The Best Gift For An 85 Year Old Man of 2021

Here you will find a variety of gifts that your 85 year old gentleman will definitely love to receive!

The Best Gift For 85 Year Old Men in 2021

Columbia Men’s Steens Fleece

For an 85 year old man, this fleece jacket is a wonderful birthday present! It is made out of very soft fabric as it is crafted of ultra-soft 100% polyester for the perfect amount of warmth. It has handy features as there are two side zippered security pockets to keep any small items very secure.

With a collared neck and zippered closure, he will definitely be fully protected from the harsh cold. It is a modern classic fit and with a soft, lightweight feel that makes this fleece jacket an absolute staple in his closet for comfort. He will be very pleased to receive this as a present.

Columbia Men's Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket, Black, Large

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges To Keep Your Brain Young

399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young.

This book of 399 Games, Puzzles and Trivia Challenges is a fantastic present! It has been shown that older people who do puzzles or word games are more cognitively intelligent that those who don’t. Just because he has reached 85, that does not mean that the brain has given up!

This is the perfect present to keep your 85 year old relative or friend’s brain ticking over and entertained. This book is beautifully illustrated and contains 399 games to challenge the reader and regrow the brain. Better still, the games are so fun as well so hours of fun are to be had here with all the riddles and brain teasers. An ageing brain specialist has even approved all of them and confirmed that it can improve the long-term memory, working memory, the ability to multitask, and processing speed.

Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer

Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer, Couch Arm Chair Caddy with 6 Pockets for Magazine, Books, TV Remote Control, Cell Phone, iPad (Ivory White)

The Joywell Sofa Armrest Organizer is a fun organizer made for the sofa armrest. It is adjustable and can fit on any size of armrests on couches and chairs. The loop design makes it firmly attached to the couch. There are six large pockets which are designed for your necessities. The non-slip fabric at the bottom of the armrest organizer are used to avoid sliding and rolling off.

It is made of line fabric, which is extremely durable. It’s wrinkle resistance, shrink-proof and machine washable which could be used for a long time. You can put newspapers, magazines, books and iPad into the two largest pockets and glasses, cell phones, TV remote controls and other potable devices into the four large pockets. He will really enjoy this present as it’s useful.

Matte Black Fountain Pen

Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with Converter and Metal Pen Box Set by Hongdian

A wonderful present idea for an 85 year old guy is a beautiful fountain pen. This is a fantastic gift for any man in your life who is keen to put pen to paper in a more classy manner. Then pen has an unique,  stainless steel extra fine nob for an amazing writing experience.

It comes with a bottled ink converter. You can then purchase the 3.4 mm cartridges to go with it. Even the weight of the pen has been carefully made for long-term writing. This is a wonderfully classy present that will definitely be well-loved. No more looking for a pen only then to find one that doesn’t work! He will really enjoy receiving and using this gift.

CouchCoaster – Anti-Spill Cup Holder Drink Coaster for Your Sofa

CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Anti-Spill Cup Holder Drink Coaster for Your Sofa (Mocha Brown)

The CouchCoaster – Anti-Spill Cup Holder Drink Coaster for Your Sofa is a one-size-fits-all coaster that fits all his favorite drinks. This CouchCoaster prevents knocks, spills and stains and keeps your drink within easy reach. It is an ideal alternatie to coffee tables and can also be used to store phones and remote controls. It wraps over the arm of the sofa or it can be laid flat tucked between the seat cushions. The design is made of a flexible and weighted silicone body and provides great support for the drink. This is a useful present idea.

Knife Set

Cuisinart C55-12PCKSAM 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards (6 knives and 6 knife covers), Jewel - Amazon Exclusive

These knives are a household must for the kitchen! If he is still into cooking, he definitely needs this knife set. They are high-quality stainless steel knives and have a non-stick coating which is great for easy slicing. The color coding feature is useful and makes these knives unique as it reduces the risk of food cross-contamination during preparation. This makes a wonderful present as it is a whole set that will be used on a daily basis.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer Dicer

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper - Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Onion Chopper with Container - Pro Food Chopper - Black Slicer Dicer Cutter - 4 Blades

This vegetable chopper is the ideal present for an 85 year old man who wants to cook healthy meals but has no desire for the hassle of chopping vegetables! This also allows him to have more space on the countertops as he can just use these more compact gadgets. The blades will easily get through the vegetables ensuring him a simple experience. There is a 7-in-1 mandolin slicer and chopper which offers the functionality of multiple kitchen tools with 7 interchangeable cutting blades.

The blades include a medium chopping blade, a fine chopping blade, a spiralizing julienne blade, a ribbon blade, a straight slicer blade, a coarse grater and a julienne slicer blade. It even includes a catch tray which makes meal prep mess-free and easy. With this present, he will have a fun time slicing and dicing carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and cheeses! This really is a fun gift that he will use daily and he will gain more motivation to cook!

Hanes Men’s Slippers Moccasin Comfort Memory Foam 

Hanes Men's Slippers House Shoes Moccasin Comfort Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Fresh IQ (Large (9.5-10.5), Black)

A 85 year old man will really appreciate a nice comfortable pair of slippers. Padded with thick memory foam, these slippers will mold to your foot giving you a custom fit for the maximum amount of comfort. They are made with Hanes Fresh IQ advance odor protection technology which keeps the slippers fresh season after season. They are very durable as they have a strong gripped sole to prevent slipping or sliding whether you are wearing these shoes inside or outside. He will love using these slippers on a daily basis!

USA Today Jumbo Puzzle Book 2: 400 Brain Games

USA TODAY Jumbo Puzzle Book 2: 400 Brain Games for Every Day (Volume 11) (USA Today Puzzles)

This is a very thoughtful present for an 85year old man! This wonderful puzzle bookis like no other. It has 400 puzzles to entertain and is sure to really challenge the brain. The challenges include Logic, crossword, Sudoku, Word Roundup, and Hidato so there is plenty to keep busy with! Puzzle books are fantastic for keeping the brain healthy because they improve overall cognitive skills, memory, general knowledge, concentration and problem-solving skills. This is a wonderful present for a man’s 85th birthday to keep him occupied and entertained!

Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale, Universal, Silver

Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Household Kitchen Scale, Universal, Silver

The Taylor Precision Products 11lb Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale is made with quality and precision for accurate weighing. It measures precisely in both standard and metric units up to 11lb/5kg in 0.1oz/1g increments. This product is made with a durable, tempered glass platform. The material is easy-to-clean and resists staining so it is easy to take care of.

It is simple and convenient as weighing foods and small items should be hassle free so this scale has intuitive features like Auto-Off (to conserve battery life), tare (zero weights between additions) and even a low battery indicator as a reminder for replacement. This is a very useful present for an 85 year old man!

Pix-Star Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame FotoConnect XD with Email, Online Providers, iPhone & Android app, DLNA and Motion Sensor (Black)

The Pix-Star Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame is a wonderful way to display amazing family memories with IPS screen high resolution. You send your photos by email via the 3G/Wi-Fi network on your mobile phone (so he may need some assistance to set this up!). He will love displaying photos of family and friends around his house. This one is fantastic because it’s much more than an ordinary photo frame. Therefore, it makes a very special gift for an 85 year old man celebrating his birthday. 

VIBELITE Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup tool

VIBELITE Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup tool, Telescoping Flexible Extensible Led Flashlights,Perfect Mechianic pick-up tools gifts for men, 4 x LR44 Batteries (Included) 1Pack

The VIBELITE Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup tool is a handy gadget that will be very useful for him to have around the house. The set includes 3 super bright LED bulbs and a 360 degree illumination that provides light where most flashlights can not go. The extendable stem has a flexible neck and a magnetic head and base. The magnetic ends pick up washers, screws, nuts or bolts. This will be great for an 85 year old man who struggles to bend over and pick things up. 

Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Coffee MakerKeurig K-Cafe Special Edition Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker, Comes with Dishwasher Safe Milk Frother, Coffee Shot Capability, Nickel

The Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Coffee Maker is the perfect treat to complement a simple kitchen with it’s premium nickel colored finish, metal handle and drip tray. Fortunately, it is simple to use as there are easy button controls. The coffee maker heats and then brews in one simple process so he won’t have any problems using this to make his own delicious coffee. Whilst the older generation may struggle with more modern electrics, the ease of this machine will definitely enrich his life with delicious brews every morning.

Vive Walker Bag

Vive Walker Bag - Water Resistant Accessory Basket Provides Hands Free Storage for Folding Walkers - Attachment Fits Wide and Narrow Styles - Tote Caddy Pouch for Elderly, Seniors, Handicap, Disabled

The Vive Walker Bag is a very useful present for an 85 year old man. It fits all walker styles and attaches easily to the front, including bariatric walkers, standard walkers and dual-point folding walkers. It conveniently keeps essentials at hand with the large inner compartment with a secure zippered closure.  In here, he can keep his everyday items such as drinks and snacks, glasses, electronic devices and more.

The heavy duty fastening material securely holds the walker bag in place. Seven individual loops are reinforced for a durable accessory bag that easily attaches to any walker. It is very durable and lightweight and even water-resistant to keep the contents safe and dry. He will really enjoy this present!

Funny 85th Birthday Gift T Shirt

Funny 85th Birthday Gift T Shirt - 85 Year Old Cards Shirt

This Birthday T Shirt is a perfect way to bring in his favorite hobbies for a very happy birthday. The dark color is flattering and sure to suit every body type with its classic shape and comfortable fit. It has writing on it that says ‘At 85 I’m still playing with a full deck. I just shuffle slower’. This t-shirt is a gift that is sure to bring a smile to any card player’s face and bring some birthday fun. This is a funny t-shirt for a family member to buy him.


VINTAGE CANDY CO. 85TH BIRTHDAY RETRO CANDY GIFT BOX - 1935 Decade Nostalgic Childhood Candies - Fun Gag Gift Basket for Milestone Eighty Five Birthday - PERFECT For Man Or Woman Turning 85 Years Old

The VINTAGE CANDY CO. 85TH BIRTHDAY RETRO CANDY GIFT BOX is a really fun present for a 85 year old guy to receive on his special day! This is a great present idea because sorting through all the candy options in this box will be very nostalgic for him and bring back lots of memories of his childhood. If he feels like he can’t eat them all he can share them out with friends and family!

Baseball Cap and Sash

85th Birthday Gifts for Men, 85th Birthday Hat and Sash Men, 85 Never Looked So Good Baseball Cap and Sash, 85th Birthday Party Supplies, 85th Birthday Party Decorations, 85th Birthday Accessories

The Baseball Cap and Sash is a fun present for an 85 year old guy to receive on his birthday! He will look very festive on his special birthday. The material is premium so it is great quality and the white sash has blue letters imprinted on it with the words ’85 Never Looked So Good’. The baseball cap is stylish and made of high quality 100% cotton that makes it long-lasting, reusable and durable. It is a one size fits all with an adjustable snap back strap. He will love to receive this gift!

Math Mug

85 Years Old Anniversary Math Mug - 85th Birthday Vintage Retro Gift idea for Boy or Men and Girl or Women who was born in 1935! Prepare for fun party celebration for eighty five year old kid in eight

The Math Mug is a great gift idea for an 85 year old man. It has a lot of numbers on it, so will be fantastic for a maths whizz! The mug says how many months, days, hours, minutes and seconds he has been around for. It is made of a high quality material and is 11 ounces. Fortunately, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. The imprinted design is printed on both sides of the mug and so is guaranteed to last a long time as it’s so durable. He can use this mug for his favorite coffee, tea or any other beverage. As an alternative, he could use it to store things like pencils, pens and office things.

How We Selected Gift For An 85 Year Old Man

Why did we choose these items?

The first thing that we considered when choosing these gift ideas was selecting something that was uniquely personal to him. We wanted to give a variety of options to reflect all sorts of interests and hobbies that make a one-of-a-kind gift for a 85 year old male’s birthday. That way, he will be sure that you picked the present with him specifically in mind. Hobbies such as reading, golf, simple gadgets, and games are all included in the list.

You will be sure to find something to suit the man in your life perfectly. Some 85 year olds prefer something fun to pass the time and others enjoy something more useful to make life easier. It is much more caring to buy something that is personal to the birthday man rather than something overly generic.


It is also important to consider how easy it is to obtain these gifts so that you show up to the birthday party with a unique gift at hand, even if you didn’t have much notice beforehand. We have used well-known retailers in order to supply these gifts in a more straight-forward way. This makes it easier to buy presents in the first place so that it is a stress-free process with multiple shipping options, such as next-day or even same-day delivery.

Also, if for whatever reason a gift needs to be returned or exchanged (such as if the t-shirt is the wrong size), it is much easier to do that with a reputable brand with renowned customer service. There is more likely to be more availability with the product as well if it is a popular website. Simplicity is so important when it comes to gift buying so using a well-known retailer is a must.

FAQs About Gift For An 85 Year Old Man

What is a good gift for an elderly man?

Any 85 year old man would like fun things to do to pass the time. This could be a big puzzle to do alone or with others or board games to enjoy with friends and family. If he is your father or grandfather, he may like something personal, such as a photo display, maybe even in a digital photo frame so it is more novel. Any 85 year old man would appreciate something comfortable to wear, such as a soft jumper or slippers.

Try to think of an interesting book that he might enjoy, either a fun coffee table style book or a good novel. If he likes foods such as jams, cookies, crackers, nuts or another small snack, you could put together a set of all his favorites for a truly delicious, personalized birthday treat! You could always buy something that is more of an experience, for example, theatre tickets or a voucher to go out for a meal. Either you could invite them to come with you or just give them the gift and they can choose how it is used!

What would an 85 year old who likes food like as a gift?

He might like to receive a present such as a collection of cheese or chocolate so that he can try new things. You could also put together a hamper with all of his favorite snack foods, such as jams, chips, crackers etc. This would be a delightful gift for him to look through, and it should last him a while as well.

If he still does some cooking in the kitchen then he might like a vegetable chopper, scales or another tool that would help him to cook more efficiently. Finally, he would enjoy receiving a recipe book, full of things like meat and vegetable ideas, so that he can discover different ideas of things to cook for dinner.

What are some present ideas from children to their 85 year old grandfather?

He would definitely love to receive something unique from their grandchildren. If they are younger then perhaps they can draw a picture for their grandpa or grandma with a happy birthday message! Having it framed will make it very aesthetically pleasing. The children could also make a birthday card, something which is personalized will be truly appreciated by their grandparents.

If children have been on a recent trip they could also bring back a souvenir that they have chosen for their grandparents. This can be for their birthday or just to show that they were thinking of them. As long as there has been some thought, any present will be gratefully appreciated!

Wrap Up

When you are thinking about buying for a present for a 85 year old man, the main thing is to focus on what he wants, if he were in the store what do you think he would choose for himself? The gift doesn’t even have to be very expensive. As you can see from the list above, you can find some wonderful and affordable gifts from around $10. It is also crucial to consider whether to get him a practical gift or now. For example, do you want to buy something practical like kitchen equipment or a warm jacket or something fun for them to do like a puzzle or game? Maybe you want to get him something funny that is only likely to be used on his birthday, such as a birthday sash.

Something practical or sentimental is always going to be successful. However, of course, there is no issue with asking him what he really wants if you are not sure! The important thing behind a gift is the love that is shown in thinking of someone on their special celebration. Time is also a precious gift. It’s something that you can never get back. Make sure you complete your gift with some quality time on his birthday. Take time out to speak, laugh, listen to his stories and hopefully play a fun game! Materialism has its place but time is the real precious gift that money can’t buy.

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