25 Best Chemistry Gifts

Everyone from science nerds to chemists will love these best chemistry gifts. 

Best Gifts for Chemistry Grad Students

Chemistry Stencil

The Pocket Chemist Exam Edition- Organic Chemistry Stencil Drawing Template

This Chemistry Stencil by Genius Gear Lab is a gift that chemistry grad students will really appreciate. It’s made of durable metal and only takes up the space of a credit card, so they can even keep it in their wallet! The stencil makes chemistry homework a lot easier, especially if they write out a lot of molecular formulas. 

Since this is metal instead of plastic like most stencils, it’s incredibly durable. The cutouts are also precision cut, so they are incredibly accurate to use. As an added benefit, all text has been removed from this stencil. This means that it is exam-friendly, which is really important for chemistry grad students. 

Chemistry Fluxx

Looney Labs Chemistry Fluxx Card Game - Explore The World of Elements

Chemistry Fluxx by Looney Labs is a game that anyone would love. Since you draw specific conditions at the beginning of the game and rules change as cards are drawn, you never play the same way twice. It can be played by up to six players, so the game is perfect for when a grad student is ready to take a break from studying. 

This game is recommended for ages 8 and up. You don’t need to know anything about chemistry to play. However, it does offer an opportunity to learn as you play! 

Marie Curie Tote Bag

Marie Curie Science Chemistry Tote Bag

Marie Curie is a woman that all-female chemists can look up to. The Marie Curie Tote Bag makes a perfect gift for grad students, especially because they’re always carrying something around. It’s also perfect for inspiring them to keep pushing forward, as Marie Curie was one of the most well-known female chemists and physicists of her time. 

With this tote bag, even science looks beautiful. The bag is 16″ x 16″ and has 14″ long handles, so it’s easy to carry or throw over a shoulder. The handles are 1″ wide for added durability and the stress points and seams are double-stitched, to ensure this bag lasts for a long time. As an added benefit, the reinforced bottom can lay flat, giving her more room for larger objects (like books or lab equipment). The chemistry student in your life would love to receive this as a gift! 

Hexagonal Graph Notebook

College students spend a lot of time drawing hexagons. It’s with good reason, too! It’s required in several chemistry jobs that they might pursue after graduation.

The Hexagonal Graph Notebook is a must-have for chemistry undergrad students, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. It comes with green-lined grids inside that make it easy to color in and label molecular formulas. The notebook also has 112 perforated pages, which is perfect for completing homework. As an added bonus, the notebook comes with a structural stencil with the most common shapes used in drawing molecular formulas. 

Best Gifts for Chemistry Teachers

Tears Of My Students Mug

Panvola Tears of My Chemistry Students Funny Gift To Science Teacher Graduation Appreciation To Professor Ceramic Coffee Mug (11 oz)

This Tears Of My Students Mug is something that any chemistry teacher is sure to appreciate it. The ceramic mug is white with black writing that reads, “Tears of My Chemistry Students”. Your teacher is sure to chuckle when receiving this as a gift! 

The mug holds 11-ounces of their favorite beverage. It’s also super convenient to use since it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. It has a high-gloss finish and the funny writing won’t fade over time. Any chemistry professor will find this a memorable gift that they’ll appreciate for years to come! 

Chemistry Necktie

Three Rooker Science Ties Mens Chemistry Equation Necktie

This Chemistry Necktie by the Three Rooker Necktie Company is perfect for that special science teacher in your life. The tie is available in blue, green, or black and comes with white writing that depicts chemistry equations. It’s just quirky enough for a chemistry teacher and the family-owned business is based in the United States! 

The standard-sized adult tie is 57″ long and about 3.5″ wide. It is made completely from microfiber, so it’s very durable and machine washable. This makes it easy to clean for even the busiest chemistry teachers. 

Chemistry Teacher Keychain

CHOROY Chemistry Teacher Keychain Gift Microscope DNA Keychain Science Teacher Jewelry Laboratory Gift Periodic Table Gift (Chemistry Teacher Keychain)

This Chemistry Teacher Keychain is perfect for that special teacher in your life. The keychain has three charms dangling from it, with the middle keychain having the elements’ symbols that spell out Teacher. On either side of the teacher, charms are a microscope and a DNA sequence. 

This is made of stainless steel and alloy for a finish that is durable, but lightweight. The teacher in your life would love to hang this on their keychain. 

Engraved Pen with Stylus and Light

Inkstone Symbols of Science Engraved Pen w/Light & Stylus Tip - Gifts for Scientists Science Teachers - Molecules, Astronomy, DNA, Chemistry, & Atomic Symbol Engravings

This Engraved Pen by Inkstone makes a wonderful gift for the teacher in your life. The pen is engraved with molecules, DNA, and other science symbols. It has a ballpoint tip that writes smoothly on paper. Additionally, it works as a device stylus and has a penlight. 

The pen has refillable ink and replaceable batteries, so it’s something that can be used for years. It also comes in a presentation case, so it’s already perfectly wrapped to be a gift! 

These Chemistry Cuff Links are perfect for professors that dress to impress, whether they are dressing for class or getting ready for their next speaking arrangement. The silver-plated cuff link also features a black center with the molecular formula for serotonin in white writing. 

These cuff links are bold enough to make a statement but subtle enough to look professional. A chemistry teacher would appreciate the subtle joke behind this and love the quirkiness behind this gift.

Atom Earrings

Atomic Science Earrings: Carbon Atoms With Six Electrons & Swarovski Pearl Nucleus - Science Jewelry Gift

These Atom Earrings are bold enough to make a statement but professional enough that your teacher could wear them to work. She’ll love these cute, 1″ charms that dangle from her ears. Each earring features an atom, one of the most important parts of chemistry, complete with six electrons and a Swarovski Pearl Center. 

These earrings from Boutique Academia are perfect for the quirky teacher in your life. The high-quality charms hang from hypoallergenic hooks made of surgical steel, so they won’t tarnish or rust over time. 

Best Chemistry Decor and Novelty Gifts

Molecular Formula Thermos

ALAZA Chemical Molecula Formula Double Wall Water Bottle Vacuum Insulated Thermos Flask Genuine Leather Wrapped 17 Oz

This vacuum insulated double wall  Thermos uses science to keep drinks hot or cold. It is also covered in a molecular formula design that the chemist in your life will love and has a push-button top, so they can easily pour a drink from their thermos using the lid as a cup. 

This thermos is made from quality materials including food-grade stainless steel and a genuine leather cover. They’ll be able to enjoy 17 ounces of their favorite beverage whether they are sitting in class, commuting to work, or relaxing on their day off. As an added bonus, the leather feels good in their hand so this thermos is easy to carry around. 

Beaker Wine Glass

Periodic Tableware Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses (Single Glass)

Even the most dedicated chemist needs time to unwind. The Beaker Wine Glass by Periodic Tableware is perfect for relaxing after a long day in the lab. It holds 10 ounces of wine and even comes with accurate measurements on the side! 

This is a gift that is both classy and fun. It’s also made with care. The hand-blown glass is shaped by hand, so it’s normal to see slight variations. Even with the details in the process, this is made from durable materials and is dishwasher safe. 

Science Lab Coasters

The Science Lab Coasters will look great sitting on any science nerd’s table. These coasters are made of real cork, letting them absorb condensation and keep desks, coffee tables, and lab tables free of water rings and damage. They are 4″ x 4″, the perfect size for someone’s glass! 

These cork coasters each have a different piece of lab equipment on them. The chemist in your life will love this stylish, nerdy, and practical gift. 

Periodic Table Clock

The Geeky Days Periodic Table of Elements Wall Art Chemical Symbols Clock Educational Elemental Display Classroom Decor Teacher's Gift

This Periodic Table Clock by the Geeky Days makes the perfect decor item for a chemist. In place of the 12 numerals, this has the symbols and numbers for the first 12 elements on the periodic table. The center of the clock also has beakers, molecules, and other science symbols. 

This clock is easy to read because of the black background and bolder design of the numbers and hands. It also uses a quartz operation, so it is completely noiseless. This is something that a chemist is sure to appreciate when they are trying to concentrate. They’ll love hanging this clock in their home, the classroom, or the lab! 

Test Tube Terrarium

Kingbuy Wall Hanging Glass Planter Plant Terrarium with 5 Test Tube in Wooden Stand Rack for Propagating Hydroponic Flower Bud Vase Home Office Decoration, Brown

This Test Tube Terrarium is a great gift for the chemist that also enjoys plant life. It comes with five test tubes made of strong glass and a natural wood stand that holds them up. The tube holder can be hung on the wall, put on a windowsill, or set on a desk. With the clear tubes, it’s easy for them to watch what is happening with their cuttings. This can be used for displaying plants or for propagating them. 

Any chemist would love to set this on their windowsill and watch what happens. As an added benefit, this comes with a cleaning brush! This is a very useful tool with the test-tube design of the plant holders. 

Caffeine Beaker Mug

Caffeine Beaker Mug, Caffeine Molecule Mug - Chemistry Mug 16 oz Borosilicate Glass Coffee Mugs with Handle and Measuring for Coffee, Latte, Tea or Hot and Cold Beverage - Tea Coffee Mug

The Caffeine Beaker Mug is made from borosilicate glass, the same durable glass used in lab equipment. It withstands heat or cold, so it’s perfect for holding 16 ounces of their favorite morning beverage. Plus, with accurate measurements on the side, they’ll be able to get the perfect formula down for their morning brew! 

This large beaker mug has a big C-handle that’s easy to hold. They’ll love that it holds plenty of their favorite drink, so they have to get up less while they are working! 

Best Kitchen Gifts for Chemists

Periodic Table Cutting Board

STEM Gift Periodic Table Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Handle and Funny Quote Graducation Gift for Teacher Scientist Chemist Professor Student Graduate

The Periodic Table Cutting Board is the perfect gift for a chemist’s kitchen. The board is laser engraved with the periodic table and the words, “For Periodic Use Only”. Of course, since this is made from durable bamboo, they’ll be able to use it again and again. 

This 9″ x 13″ bamboo board is lightweight and thin, but still super strong. It’s something that anyone who loves science will enjoy using when they’re practicing chemistry in the kitchen. Even when it’s not in use, the beautiful board will look great hanging on their wall! 

Chemist’s Spice Rack

Wink Chemist's Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

The 14-piece Chemist’s Spice Rack by Wink is perfect for a chemist’s kitchen. It comes with a 16″ x 10″ carrying tray, a large Erlenmeyer flask for oil, three Erlenmeyer flasks for salt, pepper, and sugar, and nine other test tubes. They’ll love that they can customize this gift with whatever spices they use most. It The set comes with 36 different stickers to use as spice labels. 

Each of the test tubes and flasks comes with a rubber stopper for an airtight (and more lab-like) feel. The salt and pepper flasks also have holes in the top so they can be used as shakers. Any chemist would love this decorative but functional spice rack for their kitchen! 

ComputerGear Science Cookie Cutters Chemistry Set, 4 Piece Stainless Steel- Includes Test Tube, Atom, Beaker, Flask

These Science Cookie Cutters are perfect for the chemist who enjoys baking as a hobby. This set of four cookie cutters are shaped like a flask, beaker, test tube, and atom. Each cookie cutter is 4″ or 5″ tall, so they’re big enough to easily add details and create cookies that will make a statement. 

The cookie cutters are made from alloy steel, so they won’t rust or become tarnished with time. In addition to being used as cookie cutters, these are great for jello or candy molds, or even playing with play-doh. They are dishwasher safe and can be used again and again. 

Science Tea Towels

Happy Family Clothing Funny Kitchen Tea Towels, Decorative Flour Sack Dish Towels, Dishcloths Gift Set of 2 (Nerdy Microscope & Periodic Table - 2 Pack)

This set of 2 science-themed Tea Towels feature a black-and-white design that will look good in any chemist’s kitchen. One towel features the periodic table and the other features a microscope. 

Each towel is 24″ x 38″. They are big enough and absorbent enough to be used as dish towels, or they can be purely for decoration. These are made from 100% cotton, so they can be machine washed and dried. Additionally, they are absorbent enough to use in the kitchen! 

Best Chemistry Fashion and Accessory Gifts

Chemist Proton Keychain

FEELMEM Chemist Keychain Chemist Gift Chemistry Science Jewelry Keychain Physics Gift Think Like A Proton Stay Positive (silver)

The Chemistry Proton Keychain is something that any chemist would love. It has two charms, with a small one that says “Chemist” with a picture of an atom and a larger charm that says, “Think Like a Proton and Stay Positive”. The keychain is also made from stainless steel, so it won’t become discolored or rust with time. 

This inspirational and unique keychain is something that any chemist will love. Whether you’re trying to inspire a chemistry student working toward their major or a chemist trying to solve a project, they’ll be reminded to stay positive even when things get challenging. 

Never Trust An Atom Socks

Lavley - Nerd Socks - Funny Gifts for Book Lovers, Music Lovers, Men and Women (US, Alpha, One Size, Regular, Regular, Science)

These Never Trust An Atom Socks say, “Never Trust an Atom” on one foot and, “They Make Up Everything” on the other. This set of socks is something that anyone who’s into chemistry will get a chuckle out of. The bright colors really make them stand out, too. 

These blue and yellow socks also have science and lab gear on the outside. They are one size fits most because of the soft, stretchy design. Another bonus is that the design is stitched in, so it won’t fade over time! 

Science Enamel Pins

These science-themed Enamel Pins can be used on backpacks, shoulder bags, jackets, blouses, and more. The set comes with five different pins, some with funny sayings and others with motivational quotes. For example, one of the pins says Energy=milk x coffee squared and another says “Who wants to be a princess when you can be a scientist?” 

The pins use a black/white color combo so they match everything. They are made of durable metal and come with posts on the back that can easily be pinned to a wide variety of materials. The enamel coating also means they won’t easily become scratched or tarnished with time. It’s something that the chemist in your life can use to accessorize clothing and bags for years to come! 

You’re Overreacting T-Shirt

Ann Arbor T-shirt Co. You're Overreacting | Chemistry Humor, Funny Science Teacher Pun Unisex T-Shirt-(Adult,L) Navy Blue

This You’re Overreacting T-Shirt by Ann Arbor is something that any science nerd would appreciate. The front of the T-shirt shows 2 beakers, one of them bubbling over and the other one with a speech bubble that says, “I think you’re overreacting!”

This t-shirt is made from a 30/1 fine jersey knit, which creates a soft but breathable design. It is also printed with high-quality ink that won’t crack or fade over time. These shirts are machine washable, so the chemist in your life can wear it again and again. As an added bonus, if the chemist in your life is a woman, you can find this shirt for women, too! It features a more feminine shape and a v-neck collar. 

Everyday Lab Coat

Dickies Everyday Unisex 40 Inch Lab Coat, White, Large

This Everyday Lab Coat by Dickies is something that a chemist can wear whether they’re in the lab at work or at home. The Dickies brand is known for its high-quality, durable materials that are perfect for the workplace. Lab accidents aside, they should get use out of this lab coat for years to come. 

Chemists can never have too many lab coats. This particular coat has a unisex fit with a notched lapel and four buttons to keep the coat closed. There’s also a pocket on the front chest panel, so it’s easy for them to keep their most important things close. The coat is made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it’s soft enough but is also incredibly durable. As an added bonus, this is machine washable so they can clean it even after a long day at work and be ready for tomorrow. This functional gift is something that a chemist is sure to appreciate! 

How We Chose Chemistry Gifts


Sometimes, a practical gift is best for someone who loves science. For example, the Chemistry Stencil is great for chemistry grad students as well as people who work in the field. They’ll appreciate being able to draw out their molecular formulas more easily. 


People who love science often appreciate something quirky. We tried to include a variety of quirky gifts, as well as more practical ones so there’s something for everyone who appreciates chemistry. 


Whether you have a lot to spend or you’re looking for a chemistry gift on a budget, there’s something for everyone on this list. Regardless of the price, the chemist in your life is sure to appreciate that you were thinking of them!  

FAQs – Chemistry Gifts

What do chemists do? 

Chemists specialize in formulas and understanding how things interact on a molecular level. They may work to develop new products or improve existing ones. Chemists also might study different substances to learn how they react and what their applications may be. It’s not uncommon for them to work in labs and run many experiments. 

Is cooking chemistry?

Everything that you use in the kitchen, including your food, is made up of molecules. Understanding how these molecules interact with blending, freezing, chopping, cooling, and cooking is part of the cooking process. For example, when you put salt on the outside of the meat and sear it, you are creating the Maillard reaction. The Maillard reaction is what gives seared meat that yummy, crispy texture on the outside. 

What do you buy someone who loves science?

There are many gifts you could buy someone who loves science. From something like the Chemist’s Spice Rack to Science Lab Coasters, there are all types of novelty gifts for someone who loves the sciences. As an added bonus, they can use these gifts whether they work in the science field or just appreciate it! 

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