight shift where they have time to rest their feet. The Jumbo Playing Cards allows a nurse to refresh their mind while playing a fun card game. The set comes with 12 decks, giving plenty of card playing opportunities to a floor of nurses. 

Nurse in Progress Keychain

Let’s not forget about the nursing students in your life. The Nurse in Progress Keychain reminds students what they are working towards as they finish up their schooling. The keychain comes in its own gift box, making it easy to gift it to your favorite nurse in progress. The durable keychain will last the entire time they are in school until they officially are a nurse. 

Syringe Pens 

If you are looking for a funny gift perfect for a nurse, you have it with the Syringe Pens. The bulk set of 24 pens is an easy way to gift everyone in a nursing unit the humorous and practical gifts. While they may look like a real syringe, the retractable pen works like a regular ballpoint pen, but with more pizzaz. With multiple colors to choose from, you can walk down the nursing unit handing these out to all the nurses who work each day tirelessly and can use a good laugh. 

How We Selected the Best Gift for Nurses

Practical Use 

Any time you give a gift, you want the receiver to get good use out of it. The best gift for nurses offers practicality, all while adding some fun or inspiration to the mix. There is no question how hard nurses work daily, so it’s a good idea to gift something that makes their life a bit easier. 


If you recently had a positive experience with a group of nurses, you want to thank them all without spending too much on the gift. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to look at thoughtful gifts that also come with a low price tag. Nurses don’t sign up for the job in hopes of receiving extravagant gifts for a job well done. So, picking out a sweet notepad or keychain will go a long way. 


Personalizing a gift doesn’t always mean putting a person’s name on something. It can also mean picking out a gift you know fits a nurse’s personality very well. A gift recipient can always tell when a lot of thought went into picking out their gift. It can be simple as picking out a new coffee mug because you know their favorite one broke and they haven’t replaced it yet. 

FAQs – Gifts for Nurses

What is the best thank-you gift for nurses?

If there is a nurse who went above and beyond for you, it’s no question you would want to give them something as a thank-you. When you know the nurse on a personal level, you can get something that has extra meaning. If you want to thank a nurse from a recent hospital visit, it’s a good idea to go with something like a gift basket or a new coffee mug. 

What should go in a gift basket for a nurse?

Gift baskets are enjoyable because you can get creative with what you put in them. You can go with a theme like snacks or lotions and other bath items. You can even throw in a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. In addition, you can put any of the small items from the list of the best gifts for a nurse together for a gift basket. It gives a great variety of items to the receiver. 

When is National Nurses’ Week?

While nurses are clearly honored every day as they tirelessly perform their job, a certain week in May is designated as National Nurses’ Week. From May 6th until May 12th, nurses around the country are recognized for their hard work and dedication to their jobs. It’s the perfect opportunity to acknowledge any nurse in your life with one of the many gifts listed in this article. 

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