38 Best Gifts for Horse Lovers 2023

Horses are beautiful animals, and there is no question that people, young and old, love them. The best gifts for horse lovers are practical and portray the true love a person has for horses. 

Best Gifts for Young Horse Lovers 

Horse-Opoly Board Game 


Starting off the list of the best gifts for horse lovers is the Horse-Opoly Board Game. The fun-sounding name is a twist of the classic board game you likely grew up playing. Instead of Park Place and Boardwalk, players instead are looking to buy some of their favorite horses. If you know a young horse lover who also is a fan of board games, Horse-Opoly makes a delightful gift. 

Personalized Horse Necklace


The Personalized Horse Necklace makes an extraordinary gift. The bar horse necklace has a beautiful imprint of a horse and can be personalized with the gift recipient’s name. You can also choose from a silver, rose gold, or gold finish. In addition, you can also add a message to the back of the necklace if you wish. You also don’t have to worry about it tarnishing or turning ugly shades of green. The necklace is made to last for years to come. The personalized horse necklace makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas present for the exceptional horse lover in your life. 

HR Farm Equestrian Pants 

If you know a young horse rider, then the Equestrian Pants make a practical gift. They also are quite adorable with the print of a child riding a horse. The equestrian pants easily pull on and are comfortable for everyday use. In addition, the pants come equipped with a pocket which is always a handy thing to have with any pair of riding pants. Finally, you can choose from three different colors: pink, blue, and black. 

Fun Jewels Color Changing Necklace 

If you know a horse lover who loves a pop of color, the Color Changing Necklace makes a lovely gift. The mood necklace changes color based on the person’s body temperature and gives off an array of vibrant colors. In addition, the necklace has a bright pink cord that easily clasps in the back. The pendant necklace comes with its own gift bag, as well as a chart to determine what the colors mean. It’s a wonderful gift for the little girl who loves everything to do with horses. 

Melissa & Doug Stable Set 


The Melissa & Doug Stable Set is perfect for any little horse lover. The wooden stable box comes with 8 different horses, each with its own spot in the stable. Melissa & Doug have been created high-quality toys are years, and the stable set is no different. In addition to the stable, children receive a breed guide to tell them all about their new collection of horses. The gift recipient can even name each horse and write the names on the tags attached to the stable. The stable set truly is one of the best gifts for horse lovers. 

Horse Nightlight


The beautiful Horse Nightlight is perfect for young children who don’t like to sleep in complete darkness. Unlike nightlights that need to be plugged in, the horse nightlight sits on a base and can be placed on a nightstand or dresser. The nightlight even comes with a handy remote control so that the recipient can control it from their bed in the middle of the night. In addition, children can select from 16 different colors and 4 flash modes. The unique gift makes a wonderful birthday present or stocking stuffer! 

Wildkin Duffel Bag 

If you know a kid who loves slumber parties, then the Wildkin Duffel Bag makes a convenient gift. The handy gift is decorated with beautiful horses all over it and measures 18″ x 9″ x 9″. The duffel bag has an adjustable padded shoulder strap as well as two top carrying handles. In addition, there is an exterior zippered pocket perfect for a child’s toothbrush and toothpaste. Finally, the overnight duffel bag is made from high-quality materials, allowing it to stand up to wear for many overnight sleepovers. 

OBSI Horse Blanket

There is nothing like snuggling up with a warm blanket, and that’s why the Horse Blanket makes the list of the best gifts for horse lovers. The lovely horse blanket measures 50″ x 60″, ensuring every inch of the recipient will be covered with a cozy blanket. One side of the blanket has an array of printed horses, while the other is made from a plush sherpa. The comfy horse blanket makes a stupendous gift for anyone who has a passion for horses. 

Jewelkeeper Horse Music Box

The beautiful Horse Music Box makes an exceptional gift. It actually is like receiving 3 gifts in 1. The gift recipient will be delighted to explore their new music box, as well as try on their new horseshoe bracelet with a matching necklace. The quality music box comes equipped with a twirling horse that any young child will love to watch over and over again. In addition, the included jewelry is made from 100% nickel-free stainless steel. 

Ravensburger Horse Puzzle 


All kids love puzzles which is why the Horse Jigsaw Puzzle makes the list of the best gifts for horse lovers. The 300 piece puzzle is both vibrant and lively. The horse jigsaw puzzle is brought to you by Ravensburger, who continuously produces high-quality puzzles which provide hours of entertainment for children. You can be assured that the puzzle pieces don’t easily tear or rip and lead a child into tears and frustration. The horse puzzle provides a colorful, fun gift for young horse lovers. 

Comfy Hour Horse Bookends 

If you know a child who loves horses and reading, the Horse Bookends make a phenomenal gift. The polyresin bookends ensure no books come crashing down when a child tries to organize their collection. In addition, the bookends are hand-painted and crafted, ensuring only the utmost quality to provide use for years to come. Since the bookends are a little heavy, they are best for older children who won’t accidentally drop them on their toes. Safety first! 

Horse Peel & Stick Wall Decals


Any child would love to decorate their bedroom wall with the Horse Wall Decals. The set comes with 22 decals, sure to brighten any room with the beauty of the horses. The decals easily peel off and can be placed on any clean surface, including the wall, desk, dresser, or even a child’s lamp. In addition, the decals can easily be peeled off and reapplied in a different spot. Parents don’t have to worry about damage to the walls, as the decals don’t leave any marks behind. It’s the perfect gift for a child who loves horses and wants to transform their room into a horse haven. 

Horse Carousel 


The exquisite Horse Carousel is the perfect gift for a young horse lover’s bedroom or bookshelf. The darling carousel can easily be turned on by any child and played for up to 3 minutes. In addition to the spinning horses, the carousel also has LED lights under the top, making for a lovely show. The sweet carousel won’t take up too much shelf space either, measuring just over 7 inches in height and almost 4.5 inches in width. Finally, you can pick the perfect color for the gift recipient, either pink, blue, or white. 

Jesus & Horses T-Shirt

For the child who runs on Jesus and horses is this adorable t-shirt. The Jesus & Horses T-Shirt shows a girl’s love for two of the important things in her life. The shirt makes an amazing gift for a young girl who knows her priorities in life. When gifting, you can decide which of the 5 colors to choose from, including pink, baby blue, and cranberry. T-shirts make for great gifts because they are simple and detail the love a person has for a passion they have. 

Horse Picture Frame 


If you know a young horse lover who thinks horses make life better, then the Horse Picture Frame makes a wonderful gift. The lovely frame fits photos 4″ x 6″ and can stand on its own or be hung on the wall. There’s nothing quite like being able to show off your favorite horse, which is why the frame makes an exceptional gift for someone who has a specific horse they love. Picture frames make great gifts for birthdays or holidays! 

Sunny Days Toy Horse


If you are looking for an interactive gift, take a look at the Horse with Moveable Head. The realistic horse comes with 14 grooming accessories, including the coveted blue ribbon. The horse’s head moves back and forth when pushed and makes trotting sounds and whinny noises. Children will enjoy brushing the mane and tail of this lively horse. Any young child who dreams of being an equestrian will thoroughly enjoy playing with this genuine horse. 

Plush Horse Stable


Next on the list of the best gifts for horse lovers is one for the smaller equestrians. The set of Plush Horse Stable makes an ideal gift choice for little ones who aren’t quite ready for some of the bigger toys. The plush horse stable comes complete with 4 interactive horses which talk and make neighing sounds. Children simply squeeze one of their new cuddly horses to hear the many sounds it makes. In addition, the stable has a top handle, allowing for easy transport. Young kids with a love of horses will love this fun and durable gift. 

Best Gifts for Adult Horse Lovers 

Horse Memo Dispenser and Pen Holder 


The Horse Memo Dispenser may look a little comical, but it is quite practical. The adorable horse dispenser is available in either white or black and can clamp a particular note in its mouth. On the inside, a person can hold the rest of their notepad and some pens. The unique dispenser is made from durable ABS material, ensuring the gift recipient can get plenty of use from it. 

Dublin Suede Half Chaps


The Dublin Suede Half Chaps make for a convenient gift. Sizes are available in both men and women, allowing you the ease of finding the perfect size for the recipient. The quality suede chaps are high-quality to ensure they last for occasional use or even daily usage. In addition, there is a full zipper on the side to allow for a comfortable fit. They also have an elastic calf which helps them to stretch to provide a secure fit. The chaps make a wonderful gift for someone with a love for riding horses. 

Just A Girl Coffee Mug

Know a horse and coffee lover? Then the Just A Girl Coffee Mug makes a wonderful gift for them. The mug is actually quite beautiful with the image of a horse and lovely pink flowers. The ceramic mug holds 11 oz of a person’s favorite beverage and has the quote, “I’m just a girl who loves horses,” written across. In addition, the mug is safe for the dishwasher and microwaves, making it incredibly practical. The horse mug is the perfect gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other day to celebrate the horse lover you know. 

If My Horse Doesn’t Like You Sign 


Whether your friend has a horse in a barn or a horse in their heart, the If My Horse Doesn’t Like You Sign makes a lovely gift. The 10″ x 5″ sign comes in various options, each with a different quote about horses. The recipient can easily hang the sign on the wall with the attached rope hanger. It makes a lovely gift for someone looking to add some decor to their home or office. 

Horse Pendant Necklace

The Horse Pendant Necklace is a beautiful gift for someone who loves horses and never gets tired of adding to their jewelry collection. The 18″ pendant necklace is sterling silver and has a spring-ring clasp for a secure hold. The lovely pendant has intricate details, and the recipient will get great pleasure each time they put it on. The gift is perfect for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day to show someone you know how much they love horses. 

Farm Riding Breeches 

Continuing the list of the best gifts for horse lovers is the Farm Riding Breeches. The women’s breeches for perfect for horseback riding. The breeches provide a lightweight fit to ensure a comfortable ride. In addition, the pants are equipped with a side pocket, and the pull-on closure makes getting dressed a breeze. When gifting the breeches, you have the option of 5 different colors. You may even decide to gift more than once to ensure the recipient has options when it comes to getting ready to ride their horse. The breeches make for a very sensible gift. 

Compression Arm Sun Sleeves 

The Compression Arm Sun Sleeves protect a person from dangerous UV rays while riding their horse. The sleeves provide an SPF of 50+ and efficiently block more than 98% of the harmful rays from the sun. In addition to protecting a person from the sun, they also help prevent dreaded mosquito bites while outside. The sun sleeves are made from a sweat-wicking fabric that allows for a comfortable fit and helps keep a person cool. The compression arm sun sleeves are a must-get gift if you know someone who enjoys riding horses even under the hot sun. 

All You Need Is Love Decor 


No home is complete without a little Horse Decor. The home decor sign makes for a lovely gift and shows off a person’s love for horses. The sign comes with four inserts, so the receiver can change the colors of the words, making it quite a unique gift. In addition, the sign is a quaint size, 5.5″ x 5.5″, making it perfect for a desktop or a small space on the wall. Finally, the sign is made from eco-friendly wood, making it an exceptional gift for someone who loves horses and Mother Earth. 

 Horse Canvas Crossbody Bag

The Horse Canvas Crossbody Bag makes for a very charming gift. The bag is made from a high-quality, durable canvas and has a convenient adjustable shoulder strap. In addition, the bag is covered with images of horses and is available in three different colors: blue, grey, or black. The receiver of this sweet bag will enjoy the multiple pockets and the vast amount of space the bag allows. The lightweight crossbody bag makes for a superb gift. 

Crazy Horse Lady Tumbler 

If you know someone who couldn’t imagine their life without horses, then the Crazy Horse Lady Tumbler is right up their alley. The image of the horse wearing glasses will surely give them a good laugh. The comical tumbler holds 20 oz of a crazy horse lady’s favorite beverage. In addition, the tumbler is fully insulated and can hold both hot and cold beverages. It has the ability to keep those hot drinks hot and any cold drinks cold. The unique tumbler makes a fabulous gift for the crazy horse lady in your life. 

Horse Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Set make the perfect home warming gift for the horse lover in your life. The unique gift has a chestnut stallion along with an old-fashion wagon wheel. The beauty of the gift also comes from the fact that it is hand-carved, making each set truly individual. In addition, the shakers, minus the spices, are included with the set. The striking set is a unique gift and will surely be a conversation starter when the recipient sets it up in their kitchen. 

Modern Landscape Wall Art


This is an exquisite gift. The Modern Landscape Wall Art is more than a traditional piece of wall art. It truly can transform a person’s home when put up. The wall art comes with 5 pieces of canvas art portraying two beautiful horses. When assembled, the art measures 60″ in width and 32″ in height. If you know someone who has been trying to find the perfect piece of wall art, then this is the ideal gift for them. It shows the beauty of horses while converting their home into a horse oasis. 

Horseshoe Wine Holder 

If you know someone who enjoys a glass of wine now and then, then the Horseshoe Wine Holder makes an amazing gift. With a glance, someone may not notice the intricate horseshoes that make up the wine holder. Holding 3 wine bottles, the holder simply can sit on a person’s kitchen counter, making it an easy decor upgrade. The holder is made from cast iron and will provide a vintage look to any home. The charming gift is perfect for anyone who loves horses and a nice glass of vino now and again. 

Willow Tree Quiet Strength Plaque

The Quiet Strength Plaque is simply gorgeous and makes a magnificent gift. The sculpted plaque is hand-painted and shows the love between a woman and a horse. The gift recipient can either hang the plaque or rest it on an easel for a bookshelf. In addition, the plaque comes in a gift box allowing for easy gifting. The beautiful gift is ideal for any occasion and will be loved from the moment it is unwrapped. 

Crystal Lucky Horseshoe Bangle 

One of the loveliest of the best gifts for horse lovers is the Crystal Lucky Horseshoe Bangle. If the horse lover you know also loves jewelry, they will greatly appreciate this gorgeous horseshoe bangle. In addition, the bangle comes with its own gift box, making it incredibly easy to gift to someone. The dainty bangle is made from zinc and is sturdy enough to be worn daily. 

Horse Wind Chime

The Horse Wind Chime is a beautiful addition to any person’s front porch, garden, or back deck. The options are endless for the recipient of this gorgeous wind chime. The iron-made wind chime is 24″ in height and gives off soft relaxing tones as the wind blows through it. In addition, the wind chime is built from quality craftmanship to ensure it lasts for years to come. Finally, the horse wind chime is perfect for someone who wants soft noises from a wind chime instead of a full-blown orchestra in their backyard. 

Novelty Animal Socks 

The Novelty Animal Socks make for the perfect stocking stuffer. Imagine the gift recipient’s face when they put on these comical horse socks. If you know someone who can’t get enough of their horses, then these are the socks for them. It will transform their feet into the hooves of a horse from the moment they slip them on. The humorous socks are sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face! 

Horse Lover T-Shirt 

The Horse Lover T-Shirt is simple enough but shows the love a person has for horses. The shirt is available in 4 different colors, including pink and purple. If you know someone who loves horses, they certainly will thoroughly enjoy wearing this lightweight horse t-shirt. In addition, the shirt is available in women sizes small through 3XL, so you will have no problem finding the perfect fit for the horse lover in your life. 

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The Stainless Steel Water Bottle will add a little sparkle to someone’s life. The glittery water bottle is insulated and provides a fun, functional place to keep their drink hot or cold. In addition, the stainless steel water bottle is BPA-free and holds 17 oz of the beverage of the gift recipient’s choice. This fun water bottle makes a great birthday or bachelorette party gift! 

Horses Keep Me Stable Tumbler

The Horses Keep Me Stable Tumbler is perfect for the horse lover who also knows the importance of staying hydrated. With the quote, “Horse Keep Me Stable,” written across, the tumbler holds 20 oz of a person’s beverage of choice. Whether they want to keep their drink cold or hot, the tumbler does a superb job at both. The rose gold tumbler also comes with two straws and a handy straw cleaner to ensure their new favorite drink holder is always clean. The fun tumbler is a great gift for a birthday or other important holiday. 

The Horse Encyclopedia


The Horse Encyclopedia makes for the perfect coffee table book. The extensive book details over 150 breeds of horses and includes plenty of images of the beautiful animal. If you know someone who can’t get enough of learning about horses, then The Horse Encyclopedia makes for a wonderful housewarming or birthday gift. In addition to learning about horse breeds, the book details the proper way to care for a horse, including feeding and grooming them properly. 

How We Selected the Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Variety of Options

When it comes to the best gifts for horse lovers, it’s important to have choices. Not every horse lover owns a horse, so it was important to have various options when it came to finding the perfect gift. Certain gifts are ideal for someone with a horse; however, they don’t benefit someone who simply has a deep affection for the beautiful creature. In addition, it’s always nice to have a diverse grouping of options when finding the right gift as everyone has different tastes in things. 

Gifts in All Price Ranges

Sometimes when you search for a gift, you aren’t looking for something too expensive. Other times, you want to celebrate something big and find a gift to match the occasion. If you are looking for a gift for a co-worker, you aren’t going to want to break the bank. However, if you are looking for a gift for a dear friend or family member, you likely want to spend a little more. It’s always nice to have a variety of price ranges to choose from. 

FAQs – Gifts for Horse Lovers

What should every horse owner own?

Horse owners need to have the proper grooming accessories to ensure they keep up with their horse’s personal hygiene. In addition, a horse rider should have the appropriate gear to ride their horse to make sure they and their horse stay safe. It’s a lot of work to own a horse, and there is a lot that goes into the process, so it’s best to have all the appropriate gear to ensure you can keep your horse happy and healthy. 

How old should a horse be when you buy one?

Whether you are a new horse lover or you’ve loved horses for as long as you can remember, it’s important to know the appropriate age to purchase one. If you have not bought a horse in the past, it’s best to find one somewhere between 10 and 20 years of age. This allows the horse to mature some before it is ready for you to become its owner. Horses can have a lengthy lifetime, so buying a 15-year-old horse still allows you to have plenty of time with them. 

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