38 Best Gifts for Crafters 2023

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the favorite crafter in your life, look no further. Here is a list of the best gifts for crafters, young and old. 

Best Gifts for Adult Crafters 

Go Away I’m Crafting! T-Shirt

The Go Away I’m Crafting T-Shirt is the perfect way to tell everyone in your home you’d like some privacy while you get your craft on. As the first one on the list of the best gifts for crafters, the humorous crafting t-shirt is available in 8 colors, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect color for the favorite crafter in your life. The shirt comes in various sizes for men, women, and youth. The light-hearted shirt is both practical and fun. 

My Woman Cave Sign 


If you know someone with their very own sewing room, then the My Woman Cave Sign is a must-add to their crafting space. You can easily frame the 11 x 14 print before giving the gift to the best crafter in your life. While it looks like a rustic metal piece, it is actually a piece of paper that gives a fun, rustic vibe. Consider putting a matte around the picture and then putting it in the frame. It will be a perfect addition to a crafter’s dream sewing room. 

Canvas Apron 


If you know someone who is always looking for their crafting tools, consider getting them a Canvas Apron. The apron has 10 pockets of different sizes, perfect for keeping their necessary items. In addition, the apron has an adjustable strap to fit around any crafter’s neck. The canvas apron is made out of waxed canvas to ensure it can stand up to any craft project. The gift recipient will enjoy the long waist that will help prevent getting anything on their clothes. 

Crafting Is My Therapy T-Shirt 

The Crafting Is My Therapy T-Shirt is an ideal gift for anyone on your crafting gift-giving list. Therapy doesn’t always have to be lying down on a couch; it can be working on your next craft project. The therapeutic shirt comes in 8 different colors and provides a lightweight fit. As one of the best gifts for crafters, the shirt offers a fun piece of attire to wear as one is working away. The shirt is a great way to show a crafter that you understand how important the craft is to them. 

OCD (Obsessive Crafting Disorder Mug

Crafting Sewing Art Coffee Mugs - Obsessive Crafting Disorder - Sew Amazing - Art Made Here - Creativity Contagious (Obsessive Crafting Disorder)

The Obsessive Crafting Disorder Mug is the perfect way for a crafter to show off their love of crafting, all while drinking their coffee or tea. The ceramic mug holds 15 oz of their favorite beverage and can go in both the microwave and dishwasher, making it not only useful but practical as well. Crafters don’t have time to hand wash their dishes; they have crafts to make! 

Vinyl Holder Mount

If you know someone who is a master on their Cricut machine but doesn’t have enough space for all their vinyl, consider the Vinyl Holder Mount. The holder conveniently can store 14 rolls of vinyl, making it easy to access, and then place the vinyl back in its designated spot. In addition, the holder can mount to the wall to help clear off space in their work area. The holder is made from high-quality plastic to ensure it will last for years to come. 

Crafty And I Know It T-Shirt

This one may just put a little jingle in your head. The Crafty and I Know It T-Shirt is sure to put a smile on its recipient’s face. It’s hard not to sing the words instead of only reading them. You can even throw a little dance in with it as well. The fun crafty shirt comes in 10 different colors and is available in several sizes. The lightweight shirt is perfect for the craft lover in your life. 

Storage Craft Bag 


For the crafter who has everything, get them something to put everything in. The Storage Craft Bag makes keeping all supplies in one place a breeze. Crafters will love all 12 available storage spaces available to store their tools and they will appreciate the carrying handles on top. The bag is made of durable polyester to ensure it can stand up to the weight of all its contents. In addition, it can easily collapse for storage when not in use. Although, your favorite crafter likely will make use out of it all the time. 

Crafting Queen T-Shirt

The Crafting Queen T-Shirt is spot on for the queen in your life who can’t get enough of crafting. If your friend or family member eats, sleeps, and breathes crafting, then they are most certainly a crafting queen. You won’t have a hard time finding their favorite color with the 9 choices available. In addition, sizes run from small to 2XL to be sure you can find something for anyone. The v-neck shirt will get plenty of wear from its gift recipient. 

I’d Rather Be Crafting Keychain 

The I’d Rather Be Crafting Keychain reminds crafters at all times what they would truly rather be doing. Whether they are sitting in the DMV or waiting in line at the grocery store, crafters can look down at their keychain and be reminded of their love for crafting. The keyring measures 3 cm in diameter and is made of stainless steel. The gift recipient will be happy to know their new keychain is lead and nickel-free, along with being hypo-allergenic. There is no worry about this crafty keychain rusting or tarnishing. 

I’m Crafting T-Shirt 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the I’m Crafting T-Shirt could get you out of occasions where you didn’t want to be? Perhaps the crafter in your life would rather be in front of their Cricut machine, instead of in front of their computer desk. While the t-shirt may not get them out of work, it is a fun way to show off one’s love for crafting. The lightweight t-shirt comes in 6 different colors and an assortment of sizes. 

Keep Calm And Craft On Apron 

Does your favorite crafter also love to cook? Then the Keep Calm And Craft On Apron is right up their alley. In fact, they don’t even need it for cooking; they can also use it for crafting. The creative apron comes in 4 different colors and has an adjustable neck strap to ensure it offers the perfect fit. The soft cotton apron measures 29″ in length, and the front of the apron sports two pockets, perfect for stashing necessary supplies. 

Crafting Is My SuperPower Sweatshirt 

Sure, superpowers like flying and being invisible are great, but what about crafting? The Crafting Is My SuperPower Sweatshirt is the ultimate gift for any crafter. On those cold winter nights, this sweatshirt is sure to keep any crafter warm as they are working away. There are 4 lovely colors to choose from, so you will have no problem picking the best one out for your friend or family member. Keep in mind; every superhero has their kryptonite, so make sure you pick out the correct size. 

I’m Crafty Throw Pillow

The I’m Crafty Throw Pillow is a wonderful addition to a craft room or just a crafter’s family room. The pillow shows off to all the home’s visitors the true love a crafter has for their favorite passion in life. The 18 x 18 pillow is made from 100% polyester and is sewn shut. There are no worries about a zipper breaking and having stuffing pile out. In addition, the quote is displayed on both sides of the pillow, so it doesn’t matter which way it’s placed back on the couch. It will always display their new favorite quote. 

Small Business Thank You Stickers 


If your favorite crafter also runs their own small business, then Thank You Stickers are a superb gift for their merchandise. The round stickers easily can go on a package or wrapped up tissue package. It’s a nice special touch to a homemade gift. The package comes with 500 pieces so that the gift recipient will be set for a while. Each sticker measures 1.5″ and is easy to peel and stick. Doesn’t get much easier than that. 

Jesus Coffee Crafting T-Shirt 

Jesus Coffee Crafting, does one need much else? The sweet Christan t-shirt comes in 10 different colors and a variety of sizes. The lightweight shirt is the perfect addition to any crafter’s wardrobe collection while expressing love for three of their favorite things in life. A person of faith will love showing off that they also have a love for Jesus while they love crafting. It’s an exceptional shirt that will resonate with the crafter in your life. 

Rolling Storage Cart 


If you know your crafty friend is running out of space for all their gear, the Rolling Storage Cart is the perfect solution for them. The cart comes with 12 drawers, 4 of which are larger than the other 8. In total, the storage cart measures 15 x 25 x 32. The drawers are transparent, making it easy for someone to see directly to be sure they can easily access their tools. In addition, the cart comes on wheels, making it convenient to roll from one room to the next. The receiver will be grateful to have a place to keep everything organized finally. 

Yarn Tote

Another one of the best gifts for crafters is a handy Yarn Tote. The tote has 8 convenient holes on top to pull yarn through. It helps prevent yarn from getting tangled up with each other and a mound of yarn rolls overtaking a crafter’s work area. Rubber stoppers ensure the yarn won’t just fall right into the tote. In addition, the adjustable strap also features a zippered pouch, perfect for holding needles. Any crafter will be delighted to have this convenient yard tote. 

Craft Lover T-Shirt

If you’re looking to give a humorous gift, look no further than the Craft Lover T-Shirt. The funny shirt comes in 10 different colors and plenty of sizes for any crafter in your life. The cute sombrero-wearing cactus even has on its own pair of sunglasses. The t-shirt is lightweight and a great addition to a crafter’s closet. 

Craft Storage Cabinet


Next on the list of the best gifts for crafters is the Craft Storage Cabinet. Its selection of small and large drawers allow crafters plenty of room to store all their crafting supplies. It’s wall-mountable and has plenty of draws for beads, sewing supplies, and much much more. Any crafter will be grateful to have such a purposeful cabinet to store all their crafting needs. 

MODDA Jewelry Making Kit 


If you know a crafter of jewelry, then they will greatly appreciate receiving the Jewelry Making Kit. Even beginners will love how many supplies the kit comes with; particularly the included video course. The kit comes with several tools, wires, a variety of jewels and beads, and a carrying case to keep everything in one place. If your friend is an experienced jeweler, they will still enjoy the array of jewelry-making opportunities that awaits them with the kit. Once they are finished, they will take pride in wearing their new accessories, knowing they made them by hand. 

Craft Room Sign 


Wall signs have a way of personalizing a room, which is why the Craft Room Sign makes an excellent gift. The 10″ x 5″ plaque comes on a rope hanger, making it easy to add to a door or wall. The sign is made from high-quality PVC, ensuring it will last over time. Any crafter will enjoy walking into their space with the sweet sign hanging above them. It’s a wonderful, chic gift for any crafter in your life. 

Jo-Ann Fabrics Gift Card 


If you are stumped on what to give a crafter as a gift and feel like they already have everything on the list, consider a Jo-Ann Fabrics Gift Card. With over 800 stores in 49 states, there’s a good chance there is one down the street from your friend or family member. The store is full of everything a crafter would need for their next project. It truly is one of the best gifts for crafters because the recipient can pick out exactly what they want or need.

Best Gifts for Young Crafters 

Make a Wind Chime


Kids get a lot of satisfaction when they make something themselves, which is why the Make a Wind Chime craft is so fun. Children can let their imagination soar as they build, paint, and design their own wind chime to hang up outside. The set comes with enough supplies to build one wind chime, so make sure to buy more than one if there are several young crafters in your life. The set is easy to put together and is ideal for children ages 8 and older. 

Glow In The Dark Rock Painting 


Anything that glows in the dark is awesome in itself; however, add some paint to the mix, and kids will be lining up for this activity. The Glow In The Dark Rock Painting set comes with 10 rocks and everything a child would need to make some super awesome painted rocks. If you haven’t heard, painting rocks is an entertaining activity. Kids can paint them and then hide the rocks for other kids to find around their neighborhood. The rock painting sit is best for kiddos ages 6 and up. 

Crayola Art Case 


Sometimes, the best craft project starts with a simple crayon or marker. The Crayola Art Case provides children with 140 markers, crayons, and colored pencils to create their very own masterpieces. Nobody quite knows crayons like Crayola, which is why the art case is perfect for the budding artist in your life. In addition, the set comes with 15 large pieces of paper, so the receiver can start creating the moment they open their art case. The case itself makes it convenient to store the supplies and easily transport it around the house. 

Personalized ABC Beads 


There isn’t much better than a bracelet-making kit. Kids will love the Personalized ABC Beads set and thoroughly enjoy making a plethora of bracelets. One of the most amazing parts is the awesome beads set comes in at under $10. There are over 40 pieces of jewelry and instructions for 6 different jewelry-making techniques. Kids can create words on their bracelets or use colorful beads to enhance their jewelry collection. The various colored cords add to the fun of the activity. 

Paper Plate Art Kit 


The Paper Plate Art Kit is such a simple craft activity but can bring plenty of entertainment to the little ones. Children ages 3 and up can enjoy making creative crafts out of a simple paper plate. There is no worry about supplying the recipient with paper plates, as the set comes with 10 colorful plates to start their crafting journey. In addition, there are plenty of different patterns to choose from as you are selecting the perfect gift. It’s a wonderful gift for little ones who are just starting to love the art of crafting. 

Flower Craft Kit

Possibly the best type of flowers is the ones you don’t have to water, which is why the Flower Craft Kit is perfect for young crafters. The DIY activity comes with plenty of felt flowers, buttons, and strings so a child can create their very own vase of flowers. A glass vase is included to ensure only the highest quality spot to place the newly crafted flowers by those tiny hands. Children will love creating a flower centerpiece and putting it on their dining room table. 

Art and Supplies Kit 

The majority of the time, creativity comes from within, which is why the Arts and Supplies Kit is an exceptional choice for kids. Children don’t always need an instructional manual to create something. Sometimes, they only need the right supplies. This fantastic set comes with everything a child needs to spark their creativity. The kit comes with everything from popsicle sticks to feathers and glitter glue. Giving this large set to a child will surely entertain them for hours on end. 

Paper Crafts for Kids 


Occasionally, a child has all the supplies they need, but they lack the motivation to build crafts. The Paper Crafts for Kids book gives children the inspiration they need. The fun book offers a series of activities for kids to cut out and create with. The activity book is best suited for children ages 4-8 and gives them much-needed practice with scissors. In addition, the set comes with 25 ready-to-cut templates so children can easily start creating the moment they open their new book from you. 

Create Your Own Window Art 


If you know a little one who thoroughly enjoys putting stickers around their house, but their parents would prefer otherwise, the Create Your Own Window Art kit is a phenomenal gift choice. The set comes with 12 pre-printed suncatchers, just waiting for children to decorate. Kids can use the included paint to watch their designs come to life and hang them on windows with the enclosed suction cups. The cups can easily be removed and placed on other windows in the house. Parents will thank you for saving them hours of scraping stickers off of their windows. 

Rainbow Supply Caddy 

What better way for young crafters to hold their drawing supplies than a Rainbow Supply Caddy. Kids will love the colorful desk accessory as they are creating their masterpieces. The wooden caddy has 6 different compartments and measures 11.5 x 2.75 x 4.8 inches. For children, it’s always a good idea to keep supplies in one place, so they are easily accessible. The receiver of the rainbow supply caddy will thoroughly enjoy having a beautiful place to stash their crafting goods. 

Fun and Easy Crafting


My kids stop me when I try to throw something in the recycling bin, apparently with good reason. The Fun and Easy Crafting book shows kids how to rethink the way they look at recyclable materials. When you give this book to the favorite child crafter in your life, they can take recyclable items and turn them into art. 60 unique craft ideas let a child’s imagination run wild. Kids can even take old toilet paper rolls and turn them into beautiful butterflies. 

Kids Art Smock

When children do craft projects, they can get a bit messy. This is why getting a Kids Art Smock is a great gift idea for little crafters. The two-pack of smocks are long sleeve, offering supreme coverage from paint, markers, and anything else a little one uses to create their crafts. The one-size smocks fit children ages 2-8 and close in the back with handy velcro closure. In addition, each smock has pockets in the front to help crafters store their tools. Parents will love how easy to clean the smocks are – just use soap and warm water! 

Unicorn String Art 


The Unicorn String Art kit is sure to offer a fun time to young crafters. The string simply attaches to the board by pins, so no hammer is required. In addition to the unicorn pattern, there is an additional pattern to make a heart-string art masterpiece. If the young crafter wants to get creative, they can create any design they choose. There are no limitations when it comes to a child’s imagination. Everything is included in the box, so no need for parents to scrimmage around their house for necessary tools. This is the perfect crafting gift for children ages 10 and up. 

Art and Crafts Supply Library 


The ultimate in crafting kits is the Arts and Crafts Supply Library for children. Kids will never have the opportunity to say, “I’m bored,” again with this kit of over 1,000 pieces of art supplies. The kit will bring out a child’s imagination with its pipe cleaners, pom poms, beads, googly eyes, felt pieces, and much more. All the supplies come in a handy carrying case, making clean up and storing a breeze. Any child who receives this supply library will be one happy crafter and will have no problem coming up with new craft ideas day after day. 

Build and Paint Birdhouse 

When it comes to even the youngest of crafters, the Build and Paint Birdhouse is sure to be a hit. Children as young as three can receive this crafty gift and let their imagination soar as they build and paint their own birdhouse. While a young child may need some help, there are no nails or hammering involved, so thankfully, little fingers can’t get injured. The boards simply join together with tabs. Each set comes with enough supplies to build two birdhouses. While children create and paint their birdhouse, they can proudly hang it from a tree. 

How We Selected the Best Gifts for Crafters 


Personalization doesn’t always mean putting someone’s name on something. It can also mean personalizing their craft onto the gift, like a t-shirt or mug. Crafters will be the first to tell you that you can make something from anything, and therefore the gift you are giving can mean something to almost anyone. Consider picking a person’s passion and deciding on the gift from there. 


While fun gifts are, well, fun, it’s also nice to give practical gifts that you know the recipient will get good use from. The list of the best gifts for crafters includes a combination of fun gifts to make someone smile to gifts that provide something useful. If you spend a decent amount of money on gifts, you want to make sure it’s something the receiver will thoroughly enjoy using. 

Price Value

The number of gifts we have to buy yearly can be a bit overwhelming. For that reason, the list of the best gifts for crafters kept the price to a minimum. It’s good to remember that you can buy a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank. Sometimes we get so caught up in how much money we spend that we forget why we are actually buying a gift for someone. It truly is the thought that counts. The best gifts for crafters don’t have to cost a lot of money if they come from the heart. 

FAQs – Gifts for Crafters

What’s the best gift for a crafter who has everything?

If your favorite crafter seems to have everything under the sun, what do you get them? If their supply closet is overflowing, step away from the craft store right now. Instead, consider gifting them a fun class at the local craft store. Even if they don’t need the teaching, a craft class is always a good opportunity to work on something new. In addition, any of the funny t-shirts on the list will surely put a smile on your crafter’s face. 

What supplies does a crafter need?

Crafters seem to need a variety of supplies. The most popular supplies a crafter uses are a glue gun, sewing machine, cutting mat, paintbrushes, and ribbon. This certainly is a shortened list of a crafter’s supply needs, but it gives a few ideas. If you want to get your friend or family member a supply, don’t be afraid to ask them what they need. It’s easier than trying to guess, and you are less likely to get something they already have. 

What’s the best gift for a DIY crafter?

I’m a huge fan of DIY projects, so I am fully aware of the best gifts for a fellow DIYer. Consider getting a handy toolset, utility gloves, a high-tech measuring tape, or a helpful starter kit for whichever project they are working on next. The fun of DIY projects is that things are ever-changing, and you can easily find something unique for the project they are working on. 

Kelly O'Lone

I'm a mom of three young kiddos who always seems to be running around doing something for my kids. However, I always take pride in slowing down when it comes to gift-giving. I believe you should put sincere thought into the gifts you give to show the recipient how much you care. I look forward to giving insight into the multitude of gifts that are available on the market today, all with that special person in mind.