31 Best Gifts for Engineering Students 2023

Engineering students are some of the brightest and most stressed-out people around. If you’re looking to buy a gift for one, check out this list of awesome gift ideas for engineering students!

Best Gift Ideas for Engineering Students

I’m Not Arguing T-Shirt

The I’m Not Arguing T-Shirt is a humorous gift idea for engineering students who always thinks that they’re right. It perfectly captures the essence of an engineering student. Get this for anyone who isn’t scared to admit that they can be quite hardheaded when it comes to a good argument.

Contigo Travel Mug

Engineering students need to spend countless hours studying for exams, working on labs, or going to their internships. All that energy definitely requires lots of coffee! This Contigo Travel Mug is a perfect gift for the sleep-deprived engineering student who is always on the go. It will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours and hours with its vacuum insulation. Plus, the sealing lid will prevent spills and make it easy to transport.

Sharp Pocket Calculator


An engineering student could always use a calculator. And, while the calculators built into smartphones are nice, they can be annoying and often don’t have every function that an engineering student may need.

Get an engineering student this Sharp Pocket Calculator. They’ll love how easy it is to take with them everywhere. It has all the functions that they’ll need for quick, on-the-go calculations.

Engineer I Try T-Shirt

This Engineer I Try T-Shirt is a great idea for any engineer who has got a bit of attitude. They’ll love the sarcastic slogan on this shirt. It says who they are and what they’re like! It’s also quite stylish and would make a great everyday t-shirt or pajama shirt.

Marich Chocolate Espresso Beans

Marich - Stand Up Bag - 7oz (Chocolate Espresso Beans)

Remember when we said that engineering students are often crazy busy and need lots of caffeine? Instead of giving them coffee, get them something stronger buy gifting them these Dark Chocolate Beans. They are super delicious and will give your engineering student that kick of energy they need.

Smart Planner Pro


A busy schedule often means lots of necessary planning. Get a busy engineering student the Smart Planner Pro. This daily planner is blank, so it doesn’t matter what month or year you gift it in. It also means that they can choose the days they want to plan and skip months when they don’t have school. An engineering student will love planning out their days with this highly rated planner.

Solving Problems Keychain

The Solving Problems Keychain is a great gift for an engineering student who is proud of their studies. The funny saying will make them laugh while they nod their head admitting that it is true. They’ll also love using this as an accessory for carrying their keys.

What Part Of… T-Shirt

The What Part Of… T-shirt is specifically for mechanical engineering students. They constantly have to look at crazy equations that wouldn’t make sense to the majority of people. We don’t understand the equations, and you don’t have to either. Just know that your mechanical engineering student will understand the shirt, and they’ll definitely love it!

Yoda Best Engineer Mug

Any Star Wars fan will love the Yoda Best Engineer Mug. Not only does it include a pun (which engineers LOVE) but it also includes a beloved Star Wars character and shows them that you think they’re great. It’s a win, win, win!

Mechanical Engineering PopSocket

PopSockets are little supports that you can stick on the back of a large smartphone, making it easier to hold and manage with one hand. This Mechanical Engineering PopSocket is super funny and almost exactly explains the life of a mechanical engineering student.

BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pens


Engineers constantly have to be writing reports, taking notes, and drawing up crazy diagrams. That means they need good writing utensils and lots of colors. These BIC Ballpoint Pens are the perfect gift for any engineering student. They will make drawing graphs and writing out equations a breeze. Trust us, you’re engineering student will love them.

Sorel Explorer Joan Boots

If you’re engineering student has to go to school where it’s super cold or snows a lot, she’ll love these Sorel Explorer Boots for walking to class. They’re really cute and super comfortable. They also come in tons of different colors. These boots are the perfect winter gift for a woman in engineering.

(P.S. We’ve got boots for guys on our list, too! Just keep scrolling.)

Anker Portable Charger

Being out of the house all day means risking your phone battery dying, especially if you use it a lot while you’re out. Any engineering student will love this Portable Charger from Anker for keeping their phone and other accessories charged throughout the day. It’s sleek, lightweight, and small, making it super easy to carry around in a backpack, purse, or pocket.

Senneny Metal Straws

Engineers tend to be pretty environmentally conscious people. Not only are they on top of all the latest tech trends, but they’re also big on staying green. This Steel Straws Set is a great gift for the engineering student who cares deeply about the environment.

There’s enough here for each day of the week, or for sharing with friends! This set also comes with a transport bag and two cleaning brushes.

Engineering Nutrition Facts Mug

The Engineering Nutrition Facts Mug is a funny gift to give any engineering student. Mugs are always such a fun gift to give. They’re useful and can easily be personalized. This mug is a funny gift idea for any engineering student. They will laugh at just how accurate the numbers are.

All-Weather Spiral Notebooks


These All-Weather Spiral Notebooks are perfect for any engineering student who has to take notes in messy lab settings. The paper in these notebooks will repel water, sweat, grease, mud, and could even survive a trip through the washing machine! These notebooks are also 100% recyclable. Just make sure to get some weather-proof pens to go with this set of 3 notebooks!

Gerber Suspension Multi-Pliers


Engineers tend to have a common curiosity and a passion for building and creating. These Gerber Multi-Pliers are a great gift for the handy engineering student. These pliers include 12 different components for use. They’re also lightweight and easy to use and transport.

Casio G-Shock Sport Watch

Looking at your phone to know what time it is can be annoying, especially if your hands are full or dirty. This Casio Sport Watch is a great gift for any engineer who doesn’t have a watch already. Casio makes great digital watches that last. This watch is shock and water-resistant and also includes a chronograph function.

Playable Art Rainbow Balls

The Playable Art Rainbow Balls are great for helping an engineering student unwind after a long day (or week). They can use the 20 multi-colored balls to build complicated 3-D structures that are pleasing to the eye. These polished wooden balls are connected with flexible joints that make creating different structures easy and super entertaining.

Blue Screen Of Death T-shirt

The Blue Screen Of Death T-shirt is a great gift for a true geek. It’s the perfect gift for a computer engineering student or any engineer who loves computers. They’ll completely understand the pain of the blue screen of death and love this fun and stylish t-shirt.

Strongest Women Mug


It’s no secret that the grand majority of engineering students are men. Even if that is slowly changing, it’s always a good idea to recognize the hard work of a woman. The Strongest Women Mug is a great gift for any female engineering student. Show her how great you think she is with this very special gift.

GreenLunch Bento Box

Engineering students are often out of the house all day long. That means they don’t have time to run home and eat. Give them a truly awesome lunchbox experience with this3-in-1 Bento Box. This eco-friendly lunchbox holds a good amount of food and doesn’t contain any plastic.

Sperry Avenue Duck Boot

Male engineering students need to walk through rain and mud on their way to class too. Get them these Avenue Duck Boots for comfortable walking through the fall, winter, and spring. These boots are great because they’re stylish, comfortable, and practical!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Engineering students have a ton of work to do. These days, that means a lot of time spent in front of computer screens writing up reports or running analyses. Get your engineering student these Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect their eyes from the harsh light of computer screens. These glasses will prevent eyes from tiring out after staring at screens all day long.

Not Saying You’re Stupid Game


Even engineering students have to relax once in a while! And what is better than a trivia game where they can prove just how smart they are? The Not Saying You’re Stupid Game is a fun trivia game filled with hundreds of trivia questions where a number is always the answer. They’ll love showing off their smarts with this numbers-based trivia game.

The Idea Factory Book


Books are always a good gift idea. They might seem small, but they can really open up someone’s entire mind, give them a new outlook on life, or – at the very least – provide a few hours of entertainment. The Idea Factory is a book about the history of Bell Labs, one of the most successful innovation laboratories in America. It’s a truly engaging story that any engineer who’s hoping to innovate will love to read.

Roll-Up Portable White Board

White Boards are incredibly helpful when it comes to studying or doing group work. But sometimes, campus whiteboards can be unavailable or entirely reserved. Instead of letting your engineering student fret about finding a whiteboard, give them their very own Portable White Board. This easily portable whiteboard will come in handy often, especially during finals week. Just make sure to buy some dry erase markers to go with it.

The Pocket Scientist

Just like a pocket calculator, any engineering student could use The Pocket Scientist. This small tool is engraved with tons of information. It’s got the periodic table, a ruler, an arc for drawing angles, equations for physics and chemistry, and unit conversions. The Pocket Scientist is the perfect helper tool for an engineering student. Plus, it’s easy to carry around because it’s about the same size as a credit card.

Ergonomic Desk Chair

Lots of studying means lots of time spent sitting at a desk. The wrong chair could lead to tons of physical problems like back and neck pain, poor posture, and low energy. This Ergonomic Desk Chair is a fantastic gift for an engineering student. It’s built to provide the highest comfort and support while sitting at a desk.

3Doodler Printing Pen

Engineering students may not seem like it sometimes, but they are really creative people! Get them to focus on their creative side by gifting them the 3D Printing Pen. This super cool gadget prints out plastic in the form that you draw it. It will be tons of fun for an engineering student to take a break from studying and create.

Portable Espresso Machine

I bet you’re finally catching onto our caffeine theme with this list! Any engineering student will love this manually operated Portable Espresso Machine. With it, they can have fresh espresso anywhere they go. Plus, they don’t need to worry about running out of batteries.

How We Selected the Best Gifts for Engineering Students

University Student Life

If you’ve been a college student, you know what it’s like. Lots of walking, long hours in the library, even longer days outside of your room. Being an engineering student is just like that, but even more stressful because they tend to have a lot more work than the average student. So, we thought about what gifts might be good for an average student, and then thought about what gifts might be good for a student who’s got it a little bit harder. And, voila! You have our list of gift ideas for engineering students.

Asking Engineering Students

Our staff is lucky enough to know some engineering students, which made writing this article much easier. We asked these ex- and present engineering students exactly what they would want as gifts. We took those ideas and added a few more to create this curated list of gifts for engineering students.

FAQs – Gifts for Engineering Students

What are some good gifts for an engineer?

It’s important to remember that engineers are people too! That means that they’ll like pretty much anything that has to do with their hobbies and interests. If you would like to get an engineer a gift that is tailored to their identity as an engineer, a lot of these gifts would be great for engineers who are no longer students. For example, the trivia game, the Pocket Scientist, and the 3D pen are all great suggestions.

What gift do I give a female engineering student?

This is a great question. But, just because an engineering student is a women doesn’t mean that she would dislike whatever gift you would get a male engineer. Most of the gifts we have listed can actually be great for any engineering student! We’ve even included two items that are specific to women, in case you are looking for something like that.

What are some practical gifts for an engineer?

Engineers are all about practicality, so it makes sense that you want to get them a practical gift. A lot of the gifts in our list are practical things that an engineering student would use almost every day. For example, walking boots for the snow, a nice lunch box, and multi-pliers are all practical gifts that we have listed in our article.

Abby Capella

Abby Capella is an English as a Second Language teacher who loves gifts. She thinks giving gifts is a fun thing to do and provides an opportunity to think about someone you love in a really cool way. She also (of course) loves to receive gifts.