The Best Toys & Gifts For a 9 Year Old Girl in 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for your 9 year old girl? In 2020, with styles and fads constantly changing, and kids constantly on the Internet, it can be hard to know exactly what a preteen girl wants.

Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you and compiled a list of the best gifts for a 9 year old girl in 2022. Check it out below!

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2021's Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls Women Who Dared BookSoft Unicorn BathrobeHeart Necklace with InitialThinkFun Gravity Maze Brain GameUnicorn Slime Kit Supplies for GirlsCrayola Light Up Tracing PadCrystal Growing Science KitHair Chalk for GirlsLil' Gleemerz Rainbow Figure Exploding Kittens Card GameMermaid Tail BlanketCrayola Inspiration Art CaseCat Crossbody PurseIlluminating Roller SkatesSpot It! Card GameBluetooth Karaoke MicrophoneDIY No Sew Fleece QuiltThames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA LabFlipslide GameFlower Crown Craft KitSecret DiaryTemporary Tattoo KitMake-up & Hair Design Sketch PortfolioThe Big, Fun Kid's CookbookA Click Graphic NovelLearn to Sew KitBeginner MicroscopeLascoota Folding ScooterKids Fitness WatchA Book About EverythingA Jean JacketNancy Drew Mystery BooksNike Kawa Slide SandalsEcvtop Professional Makeup KitGo Glam Nail StamperStorybook Kit9th Birthday Charm BraceletSecret Message Lab Star Projector Night Light LED Hover BoardDIY Bottle Coloring Craft KitWould You Rather? Game18 Pack of ScrunchiesOurlife Waterproof CameraRainbow Loom Bracelet Craft Kit Googly Eyes Board GamePersonalized Name NecklacePrincess Style Jewelry BoxSleepover Party GameBinoculars for KidsCartoon Animal SocksWatch Ya' Mouth Ultimate Edition IQ Builder 3D Coloring PuzzleReversible Sequin Drawstring BagWonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot"An Awesome 9 Year Old" T-ShirtHow We Selected the Best Gifts For a 9 Year Old GirlConsidering What It Means to be 9 Years OldThinking About Women and Girls TodayPersonal ExperienceFAQs About Gifts for a 9 Year Old GirlWhat do 9 year olds like to do?What do I get a 9 year old for her birthday?What kind of toys do 9 year olds like?What is the best gift for a 10 year old girl?Gifts for Similar AgesWrap Up

2021’s Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Girls


Women Who Dared Book


The Women Who Dared book is all about awesome women throughout history. A 9 year old girl in 2022 is growing up in a world where women are more recognized for the things they do. With this book, she will see how important women are and how important they have always been. She’ll also learn about all the cool things women have accomplished.

Your 9 year old will love this book because she’ll see that women can be anything – adventurous, rebellious, intelligent, groundbreaking, fearless leaders.  She might even catch some inspiration and decide to follow in these amazing women’s footsteps!

Soft Unicorn Bathrobe

If your 9 year old girl is obsessed with unicorns, giver her the gift of actually being one. This Soft Unicorn Bathrobe is perfect before bed, after a shower, or in the morning at the breakfast table. Honestly, she’ll never want to take it off! If rainbow isn’t her thing, it comes in 13 different color patterns. The beautiful designs and super soft fabric will have your 9 year old girl feeling like a cozy little unicorn everywhere she goes.

Heart Necklace with Initial

This Heart Necklace is something your 9 year old girl will cherish for several years. A small necklace is the perfect way to get her jewelry collection started. It is a simple and elegant piece, perfect for a young girl. The best part is that you can personalize it by adding the initial of her first or last name. What’s more, the heart-shaped pendant is the perfect way for her to be reminded of your love. Your 9 year old will love this necklace for its gold beauty and style. However, she’ll love it most for the love that it represents.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Brain Game


This ThinkFun Gravity Maze is a great gift for any 9 year old girl who loves a good logic puzzle. With tons of different challenges and games to play, she’ll stay occupied for hours with this falling marble brain game. The cool colors and simple design give this gravity maze a nice visual. If your 9 year old girl is interested in engineering or any other STEM field, this is the gift for her. She’ll love it for its beautiful design and the endless mental stimulation that it provides.

Unicorn Slime Kit Supplies for Girls


Does your 9 year old girl love everything arts and crafts? If the answer is yes, then this Unicorn Slime Kit is the perfect gift! Get her creativity flowing with this awesome set. It’s got everything she needs: ink to dye her slime different colors, containers to store her creations, and even unicorn beads.

Your 9 year old girl will love that she can make tons of different types of slime with all sorts of textures, like foamy slime, bubbly slime, cubed slime, and jelly slime. You can even add scents! Get your 9 year old girl this gift if she loves experimentation and creativity.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad


Another great gift for any artsy 9 year old girl is this Light Up Tracing Pad from Crayola. A tracing pad is the perfect way to improve your little artist’s drawing skills. This one has a light that makes tracing super easy, and it can be done in the dark!

It also includes tons of different images that your 9 year old can trace. The best part is that it’s super portable and smooth for easy tracing. If you’ve got a 9 year old girl that dreams of drawing, this tracing pad is a must-have.

Crystal Growing Science Kit


They do say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, we say crystals are a 9 year old girl’s best friend. This Crystal Growing Science Kit is just what your spunky scientist needs to grow her love for experimentation and beauty. Your 9 year old will get to mix the ingredients for the crystals and watch as they grow every day. Once they’re fully grown, the crystals have LEDs that can light up any room with their colorful glow. Your 9 year old girl will love this gift because it will provide her with tons of fun and fascination.

Hair Chalk for Girls


What’s a 9 year old girl not to love here? With these hair chalk pens, she’ll be able to color her hair any color she wants. This set has 10 different colors that will satisfy your 9 year old’s colorful hair dreams. It also has stencils, glitter, and glue that will make her look even more stylish. It’s great to share with friends too. She’ll love the creative freedom and all the awesome hairstyles she creates.

Lil’ Gleemerz Rainbow Figure


The Lil’ Gleemerz interactive pet toys are the hottest things around. Your 9 year old girl will love taking care of her new, rainbow colored best friend. These cuties are touch reactive – and they’ve got lots of reactions. The best part is their paws, which you can move to place the pet in different poses. Your 9 year old will love the fun light up and game features. Don’t like the rainbow? Not a problem. Lil’ Gleemerz has tons of different dolls that come in all sorts of colors.

Exploding Kittens Card Game


The Exploding Kittens Card Game is a popular board game that’s great for a 9 year old girl…or a 39 year old! This record-breaking game has sold millions of copies and is great for the entire family. It is something your 9 year old will enjoy for many years. What makes this game so fun is its weird twists and turns.

Like the name suggests, you will encounter exploding kittens as you play. But you’ll also find goats, laser beams, and loser sad sauce. Get this game for your 9 year old girl if you’re looking for something she can enjoy with her friends, family, or even you!

Mermaid Tail Blanket


Does your 9 year old girl dream of being a mermaid? You can turn her dreams into reality with this Mermaid Tail Blanket. This particular blanket is handmade, giving it an extra coziness. It will keep your 9 year old warm for a nap, a sleepover, or a camping trip. The beautiful stitching and color makes this blanket soft, comfortable, and extra stylish. It will make your 9 year old girl feel like the little mermaid she always dreamed of being.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case


This Inspiration Art Case from Crayola has everything your 9 year old girl could possibly want from an art case. It comes with markers, crayons, and pencils of all different colors. It even comes with paper that she can use to create her masterpieces.

What’s more, the carrying case is well-organized so that everything has its place. That makes for an easy cleanup and even easier transportation. This kit will get your 9 year old’s creative juices flowing. Give this gift to your 9 year old girl if she loves art and drawing.

Cat Crossbody Purse

Is your 9 year old girl crazy for kitties? If she is, a cute cat bag is a great gift for her. This stylish little crossbody bag with a kitty face on the front is the perfect accessory for any cat-obsessed girl.

She can use it to hold her snacks, little toys, and coins. It even fits a phone! This purse will look great with any outfit your 9 year old girl puts on. She can wear it around the mall or to a fancy party. The best part is that it can convert into a backpack too. Your 9 year old girl will love how stylish she feels with this bag.

Illuminating Roller Skates


If you’ve got a sporty 9 year old girl, something like these illuminating roller skates is an awesome gift idea. The wheels light up, making for a really cool visual effect when she skates around. The four-wheel setup makes skating much easier, especially for beginners. These skates come in 3 colors and they’re perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Made with high performance materials and adjustable sizing, these skates are a great gift for any 9 year old.

Spot It! Card Game


This award-winning board game is an awesome gift for a 9 year old girl. She’ll be able to test her visual perception and reflexes with this fast-paced game that is fun at any age. It’s all about who can find the matching symbol first. With 55 cards and hundreds of possible combinations, no two games are the same.  Your 9 year old will love the fun and friendly competition this game creates. She’ll be playing it for hours.

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Any 9 year old girl who loves singing needs this microphone. Even if she only likes singing every once in a while, this Bluetooth karaoke microphone is a great gift idea, and it will turn her into a superstar. She will be able to sing all her favorites, alone or with friends. This microphone even records what you sing. That way you can hear yourself back. It is light, easy to hold, and comes in 7 different colors. Your 9 year old girl will be a singing diva in mere days with the use of this mic.

DIY No Sew Fleece Quilt


This DIY Fleece Quilt set is a great gift that mixes arts and crafts with comfy and cozy. Your 9 year old girl will enjoy being able to create her very own blanket for when the cold weather arrives. The kit comes with clear instructions that will help her make this blanket without touching any needle or thread. At the end, she will have an amazingly soft and comfortable blanket that she can claim as her own.

Thames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA Lab

Thames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA Lab 10x2.5x11 inch

This kit is to make the study of science accessible for budding scientists. That’s exactly what they’ve done with these kits. This one, a Thames & Kosmos Genetics & DNA Lab, is a great way for a 9 year old girl to learn more about science in a really interesting way.

In this kit, she can examine DNA from fruit (or herself!), learn about human traits, and even build her own DNA code. The kit comes with everything she’ll need: safety goggles, instructions, beakers, measuring cups, and more! Your 9 year old girl will love this gift because of how fun and educational it is.

Flipslide Game


The Flipslide Game is a great gift for a 9 year old girl. This highly addictive and fast paced logic game is perfect for all ages. With four game modes, this puzzle game will keep your 9 year old girl entertained for hours. She has to flip and match colors quickly to win. This game is great because it has an individual mode and a multiplayer mode, which means your 9 year old will be able to challenge her friends and family. Maybe you could even give it a go!

Flower Crown Craft Kit


Got a blossoming 9 year old flower child on your hands? These DIY flower crowns are a great idea for a gift. With four different crowns to make, your 9 year old can use this kit to make some really beautiful accessories for her hair.

This fun arts and crafts activity is great for individual use and also makes for a great group project. It comes with everything you need to make a beautiful and unique flower crown: paper flowers, glitter, ribbon, fabric leaf, and more.

Secret Diary

Being a 9 year old girl means you’re close to becoming a teenager. That means it’s the perfect time to get her a diary. This secret diary is great because it will guide her along with things like personality quizzes and prompts about different emotions.

It’s a really good way to get her thinking in a way a blank diary wouldn’t. She’ll be able to talk about her life and the people she loves. What’s better, she can keep all her secrets safe with the provided lock and key. If your 9 year old girl likes to read or write, this is definitely the gift for her!

Temporary Tattoo Kit

Your 9 year old girl will love giving herself and her friends personalized tattoos with this temporary tattoo kit. It’s got over 200 different possible tattoos. She can use stencils or let her creativity flow by making her own designs with the sparkly tattoo pens.

An added bonus are the hair foil tattoos, which can be placed in the hair for even more fun. This kit has everything she will need to create some really awesome designs that will wash away in just a few days.

Make-up & Hair Design Sketch Portfolio

This make-up and hair design sketch portfolio is the perfect gift for a girl who likes everything beauty. There are 40 pages of blank models ready to be made over. Your 9 year old girl will have tons of fun creating her own fashion, hair, and makeup designs with this portfolio. It comes with stencils for different hair and makeup styles. There’s also an instruction book that will guide her in different drawing skills like shading and blending.

The Big, Fun Kid’s Cookbook


If you’ve got an aspiring chef on your hands, this kid-tailored cookbook from the Food Network is the perfect gift. It has over 150 recipes that are written in simple language so that your 9 year old girl can follow along easily. This book is especially fun because it includes games, food quizzes, and coloring pages. It even has special tips from famous Food Network chefs.

A Click Graphic Novel


If your 9 year old girl loves to read, this is the gift for her. A graphic novel is a great way to transition from picture books for children to big girl books. This book from Kayla Miller is great for a 9 year old because it talks about the ins and outs of friendships at that age. The best part is that there is an entire series of graphic novels by Miller featuring the same cast of characters. That means even more reading!

Learn to Sew Kit

Honestly, sewing is a life skill that we should all have. If your 9 year old girl is showing an interest in art or fashion, why not get her started with this learn to sew kit? It provides instruction and materials for 7 different sewing activities.

She’ll learn the basics on stitching and embroidery as she moves through each project. From a phone case, to a stuffed animal, to a pincushion shaped like a donut, your 9 year old girl will be amazed at what she learns to create with her own two hands.

Beginner Microscope

This beginner microscope is the perfect gift for a 9 year old girl who is interested in science or biology. Made especially for kids, this lightweight microscope comes with more than 50 pieces and comes in a carrying case for easy transportation. It includes ten slides for examination (with the option of buying more) and an experiment on shrimp. She will be absorbed into the world of biology and science with this microscope for hours.

Lascoota Folding Scooter


There is nothing better than riding your scooter around the neighborhood or through the park. Give your 9 year old girl the gift of transportation in style with this folding scooter. From Lascoota, this good looking scooter comes in 10 different colors and has an adjustable handle bar.

It’s the perfect gift because its height can be adjusted as your 9 year old grows. She will never get too tall for this scooter, as it’s also fit for teens and adults. What’s more, the big wheels and wide, non-slip deck make for a smooth ride that will make your 9 year old girl feel like she is flying.

Kids Fitness Watch


This fitness watch is lightweight and slim enough to sit comfortably on a child’s wrist. It comes in three different colors and is a great gift for a 9 year old girl who wants to know more about her body, its health, and how much she is moving throughout the day.

This fitness watch counts steps, measures calories burned, tracks sleep, and, of course, tells the time. With the associate app, you and your 9 year old girl can see how much distance she has traveled and her overall fitness throughout the day. It has a USB charger and a battery life of up to three days. This is a great gift that will encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

A Book About Everything


For all the curious and knowledge hungry 9 year old girls out there. This book is the perfect gift for the constantly questioning. With over 1,000 fascinating facts about the human body, animals, and other fun facts that answer every “Why?” she could possibly have. She will be amazed at all the cool and interesting things that she learns. There are funny facts and scientific discoveries to be made in this book from National Geographic.

A Jean Jacket

It’s 2020, and denim is back in a big way. Get your 9 year old girl on the trend by gifting her this denim jacket from the Children’s Place. This outerwear basic comes in 5 different colors. It’s lightweight and perfect to wear in almost any season. Your 9 year old girl will love this piece for its timeless style.

Nancy Drew Mystery Books


No book is more perfect for a 9 year old girl than the Nancy Drew series. For over 50 years, young girls  everywhere have been reading about the teen detective. This set of four Nancy Drew mystery books by Caroline Keene is the perfect addition to a growing library. The cover art has been updated to appeal to a more modern audience, but the stories we all loved haven’t changed a bit. These classic novels are the perfect gift for your 9 year old bookworm!

Nike Kawa Slide Sandals

Any active 9 year old girl will love these slide sandals from Nike. They’re perfect for hanging out around the pool, taking a shower at the gym, or just wearing around casually. These comfortable slides come in 6 different stylish colors. They’re the perfect accessory to any young athletes wardrobe.

Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit


This 30 piece Ecvtop Professional Makeup Kit is the perfect way to introduce your 9 year old girl to the world of makeup. It has everything a makeup novice needs: eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, a brush, and an HD mirror. The leopard print design of the case gives this set a cute touch. She will love experimenting all sorts of looks with this makeup kit.

Go Glam Nail Stamper


The Go Glam Nail Stamper is a little machine that stamps fun and cool designs onto nails. This is a great gift for a 9 year old girl who likes painting her nails and wants to do even more. The kit comes with 5 different patterns and two base nail polishes. Everything is kid friendly and she can even buy more patterns if she wants. This kit is also great as group activity. Your 9 year old will love her cool new nails and will want to show them off to everyone.

Storybook Kit


If your 9 year old is an aspiring author, this My Own Storybook Kit is a great idea for a gift. With this kit, she will be able to use her imagination to create her very own hard cover storybook. She gets to write the story, design her own cover work, and design the story pictures too!

She has markers, a cover page, and 12 pages to craft her story. Once she finishes everything, she sends the papers to the company (postage and delivery doesn’t cost a thing) and receives the finished product in the mail: her book, bound and professionally set.

9th Birthday Charm Bracelet


Giver your 9 year old girl a birthday gift to remember. This silver plated 9th birthday bracelet from Scrapheart Gifts comes with 5 beautiful charms on a twisted, stainless steel bangle. The charms are a pink crystal pearl, the number 9, a birthday cake, a heart, and a 3-D cupcake. Everything is free of nickel and lead, and the bracelet even comes in a velvet gift pouch. Your 9 year old will love showing off her new age with this cute accessory.

Secret Message Lab


This secret message lab from SmartLab Toys is a great mix of secrets and science. It includes over 20 science activities that your 9 year old can do with her friends. Not only will she learn the ways of secret codes and messages, but she’ll also see the science behind everything. Think light waves and sensors, enzymes, molecules, and more. It’s the perfect kit for any Girls Only club that wants to keep its secrets safe.

Star Projector Night Light


This isn’t your typical night light. The starry night projection lamp can light up any 250 square foot room with beautiful images of a starry and relaxing environment. It will rotate a star-filled sky above your 9 year old girl’s head. This is the perfect gift to give her bedroom a tranquil atmosphere that can even help her fall asleep at night. The calming colors and images will turn her room into the coolest place to be.

LED Hover Board


A hover board is the most futuristic and popular gift you can buy for a 9 year old girl. This Hover Board from Hoverstar comes in many colors and designs for a board that fits her personality. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and plays music while riding. The wheels light up with LED lights, perfect for riding at night. On this hover board, she’ll be able to practice her balance by going straight, turning, and rotating. The pedals are slip-resistant and the board can go up to over 7mph!

DIY Bottle Coloring Craft Kit


This DIY water bottle kit from Just My Style is a great gift for a 9 year old girl who wants to express her style more. She’ll be able to use markers and gemstones to completely personalize her water bottle. The bottle itself is BPA free and can be washed by hand with soap and water. This is a great gift that will keep your 9 year old hydrated and stylish.

Would You Rather? Game


This game book of Would You Rather? by Dan Gilden is perfect for any age. Your 9 year old girl will love asking each question with her friends and family and laughing hysterically. Each silly scenario will lead to a hysterical conversation about everyone’s answers. It is the perfect game for a trip in the car, a sleepover, or a family game night.

18 Pack of Scrunchies


Wait..didn’t scrunchies go out of style after the 80’s? That might have been the case, but it’s time to think again! Scrunchies are back and more popular than ever among girls of all ages. This pack of 18 scrunchies is a great gift for a 9 year old girl because it offers so many options. She can choose between flower patterned or solid color fabric. It also includes bunny ear scrunchies, which add an extra pop of cuteness to any hairstyle. Scrunchies are also super friendly to the hair and won’t tear out strands or cause any pain.

Ourlife Waterproof Camera

Your 9 year old girl will love taking pictures and videos of herself and her friends with this waterproof camera. It comes in two colors (blue and pink) and is perfect for taking videos and pictures in the pool or ocean. It also works well on land, taking high resolution photos and videos. She can add different effects to her videos like color modes and frames. It comes with a neck strap, 8gb memory card, and kits to mount it on her mountain bike or helmet. This is the perfect gift for an active girl who has an interest in photography.

Rainbow Loom Bracelet Craft Kit


The Rainbow Loom Bracelet Craft Kit is a big favorite among all girls. This will make a great gift for a 9 year old girl if she loves to design and create. The Rainbow Loom makes it easy to create fun and cool bracelets of all different colors.

This kit comes with 1800 different rubber bands, clips, a display rack, and of course, the rainbow loom itself. It also comes with instructions on how to make 8 different designs. Among the possibilities is a glow in the dark bracelet! Your 9 year old girl will love crafting each different bracelet and showing them off on her wrists.

Googly Eyes Board Game


This silly drawing game will leave your 9 year old girl and her friends laughing for hours. The Googly Eyes game from Goliath adds a twist to the classic “guess what I’m drawing” game. The goggles distort your vision, making it more difficult to draw the picture.

Teammates will laugh hysterically as they try to guess what the artist is trying to draw. The goggles have three different levels of distortion (easy, medium, and difficult) which makes for all sorts of silly drawings. This gift is great for a 9 year old girl who loves to draw and play board games with her friends or family.

Personalized Name Necklace

Jewelry is a great gift to get a 9 year old girl. As she is entering into her preteen stage, she’ll be looking at ways to be more grown up and independent. A necklace with her name on it is the perfect way to encourage this transition. This personalized name necklace is made of stainless steel plated with 18k gold. It is also hypoallergenic. It comes in a velvet pouch perfect for gift giving or storage. The simple design will go with almost any outfit and create a more elegant look.

Princess Style Jewelry Box

If you’re going to be getting jewelry for your 9 year old girl, you might as well get her a jewelry box to go with it! This Princess Style Jewelry Box from Vlando comes in 4 different colors and has a stylish velvet lining. On the inside, there are several different places for your 9 year old to store her jewelry. There is a watch pillow, various different drawers and trays, and a lid pad to stop jewelry from sliding around or falling out. It all folds up into a nice, easy to carry case that she can take with her anywhere.

Sleepover Party Game

The Sleepover Party Game from Endless Games is the perfect gift for a 9 year old girl’s birthday party. If she is having a sleepover, or if she is going to a sleepover, she will enjoy playing this game with her friends. It has over 200 funny dares for them to try that can fall into any of the three categories: Act It, Work It, and Party. She will have fun laughing with her friends for hours. Just make sure they actually get some sleep!

Binoculars for Kids

These binoculars just for kids are the perfect gift for  a 9 year old girl who loves the outdoors. They are shockproof and waterproof. These super comfortable binoculars come in over 10 different colors and are great for traveling, camping, bird watching, and star spotting. They are lightweight and small, making them easy for your 9 year old to carry with her wherever she goes. She will love looking through these high resolution binoculars and discovering objects small and far.

Cartoon Animal Socks

These fun cartoon animal socks are a great gift for a 9 year old girl. She will feel like a cute fashionista with these knee high socks. All 6 come in one pack, so she can have tons of fashion fun wearing cats, foxes, bears, and more. These stretchable socks are made of a high quality, soft, and durable fabric to keep her comfy and stylish through several wash cycles.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition


Get this gift for your 9 year old girl for hours of laughter and fun. This hilarious game challenges its players to sing, talk, and rhyme. But, the twist is the silly mouthpiece that keeps your lips from touching and makes everything you say sound like gibberish. Your 9 year old will love playing this game with her friends and family.

The mouthpieces are CE certified and dishwasher safe. 10 are included in each game. With over 200 different funny phrases to play, your 9 year old girl will never get bored of playing Watch Ya’ Mouth Ultimate Edition.

IQ Builder 3D Coloring Puzzle


Bring your average coloring to a whole new level with this IQ Builder 3D Coloring Puzzle. Your 9 year old girl will love this gift if she loves logic games and art. She will have to tune into her architectural talent to construct a possible 9 different designs. Once she builds the designs, she can let her artistic side flow by decorating and coloring them any way the she wants with the included markers. She’ll be able to design a butterfly, a car, a helicopter, a house, an elephant, and even the Eiffel Tower!

Reversible Sequin Drawstring Bag

This Reversible Sequin Bag from Sogorts is the perfect gift for a 9 year old girl who is always on the go. It has zipper pockets on the inside to easily store small items. The high quality sequins are reversible and there are several different styles to choose from. This multipurpose bag has thick material making it great for sleepovers, sports practice, school, and travel. Your 9 year old will love the sequin sparkles and fun designs.

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot


This voice activated coding robot from Wonder Workshop is a great gift for any 9 year old girl interested in STEM. You can program and control the Dash Robot using 5 free apps that come with it. She will be able to give it voice controls, sequences, and much more.

This educational toy has a great, modern design and a battery life that provides up to 5 hours of active time. The apps add a variety of different options and modes for configuring the Dash Robot. Your 9 year old girl will never tire of learning about and experimenting with the different ways she can program her robot.

“An Awesome 9 Year Old” T-Shirt

There is no better gift for a 9 year old girl than a t-shirt that celebrates her age! This t-shirt from TeeStars comes in 9 different colors and 5 different sizes to perfectly fit in with her style. No one will have to guess her age with this t-shirt! The classic crew neck is soft and comfortable and she will love wearing it everywhere she goes.

How We Selected the Best Gifts For a 9 Year Old Girl

Picking out the best gift for a 9 year old girl can be a tricky task. To do the job well, we thought about a few different facts and factors to create this list. If you’re thinking about what to get for a 9 year old girl, check out how we selected the best gifts for a 9 year old girl in 2022.

Considering What It Means to be 9 Years Old

When thinking of what to get a 9 year old girl, it was important to think about what that age means. A girl turning 9 is getting closer to adolescence and that means she is leaving her “childish” taste behind. Perhaps her likes and dislikes are changing by the day! This can make it difficult to think of the perfect gift. Here, we have thought of gifts that she will like as she begins this transition.

Thinking About Women and Girls Today

Women today are making leaps and bounds in society. There are a lot of things that girls are interested in now that were originally considered “not girly”. This makes for a really awesome opportunity to think of some unique gifts for a 9 year old girl. We wanted to give a wide range of gifts that will entertain and interest every girl and every girl’s wildest gift dreams!

Personal Experience

There’s nothing like experiencing something firsthand. Working with 9 year old girls (or having one of your own) definitely helps us to get into the mind space of one. Being aware of how a 9 year old girl behaves and having experience with that helped us make a comprehensible list about what gifts to get for her.

FAQs About Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

What do 9 year olds like to do?

Of course, every kid these days is interested in having the hottest electronics. But, something else to consider is that today’s 9 year old boys and girls are beginning to develop their personal interests more. They’re getting older and (though we might hate to admit it) are going to enter adolescence soon. That’s something we have to consider when we’re thinking about what to get a 9 year old girl. She will probably start to favor things that, to her, seem more “grown up”. So, don’t be surprised if she starts experimenting with makeup and reading big girl books. Instead, think about leaning into that and getting a unique gift that will help her further explore these interests.

What do I get a 9 year old for her birthday?

All of the presents in the list above are great presents for a 9 year old girl’s birthday. However, a birthday is sometimes considered more special than other holidays. It also represents that a child is maturing, and maybe their tastes are too. A birthday present should be high quality and suitable to the new age. Think of it like a welcoming gift into the year of being 9. Taking from the list above, the best birthday gifts for a 9 year old girl we’d recommend are: this “Awesome 9 Year Old” t-shirt from TeeStars, this silver plated charm bracelet from Scrapheart, this beginner makeup kit, or this LED Hover Board from Hoverstar.

What kind of toys do 9 year olds like?

In 2020, you’ve got to think outside of the box of the traditional toy. 9 year olds today are looking for unique and unusual gifts. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get a doll or a soccer ball for your 9 year old if that’s what they’re asking for. But, the average 9 year old today wants something different and special. Think about giving them something that will help them develop their hobbies and interests.

What is the best gift for a 10 year old girl?

Great question! Many of the gifts listed above could also be perfect gifts for 10 year old girls. To recommend a few, these hair chalk pens, this folding scooter, and this personalized name necklace are just a few good options.

Gifts for Similar Ages

Wrap Up

Finding the perfect gift for a 9 year old girl can be difficult. To make it less difficult, we put this list together in hopes that you might find some inspiration. No two 9 year old girls are the same, and yours will most certainly have her own personal likes and dislikes. We’ve tried to make this list comprehensive enough that it can capture all of those preferences. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that our 9 year old girls are happy and healthy. We can only hope that our gifts improve upon that!

Abby Capella

Abby Capella is an English as a Second Language teacher who loves gifts. She thinks giving gifts is a fun thing to do and provides an opportunity to think about someone you love in a really cool way. She also (of course) loves to receive gifts.

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