28 Best Gifts for Pokémon Fans

Pokemon had its big debut in 1996 in Japan and has since gained an impressive following of people of all ages. Below, we’ll take a look at the best gift for a Pokemon fan of any age. 

Best Gifts for Pokémon Fans

Pokemon Go Catchmon

MEGACOM Dual Catchmon for GO 2 Accounts, Auto Catch, Spin, Speedy Upgrade to Earn Candy, XP & Stardust, Always on One Touch Reconnection (White)

Does the Pokefan in your life play the mobile game Pokemon Go? The Pokemon Go Catchmon can be activated with the touch of a button. It connects using Bluetooth to a mobile device and works with the pre-existing Pokemon go app on the phone to help you collect candy, XP, and stardust to complete upgrades. They can even automatically catch different Pokemon they encounter throughout the day, even when they don’t have time to open the app on their phone! 

The Catchmon by MEGACOM makes it easier for busy adults to play the mobile game. It’s something that the Pokemon enthusiast in your life is sure to appreciate! 

Pikachu Ceramic Mug

16 OZ Pokemon OFFICIAL Pikachu Face Molded Yellow Ceramic Coffee Mug, Novelty GIFT for Pokemon fans

That person in your life will love this Pikachu Ceramic Mug. This mug holds 16 ounces of liquid, whether their favorite drink is coffee, cocoa, or tea. They could even use this for soup because of its rounded shape. 

The high-quality ceramic has a painted design that won’t fade with time (as long as you wash it by hand). It features Pikachu’s face on the front, complete with rosy cheeks and 3D ears that point back. On the back, you’ll find a handle so you can carry the mug even when it’s hot. The rounded design and bright colors bring this to life. It’ll be perfect for them as they start their day!

Monopoly: Pokemon

MONOPOLY: Pokemon Kanto Edition

This Kanto edition of Monopoly: Pokemon is the perfect gift for game night. Whether you play with family or friends, there are hours of fun to be had to play Monopoly. This has similar rules to traditional Monopoly gameplay with a fun twist featuring all your favorite Pokemon characters. 

As you travel around the board, this game requires players to buy different Pokemon sets instead of properties. Different types of Pokeballs replace the railroads and all 8 gyms are featured on the board. As you build, there are Pokemarts and Pokecenters instead of houses and hotels. 

As gameplay commences, you’ll also play as some of your favorite characters. This comes with metal Pokemon figures including Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Eevee. There’s plenty of fun to be had by everyone with this Monopoly Pokemon game! 

Funko Pop! Bulbasaur

The Funko Pop! Bulbasaur is a great gift for the Pokemon collector in your life. This collectible figure stands about 2.75″ tall and has a detailed Pokemon design in true Pop! vinyl style. 

Does the Pokemon lover in your life already have Bulbasaur in their collection? You can also find lots of other Funko Pop! collectibles, including Grumpy Pikachu, Eevee, Mewtwo, Squirtle, and more. Gotta catch ’em all!

Pickachu Coin Bank

This unique Pickachu Coin Bank makes a cute collectible for people of all ages. Just place a coin on top of the box in the designated area. When you set it down, you’ll hear a delighted Pika Pika Pika Pikachu! as Pikachu and his paw come out of the box to pull the coin inside. 

Kids will be delighted by this and adults might find it a cute collectible too. You can take the coins out to make Pikachu pop out of his box over and over again. 

Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Snap for Nintendo Switch lets players take photos and fill their Pokedex as they explore lush jungles and mysterious islands. It’s all-new territory to explore and players can use the photos they take to customize their Pokedex. They can even add stickers to the photos! 

There is plenty to do in this fun game. If the Pokefan in your life has a Nintendo Switch, it would make the perfect gift. In addition to filling their Pokedex, they’ll work closely with Doctor Mirror to understand the Illumina phenomenon, something that gives certain Pokemon a unique glow! They can also learn more by taking photos of multiple Pokemon interacting in their natural habitats. This game offers hours and hours of fun! 

Interactive My Partner Eevee

Pokemon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Eevee - Reacts to Touch & Sound, Over 50 Different Interactions with Movement and Sound - Eevee Dances, Moves & Speaks - Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Who wouldn’t love a Pokemon of their own they could play with? The Interactive My Partner Eevee is a 5″ figure that reacts to different touches and sounds. Altogether, there are over 50 ways that Eevee can respond through tail and ear movement, sound, and more. Eevee even dances to music and you can put him or her in attack mode by petting their head!  

This is a great choice for younger kids, as well as people who love collecting Pokemon memorabilia. Eevee will be a companion for many years to come. 

Detective Pikachu Hi-hat Café

Mega Construx Pokemon Detective Pikachu Hi-hat Café Construction Set with character figures, Building Toys for Kids (328 Pieces)

Who doesn’t love sitting down and building with Legos? The Detective Pikachu Hi-hat Café by Mega Construx is a great project for the Pokefan in your life. This set contains 328 pieces and builds an entire scene, including a coffee station and backsplash, dishes, table and stool, and more. It also contains two buildable and posable figures- Ludicolo and Detective Pikachu! 

In addition to posable figures, this has a hand-activated cafe shelf. You can re-enact the scene where glasses and cups spill on Ludicolo. Another major benefit of this set is that it’s compatible with the other building Pokemon sets in the Mega Construx Detective Pikachu line, including Detective Pikachu’s Office.

Pikachu Onesie

The Pikachu Onesie by SAZAC Kigurumi is an officially licensed Pokemon manufacturer. This jumpsuit features high-quality design and stitching, complete with a cute, Pikachu face on the hood. 

With the one-size-fits-all design and loose, flowing fabric, this is perfect for a Pokemon fan of any size. They also make an extra-large, which is perfect for people who are taller than six feet. Whether they wear this as a costume, to the store, or around the house, your loved one will love this super comfortable onesie. 

Pokemon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures (7 Volume Set - Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for all ages)

The Pokemon Adventures boxed set comes with 7 manga chapters in true Japanese style. They read right to left instead of left to right and pick up right where Pokemon Red and Blue leave off. Written by Hidenori Kusaka and illustrated by Mako, these books are something any Pokemon collector should have. 

Pokemon enthusiasts of all ages will appreciate this set, whether to read or to put up on a shelf as part of their collection. The seven-book set will give hours of entertainment. Even collectors will appreciate this, especially because the books come inside a storage box that is sealed carefully in plastic. 

Bulbasaur Mini Planters

2pc Set 3.5'' Bulbasaur Planters - Great for Poke Fans, Succulents, Houseplants, Echeveria, Jade Plant, Air Plants | Small Size Double Pack Mini Flowerpot Planter Pot 8.8cm Tall

This set of Bulbasaur Planters is the perfect gift for the loved one in your life who also has a green thumb. It is a set of two 3″ tall planters that are made from durable ceramic, making them the perfect decoration for the home or office. These planters also have drain holes for growing living plants in the pot. They are the perfect size for mini succulents. 

Don’t worry if your loved one isn’t the best at gardening. They can also be put on display using artificial succulents- just use the included rubber plug to cover the drain hold so your decorations don’t fall out. 

Crystal Ball Night Light

3D Crystal Ball Toys Games Night Light Color Changing Lamp for Kids Room Christmas and Birthday Gifts USB Or Battery Powered

This Crystal Ball Night Light by Kaitnax will get plenty of use in any Pokefan’s home. It features a unique, 3D design that projects Pokemon favorites into the enclosed circle, so you can imagine they’re sitting in a real Pokeball. There are seven different single-color modes, as well as two different modes where the lights gradually change color. 

This is great for kids to use for a night light or adults to use as a decoration. The unique crystal design, LED lights, and 3D etching makes this a quality light that will add a pop of personality to any room. 

Collapsible Pokeman Storage Basket

Franco Kids Room Collapsible Storage Bin Pop Up Hamper, One Size, Pokemon

Who doesn’t have dirty laundry? This Collapsible Pokeman Storage Basket is made from high-quality canvas, which is less likely to rip than mesh that makes up many collapsible storage baskets. It is white, featuring cute black-and-white Pikachu cartoons all over. There are also two sturdy handles, which make the basket easy to carry. 

The cute design of this basket also makes it a great choice for decorating a room or storing stuffed animals, toys, or socks and undergarments. As an added benefit, the canvas is coated on the inside with waterproof PE, helping reduce the chance of the basket getting stained or dirty if you use it for laundry. 

Battle Figure 10-Pack

Pokémon Official Ultimate Battle Figure 10-Pack - 2

This Battle Figure 10-Pack comes with ten perfectly posed Pokemon for heading into battle. It is loaded with fan favorites including Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Haunter, Magikarp, Charmander, Jigglypuff, Jolteon, and Charizard. 

Six of these figures are smaller- the Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Jigglypuff figures all have action poses and stand 2″ tall. There are also three 3″ figures, each with moving parts so you can pose them- Haunter, Jolteon, and Magikarp. Finally, the Charizard figure stands 4.5″ tall and has moving parts, complete with a fiery arrow that shoots from his mouth during battle. It’s the perfect starter pack for anyone’s collection. 

Charmander PopSocket

PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top for Phones & Tablets - Pokemon - Charmander

Who doesn’t have a phone in today’s world? This Charmander PopSocket is perfect the perfect accessory for Androids and iPhones. This particular model features Charmander on checkered blue background, but this is also available in designs featuring different types of Pokeballs, as well as Pokemon like Eevee, Squirtle, and Pikachu. 

PopSockets hold tight to the back of any phone, making it easier to hold them in your hand. There are also PopSocket mounts, which let you go into hands-free watching. Something else that the Pokemon lover in your life will appreciate is that the tops of these PopSockets are interchangeable. They can easily swap out the different designs, without worrying about reapplying the PopSocket to the back of their phone. 

Pokémon Trainer Guess Game

Basic Fun Pokémon Trainer Guess: Johto Edition - Electronic Game

Do you have someone in your life who thinks they’re a Pokemon expert? The Trainer Guess Game features Pokemon from the Johto and Kanto regions- all 251 of them! To play, all you do is think of a Pokemon and answer “yes” and “no” questions as the game tries to identify the chosen Pokemon. 

This uses voice recognition, which helps the game understand your answers while playing the game. It also comes with a handy trainer’s guide, helping your loved one learn more about any Pokemon they might not be familiar with. 

Nano Building Blocks Bundle

Nanoblock Building Blocks Pokemon Pikachu (130pcs), Charmander (120pcs) & Squirtle (120pcs) Gift Set Bundle - 3 Pack

The Nano Building Blocks Bundle is perfect for the collector in your life. These detailed figurines are the perfect little project that can be put on display once assembled. The set comes with Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle. 

Nano Blocks are a challenge because of their incredibly small size. They require attention to detail and plenty of patience, as your loved one creates micro-sized, 3-dimensional art that fits in the palm of their hand. While the smaller-sized blocks pose a challenge, this comes with detailed instructions that make creating the figure a little bit easier. 

Pokemon Table Lamp

Idea Nuova Pokemon Die Cut Double Shade Table Lamp, Yellow

This Pokemon Table Lamp is the perfect decoration for any room of the home. The lamp stands 18″ tall and uses a 40W bulb. It is made of durable metal and die-cut graphics, complete with a Pokeball pull chain. 

The lampshade on this features a large Pikachu head in the center, surrounded by Pikachu characters in several different moods. Its cute design is perfect for any Pokefan’s home, being perfect to show off their love of this iconic character. 

Snooze Action Snorlax

Pokemon Snooze Action Snorlax Plush, 10-Inch Plush Toy - Features Over 20 Authentic Snorlax Sounds, with 2 Modes of Play: Asleep & Awake, Plus Vibrating Belly - Eats Pecha Berry (Included)

Snooze Action Snorlax is the perfect bedside companion for Pokemon fans of all ages. The 10-inch plushie is super soft and perfect for snuggling. It is also interactive, having two different modes of play (awake mode and asleep mode) and making 20 different sounds. 

Snorlax comes with a Pecha berry you can feed him when his tummy grumbles. You can really feel the rumbling and this Pokemon’s mouth and tail light up. Whether your headed to bed or going on adventures, he’ll be the perfect companion. 

Pokemon Puzzle 4-Pack

Buffalo Games - 4 in 1 Multipack - Pokemon, 500

The Pokemon Puzzle 4-Pack by Buffalo Games will keep the Pokemon enthusiast in your life entertained for hours. When they’re finished, they can take the puzzles apart to do again in the future or save them and hang them on the walls. Even they don’t want to hang the puzzles themselves, this comes with four different four-color posters that also serve as guides to the puzzles in the box. They will appreciate that this is officially licensed Pokemon merchandise. 

This Pokemon puzzle set comes with three puzzles that have 300 pieces each. It also has a larger panoramic puzzle, loaded with Pokemon and having 500 pieces. Another major benefit of buying this from Buffalo Games is the quality. These puzzles have a “Perfect Snap” fit so you can be sure the right pieces are together and minimal dust in the box because of the die-cutting. Additionally, if they get the puzzle together and have a missing piece, there is an order form where they can order a replacement, as long as the puzzle as been manufactured in the last four years. 

Clip-n-Carry Pokeball Belt

Pokémon Clip & Carry Poké Ball Belt

The Clip-n-Carry Pokeball Belt is perfect for roleplaying or cosplay. It comes with 1 traditional Pokeball, 1 nest-type Pokeball (better for grass Pokemon), and a 2″ Pikachu figure. The size of this makes it a good gift for kids or young adults. Children will love collecting different Pokemon to put in the balls and teens would love this for cosplaying. 

The belt buckle is adjustable for the perfect fit. It also holds up to six different balls at once, so it’s easy to build a team of your favorites. These standard-sized Pokeballs are compatible with 2″ Pokemon figurines like the ones mentioned earlier in this article.  

Pikachu Sunglasses

Sun-Staches Pokémon Pikachu Official Sunglasses Costume with UV400 Lenses, Pikachu Yellow Mask, One Size Fits Most

These Pikachu Sunglasses are officially licensed and the perfect way to kick off any pool party, barbecue, or a day at the beach. These shades are cute and practical, featuring UV400 protection and impact-resistant lenses. 

The Sun-Staches brand was originally featured on Shark Tank. Get one of their most popular items, the Pikachu Sunglasses, for the Pokefan in your life. They’ll enjoy showing off their love for Pokemon in style! 

Customizable Pokemon Gift

Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her - Romantic Present for Boyfriend or Girlfriend - Personalized I Love You Gift for Wife and Girlfriend (My Best Catch)

This Pokemon Anniversary Gift can be customized to show your boyfriend or girlfriend you care. It is a tiny, cute bottle with a Pokeball inside, adorned with a special message. You can choose from one of three messages- “I choose you”, “My best catch”, or “I’m so glad I found you”. 

This also comes with three different packaging options. It comes in a tiny cardboard gift package, in a teal box with a blue ribbon, or inside of a house where you can hang the bottle and put it on display. 

Pokemon Mad Libs

Pokemon Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game

The Pokemon Mad Libs is the gift that will have the whole family laughing. To play, you fill in the blanks and then read the story. This paperback copy has 48 pages and plenty of stories, so there’s plenty of fun to be had. 

For people who need refreshers, there’s even a page describing what each of the word types (adverb, noun, etc.) are at the beginning of the book. Use the list of word types you need at the beginning of each story so you don’t have any sneak peeks of what’s going to happen, making this book truly entertaining. This is perfect for ages 8 and older, and even for teens or adults that enjoy mad libs. 

Pokemon Trading Cards

Kapow Cards Holo Rare Pokemon Bundle: 50+ Cards = 50 Pokemon Cards + 5 Holofoil Rare Pokemon Cards + 3 Foil Cards, Includes Collection Deck Box!

This Holo Rare Pokemon Trading Cards is perfect for the Pokefan who loves getting together with friends for a quick battle, competing in tournaments, or even just for collecting some of their favorites. Something nice about this set from Lightening Card is that it comes with guarantees, including 3 foil cards and 3 holographic/rare cards. It also comes with 50 random Pokemon card to expand their collection. 

The Pokemon TCG set also comes with a Lightning Deck Box, perfect for storing the cards and keeping them in good condition until they are added to a binder or taken out for battle. These are authentic Pokemon cards that the fan in your life is sure to appreciate.

Jumbo Eevee Building Set

Mega Pokémon Building Toys Set Jumbo Eevee with 824 Pieces, Articulated and Poseable, 11 Inches Tall, for Kids (Amazon Exclusive)

The Jumbo Eevee Building Set by Mega Construx is the perfect challenge for the Pokemon enthusiast in your life. It is made from over 800 pieces and comes with a full-color, detailed manual that is easy to understand. Once assembled, Eevee stands an impressive 11.5″ tall. Eevee can also be placed into a sitting or standing position and has posable legs, ears, and tails. 

This is perfect for a Pokefan of any age because it makes a great collector’s item once it has been assembled. It also poses a challenge, so it offers hours of entertainment. 

Pokemon Trading Card Binder

Pokke Card Binder for Cards - 9 Pocket, 540 Trading Card Games Collection Binder with 30 Removable Sleeves

If the Pokemon fan in your life doesn’t have a binder for their cards (or they’re running out of room), the Pokemon Trading Card Binder is the perfect gift. This binder features an iconic red, black, and white design that hints at the wonders inside. It also comes with 30 card sheets that hold a total of 18 cards each (9 on the front and 9 on the back). This is a total of 540 cards- perfect for the avid collector! 

For people who want to preserve their collection, this is made from 300D waterproof polyester. It’s the perfect place to store cards whether they are going to a friend’s house to battle, traveling to a Pokemon tournament, or just need somewhere safe to preserve their collection. 

Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook

Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 875 Characters

The Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook is a must-have for a fan of any age’s collection. It is packed full of information on 900 different Pokemon- and the best way to catch ’em all is to know more about them! 

This Pokemon Handbook has 560 pages dedicated to telling the reader everything they want to know about Pokemon. While it’s well-organized and designed for kids, most collectors would enjoy having this as part of their collection. It has even been updated with some of the newest Pokemon in addition to all the originals, including those from the Sword and Shield video games. It’ll definitely be helpful as your loved one explores different regions and learns about new Pokemon if they haven’t played through all the games yet. 

How We Selected Gifts for Pokemon Fans

Age Range

Pokemon is something that delights people of all ages, so we tried to include a wide variety of products suitable for different ages. 


Sometimes, the best gift is one that your loved one can actually use. There are several types of mugs and travel cups featuring favorite Pokemon characters, as well as things that can be worn like pajama pants or socks. 


For kids, teens, and playful adults, a fun Pokemon gift that they can really enjoy might be the best choice. Some good options include posable figurines or a board game that could be enjoyed with friends. Things that can be built like Legos or puzzles might also provide some entertainment. 


For a serious Pokemon collector, authentic memorabilia from the Pokemon franchise might be a great gift. Take a look at your Pokefan’s collection next time you’re at their house or ask them about their favorites (most Pokefan’s love talking about it). Official Pokemon merchandise makes a great gift, from Trading Cards to licensed figurines that they can put on display. 

FAQs – Gifts for Pokemon Fans

What should you get a kid who likes Pokemon?

The best gift for a kid who likes Pokemon is something they can play with. Pokemon stuffies are always a good choice, as are Pokemon figurines that can be played with. One of my personal favorites is Snooze Action Snorlax and My Interactive Eevee.  

What should you get an adult who likes Pokemon?

Some great gifts for an adult who likes Pokemon include Pokemon Trading Card packs or a ceramic Bulbasaur flowerpot. You could also buy figurines that they can pose and put on display, particularly if they like collecting different Pokemon items. Any clothing or household items that they can use are also a good choice. 

What kind of Pokemon toys and memorabilia are there?

Much like the age range of Pokefans, there’s a wide variety of gifts to get someone who loves Pokemon. There are things that your Pokefan can wear or use like the Pikachu Onesie or the Pikachu Ceramic Mug. For people looking to collect Pokemon or have fun with friends, there are Trading Cards, figurines, and board games. Pokemon is also available in several different types of media, including video games, movies, television shows, and manga. 

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